News on Nomar

Nomar went for an MRI this morning and unfortunately, he does have a tear in his quad. Grady has said that he’ll be extremely limited, mostly pinch-hitting, for the rest of the series. James Loney will start tomorrow, but the rest of the lineup is not yet set.


I’m sad to hear about Nomar, but since we already knew he couldn’t move, I’m glad they’re doing the smart thing and playing Loney at first tomorrow (keeping Kent at 2nd). Nomar, we’ll take a Gibson-like pinch hitting appearance. 😉

Season’s over. See you next spring.

thats a big blow, but loney has been playing better anyways.. i’ll say it one more time, do not resign nomar!.. he cant stay healthy.. lets just give my kids a shot..


gnorm, obviously not a fan. It is never over until its over

Maddux – Penny – Lowe. 3 in a row could happen.

Thanks Nomar for gutting it out all year long. Gagne, Mueller, Brazoban,etc. have an extra pair of pom pons waiting for you.

Whatever happens, I’m not disappointed in this team. This was a good comeback from the disappointment of last year, and the future looks bright.

Maddux vs. Trachsel

Penny vs. Oliver Perez

Lowe vs. Maine

We can still win this…

I hope Nomar’s not back next year, or if he is, it is only a short contract.

This year he’s proven that, while a great player, he has a fragile body. Nothing that wasn’t known before!

That said, thanks Nomar for playing this game, and for providing us fans with a lot of great moments. You rock!

Penny vs. Oliver Perez

Alex-We need to hope that Little gets Penny out of the game before he gives up 5 runs. Here’s to hoping Little realizes before it’s too late.

Thank GOD! Grady fianlly pulled his head out of his ***…Loney should be starting none of this Julio Lugo ****!


Hi Josh,
Some bulletin board material for the Dodger training room before tomorrow’s game: (quote from LA Times story)

“They’re about to go to sleep, I think,” Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano said.

What a year he’s given the Blue Crew, I just hope he’s back next year !! Maybe at 3B, he played it in Chicago!!! Then we could have Nomar and Loney !! I like the sound of that !!

This team has been most noted for our streaks, losing and winning and we can do it again !!


Go Dodgers !!!

I don’t care what any of you say, for what Nomar did for us this year, he deserves a contract with the Dodgers. No, not as a starting infielder, but as someone coming off the bench or spelling any position in the infield. You don’t just throw away a talent like Nomar. What you do is manage him like what Little did for Drew. You all who say “Don’t sign him” are crazy. If we can get him for what we got him for this year, it would be a steal. And Ray, I don’t believe in the Poncho, I believe in the Dodgers, our Dodgers, not “your kids”, they’re OUR kids and our veterans. They can still win this thing. Easily. Its still up for grabs. You know it, I know it, and best of all, they know it.

ST vs us 4-10, 4.02 ERA, 1.24 Whip, .255 opp. avg

Last Game vs us lost 2.2 5 4 4 0 2 1 13.50 2.63 .385

Away (this year) 14 14 8 3 0 1 0 76.2 83 39 37 11 39 32 4.34 1.59 .277

OP vs us 3-4 4.38 ERA, 1.44 Whip, .247 opp avg

Last Game vs us lost 4.2 9 6 6 1 5 4 11.57 3.00 .409

Away (this year) 11 11 0 7 0 0 0 46.2 66 54 49 12 35 45 9.45 2.16 .353

Shouldn’t be so hard to figure what those number mean if you used the yahoo players profile..

We need Furcal and Lofton to do something now.

I forgot to change that not opp against us.

hey infantino, nomar has been great for us all year long.. he proved hes still a great player, and he proved hes still injury prone.. dont re-sign him..i dont know about you guys but i dont want to be like the reds with their griffey problem.. plus do you really think nomar wants to be a bench player? i get it, u love nomar, but this is not ’99 nomar, this is a always injured nomar.. and dude you seriously need to relax..



I love Nomar as well and i will always be a fan of his and i wish him the best where ever he plays but the Dodgers shouldn’t re-sign him. Loney is ready to take off in his career. Also Ned, Please re-sign Greg Maddux.

Ray, burn the darned poncho already. The poncho has forsaken us in the post-season thus far. It was cute that you kept posting it all this time. It’s not cute any more, and now it’s bad luck. I will no longer believe in it because frankly, IT’S NO LONGER CINCO DE MAYO!! I will however believe in a less corny and more realistic thing: I will believe in the Dodgers because the poncho has died.


what is up with everyone today?.. it seems like the presure of game 3 has gotten to everyone.. so sorry for having a sense of humor during these trying times!.. maybe i should just give up.. and if you think that the poncho, or jeff hamilton is the cause of our defeats, then my friend u have problems..


Ray, I need to relax? What, I’m not relaxed because my opinion doesn’t mesh with yours? C’mon Kid, that doesn’t play. I must have struck a nerve. But really, the only point I agree with is that Nomar won’t want to be a bench player. I see that point, and had already thought of that. But I say if he is willing, and we don’t know that he’s not, we should sign him to be a role player, someone who can give us proven offense plus back up any position in the infield. Again if we got him for what he signed for this year, it would be a steal. I’m not saying it will happen, just saying Colleti should make the effort. The guy’s been money all year long. Sometimes its a good thing to reward heroes.

Hey guys. Relax. The off season is yet to come but let’s not rush it. It will be interesting and Ned will have some tough decisions. Nomar will be one of them. In some ways it is a good problem to have – too many options. We know they are not Ray’s kids anymore than ours. However, in fairness, I believe Ray embraced them as early or earlier than most of us coming out of spring training. He certainly has been a big proponent of the rookies all season long and his knowledge of the farm system is perhaps the most extensive on this blog. In the final analysis I expect decisions re:Nomar and others will be made in the context of team needs, his health issues and dollars. It is a business at the GM level, a game at our level. The PONCHO thing provided a bit of levity, not a superstition or luck. It certainly had some coincidental moments and that was fun.The PONCHO was born with Nomar. GO DODGERS!!!

I agree that Nomar had a great first half. But, he showed his limitations during the second half. Signing him to the same contract as this year would be acceptable to the Dodgers. However I believe that Nomar is looking for a contract like the one he turned down from the Redsox years ago. He wants financial security in this next contract that will last his life. Not sure if any club will be willing to gamble that much.

he would be good insurance for the Dodgers, in case Lokey fails.

****** keyboard!

Ray, Dude, never give up. I love your passion,and your sense of humor-Jeff Hamilton?-now that’s funny! I guess I’m “old school” enough or sentimental enough to want to see someone rewarded for having such a stellar year, despite the injuries. And if he’s willing, he can have another good year with the Dodgers. Why not?

Euhlman, you’d probably be good as a mediator, always the voice of reason. Probably why I like reading your views in this blog.

Bigblue, that’s what I’m saying. He could back up any infield position. And yes he fell off in the second half, but he also came up big in crucial situations. And maybe he’s smart enough to know that “probably” no other team will take a chance on him as a starter unless its with the AL as a DH.

Oh man. Going to bed. have been watching the Yankee game. Joe Morgan is trying to will them to win. Trying to rationalize that Johnson, down 5-0, has pitched better than Rogers. Nite guys. Rest well tonight in preparation for the game tomorrow – believe in the comeback. Thanks s.infantino.
What we do have going for us is our passion for the Dodgers. that just never fades. GO DODGERS!!!

“u have problems”

Me? You’ve been reading my posts all season, right? Of course I have problems! Heck, anybody can see that just by reading a few paragraphs of my posts. But don’t worry… I can blame it all on my brother. He used to torment me to no end when I was three or four years of age… and it didn’t stop until I was around seven when he went off to college and got married. So really, those who know me, know that sarcastic pessimism rules in my family, especially when faced with adversity pertaining to those non-essential things like trying to “will” a baseball team to a post-season win. It’s the only way to stay sane!

Now lighten up and burn the darned poncho already!! 😮 )


Sarcasm is often expressed in ironical statements. It can sometimes be the sincerest form of discourse for the emotionally fragile. This is often done by simply over-emphasizing the actual statement, or particular words of it.

Philosophical pessimism describes a tendency to believe that the life has a negative value, or that this world is as bad as it could possibly be.

What can I say, I’m a Dodger fan. I could be even worse though… I could be a Cubs fan. Talk about scarred for life! 😮 )

Oh my Nomar! I am so split on him, I have loved him and rooted for him for years. It has been a dream come true to see him play for the Blue this season, but his fragile body is not ever able to stay healthy for one whole season. I am not looking forward to this winter when Ned has some decisions to make. My heart is wanting both Nomar and Gagne to be healthy and stay on this team, but my head tells me that may not happen. I just want my boys to win this whole run of playoffs and World Series so I can go to the parade in Downtown. Please give me something wonderful before we all have to face a long winter.Get well boys.

Hey Kevin, you OK ?? Do we need to send the guys with white coats ?? For the love of the game buddy !! It’s still just a game !! It could be worst, you could be a page in DC !!! LOL

Go Dodgers !!!


Loney is the kid we have been waiting for and Has had his Knocks during the season. He went down to AAA and Brought back a Batting Title. He Played a couple games since and has only Set an LA record for RBI’s and 3 HR in his limited play oh and not to metion that Gold Glove work of his at first.Not Even Martin comes close to where this Kid is…He is Ready Willing and ABLE! Martin Has Done as Great as any Callup Rookie and His Posistion is Set in stone for him!

NOMAR Great Job you well deserved your pay this year and if ya want to Hangout in LA and play for the Dodgers I’ll root for you But,Loney Has the Job at first and can only Lose it by hitting less then .250 without power and making errors to start the season. Maybe a Nomar Kent platoon at 2nd so they both Rest alot can keep them Healthy and take turns in the Pinch hitting roles.I’m all Good with Nomar staying with the Team but not in a way to Block Loney He’s Homegrown and Ready to Rock Go Show the Met’s What a Homegrown 1st baseman is all about Loney You Rock!!


Nomar should go have a beer.. Oh, wait, He’s probably a little more responsible than a left-handed specialist that is in the play-offs and would be facing a team that is heavy on lefties in the line-up. Dude, it’s the freaking play-offs, can’t you be a little more responsible and have a little self control for one night? Do you REALLY need to be out at 2 AM a day before the play-offs start? Shouldn’t you be focusing on the series instead of seeing what the night life has to offer? There is a time for everything, Beimel. You should have thought about that.

Hey Benny Lay off that hottie was one of David wrights *****…

Don’t worry about Nomar.


i hope the Dodgers play well at home

I’m so confident that the Dodgers are going to win tonight that I decided to invite 10 Met fans to watch the game at my place tonight (i’m in NY).. Go Dodgers!!!!

It’s funny how these sports commentators keep blabbing away on some tangent when the the facts are somewhere else.
In the second Ali-Spinks fight , I had to wonder which fight Cossell was watching.

The El Segundo Raiders played the Redskins in the super bowl and all they could talk about was John Riggins and the Hogs, when it was obvious the Raiders had so many more weapons.

Now we get this east coast bias toward the NY teams.

I’m pretty disappointed in Joe Morgan. He’s my favorite ( I like his suits ) but sometimes he’s not very objective. The other guy works for the giants so you can’t expect anything from him.

Don’t give up Ray.

How did it turn out for asq?

Well, while most of you guys are still snoozing or just waking, I have my potatoes dug. What a life. While doing so, I thought of Joe Beimel. Now I am the last one who should judge anyone so will try to make an observation which is bad enough on its own. Amid my disappointment that Joe would break curfew on the night before a playoff game and get cut,is a concern for Joe, not just the team. My concern is that he didn’t need to relax, have fun, get away from the game, etc., It is that he had to be there. That is, his body had a need and he got cut while fulfilling that need. I really hope that my suspicion is wrong. For Joe’s sake I really hope he just did something rather dumb and irresponsible.

Today’s the day guys. Believe in the comeback. Our Met bloggist last night dissed Maddux. He might be right, but Maddux has a way about him in these situations, just as Glavine does ,although Glavine has a losing record in post season play. Let’s go forit. No point to talk anymore about Beimel or Nomar and his injury. He gave it everything he could. Most of us have no idea the pain he endured. I don’t but know I’m a whimp when I stub my toe. GO DODGERS!!!

underdog8 was right. The Mets say the Dodgers are about to go to sleep. Someone has to show the team that quote and if they have any pride they’ll respond and kick Met butt all over the stadium. Loney should have been starting, because Nomar is and was hurt. I love what Nomar has done this year, but a healthy ,hungry rookie is better than an injured Nomar. Lets go DODGERS!!!!!

Nah Gary! No white coats here, but my wife thinks you’re on to something! lol…

Just trying to have fun is all. Down 0-2 there’s not much other choice.

I Believe in Loney! I believe in the Dodgers!

Want lockerroom material? Look no further than this quote from

“The outhit, outpitched and outmanaged Dodgers…”

Especially that last one. Outmanaged. The players cannot do anything behind a manager that turns stupid in the postseason. Our pitching staff is not that great, and needs finesse and intelligent managing to stand a chance. None of that can Little provide.

I don’t even want to watch today’s game. I don’t want to carry three defeats into the winter, one caused by dumbness, one caused by tepidness, and the third one will be caused by who-knows-what.

This team deserves the fork quivering in them.

Here’s to hoping some of the mistakes of this year can be corrected in the postseason.

In the Nomar regard, as to whether or not he should be back next year, 1st & 2nd half stats, etc…. Something you can’t measure, that for some reason I’ve not heard many of you speak of….HEART!!!!!!! GUTS!!!!!!! Never say die!!!!!!! Those are the qualities Nomar has given this team …..Why wouldn’t you want a Dodger like that? Kent’s another one, who’s shown his mettle. We’ve got a great chance today, once again, to watch these Dodgers continue the magic ways of the past few weeks…Let’s hope the best is yet to come. Lofton & Drew come through!!!!!!! Go Dodgers!!!

Kevin, Harold, asq, Ray etc.. I’m thinking it’s our time today so pump up the volume and lets kick some NY butt !!
Go Dodgers !!

Here is a crazy idea. What if Nomar got healthy in the offseason (went to a spa or something) comes back at third base and we bring Loney up?

Nomar is one of my favorite Dodgers, but im afraid the wont be a place for him next year- some teams are going to throw alot of money his way- and we won’t (and probably shouldn’t try to compete). He is, after all, a very very large injury risk and Loney looks like the real deal at 1st. Nomar at 3rd is somewhat interesting, but we have Betemit for a very low cost- im actually very interested to see how he will do in a full season- I think he may be a very good hitter- remember he is still young also and was at one time the best prospect in the Atl organization. He maybe our 2nd baseman when Kent is done. Then theres LaRouche- who maybe the big power bat we have been missing for so long. He should be ready for the bigs by mid year next year if not before. I think we should run something like:

1 Furcall (ss)

2 Drew (cf/rf)

3 Ethier (lf)

4 Kent (2b)

5 Betemit (3b)

6 Martin (c)

7 Loney (1b)

8 Kemp (cf/rf)

and sign a good # 2/3 starter and some another left handed bullpen arm in the offseason. BUT, thie year isn’t over yet!!!!! lets go BLUE!!!!! This team has what it takes to win 3 from the Mets.

Euhlman ,Gary, and all the rest of you were kind enough to offer your prayers and THANK YOU so very much!! I am a little sleepy (having been info center for family & friends) but owe it to you to update you.

Both have survived! The mother is resting comfortably. While the baby (a girl) was with out oxygen for about ten minutes. During the delivery the baby”s shoulder was turned in some matter to complicate the delivery. Of course I do not have to tell you the real danger of brain damage but I do not know how soon they can tell or how bad. As of a few minutes ago, the baby was sleeping restfully. They live in Idaho: My daughter-in-law & another granddaughter flew up to be with them.


Falling off a ladder is how I broke my hip. The first surgery they attempted to repair it using screws. When that failed they did a second surgery to replace my hip. What type of surgery did they do on your mother-in-law & is she still doing okay?

All right all of you positive & TRUE FANS, remember they came back from 0-2 before.I am with you Gary, it is time for some serious offence & butt kicking. But all KNOWLEDGEABLE baseball fans realize that the best of teams can have a bad “five game series”. Ask the NYY & the Twins. I think you (euhlman -is it Harold?-and Gary) have covered that subject very well. Only eight teams got this far. I think our DODGERS are still in it, but if they do not survive the series–I will have happy memories all winter about how well they “did do” and look forward to what I know will be an even better team next spring. WOW! I can not wait–for either todays game Or next season.


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