Today's workout

We’re back in L.A. and as Grady and Ned have said, we’ve got the Mets right where we want them. OK, so maybe one win or two would’ve been nice in NY, but the home team is the one that’s supposed to win. So if we win the next two and have the momentum heading to NY Sunday night, I like our chances.

There’s a workout at the stadium today for both teams, so we’re obviously still pretty busy. But I wanted to let you guys know a couple things.

First, we’re really hoping that everyone who comes to the games the next two days is wearing blue. As you know, Tommy Lasorda calls this place Blue Heaven on Earth and we should actually make it look like that.

Second, I have to admit that Shea Stadium was rocking over the past two days and we have to keep pace with them. Every two-strike count, every big situation, the crowd there was on its feet. It’s up to you guys, the die-hards, to prove to the world that Los Angeles fans aren’t passive like people think we are. Get this crowd up on their feet and get them going. This place should rock like the ’04 NLDS or any of the great games down the stretch this season.

That’s all for now. If I get a lineup today for tomorrow, I’ll post it in a while.


No giving up!

Lets go Dodgers!

The Dodgers are 15-2 when me and my wife go to games together. We’ll be there tomorrow wearing Dodger blue!! Go Dodgers!!

You bet I’ll get the Ravine rockin! This’ll be my first ever post season game and I hear the atmos is completely different from a regular season game. Unfortunately, my bf is a Mets fan – If anyone spills beer on him, he’s on his own.

Dodgers fans are not wimps, we’re just a bit more polite, that’s all. Maybe it’s because we’re not allowed to tailgate in the parking lot.

What we need are really loud fans in the Dugout Club behind the Mets ondeck circle loud enough to distract Lo Porko (nee Lo Duca) and Wright.


Baseball Toaster

Posted events going on tomorrow that will seriously snafu traffic – I think I’ll leave at around 11am in order to get to the Ravine…

It’s going to be a rough weekend but the Dodgers can do it! EVERYBODY SPORT YOUR BLUE AND CHEER YOUR BUTTS OFF THIS WEEKEND!

I woke up this morning from a dream that had Lofton, Lugo, and Litte missing the flight back! Suddenly, I thought that winning 3 in a row was possible. Please don’t burst my bubble and tell me its not true!

Steve Trachsel and Oliver Perez are the Mets starting pitchers this weekend. Offense needs to light them up, build up the momentum and drive it all the way back to N.Y. Maddux will be himself. Trachsel has a lot on his mind and we need to jump on him early. The wild card is Penny and Game 4 could be quite an ugly game. We can still win this thing. The pitching matchups every game from here on out are on our side.

I’ve pulled out my hat from 1974. I’m sorry fellas that I haven’t before now.

i’m going to be at the game as well. hopefully we win, if we cant beat the two bums the mets are throwing out there, we shouldnt even be in the playoffs.. and i’m sticking with the poncho through the end of the playoffs, i’ll let it go down in a blaze of glory..


I will be at the game Saturday and now on Sunday. We need to cheer our butts off for these guys. By the way, Josh, thanks for all your hard work this year. It has been great.


We should all meet up at a pub for when they play on Monday in NY

Someone please correct me if im wrong, but didn’t we come back from 0-2 in the ’81 and ’88 playoffs?
Course, we didn’t have Grady Little putting in our least effective pitchers in the most game critical situations back then, and heck- it is great fun watching Broxton and Saito mow guys down in garbage time, so I guess its all good.

Still…. it aint over!!!!!

Time for some Hooooome cook’n!

I don’t think we will go far at all with Grady Little as Manager…If he was the Manager of the Yankees right now they’d be down 0-2 too.

We can do it guys. The Mets are cocky. Time to humble them a bit. The fist pumping, hand slapping reminds me of football celebrations. You are right – we have to be able to beat Traschal and Perez. Just do the LITTLE things – pardon the pun – and we can win it. The Mets executed better than we did in the first two games. No matter. It’s the next one that matters now. Get the cheering going as loudly as they had it at Shea guys. This is our time of the year too. GO DODGERS!!!
In the midst of our concerns about the Dodgers,, shared with us the real concerns in life. His grand-daughter and her baby were in danger of dying during the delivery. We have had no further word and hope those prayers offered by many who post on this blog were in line with God’s will. If anyone knows anything more, please let us know.

I think Lugo is Swedish for Little. That would explain why Grittle has to have him in the lineup, they’re related! I hope Loney gets the start Saturday. Lets go Dodgers!!!

If this ragtag band of Blue Scrappers can win Game 3, I’ll be there for Game 4, seeing as how I couldn’t get Game 3 tix.

But I won’t be wearing blue, except for my jeans.

I’ll be wearing my Dodgers home jersey instead!

However, if Little posts another head-scratcher lineup, manages his pitchers like a bad amateur manager in an amateur league again, and if Furcal, Lofton, Drew and the other “veterans with post-season experience” ( pardoning Kent, he’s been great ) scrap together another listless, hopeless, useless, bottom-of-the-barrel performance, and we get swept …

I get to spend the ticket money and travel costs on something else, and the Dodgers lose the revenue ;-P

It won’t happen griffon64, you will be there on Sunday. GO BLUE

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but im just flabbergasted and how badly Little has use the ‘pen. Anyone who followed the Dodgers this year knows Broxton, Saito and Beimel were our only really reliable arms out of the pen. We all know about Beimel, but with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday off Brox and Saito should have been in both games in NY. I see absolutely no reason they shouldn’t pitch 1-2 innings each Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet here we are, down 0-2 and they have pitched a TOTAL of 2 (meaningless) innings- while we lose the games in the 5th and 6th. Grady- what are you saving them for? This is madness.
Grady- on Saturday unless the game goes to extra innings you have only 3 pitchers on the active roster. Maddux, Broxton, and Saito. That’s it. Period. I know you will be tempted to use Sele or Hendrickson in the 6th but just because their ERAs are 6- that doesn’t mean they are supposed to come in the game in the 6th inning.

Totally agree that al the chest pounding and fist pumping by the Mets in the 2nd and 3rd innings is annoying. There is one way to stop that. Beat them!!! Lets go Blue- time to lay it all on the line!!!!!

We CAN win 3 in a row.

“The Mets are cocky” “The fist pumping, hand slapping reminds me of football celebrations.” Pardon me, but give me one reason why the mets should not feel confident going into postseason. Losing Pedro? El Duque as well? The mets have used over 13 different starting pitchers, from Hall of Famers to AAA pitchers. I don’t know why you feel so confident, your team had a long shot, and that was beating John Maine at home, which obviously did not happen. And as far as the fist pumping and hand motions go, its called team unity. Learn it. The reason was the Mets were so successful this year was in fact team unity, mix in a little skill/talent,and everyone contributed. I know the dodgers had some unity problems in the summer, before they went on that 16 game win streak. As far as going back to history in the postseason, the dodgers are 1-11 in Division series play. That’s a big hill to climb. I don’t know if you should consider Maddux pitching game 3 at LA a sure fire-lock. The Mets have pounded him the last 2 times he pitched, and only a handful of teams came back from a 0-2 deficit to win, I think 5 out of 28. If anyone by the name of Maddux or Penny decide to pitch, they better bring their A game and then some. Good luck to the dodgers.

Does anyone know why we are not able to bring signs into the ballpark?

I’ll be there tomorrow wearing my Blue!! Let’s go team, let’s show the east coast media bias that the West can play!

I’ve been out of town, I also Wish ASQ the best for his family and my prayers for mother and child. My mother-in-law fell and broke her hip Wed. night, but is resting comfortably after surgery and will be o.k.. as stated before i said dodgers in three i just didn’t know which three. GO DODGERS, BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO

Wonsok – don’t really want to get into a debate with you. However, pardon me if I offend you. I don’t like that sort of display. How is it, I cannot express my opinion without drawing fire? I should remind you, that many a cocky team has gone down. It is the quiet confident ones that win. Also, I’m not sure how my post can be construed as confidence. Seems to me it spoke to two things. First, the Mets did execute better than we did in the first two games. Secondly, it is the next game that matters now. We can’t replay the last two. Wherein is my error, if I should be confident. Should I say I have no confidence. As far as considering Maddux a sure fire lock, I didn’t even mention him in my post.Further to that, how is it we should offend your sensitivities as we post with each other? At the risk of sounding cocky, perhaps a Met fan should lecture us when the Mets have build some sort of tradition. It hasn’t been a glorious one in the past 44 years.It isn’t over ’til it’s over, my friend and it isn’t over yet. Many an underdog team has triumphed. Lest you forget. How about 1988 when Mike Scioscia KOed Dwight Gooden, a most unlikely anticipated result.

I was surprised by Game 2, but I know the Dodgers seem to do best when the media sticks the fork in ’em. I wish I could make the home games, but living in NorCal, the best I can do is draw the ire of Giants fans by wearing my blue every gameday. With Maddux on the mound, we can take Game 3. Let the past be the past and let’s smoke the Mets outta LA this weekend with a tied series.

asq, I think Harold has said it best

“In the midst of our concerns about the Dodgers,, shared with us the real concerns in life. His grand-daughter and her baby were in danger of dying during the delivery. We have had no further word and hope those prayers offered by many who post on this blog were in line with God’s will. If anyone knows anything more, please let us know”.

When the time is right for you and your family we hope to hear from you my friend !!

May God Bless you all !!!

Ray, burn the darned poncho. It’s forsaken us. I will not believe any longer. I will however believe in a less corny and more realistic thing: I will believe in the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are 15-2 when me and my wife go to games together. We’ll be there tomorrow wearing Dodger blue!! Go Dodgers!!

Posted by: John

15-3 Say goodnight john.


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