Tonight's game

Posting from the clubhouse and Andre Ethier is standing here and tells me he and his wife, Maggie have officially named the newest addition to their family, an English bulldog, Lil’ Wayne. Congrats. I told him that Westin, the hotels where we stay, offer Heavenly Dog Beds. Hopefully Maggie doesn’t read this or he could be out a thousand bucks.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Lugo, 3B

Kuo, P

James Loney gets the night off after yesterday’s absurdity. He’ll be on ESPNews at 4:00 p.m. PT and then on the Good Times radio show on 570 later this afternoon.



    Well guys. I’m looking for the perfect day. It rained off and on today so I didn’t have to go to work. I spent the day talking to you guys on this blog, picking veggies in the garden, helping my wife Elaine get supper ready. Had a great supper with our son and his girl friend, helped make dill pickles and we are going for a walk in Lunenburg. All of this was to keep me busy while waiting for the game tonight. I have that nervous excitment again. It doesn’t get much better than that. However, it can. My perfect day will come when the last Giant has struck out in the ninth and we walk away with a victory. C’mon Kuo. C’mon bull pen, keep it up JD. Let’s go for 100. GO DODGERS!!! GO MARLINS!!! GO D’BACKS!!! I expect a win by one of those two would make my day better than perfect.


    Andrew: Yes, one win and won Philly loss.

    Wow, lots of leftys in that line up against a LHP. I was thinking Saenz could play in place of Nomar but maybe Nomar insisted.


    good lineup…minus Lugo…Kuo will pitch well…Giants dont play well when Noah Lowery pitches lately. Dodgers need one win and they atleast clinch a tie for the Wild Card. Two Wins and we clinch the Wild Card but if we sweep i think we will win the Division, play the cards in the first round and get to the NLCS!

    GO BLUE!


    I like the line-up but cant see much happening with Lugo. I question why Olmedo Saenz isn’t in the line-up especially after how well he hits lefties. It would seem like this would be the perfect game for him to play in. Lugo could come in after the 5th or 6th inning as a defensive replacement after Olmedo has gotten a few hits for us. Finally, after much deliberation I have decided what to write on my shirt for todays game, please give me any comments as I will not write it on for another hour.
    Coming to San Francisco – $200

    Tickets to tonights game – $70

    Seeing the faces of the Giants Faithful – incomparable,

    Watching the Dodgers clinch at AT&T Park – Priceless.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  5. – that is definitely pretty good. The last line is very good. You are a brave man. Wish I could help you with your cause. Can’t in person but with you in spirit. Shout a bit for me. GO DODGERS!!!


    Are any of you guys registered with Basball America? There is a reference to the Dodger negotiations re: Kyle Orr but I am not a subscriber so can’t open it.


    Lefty pitching means no Wilson and no Loney (starting). Hopefully we see both before the night is through.

    Go Blue.


    Lowe is the Cy Young

    Martin IS the rookie of the year!

    Nomar is the Gold Glove at first.

    Even if no one is talking about it in the national media.


    Oh the life of leasure Harold !! Making pickles ?? Send me some !!!

    Tonights the night, we have to do it ourselves, we can’t count on some other team to do it for us !! A win makes life good in the WC !!

    Patriot where’s our 5 points ?? I need the 5 point posting buddy !!! Asq, how you doing tonight, games in your neck of the woods, you tuned in ?? Ray you got the Poncho ready ?? My daughter is getting ready to crawl into the lazy boy with me and we’ll be off to heaven, Dodger Baseball Heaven !!

    Let’er rip Dodgers !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Yesterday’s game, heroics and absurdities doesn’t matter. All that matters is today’s game, on a new game, in a new ballpark, against a new team.


    Looks like Philly will squeeze out a victory in that one: 14-1 now. No matter. Gary is right. Our season is in our own hands. Just had a nap so I can follow the game for a while tonight. Perhaps tonight is the night for Julio to make his contribution. He is better than he has shown in LA. I love Russell Martin in the lineup but do wonder why Hall doesn’t get a call once in a while. Expect Grady has more confidence in Russell’s game management. Been a long day Ray since your first post this morning. Hope you’re ready with the PONCHO.


    the article in baseball america said that orr was considered the best draft eligabe player in the country.
    he wanted $500,000 to sign, so most clubs backed off him.

    he might go to a junior college if he does not sign.

    they say he might soften his demands now that he is just back from cuba, and only went 3 for 26 with one home run. baseball america says the dodgers plan on sitting down with his family soon after he returns from cuba on sept. 29 th. he is 6 foot 5 inches and hits lefthanded, projects well

    with his size, but still is a raw talent


    Thanks Frank. He is only 18 so is raw. That signing bonus diesn’t sound bad compared to what many are getting.


    Half a Mil at 18 years old !! What is this game coming to ?? What ever happened to earning it first then getting compensated ?? What average American worker can relate to $500,000 to play a game ???

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I hope the Dodgers “crush them like a worm” heh. hope the snakes make the friars weep. isn’t this better than last year? i think so.


    You’re right Gary. But my point would be that it is better to take a chance on a high ranked draft pick than to pay $8-15M a year to a free agent in a long term contract. Those seldomly work out. Joel Guzman signed for $2.25M ; Sergio Pedroza $325K;
    Clayton Kershaw over $2M; Bryan Morris over $1M Orr might be high for $500K. Hopefully he can be signed for less.


    Kuo a good strike/pitch ratio at 20/27. Must be location with 4 hits in two innings. Come on bats. Believe in the come back Ray.


    Umps ****** us with that grounder Durham hit down the 3rd base line.

    Should be scoreless but outside of getting Bonds, Kuo has been shakey.


    I didn’t mean for the curse word to show, usually the censor catches them.

    Just frustrated about that run they scored.


    Can’t count on the umps, the Marlins, the D’Backs. Can only count on ourselves. C’mon bats. Keep the PONCHO out Ray.


    tight game here and in arizona, we need to win tonight, with a padre loss we would be tied for first. go for first, not a wild card
    philly is a concern but we can win out and they can not catch us .To me orr would be a good sign since we do lack in power at l.a and the minors. protecting the prospects is still better than our trades this year, and power hitters cost way to much, even for us. go L.a. WIN TONIGHT.


    This is just a game where the balls the Giants hit are just fair. And the balls the Dodgers hit are just foul or robbed. It’s not over yet…Drew missed a HR by a few feet and the Giants have had two doubles that barely were ‘fair’.


    Come on guys… this is the Dodgers and the Giants! Did you really think it would come to us easy??? After all.. these are the Dodgers, remember? Ahhhhhh… nerve-wracking!!!

    I love this game!! Dodgers will pull it off in the ninth!!


    “I love this game!! Dodgers will pull it off in the ninth!!”

    Okay… so I’ll take credit for calling it in the ninth!! Lugo’s hustle to beat out the double-play was the key play in the inning. It sent Martin to third and allowed him to score on the wild pitch. Imagine this: Lugo’s inability to produce at the plate could be one of the biggest plays of the year!! lol… How’s THAT taste BigLuna?!! Way not to produce Mr. No-Hit Lugo.

    Grady, please don’t start him any more this year. I’d take Betemit’s bat vs. lefties than Lugo’s any day.


    Matter of fact, I’d like to see Ramon Martinez take Lugo’s spot in the platoon at 3rd. What the heck is Grady thinking with Martinez sitting on the bench every day. NO MORE LUGO!!!


    That’s persistance! Great catch by Ramon. Total team effort. Let’s win out and get some help from the DBacks!


    Hey Ksspark,
    Listen to you! He beats out a freakin double play and somehow that vindicates him for his poor performance as a Dodger? Thats sad!

    I could of beat out that double play. What guy on any team would not of hustled in that situation to beat it out?

    The fact is he *****. Go ahead and defend it with your hustle on a weakly hit ground ball.

    I tell you what Give me Ramon Martinez everyday over Slugo…



    I misread your post. I apologize for such a harsh post.

    I got your humor in it the second time I read it..

    My most sincere apology..


    Everyone shut up we just won a fantastic game!!! ONE MORE WIN AND WE’RE IN! FOCUS ON THAT! OLMEDO WAS CLUTCH AND THINGS TURNED OUR WAY WHEN WE NEEDED IT THE MOST! And I promise you Betemit would not of beaten that F.C out. It doesn’t matter how you win just so long as you do!


    its gonna be sweet to clinch in san fransisco, and since i brought the poncho back, were undefeated!



    Still gotta sweep and pray the Pads choke away one more to win the division but this game secured at least a PO game Monday @ Philly.

    If we beat Philly on Monday then we travel to nearby Shea!!


    Dude! I’m NOT vindicating Julio Lugo! Those were Vin Scully’s words; that play being key… and heck, it WAS a key play. That’s why it’s so freaking ironic! LOL! For cryin’ out loud my man, LAUGH at it, because we could have lost this thing tonight if not for that play. And no, check the replay, Lugo is one of about five or six guys on the team that could have beaten that play out… it was close.



    Yeah ksspark,

    I realize what you were saying now. Note the apology.. Actually I chuckled the second time I read it. It is quit ironic his terrible hitting contributed a weird way in a win..

    Alex, I apologize, I guess I am just venting my frustration everytime I see Lugo come up to the plate. I would really like to have Little stop being stubborn with him..

    Watch us go to the World series and Lugo hits .400 and has 5 bombs and wins this thing for us…

    Great win tonight, Lets get the west lead tomm…


    No harm, no foul BigLuna!!

    Let’s take the NL West Division!! Arizona’s throwing Luis Gonzalez a big send-off party this weekend and don’t want anything to do with San Diego partying on their field. And the Giants… it will be tough, but we can sweep this series and take the division! I seriously can’t believe I stuck a fork in this team last week. I’m not worthy!! 😮 )



    1) Kuo got hit, but he did keep the ball in the park. What was also impressive was that he didn’t walk anyone and struck out 6. I don’t know what to expect with such limited experience with him starting, but I really feel confident with him on the mound.

    2) The win rightfully goes to the pen in this game, though. Four scoreless innings is tough, especially Sele’s 6th where the Dodgers still had yet to score. But they delivered another half dozen K’s. Well done.

    3) Awards are fun, especially when they’re for things that aren’t necessarily great. Pedro Feliz is the recipient tonight of what is known as the “Golden Sombrero”, that is, he struck out 4 times.

    4) That took a bit of luck, especially with the go-ahead run on a wild pitch. Yes, Lugo was critical in advancing Martin to third, but to throw a wild pitch there and for the catcher not to block it, wow.

    5) The Dodgers are guaranteed to play at least 3 more games, possibly more. A win tomorrow or a loss by Philly guarantees a playoff spot. That would put the number of wins required at 87 for LA. Familiar sounding number.


    What a game!!!! September baseball at its Finest! and another reason why the Dodgers/Giants rivalry is the best in sports


    Darn!! Because I live too close to the Giants I had to follow the game on MLB. So I could not read all the comments which I will do now. Do not laugh!! For the last 3 innings I was praying to that BIG DODGER in the sky AND kept my fingers crossed. Call me supersttious if you want but it has worked all three times for me. I do not understand why Ramon is not used on third base instead of Lugo. I have wondered about that for the last tow months. Well I can now read all of your blogs & if it is nesscessary– I will be praying again the next two games. I BELIEVE!!!


    “5) The Dodgers are guaranteed to play at least 3 more games, possibly more. A win tomorrow or a loss by Philly guarantees a playoff spot. That would put the number of wins required at 87 for LA. Familiar sounding number.”

    Yeah, Grady Little is clairvoyant.


    Ok question for all of you: If the Phillies lose tomorrow and we clinch before we even start tomorrow’s game. What do you do? Do you play for the division? Or save Maddux and Lowe for the playoffs? Little has said if we clinch a spot tomorrow he will not start Kent or Lowe on Sunday! What do you all think?


    Now That was a Classic LA/SF game if ever I saw one!Albiet not the lineup That should be playing right now but I’ll Take Hustle and a Win anyday. I’m on the Ramon bandwagon too Lugo can rest and show his worth vs AL Teams if we get there. In 2004 I knew StL was gonna cream us and just enjoyed the ride it was good to get into the post season. This Year I don’t fear any NL team we might face first round and Know deep Down that we can beat SD if it comes back to that but also feel that SD can’t beat the Mets.That being said and with the DODGERS BACK IN 1ST PLACE where we belong. I think we can take StL this time then Take the Mets and Maybe there is enough 88′ Magic back in the air that we Take out the Twins in retribution for the in season series.Maybe a NOMAR limp off HOMER! Wrap him up and shut him down we might need him in 3 weeks. I trust Loney’s ability and after all the kid did win the AAA batting title and just tied the Dodger franchise RBI record in just 1 year. Not to mention getting 2 homers and just missing the cycle in a 4/5 game.Vin made a comment that kinna upset me about the Kids feat in the the Rox humidor haden’t saturated the balls the same amount of time as usual so therefore he felt the feat was somewhat skewred…No other dodger has ever had that many Rbis at coors before they started using that thing nor anywhere else.Yes he is a rookie Maybe he will go on to do far greater things…..Been waiting for him to come up since they signed him and I think he’s ready to be our 1st baseman for the next 10-15 years.Maybe a 20 20 100 100 .300 hitter even.


    GO BLUE!!!!!!


    I still think that with the Padres passable now we gotta go strong Saturday with the healthy and rested regulars like:

    Raffy, SS

    Lofton, CF

    Anderson, LF

    Kent, 2B

    JD, RF

    Martin, C

    Loney, 1B

    Betemit, 3B

    Mad Dog, P

    Stack up with 6 lefties, this kind of lineup has worked before. Hope Little does it.


    Just hoping we can start the scrubs myabe for Sunday’s game, Kent, Drew, Martin could use a breather before the Division Series.


    I’d be ok with Stultz starting and Ramon at 2nd think it might be better to rest them and still have a solid shot of a sweep if we win tommorow.The Kid and utility players have all excelled this year and Kent needs to get some rest recharge and be ready to do battle!We Need Lowe to start every game that really matters while he’s Hot.If he can be saved to start first game of the playoffs I’m all for it He is staff ace now and can pitch 2-3 games per playoff series.


    ON A CLOUD. I have mixed emotions on Hall. I am high on him but I would be afraid to hold Martin out. I hope Ned can work out a deal to bring him back next year as a backup. His career ststs do not look to me like they make him in big demand as the primary catcher but are very good to be a backup–of course he would expect to get more playing time. As for these big salarys & signing bonus blame it on people like Steinbrener who want to buy a team.


    Sounds like you had a fantastic day & quality timewith your family. I wish you could send a little rain down this way to cool down our weather. My sister shared a receipe for what turned out to be my favorite pickle. I have becme high on Kuo. I hope he stays healthy in the future. Do me a favor. I guess I came to the party too late. What is the story behind the PONCHO remarks??


    the poncho remarks started may the 5th, if you remeber we where in a really bad slump.. and i was at that game, and i saw nomar wearing a dodger poncho.. so on that friday, i coined the phrase “BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO”, nomar went on to win the game in the 9th, and i continued the rally cry. after a while “BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO” became believe in blue, but since last sunday, I brought it back for some good karma, and it has worked.. lol, just explaining this makes me laugh..



    OOPS somehow I ended up on a phillys blog…

    I wished them the best of luck in 2007 and that they might root for the Dbacks for the rest of 2006….

    Its Time for the real D TRAIN!!!!!

    Here We Go DODGERS Here we GO!!!


    Guilty as charged Kevin. I dozed off. BUT, I dreamed of a comeback and my 7:50 P.M. posting called for a comeback.
    However, you gotta call it as it is. The PONCHO is it. Yah 87 sounds familiar Patriotacts. Good call. Grady also seemed like he was out of his mind in that terrible losing streak and said 86-87 wins was doable. What a way to start my day. Just savor the victory. Every little contribution is important. Way to go bull pen. Early games for me today and tomorrow. Giants can’t knock us out now. Season in our own hands. Today I have to go to a class reunion with my wife at 3:30 P.M. our time. Won’t get home until about 7:00 P.M. Will mis most of the game unless – I can convince her to sneak out early. Good call Kevin. Let’s go today guys. C’mon Maddux, C’mon bull pen. Keep it JD. Go for 100. GO DODGERS!!!


    Kevin you are trying to beat yourself to death with that wet noodle again. You are worthy, my friend. A lot of Dodger passion shows through. Yogi, my only favorite Yankee, keeps reminding us, “It’s not over, ’til it’s over.” It’s a long way from over. Anybody notice JD has 16 RBI in last 15 games or so. C’mon Maddux. C’mon bull pen. Keep it up JD. Go for 100. GO DODGERS!!!


    Been out of town for the past week without internet access, but have been following the Blue Crew diligently. Great series in Colorado and, WOW, what a win last night!

    I, too, have been quite harsh on Lugo and, quite frankly, still hate having him in the line-up. But him beating out the throw to first to avoid the DP was HUGE!

    I have to credit Ramon Martinez with the “Save” with his outstanding catch over the tarp in foul territory. In my opinion, that catch won the game for us. There is no way that Saito was going to strike out Vizquel and a ball hit hard anywhere would have scored Finley from third to tie it; and a base hit would have won it for the Giants. Man it’s GREAT to have Ramon Martinez back!



    Help please. I am now in Eugene, OR. There is no BB game on Fox [Phillies was listed as national game]; will we get the Dodgers game this afternoon at 1?

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