Thank you

There’s no good way to end a season without winning it all, but as I think about where we were a year ago and where we stand today, there’s really no denying that as an organization, we’ve made tremendous strides.

I’ll have plenty more thoughts as time goes by, but tonight I really just want to say thank you on behalf of everyone in the organization for all of your support. The stadium was rocking at points tonight, just as we had hoped. And, this blog has really become a great community for Dodger fans. We’ll certainly be keeping it up throughout the winter and while I can’t imagine I’ll be posting something every day, it’ll definitely be a place to come check out all the time, so be sure to do so.

Thanks again for everything and best wishes to all of you for a safe, healthy and happy offseason.


R.I.P. Baby!!

It was fun while it lasted. Thank you Josh for making this a fun place to visit and share with other Dodger fans. To my fellow bloggers here, and especially Harold, Gary, Ray, Don and Mike… and others I’m sure I’m forgetting… let’s get ’em next year!! 😮 )

I’m really looking forward to actually getting out to Dodger Stadium sometime next season. I really missed not being there for all the fun. Blue Heaven on Earth looked really great on High Definition tonight, and the stadium was definitely rocking! I wonder what plans will be coming next for the ongoing renovation?

See you all around cyber space throughout the off-season! Kevin…

Thanks to everyone in the Dodger organization this year for an unforgettable run. I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad considering the Yankees lost. Still waiting for that Yankees-Dodgers world series with the Dodgers coming up on top! Go Dodgers!

As a Dodger fan, I would like to Thank you for keeping us posted throughout the season. I was intrigued with your ability to remain open and honest, when sharing information about the Dodgers. My dream is to one day share my creativity, passion and energy with the Dodgers pr department. Thank you for a great Inside the Dodgers season, Eva Orozco

TY Dodgers for SOOO many memorable Games this year!Great job getting to the post season and keeping it going in Game 3!The Mets deserve congrats especially all of the ex Dodger Mets who showed why depo was a reject! We had a good run and I know Ned will adjust to make 2007 ever better the Mc Courts have proven themselves as Worthy owners and get my approval.Even Charlie Steiner stepped it up on the race run and proved to be a ‘Dodger fan’ I decided to remodel my bathroom today new Toilet New Floor and was in and out of the house and caught Loney’s Double and Kents Homer to tie on the radio. When I heard Charlies Call on the radio on Kents High Fly Ball I KNEW IT WAS GONE!! He Actually might be worthy of calling Dodger Baseball now.Not to mention his Call on Nomars Walkoff vs the pads that one was actually better then Vins and Vin is the Man!

TY Josh for running the site it is an AWESOME place to checkout everyday during the season and I hope you keep us up to date during the off season on a weekly basis or when there is something to talk about. And ty to everyone else who blogs here for making it intresting and fun the trolls are even funny in their own stupid way.Its always good to see peoples opinions right or wrong.

I Offically Stick a fork in the 2006 Dodgers and Roll out the tarps Season Over! How Many Days to 2007 Spring Training?

GO DODGER BLUE 2007!!!!!

I just want to thank the Dodger organization for a good run this year. Even though we didn’t get the ending we wanted, there’s no better way to break a rookie in than postseason experience. Now that these Dodgers have had a taste of October, they’ll be hungry to return, and woe to the team that’ll face ’em in the first round next time they get back to October.

In the end, we can’t just blame it on Beimel or Kent/Drew/Donnelly, or any one factor. The Mets were just a better team this year, and congratulations to them. Now the rest of October is going to be a bunch of ex-Dodgers in the NL, isn’t that ironic?

In Closing, thanks for keeping this blog up to date this season. You all take care of yourselves too. if anyone’s up to posting info on here during the offseason, I’m up to throwing in my two cents. And to all the fellow bloggers, toast to the Dodgers and the year they had. For a 25 year old, I’m hard pressed for better memories than this year (I mean, ‘cmon, we swept the Giants and clinched in their house, “We’ll always have San Francisco”, heh). There’s 20 teams out there (some a little closer than others) wishing they could’ve been in our shoes.

Thank you.

p.s. Colletti, Please, Please, PLEASE keep Takashi Saito.

Echoing previous posts, thanks, Josh, for all your efforts. This blog has been informative, thought-provoking, and a genuine pleasure from the go, and we all appreciate your efforts and dedication. I hope you now have a chance to relax a little and catch up with the personal things I know you’ve had to put aside all season.

It was a wonderful although sometimes frustrating year. I’ve been a fan for 59 years (I’m 63) and grew up a block from Ebbets Field. Losing in three to LoDuca, Mota, Valentin,etc. hurt, but we gave them a fight, and the future looks bright.

Please, please, please don’t trade prospects! Please consider Nomar at third or trading for a power hitting 3B. I’m thinking ARod for Penny, Betamit, and Hendrickson.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy off season and stays in touch here on the blog.

As a Dodger Fantasy Camper, I encourage all of you to consider coming to Vero at least one time to meet and play ball with some of your soul-mates. Harold, you really have no choice…the trip from NS would be perfect for you! And don’t anybody think they’re too old – Herbie Lewis will be there next month, and he’s 91 and plays second, and won’t take a pinch runner!!!

Well it all starts again. Today is the first day of our new season. Looking forward to the off season dealing and to spring training. Just didn’t have enough pitching. 4-5 runs should win a playoff game. 51 and 53 remember our old battle cry – “Wait until next year!” Next year came in 1955. Gary, Ray, Kevin, asq, Patriotacts, and others. Thanks for the fun and shared passion for our Dodgers. Asq, I will be at Grace Lutheran Church in a few minutes for our 9:30 service. Your great grand daughter will be in my prayers. Josh, what can I say. It was a great run and this blog played an important part in the season for so many of us. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your thoughts with us. Yes ebbetsfld, a thought. Have been to Dodgertown twice but not as a camper. OK guys. The new season has started. GO DODGER!!! Oh yes, Ray was right early in the season. James Loney is the real deal. He was very composed yesterday. I like his plate discipline. His power will come. GO DODGERS!!

thanks Josh for all your info. this year. you are right Harold, next season has begun. hopefully we will concentrate on getting much needed relief pitching and maybe a slugger or two. thanks again and WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR. always a true blue fan.

I want to thank the entire Dodger organiztion for a highly successful year. A year ago I was e-mailing the Dodgers wanting to know how long we had to put up with DePodesta. That jack-*** (hope that one is acceptable) sure left a legacy. But the McCourts came around and we have Coletti, Little and a good coaching staff. The hot stove was fun last winter with the signings of Nomar, Lofton, Furcal, Mueller. As the season went on, it became apparent the kids were as good as advertised.
With the mid-season acquisitions we ended up with a pretty good club. A couple of areas need to be worked on, but no doubt Nick is already thinking about those.

So it’s been quite a ride, never boring.

THANX JOSH, for the blog and keeping it open this winter.

We get to play GM now, and I’m looking forward to the bloggers’ postings. They are never boring either.

How has it turned out for asq’s family?

I just want to add my thanks for this blog and to Josh in particular for keeping it live and interesting. Thanks to all of the participants whom I’ve gotten to know during the season by this means. You’ve added an extra dimension to my enjoyment of Our Team. I’ll be following in the off-season to see how we can build a better team for next year and years to come. My best wishes to all of you in the meantime!

Guys – it is a bit of a downer to have the season end, primarily because we will lose our daily banter and chatter. However, I check the Dodger site every day of the year, unless I am away, and no doubt we can pick up on the conversation on the blog when Josh has something to post. Can’t wait for the wheeling and dealing but I am of the same mind. We have to grow through real Dodgers who have been developed in the system and complement them with strategic pieces. Again, I was so impressed with JLO’s composure last night. Just to create one last splash for a while. How about A-Rod to the Dodgers? He is available and Texas is paying a good portion of his salary. Probably Yankees would pick up some too. Thanks again Josh and all the posts for a great season. It left me looking forward to next season with great anticipation.

Thanks for taking time out of your day for us. It was an exciting year and I can’t wait to see what kind of changes we have in store for next year. Now on to UCLA basketball in another month…..

There has been a lot of complaining on here from the readers about various topics, but that’s the nature of the beast. Everybody thinks they are a GM.

Thank you though for all of your contributions. I’ve read every day all season and loved all the hard work and heart you showed here. It is appreciated and I look forward to reading the occasional post here over the summer.

Now my GM 2 cents: sign Zito, sign Zito, sign Zito, and oh, sign Zito while you’re at it 🙂

Great blog, Josh! Thanks for doing this for us all year long. I’ll be checking throughout the off-season. Thanks again.

Dodgers, thanks for such a great year. To think about how much the team changed from opening day, I am still amazed we made it to the post-season. I cannot wait for next year and to see the changes that come about. By the way, the stadium was so loud last night after Kent tied it up that my ears were hurting afterwards.

Thanks to everyone for a fun season on here. I look forward to checking this at least once a day for news and comments.

ASQ-I am glad everything is OK with your family.

Overall, a good year, but yesterdays’ loss was a bitter disappointment. I think Grady is a decent guy, but I do question some of his pitching moves. Now to play GM. I do not think the Dodgers should resign Nomar. He had a great season, but he is just too brittle to invest 8mil+ towards. I think we need to hand the job to Loney who may be at 1b for the next 10 seasons. Zito would be nice, but his pirce will be approx 15 mil a season. I think the dodgers may be better served resigning maddux and signing Jason Schmidt-coletti will know him better than any GM out there. if those moves are done-how abut the impossible? Offer Penny, Tomko and Laroche for A-rod? Rumors are already ripe that A-rod is on the block(who knows why). He would look great at 3b and hitting 3rd. Lineup could be:















Gagne(incentive based contract)





Brazoban(if healthy)

I’d like to thank Jeff Kent for being the only Dodger who showed up to play in the postseason. Too bad the rest of the team is gutless and and has no heart; i.e. Drew, Lofton, Bullpen. Hopefully I wont be subjected to having to watch these same first class bums wear the Dodger uniform in 2007. I’m off to the bar to join Beimel for a cocktail.

jkeezil-I’d like to see A-Rod with the Dodgers too, Betemit is a bench player with his fielding issues as the Braves had him. I’m not sure if Kemp is ready, he has too many problems fielding in the OF as does Marlon; but Marlon is an infielder. Kemp may be trade bait to the AL or Yankees. I hope Either can figure things out the way the opposing pithcers figured him out. Shcmidt has health problems and Zito is very expensive. Market is kinda thin for power hitters and pitchers. They are always great in demand.

Needless to say, but very necessary, thank you Josh.

Can anyone tell me how much money the Dodgers will have to spend in this years off season versus last year? I live in St. Louis and sometimes depend on the LA’rs for some helpful information. 🙂

And, yes I’ll be at the game hoping the Padres get their shorts handed to them.

A lot of us are really dissapointed and frustrated and @#$@! !@#@$@ and so on. I would like to thank Kent for keeping this post-season memorable and exciting. After he hit that bomb last night, the crowd was back in the game, until Broxton’s meltdown. Loney also came through in a big way for us last night. Three cheers for next years first baseman.

This blog has been great and I can’t wait to check the line-ups next year. Thanks to all who participated and those who were able to keep their venting to a minimum. And I can’t help but think of Tommy’s commercials as I sit here depressed on this beautiful Sunday morning. I’m a baseball fan……to the TV!!!!

I was there at A.T.T park on the last saturday of the season,and by the way Dodger fan was clebrating and going on It made me think the Dodgers had a better team then the one I saw get swept by the New York Mets.The only player that played well was an ex Giant of course.I guess dodger fan was not really in touch with reality that day.

montana19, your name says it all. Your Giants will never amount to anything. So you resort to using an email name that is the only link to anything which links “San Francisco” and “Championship”. Yes, we’re talking about the Giants, not the 49’ers. Get a life. 😮 )

Oh, and “Giant Fan” this is the “insidethedodgers” blog, NOT the Jim Rome radio show. So go “battery chuck” somewhere else, and take that imposter of a hall of famer with you while you’re at it.

Appreciate the spirit and all, but don’t you Giant Fans have enough to discuss after the season you had. Good luck in…ummm….2012?

just like communism, bringing alex rodriguez to the dodgers works only in theory.. a-rod is the least liked player in the league among his peers.. i think it would be a bad mix..

los angeles dodgers chapmionships:5

san francisco giant championships:0

Well said Ray, well said.

On both accounts.

Thanks for a great season, guys!

The ball just didn’t bounce our way last night, or for most of the series. ( though you do make your own luck too )

I look forward to this organization working on some of its weaknesses this off season, and to a better team next year. This year’s team was only good in a weak division, but at least it was good … unlike the 2005 team which was bad in a bad division *shudder*

Thanks for all the hard work, guys.

And I’ll enjoy spending my ticket and travel money on a good dinner or two and some books I’ve been meaning to get for a long time now 😉

Sorry to be asking again, but never got an answer. And, I know this is not the topic for this blog, but can someone tell me what do the Dodgers have to spend in this off season compared to the last? Sorry, I live in St. Louis and don’t get all the detailed information. Hoping you LA’rs can help. 🙂

I’m frustrated with them, but boy, do I love the Blue.

Ray. I didn’t draw much fire on A-Rod as i thought I might. I like him a lot but feel he really put too much pressure on himself and too much expectations from the fans with his huge contract. One can see how his peers might feel too with a contract like his. He is expected to win a WS for someone. I knew you would respond as you did and I do agree. I also hesitate to give such huge contract to pitchers in particular – eg. Kevin Brown, Darren Dreifort, etc. Between a rock and a hard place. Elbert and Morris with arm troubles so the pitching on the farm just got thinner especially with some traded. I think Ned has to come up with good pitchers at a more reasonable price. Have to have a couple of bats too.
Anyway, I am sure the off season will be exciting and draw a lot of reaction from the Dodger faithful. GO DODGERS!!!

if anything this was a fun season, thank you Dodger organizations & it’s UNSUNG HEROES that work long hours behind the seens.

’07 Dodgers here we come!!

harold, i dont like giving out huge contracts either, but we need a big game pitcher in the worst way..we can no longer go with mediocre pitchers in the playoffs.. i think ned should go after barry zito hard this offseason, i know he is sometimes eratic, but he is a true ace…

I’m not from LA. From Nova Scotia in Canada. However, the 2006 Dodger payroll was just a tad under $100M. I can’t see it going above that. That makes one wonder about contracts to Nomar, Maddux, Gagne, Lofton, Lugo. Lugo no doubt will not want to come back to the Dodgers. Drew has an opt out clause in his contract but expect he will not exercise it. We have $54M tied up with Drew, Furcal, Kent, Lowe, Mueller, Penny. I’m guessing at least one half of the budget is tied up with 6 players, one of whom might not play. (Mueller) Gagne would cost $12M according to his contract. That leaves $46M- for the other nineteen players, coaches etc. Ned does his work cut out for him. We can’t take on a couple of $10-15M guys. Nor should we. We have to build and can add as some of the bigger contracts move on. Oh yes, several million go to pay for Odalis Perez contract in KC. Ray no doubt has more info. The previous post was to try to help you with your question. The real answer is, I don’t know.

“just like communism, bringing alex rodriguez to the dodgers works only in theory.. a-rod is the least liked player in the league among his peers.. i think it would be a bad mix..”

Ray-I didn’t know a-Rod was a prblem????? what’s his history regarding that?

I’not sure about Schmidt, Zito or Kemp!

Little should be replaced first. Watch guys like Leyland and Larusso for example.

the dodgers payroll this season was 99,176,950.. they are getting getting back around 25 million in expiring contracts.. hopefully that answered your question..

Thank you so much – very kind. I’m shamed that you’ve obviously have worked hard to get that information and I haven’t.

Lesson: I need to work harder.

Very sincerely, thanks again.


Thank you as well. Very kind of you both.


You know what Ray – I think somehow Ned will address that. I don’t know how but think he will have a better chance to build the staff this year with time on his side instead of against him, starting with the bull pen. I expect we both still have a concern that he protect the farm.

Tre – no problem. I love looking up Dodger info but kind of had a lot of that on tap. Have been looking ahead a couple of years when money really starts to free up for younger players. Basically, if you have any questions re:Dodgers, just ask Ray. He is either a Dodger encyclopedia or has quick access.

my main cocern is for ned to protect the farm.. i know he will find a way to put together a good pitching staff.. the thing i dont want to see happen is ned bringing in middle of the road pitchers like he did last year with tomko..he needs to stay away from the ted lilly’s, gil meche’s, and randy wolfs.. we need frontline help..

I am going to disagree with Ray on Alex Rodriguez. My argument has two points.

First, I think A-Rod is a good way to improve the one position where the Dodgers have been lacking the last comple years. Secondly, I think that the atmosphere in LA would be completely different than New York for A-Rod.

First of all, don’t tell me he’s no good when he puts up these numbers:

2005: .321/.421/.610, 48 HR, 130 RBI, 91 BB, 139 K

2006: .290/.392/.523, 35 HR, 121 RBI, 90 BB, 139 K

Here’s the runners in scoring position stats:

2005: .290/.410/.484 52K

2006: .302/.433/.508 50K

As for the personal dynamic stuff, New York isn’t an easy place to play. He’s scrutinized like crazy, not just by fans, but by the media, and not just the local but the national media. Coming to LA would either force ESPN to acknowledge the Dodgers exist all season long or take away a lot of attention from him.

Also, consider who will be in the clubhouse with him. No Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, Randy Johnson or Joe Torre. Instead, he’ll be with the steadying forces of the Dodgers clubhouse, particularly JD Drew and Grady Little. Joe Torre never smiles, but Gradly Little can’t stop cracking jokes. JD Drew has a steady, understated personality, while Gary Sheffield still whines about his contract with the Dodgers. The atmosphere in LA is much more relaxed and away from the national media (read: east coast) spotlight.

I’d like to see the Dodgers acquire him. And even though I think Brad Penny’s an excellent pitcher who will be fine once again after he gets over injury during the offseason, he might be the guy to send to make the trade (especially with the way Yankees pitching is going).

I totally agree, pitching, pitching, pitching.

Is there any truth to the rumors I hear about Soriano or Wells deal. Who wouldn’t love their bats, but not sure that’s the best use of the the money.

FYI-I’ll try not to bother, but I’m sure I’ll have many questions. I live in bird country.


a-rod is an amazing player, maybe the best in the game.. andy laroche is my favorite prospect, but if we get a-rod i will gladly part with him, and penny.. my only problem with him is that he manages to alienate himself from his teammates.. it has happened everywhere he has been..there is something about him that his peers just do not like… i know the word “chemistry” gets thrown out there a lot, but usually teams that wins it all, have good “chemistry”..look back at all his teams besides the ’95 mariners when he was a rookie, they where not good club houses..its gonna be a tough decision for ned to make..

its ok tre.. i think anytime players like soriano, or wells are out there we have to at least take a look at them..hopefully ned goes after pitching..

Good point Ray. Those middle tier starters often have a good year, contract goes up, and then they settle out to their level. Maybe Ned will make a trade for a younger pitcher on the way up whose contract hasn’t ballooned yet. I think I can bear trading certain prospects Ray for young established players, especially pitchers. Don’t want to trade them for utility players or older middle tier pitchers who carry big contracts. – I mostly watch Blue Jay games so I am also in bird country. I see Wells play a lot and he is a good one, offensively and defensively, and seems to be a good team player. However, he is signed thru 2007 but Jays want to sign or trade, not let become a free agent. – expecting $15M/yr.

Why do we even have to ask what the Dodgers can spend any year? We are a large market team who put 3mil plus fans in the seats every year. Our sorry owner should spend the necessary money to put a dominate team on the feild. Instead, he puts a “competative team” on the feild so fans don’t complain and he saves more money. We should be spending 120 -150mil on payroll in LA.

By the way, JD Drew is not worth the 12-13 mil a year we pay him. Could have gotten Vlad that year for the same price. Re-sign Nomar, sign Zito, and whoever else we need to start winning 95+ games a year like the fans in LA deserve. I’m willing to pay $10 more a seat if necessary to have an owner who wants to win championships. I know the Yankee’s and Red Soxs have only one 1 World series in the last 6 years, but they have been far more successful over the last 10 years than we have. I’ll take that one world series!

we have to ask matin because we know what type of owner we have.. we have a owner who bought the team with borrowed money from fox, the people he was buying the team from!..i agree that our payroll should be way higher, but we cant just go out there throwing money at people the way the blue jays did last year, we need to make smart moves.. plus we have a lot of young player right now.. but we should still be able to go after elite players in the offseason.. where the LOS ANGELES DODGERS!..

Ray, this has been going on for the last 10 plus years now. I’m tired of the Dodgers not being an elite team anymore. What consistant team other than the Braves, have not had to spend the money to dominate? I mean come on, there is no cap in baseball. Every Dodger owner knows the fans will come no matter how the season yurns out(look at last year). We need a team with more than 2 all stars to win in the playoffs. I’m not sure money does it. In the past few years we have had one of the highest payrolls. Oakland, Minnesota would tend to show us the way with their small market plan. The Yankees have over $2M payroll and fold annually. They dominated when they had youngsters – Posada, Jeter, Williams, Rivera, etc. I think has to be built, not bought. We have the dollars – $100M – but too much tied up in players at end of their careers or over priced. In 2006 we had the sixth highest payroll in MLB, second highest in NL – Less than $1M below the Mets. A’s, Tigers, Padres, Cards, Minnesota all lower than us, some considerably less. We’re not at the point where one $15-17M player makes the difference. My opinion only.

Yankees $200M that is.

At least the Yankee’s and Red Sox have the tools to make it to series. We seem to always have the tools to only make it to the post season. ****, I’ll take a purchased world series over the sucess we’ve had over the last 18 years.

By the way, the Yankees had hired guns in their world series run of the 90’s: Boggs, Justice, Strawberry, Martinez, not to mention the pitching which was not home grown.

i am all for spending money, but in a smart way.. the dodgers have had incredible bad luck with huge contracts..i.e. kevin brown, don stanhouse, dave goltz, darryl strawberry, carlos perez, bill mueller, etc.. we just have to be smart, and i think bary zito would be a smart get..

2005 payroll was $83M so up about $17m for 2006. The 2003 payroll was the third highest in baseball. It seems to me there has to be a plan to reach the top, not buying piecemeal. That has been a problem for us. Think we have a plan now. Build, build, build from within, buy the missing piece or pieces. takes time. In any event, we are assuming the owners will not allow the payroll go up this year.

Yes the Yanks had hired guns to fit with the team they built up the middle. That is failing them now each year as the built part has aged and the hired guns underproduce when the heat is on. You are probably right. I still live in the days when real Dodgers, 1952- 1988, made the difference. I expect those days are gone but it looks like we have a chance to build a team. GO DODGERS!!!

Eulman, opinion, It’s a very good one. Many things go into making it through the the playoffs. I’ve consistantly watched a very gifted Cardinal team get “managed” out of the season (being in stl). I grew up with the Dodgers of the late sixties and through the 70s. I empathize with Martineznick, we need to swagger not just walk. It seems in these days it takes money. Ray is right when he says, and Ray correct me if I’m wrong, spend all the money you want, just don’t hurt the farm.

Well guys, lets hope this go-round of great prospects takes us to the promise land. Piazza, Karros,Nomo, and Raul where good-great but we didnt have the dominate ace during that time. I feel we need at least one 20 game winner along with Penny, Lowe, Chad and Co. I also think we need some bats that put fear into the oposition. Oh well, I guess I’ll never be the GM so I’ll just keep rootin for our Dodgers.

we just need to have faith in ned, I’m sure he will make us very happy fans…

Thanks for all of the updates all season long, Josh.

For what it’s worth, the Dodgers lost a lot of goodwill among the people I talked to at yesterday’s game by raising parking prices for the playoff. The way to thank fans for breaking attendance records and cheering faithfully is NOT to take advantage of them like that. Since the higher prices were not publicized in advance, they did not deter anyone from driving to the stadium. They were just a way for the Dodgers to make extra money at the fans’ expense.

Other than that, it was a great (well, it would have been even greater if we won!) game and a wonderful crowd. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Just curious “OlsonFamily”, how much was parking thi season, regular season vs. the playoff game?? And does anyone know if this type of practice happens at other venues around the league, raising prices during playoffs? Thanks…

i dont really think we need a power bat. Kent was injured most of the year and JD Drew was getting over a shoulder problem. Pitching is what we need badly. sign Zito and maybe Schmidt if MAddux retires.

kssparkuhl – During the regular season it was $10 to park but Saturday’s game was $15. It kind of caught my friend and I off guard as neither of us carry much cash, but luckily we had enough quarters in the car to cover it.

During the WBC this year, parking was $10 at Angels Stadium but $8 during the regular season. I don’t remember if they raised their prices during the Angel’s post-season last year or not.

Man, I remember when parking was three dollars! That’s just plain price gouging though for a playoff game. I didn’t know the fans had to buy a ticket for their car! 😮 )

Roy, Thanks for the hard work on the blog. Looking forward to winter updates!!

i really hope we do get the big pitcher & bat that Colletti speaks of.

Today’s LA Times says Ned is going after a Power Hitter a Front End Starter and help in the bullpen. He understands the fans desire to keep Gagne and Nomar but he wasn’t sure that could happen, sounds like money. Said he wants to keep Lofton and Kent if he can. It’s going to be a very interesting off season. I would like to see a couple of changes in the coaching staff but I like Grady at the front of the class !!
Trust in the kids Ned, but go get some Help !!

Thanks for everyone for making this season very enjoyable. Somebody said it earlier; we just got beat by a better team.

A few thoughts:

I think it’s safe to say that Loney proved to everyone that he’s ready to play, so hopefully we can take the money saved from Nomar and spend it on a starter (Zito) or a CF (Tori Hunter).

Being from NY there is no doubt that AROD will be moved. He is the posterboy of a player who can not cut it in New York.. If we can trade Penny, LaRouche, and a prospect for him, it must be done….

I don’t hear much about LaRouche. Is this guy ready to be an everyday third baseman next season?

Does anyone have any details about Drew’s escape clause in his contract? Can we persuade him to escape from LA and plug in Kemp in RF next season?

Thanks again…

What I propose is this lineup:

Furcal – ss

Ethier – lf

Nomar – 1b

A-Rod – 3b

Drew – cf

Kent – 2b

Loney – rf

Martin – c

the key here is to put Loney in right field (he has played there in the minors) and Drew in center (where he’s said he wants to play). That way you develop Loney’s offense, and you have him for first base when Nomar needs a day off or is out hurt or something.

Might as well add my take on what we need to accomplish this winter.
Personnel to cut: LUGO, BEIMEL – if we need to offer arbitration so as to gain a draft choice when somebody else signs them, then do it.

Personnel I’d like to see traded: PENNY, HALL, TOMKO with STULTZ, HENDRICKSON and REPKO also available.

Personnel I’d like to consider acquiring: ZITO, SORIANO, RODRIGUEZ, two established relief pitchers, two AAA promising starting pitchers, a seasoned part time catcher in case HALL is traded.

Other considerations:

LONEY must be given full time opportunity at first base even against left handed pitchers – he has earned that chance, and presumably will re-assert himself again in spring training.

LOFTON, MADDUX, GAGNE and GARCIAPARRA – offer a one year contract only based largely on incentives.

SAITO – offer a 2 year deal at moderate million $ level plus incentives.

what I really like is that the Dodgers are actually not desperately pulling things apart. Instead, they’re going to keep the team and add the missing puzzle pieces. It’s reassuring, and I’m really optimistic about next year.

Thank you, and good night.

….. Is it time for spring training yet?

I like your thinking about Zito, Ray. I think he’s the pitcher we need to go after first. And it would be great to have ARod at third, what with his bat. But what evidence of his alienation from other players? Are there articles stating such? I’ve never read anything along that line.

s.infantino – here’s the SI article that comes to mind the most

Oh yea I forgot one thing,The Mets were even nice enough to spot the dodgers there two best pitchers,and still…..u got swept.Yea I know the Giants ****** this year but every team goes through that.

Today is Monday, October 9, 2006, which means that there are exactly 175 days until Opening Day 2007. Until then, I can only take somber solace in the great words of a man whom I had tremendous respect for, former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bartlett Giamatti:

“It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come out, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.”

I want to thank Josh and the entire Dodger media staff for allowing me a platform on which to share my passion for the Dodgers with fellow Dodger fans. Although I came on-board the “Inside the Dodgers” blog around the trading deadline and have not personally met any of my fellow posters, I feel that we are all family.

As has already been said a number of times, our beloved Dodgers were simply out-played by a superior Mets team. The Mets took the field with the passion, desire, hunger, and confidence that is needed to be a successful post-season team. They had the “Eye of the Tiger” and the Dodgers did not. In spite of this, it was very refreshing to see the absolute true professionalism of Jeff Kent who, unlike many of his teammates, never gave up; not even for a second. On the other hand, the lack of professionalism on the part of Joe Beimel absolutely broke my heart.

During the second game of last year’s ALCS between the Angels and the White Sox, a severely blown call by the home plate umpire led to a devastating loss for the Angels. That single incident set the tone for the remainder of that series, which the White Sox ended up winning in five games. It was as if that single incident destroyed the Angels will to win.

The running mistake by J.D. Drew in Game-1 (to which the entire blame goes to third base coach Rich Donnelly) was the “single incident” that set the tone for this series and one from which the Dodgers were unable to recovered from. It, along with the Beimel incident, had the exact same effect on the Dodgers as the blown call against the Angels. The Dodgers were doomed from that point on.

While I agree whole heartedly that the Dodgers must secure a significant starter and a power hitter, I do not think that Alex Rodriguez is the right choice. I believe that the Dodgers would be much better off acquiring Alfonso Soriano. As great as A-Rod is and has been throughout his career, the guy’s post-season numbers are staggering. It is as if he ceases playing on the final game of the regular season. While he is 37 for 132 (.280) in his six post-season appearances, his average is .133 and .071 respectively in his last two post-season appearances. This is simply unacceptable from a guy being paid what he is being paid. The guy melts down BIG TIME in the post-season.

There is little doubt in my mind that James Loney is here to stay and that he is our everyday first baseman. Ethier is also a lock for next season. Matt Kemp needs one full season in Triple-A, but he is our future right or center fielder (or possible trade bait).

As much as I have enjoyed what Nomar brought to the team this season, he will demand a multi-year contract that the Dodgers would be ill-advised to agree to. I do not think that he will agree to a one-year contract with incentives. Lofton, on the other hand, will likely do so, because he will have no choice.

Brad Penny needs to lose about 40 pounds. This will significantly ease his back problems and will probably get him back on a winning track. I believe that the Dodgers really need to keep him on-board. He is more than capable of winning 20 games.

Derek Lowe is solid. I believe that he will represent the Dodgers at next season’s All Star game. He really dialed it in during the second half.

I believe that Maddux will accept a one year contract with some lucrative incentives. With run support, he is still capable of winning 15+ games, not to mention another Gold Glove (which, by the way, I believe that he will win again this season, as he had ZERO errors in 66 chances for a 1.000 FPCT).

Ok, enough on that stuff. Thanks for all of the great in-put throughout the season. I, too, will drop in from time to time to see what’s happening during the off-season. One thing is for certain; the Dodgers will be a team to reckon with next season. We were close this season, but next season is OURS!


PS: Sorry for the long-winded post. I’ve done a lot of “reflecting” these past two painful days.

PPS: Hey euhlman – I tried e-mailing you at your posted address. Did you receive it? If not, and if you are so inclined, could you e-mail me your address at Thanks.

53. I emailed my address. The one posted on the blog is correct. Not sure why it wasn’t received. Our email seems to be working. Please try again. Pretty good post. Maybe Ned should consult with you as his deliberations begin. Heard suggestions today that Toronto might trade Wells for A-Rod if Yanks pick up some more of his contract as Texas is doing.They probably cannot meet Wells contract demands and he is a free agent at end of 2007.

To assauge the post-season blues, I’m volunteering at the Dodger’s Youth Center. Who else is with me?

Patriotacts, even after reading the SI article (which I thank you for)I’d still be happy to see Arod in our lineup. The only detractable thing I see in him is a propensity to look at personal numbers. So what! If his bat and defense can help the Dodgers, I say let’s go for it. Especially if the Yankees pick up the bulk of his contract. Its as you say, the pressure from the press won’t be near as savage as there in New York. I think fans here will be quick to embrace him as well as the other players, especially if he puts up the numbers he’s capable of.

hey slee, where and how can u get it on this?

I’d be happy to get Arod as well. I think he’d be a good fit.

The problem with Soriano is that he would block Matt Kemp. Soriano would require a multi year deal with a no trade clause, meaning that he, Ethier, and Drew would be our outfielders for the next three years. I think Kemp will be ready for the show in 2008.

What I propose is to let Loney play right field, and Nomar can take first base next year. I think Jeff Kent only has one year left, and he might switch positions with Nomar midseason. If that works, Nomar can play second base with Loney at first, and Kemp can play in the outfield.

Soriano wants to play 2nd…we can get him to play CF for a year and then Kent will retire and Soriano will play second

Max Power – where are you getting your information?

Soriano has actually said that what he is most proud of this year is his defense. At second base, he was a defensive liability and he knew it. He made something like 100 errors over 5 years at second, which was more than anyone.

Soriano has a gun for an arm, and that doesn’t mean a whole hill of beans when you’re 40 feet from the first baseman. On the other hand, that is great when you are a left fielder. He led all major league outfielders in outfield assists (22) and double plays (9), and was also third of all corner outfielders in putouts (326).

Soriano has great speed, which helps him run down the ball. How do you think Kenny Lofton won four gold gloves? Did he lose his ability to read the ball in the outfield but not at the plate? He just runs the ball down like crazy.

Face it, Soriano’s an outfielder, and he likes being a more useful player. This is a guy that studies video of pitchers to figure out which ones to steal on out of their windup. I would love to have him; all that is holding me back from him is Matt Kemp, who could be more useful for years to come.

He thinks playing second base will be the best way to get into the hall of fame. He said it when he had to play left for the first couple of months. Also the main reason why he wont resign with the nationals is beucase they want him to be stricly an outfielder. He’ll probably end up playing the outfield for some other team becuase of money but if we can assure him that second base is his after Kent retires im sure he’d sign here.

Max, as I thought, you’re listening to old stuff. He was a starting left fielder for the National League all-star team, and he’s got the chance to win a gold glove in the outfield if he keeps it up. He’s proud of his defense, and I’m positive he’ll stay in the outfield.

okay, i was the guy who bet ten bucks the dodgers would go 81-81. i also thought prior to that, they were about a 85 win team and would be hard pressed to do that…so i was wrong.

but this team was just so hard to handicap.

how do you win 7 straight on the road and **** the bed twice in NYC and then come back home to lay an egg

i think this team belongs to russell martin, and it should be his by 2008. the mets just willed themselves to win the dodgers wilted. i know the veteran leadership was a steady influence with kent, drew, lofton and blah, blah, blah – but the mets just have IT – whatever IT is!

the padres don’t have IT. the cards don’t.

even the yankees didn’t have IT. the mets do and a NYC – Detroit world series should be great fun.

still bothers me to see loduca and green and mota, et al in mets uniforms. esp since

penney is now at risk of being a one -year wonder and headed to # 3 starter in the rotation where he belongs.

generally liked grady’s job this year, but still don’t understand the playoff roster with only ten pitchers!!! aren’t ramon herandez and lugo basically the same guy

and was eithier really necessary?

would have preferred adding hamulock and

stolts as two lefties…and would have never, ever brought penney in relief..yikes…

would prefer to release kent and nomar. i know they are tested vets, but they are clogging in the infield. go with loney and

delwyn young at 2b and add soriano in the outfield.

not really sold on kemp. he looks like another r. mondesi about to happen. same body language. doesn’t run out grounders.

has no centerfield instincts and is too undisciplined at the plate. yet the brass

insist on playing him there…repko is your cf for years to come…

Zito….? C’mon this guy is worse then Penny and you are all clamoring for him? Gotta admit this is the first time I’ve watched him pitch but he’s wild and throws alot of pitches walks too many looks like Penny with more pitches.
I don’t think he’s worth the money I’ve been hearing and won’t get it done first year coming from the AL. I was the guy who took your bet and won on the first game after your post. Did you remember to pay your $10 to your favorite charity?

yes eulman – i did pay it to my favorite charity. the odalis perez home for lost and whiny overweight lefties… let’s go metdodgers!!!

Yes! Finally something about kaajamajaas.

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