Today's game

Last night was a true team victory. Let’s see if we got two more in us.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Kent, 1B

Drew, RF

Betemit, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Maddux, P



    And Lugo batting 3rd?!!! He has no homers since joining us, and is batting around the mendoza line. Let’s hope Ethier regains that stroke, actuallyy he never lost it. It’s just that he isn’t waiting for his pitch, which is usually the problem when a guy starts pressing, he swings at alot of pitchers pitches. Same can be said for Betemit, as far as Lugo goes, maybe he’s more comfy playing ss for a cellar dweller.


    Hi. You guys at knew me as oldbear.
    At you knew me as BluetotheExtreme.

    At dodgerblues you know me as Aruban Police.

    At dodgerthoughts you know me as joeyp.

    I’m the guy who said the Dodgers had no chance at winning more than 80 games.

    I’m the guy who posts dodger hate when the Dodgers are playing poorly.

    I’m the guy that has the hots for Hee Seop Choi and Antonio Perez.

    I’m the guy who is trying to jump back on the bandwagon over at

    You know me. The guy who said DePo did no wrong and Colletti did no right.

    You know. I’m the guy who said this 2006 team would put up offensive numbers comparable to the 2003 team.

    You know. I’m the guy who gets banned from all sites except Weisman’s. I do an acceptional job of kissing his a-s-s.

    You know. I’m the guy who said the Dodgers are back to the days where Claire meets Evans.

    You know. I’m the guy who attitude was …meh, when it came to Dodgers baseball in 2006.

    You know. I’m the guy who loved the 2005 that won 71 games. (I predicted the 2005 team to win 95-100.)

    You know. I’m the guy who thought the Dodgers shortstop should have been Antonio Perez or Joel Guzman.

    You know. I’m the guy that thought we should have signed Brian Giles for 4 yrs/40 mils.

    You know. I’m the Dodger hating troll that gets nothing right.

    You know. I’m the guy who compared the Ethier trade to the Pedro Martinez.

    You know. I’m the guy that still refers to Joe Beimel as a loogy.

    You know. I’m the guy that won’t compliment Takashi Saito.

    You know. I’m the guy who thinks he’s too smart to be a GM.

    You know. I’m the guy who watches the games on GAMEDAY.


    why is julio lugo batting third?.. mad dog has to have a big game today, and put the play off spot away… by the way, no one cares joey…



    Here come the Lugo comments…I’d rather believe he’ll have a career day, multiple hits and multiple stolen bases.

    Let’s take the next two.



    OK Guys. Only positive thoughts today. If we all think alike it will fill the air with Dodger karma as Ray calls it. You guys will have to cover for me. We are off to my wife Elaine’s class reunion event. Not too long. Just long enough to miss the game. Anyway, I have to be AWOL from her class reunion or with you guys. The choice was difficult but I have to hope she will keep me for another 35 years so I go to the event. Catch up with you late in the game or after the game. Remember only positive thoughts and “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.” Proved that again last night. Ray, work the PONCHO man. Gona do it today. C’mon Maddux. C’mon bull pen. Keep it up JD. Go for 100. Go D’Backs, Go Marlins, GOOOOO DODGERS!!!!! I’m loving this season.


    why isnt loney in the lineup! i can understand Ethier. But NO LONEY!!! Lugo can’t hit specially with a righty on the mound! Loney should be batting 8th, Betemit 7th, Ethier 6th and Martin 5th.

    this is the lineup i would have put out there.

    SS Furcal

    CF Lofton

    RF Drew

    2B Kent

    C Martin

    LF Ethier

    1B Loney

    3B Betemit


    it would be easy to complain about having Lugo his third, not having Anderson in the lineup, and/or seeing Kent at first instead of Loney. In fact it would be VERY easy.

    But I’m not.

    I am going to be possitive. We still got Raffy and Lofton at the top of the order…that’s good.

    Kent, Drew, and Martin are swinging hot bats.

    And Mad Dawg Maddux is pitching.

    This game will be a breeze!!


    I have 3 words about last night…My man Olmedo. Now about today, Little obviously wants to hold the suspense and make us cringe with Lugo batting 3rd. I was at the game yesterday, as I will be today and the only people booing when Lugo came up were Dodger fans. He is a free out. I have not heard any reports on Nomar but he looked horrible walking off the field. Is he out for the year or just getting a few days off?


    Phillies are losing by 2 in the 2nd inning. If they lose by the time the Dodgers start, Grady will probably pull any player who is playing with an injury. His goal is making the playoffs. Winning the division does not seem to be of huge importance to him to the extent that he would risk further injuries that would hurt the post season chances.


    Ok guys, positivity….

    I will not mention Lugo other than his hitting in the three hole and weak grounders will advance Furcal and Lofton. I have been critical of Little all year but I must say he did a very fine job lastnight!!!!


    I think last nights game was too much excitement for Grittle and he probably lost his mind after the win. What other explanation could he give for not only playing Lugo, but batting him 3rd and not playing 9 RBI Loney!


    The explanation for Anderson not in there is that he’s 0 for 6 against Cain. Ethier is 3 for 4 against Cain. Lugo and Loney was a coin flip as both have had limited at bats against Cain. Loney is 2 for 2 and Lugo is 1 for 2. I personally would of gone with Loney. But, all that matters is the W and Loney’s bat will be needed off the bench. Dodger fans this is a day we’ve been waiting for all year long and it’s ours for the taking!


    Great job last night? I think that may be an overstatement. I mean think what Olmedo would have done to Lowry had he started…it wouldnt have been a game. Somebody has to be able to pinch hit for Lugo in yesterday’s game. Put up Toby Hall or somebody who can hit. Great job, I think not, but Little seems to find a way to win so thats all thats important. Lost in everything was another solid performance by Kuo, 6 innings and 3 runs, thats better than Penny. I think Kuo has to be considered for a playoff start.


    The lineup of the day doesn’t matter any more than yesterday’s game or any game before then matters. All that matters is winning today’s game.


    Oh, by all means, please Grady, do put a right-handed, No-Hit-Lugo bat in the lineup against a right-handed pitcher, while the left-handed, 9 FREAKING LONEY RBI’s of two days ago, sits rotting on the bench!!****** it Grady… what the hades are you trying to do?? Lose the game today?? Why is it so obvious to the rest of us while you seem so oblivious to the facts at hand?? You’re killing me again Grady!

    Well Mike, it looks like Lug-Nuts had better come through today, ’cause he and Grady are joined at the flippin’ hip.

    Betemit/Maritnez at third, Kent at second, Loney at first. Now was THAT really so hard?


    Oh… don’t worry about me being positive guys. I’m positive alright. I’m positive that Grady Little is out of his freakin’ mind!! 😮 )


    I think his speed is keeping him 3rd base but too bad he hasn’t produce for us since we got him. At least he won’t swing at the first pitch and let Furcal and Lofton try to steal.


    I would say that there is no way that Lugo will be part of our team next year. His trade was one of those miscalculations that happen – not to blame Colletti. He just couldn’t live up to the statistics that he showed while at Tampa Bay. I wish he wouldn’t get the playing time that he has been getting, but I suppose that Little is trying to give him some at bats in hopes of getting some use out of him yet during the playoffs. I hope it works, but I really don’t see him contributing as much as Anderson, or Loney, or even Martinez could in his place. Among other things, I wish that Martin would be placed up higher in the lineup, as he was in the last couple of games. I think he’s shown his worth, and I would like to see him get an extra at bat during the remaining crucial games.


    Hey… anyone else here having issues with signing in lately? It’s been taking forever to log in.

    Enjoy the game folks. I have somewhere else to be and will have to watch the game later on. Go Dodgers!!



    Hey, Lugo just drove in the go-ahead run on a double.

    Maybe Grady knows what he’s doing.

    Go Dodgers and Marlins!


    maybe Lugo is starting to figure out NL pitching. I hope so we can use him in the Playoffs. I still woulnd’t haev started him


    stupid Betemit and others have left runners in scoring position, the only reason we are ahead is because of a couple lousy errors. I WANT BLOOD NOT SISSY BALL!!!



    We made it.

    Who woulda thought?

    *removes fork*

    Sorry, guys! Now, don’t make me stick it in ya again in the post season 😉


    Phillies will cry foul that Felipe didn’t use Bonds as a PH and Winn and Alfonso were hurt. Not to mention that Utley HR called foul the other day and that 4 hour rain delay game they had to play but as a Dodger fan I say F ‘EM eastcoasters!!!


    Congradulations to the Dodgers and evryone in their organazation. It was a great year so far and it can get better. I still wouldn’t have played Lugo. Lets go Dodgers!!


    How good is this? Just got home for the last out. Way to go team. 2 RBI Lugo. Even better, JD got his 100. I commissioned him to do that. Great pitching. What does Grady do tomorrow? Go for the league championship or hold Lowe back? Not only a great game BUT at the reunion tonight I met a chap I knew years ago – Dale Clattenburg. He is a staunch Dodger fan. If he wakes up at 2:00 A.M. he gets up to check the Dodger score. I told him about this blog and he hopes to post Monday. What a day!! I am no longer alone in Nova Scotia and we are in the play-offs. Great positive vibes today. Hang onto the PONCHO Ray. I think Grady has to get some credit for the season no matter how it ends. His past number of games has been very good. The moves he made worked. He certainly had to work hard with the pitching staff. The team is prepared to play in tough games. I know it would be great to swamp everyone we play but we are a good team not a super power. Grady has to go with what he has. GO DODGERS!!!


    This has been a great season so far from a fan’s point of view. We have had so many ups and downs, highs and lows, great moments and not so great moments. What about Kent’s base running today? Maybe we did steal one from the Hated Ones but a win is a win and to seal the deal at whatever ever phone company pays the tab in S.F. is sweet.
    When things were not going well it was Kent and Drew not getting it done but they came on strong the past few weeks and look where we are. Let’s enjoy this but still remember there is a lot left to do. Go Dodgers!


    I’m guessing everyone gets a break tomorrow:

    Kemp – CF

    Martinez – SS

    Loney – 1B

    Ethier – LF

    Anderson – RF

    Betemit – 3B

    Hall – C

    Young – 2B

    Stults – P


    LOSER PARK at San Francisco Point






    I will always remember this park as the place the Dodgers christined with a 3 game demolition back in 2000 and this weekend’s series!!! We own them there with the exception of the 2001 “juiced” moments between Barroids and Chan Ho.


    Ahh… it’s GREAT to be a Dodger fan! This is what it’s all about guys. As my new friend euhlman has said time and again – “We’re still in this thing and it ain’t over ‘til it’s over”. Well, it’s (almost) over – AND WE’RE IN!!!

    I appreciate Grady’s enthusiasm about winning the Wild Card, but why settle for that? A Division title gets us home field advantage for the NLDS.

    DON’T QUIT NOW BOYS – LET’S BURY THE HATED ONES TOMORROW! (And pray for a D-Back victory. Gonzo deserves it).

    Here’s one for y’all. How about Hendrickson gets the start tomorrow? He’s actually pitched well in his last two appearances. Wouldn’t THAT be ironic?

    I’m thinking we will see something like this tomorrow (and not necessarily in this order):

    Robles 2B

    Lugo SS

    Repko CF

    Loney 1B

    Martinez 3B

    Young RF

    Ethier LF

    Hall C

    Hendrickson P



    BTW – Here’s what I would like to see tomorrow (but it will never happen):

    Furcal SS

    Lofton CF

    Anderson LF

    Drew RF

    Kent 2B

    Loney 1B (but only because Nomar is hurt)

    Martin C

    Martinez 3B

    Stults P




    hahahahaa Kemp leading off that a good one patriot. I like that lineup with Hendrickson but I think Grady want to win the division and have alot of their regular in.


    actually on that Lugo one move Toby up a spot and Lugo could bat 8th. I think most people want Lugo in thta spot of the order.


    53 – I agree. Go for it. Home field advantage is an advantage. However, I trust Grady’s judgement. He has fooled us a number of times recently. We can always read the stats later to see why he put certain players in against certain pitchers. Also, Kenny Lofton is a pressure game player. Cool and smooth. A good acquisition by Ned. I expect Grady will rest the regulars tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the kids beating the Giants. Stults pitching Sunday. The Giants are only 10.5 games back. Go D’Backs. GO DODGERS!!!

  35. The last few games hopefully brought you some relief. It also extended the season which is a relief for all of us. What is the general mood in the San Fran area re: Dodger/Giant rivalry? I’m looking for Ray’s kids to pick up the ball and play well tomorrow. Ray, keep the PONCHO warmed up for tomorrow. GO DODGERS!!!


    Our guys didn’t walk a better today. That’s the secret to a lot of things on the mound. way to go guys. GO DODGERS!!!


    If your going to rest the aching veterans…..

    Furcal SS

    Repko CF

    Lugo 2B

    Loney 1B

    Ethier LF

    Anderson RF

    Hall C

    Robles 3B

    Stults P

    I BELIEVE!!!


    If your going to rest the aching veterans…..

    Furcal SS

    Repko CF

    Lugo 2B

    Ethier LFLoney 1B

    Anderson RF

    Hall C

    Robles 3B

    Stults P

    I BELIEVE!!!


    I’m still giddy after the win today. What a turbulent year and what an unbelievable end to it!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well now! I just got done watching the game. What a difference a year makes. Our Dodgers are in the postseason for the second time in three years! Very cool indeed. This team has taken us for a very wild ride this year, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

    I know I’ve been very critical of Grady Little and JD Drew this year, but given what has transpired, it’s time to give them their much deserved breaks. Little inherited a team that was basically thrown together, albeit Colletti deserves his own credit for that, and managed the team into the playoffs his first year. Kudos!

    And JD Drew. He’s quietly played in more games and drove in more runs than at any other time in his career. Little looks like a genius right about now with all those “rest” days he gave JD. What a good year for someone who a lot of us thought would be on the disabled list for most of the season.

    But there is still a lot more work to do. Celebrate tonight, rest up, and get ready for Tuesday wherever we play. The Dodgers may just luck their way to the division title, but then any scenario where they’re in the playoffs is a good scenario to me! Call me greedy though. I want a piece of the Cardinals, and I want the San Diego Padres handed to us on a silver platter in the National League Championship Series. Payback time.



    Almost a perfect sports weekend but SC got a gift from the refs and won!! Hopefully the Bruins bounce back!!!


    WOW Very nice job everyone Team GM MGR coaches Mc Courts and Fans!!!

    I really Feel this team has all the tools to win The NL!

    I think we have a shot at the series but its gonna take some 88′ magic on our side to win it all.

    Anything is possible now and if we go out and play hard and get beat its all good and a part of baseball.If we Go out and win it all its another magical season!

    Great job in the reg season and Lets get sum in the post Season!!!! HERE WE GO DODGERS HERE WE GO!!!!

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