Loney in the headlines

About five days ago, I was sitting in Grady’s office when he told me that sometime this week, either James Loney, Matt Kemp or Delywn Young was going to find himself in the headlines. He didn’t know which one it would be or how it would happen, but he had a feeling.

I’m now on the bus, on our way to the airport (gotta love wireless internet cards) and James Loney is about four rows behind me, on the phone with ESPN Radio national after hitting his first grand slam, a second homer, two more hits and a franchise record-tying nine RBI. No one in L.A. history had ever done it…you have to go all the way back to Gil Hodges in 1950 to see what we saw today.

It seems like every day, I’m blogging about something else incredible. Four homers in a row…walk-off grand slams…nine RBI in a game. This has been the most exciting month of baseball I can remember in a long, long time.

And it’s far from over, I know. We still have three huge games left in San Francisco and wouldn’t you know that it would come down to the Giants?

I’m fairly certain you guys set an Inside the Dodgers record with 130-something comments during the game today. Keep it up. Keep watching every pitch, because it’s going to be an exciting weekend.


  1. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    You’re right Josh. Every day something good happens and often something exciting. This has been a good season filled with unusual, unlikely things happening. The contribution of the rookies, Ray’s kids, has been one of the best. As I posted earlier I like James Loney as a hitter, not because of today, but because he has good double power which will become home run power and he struck out only 34 times at Las Vegas while walking 32. He has 8 K’s at LA and 7 BB in 93 AB’s. Good signs for me. He might not have the power of Gil Hodges but has a glove like Gil’s. I see James as a Mark Grace type of player, a very good one. C’mon guys in San Fran tomorrow. We have our season in our own hands with a game lead on the Phillies. Phillies-Nats in rail delay. The drama continues.

  2. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    hey harold, do you think gill hodges will finally get into the hall of fame? i think its a shame that gill, and maury wills are not in..


  3. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I don’t think they can get in Ray. I could be wrong but I think they’ve been pasted up too many times for them to be eligible any more. Guys like Garvey and Yeager ended their eligibility this year.
    Lets kick some Giant BUTTS !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!

  4. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Yeah… we’d love to see them there, but their numbers don’t stack up. Remember, it’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of the Very Good.

  5. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    if tony perez is in the hall of fame, then gill hodges should be in… and if bill mazeroski is in, maury wills should be in..

  6. garysmith@glsmith.com

    WOW, STL is going south fast !! 2nd inning and already 4-0 MIL !!!
    Come on AZ !!! ( never thought I would say that !!)

    We need the rain to let up in Washington, WA needs to WIN tonight !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  7. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Well Ray you schooled me again !! I took the time to read the rules at the BB Hall of Fame web site and although I was correct on the baseball writers voting I wasn’t taking into account the Hall of Fame Veterens Committee election, which I now understand the process, Thank you.

  8. tlasorda2@yahoo.com

    I’ve got a couple of questions.
    If Gary Carter is in the Hall of Fame should Steve Garvey be?

    Steve Garvey hit 33 homers in 1977. By today’s standards would that be around 48?

    Maury Wills is underappreciated (particularly nationally). He played before my time but I’ve seen highlights, read stuff, he was the leader of those WSeries teams (other than Koufax), was a ground breaking base thief, has an MVP and 2 Gold Gloves.

    Wills hit .367 in the 1965 World Series.

  9. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I don’t think Gil or Maury will get in even from the veteran’s list. It seems the push for Hodges is over and don’t know if there ever was a push for Maury even though he revolutionized the game with his base running. I know they stack up with others who are in but don’t know if there is politics involved or what. They both were good ones. I think the Hall of Fame should be renamed, THE DODGER HALL OF FAME AND OTHERS. Keep up the good work with the PONCHO Ray. The Cards have collapsed 9-1 in fifth for Brewers. Pedro will not play in the post season. Things are getting interesting. Great win today even though it was stressful. Going to bed to get rested up for tomorrow’s game in San Fran. C’mon Kuo. Let’s get to 100 RBI JD. Thanks for today James. GO Dodgers!!!

  10. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    SD a big start in Arizona. Going to be tough to catch. WC doesn’t have as good home game schedule as division winners but we will take what we can get. Go Dodgers. Giants are waiting to be Dodger killers. Let’s keep the image of Juna Marichal hitting John Roseboro over the head with a bat. Let’s do this one for John. We often forget what a good Dodger he was. He and Marichal later became good friends playing charity golf and attending other events together etc. Just about every Dodger story has a nice ending. Ralph Branca and Bobby Thompson became friends. That’s the great thing about baseball. Gotta go. Go Dodgers!!!

  11. elkim27@yahoo.com

    Great win today, we really needed that one, like all the other wins this season. Looks like the Dodgers and the Padres are looking to see who blinks first… GO DODGERS!!

  12. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Hey breejm how about “Have a Great Vacation Giant Fans” !!
    Go Dodgers !!

    second thought, lets not wake up a sleeping dog just yet !!

    Good Night Everyone !!

  13. dreed209@yahoo.com

    I hope it rains all night in DC, those guys have to fly to Fla. after the game. And it’s approaching midnight over there, I’m sure they will wait as long as nec. to get that one in. C’mon Mother Nature!!!

    Nomar is gone next year, so we should really savor these games, Nomar gave us alot this year and I hope he get’s a sweet contract from some AL team, where he can DH from time to time. I think before today, Dodgers were thinking about bringing him back next year, for the right price. But with Loney’s performance today, not sure we’ll see Nomar next year, even if he offers to play for free. Batting champ and gold glove is whats in store for Mr. Loney in his bright future.

    Tomko gave us 2 shutout innings, hopefully he has sorted his issue’s out. We’ll need him if we are to get into the playoffs, and to make any noise once we get there.

    Pads looking tough, I think we are gonna settle for the wildcard, which might be a blessing in disguise. With no Pedro, Mets are very beatable with Glavine, El Duque, and Steve Trachsel the top 3 for them.

  14. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Gil Hodges didn’t even have 2000 hits. 1921 hits, 3422 total bases and 1274 RBI’s. Perez had 2731 hits, 4532 total bases and 1652 RBI’s. Perez’s numbers are better than 20 percent over Hodges. Again, it’s the Hall of Fame Ray… not the Hall of “The Very Good”. Garvey, Yeager and Wills… although were “Very Good” players, are not Hall of Famers. Just reality talking here.

  15. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Excellent Job swinging the Lumber Today LONEY & DODGERS!!!!

    Been Thinking the Same thing dreed209 Mets look like a softer Target then the Astros.

    If St Louis Gets it together they could be tough too but the Mets are not as good as there record. Anyway it goes I think if we make the playoffs we are in alot better shape to put up a real challenge for the pennant.Think the twins are still gonna take the WS no matter who they play and they made us look really bad at the dome. Great Composure today at the plate and the Will Win attitude fits this team well and Glad to see it back just in time! BEAT SAN FRAN BEAT SAN FRAN!!!!


  16. wordbooty@gmail.com

    I’m up late so I turned on the Nationals radio station on mlb.audio. It’s 1:36am there I believe and the game is ALMOST over.


    No Soriano tonight but it doesn’t seem to be stopping them so far. 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh.

  17. wordbooty@gmail.com

    Oh and I wanted to add that as a baseball fan, I’m in quite the quandary. I really want Ryan Howard to get 62 UNTAINTED homeruns but don’t want it to affect the Dodgers standings in the wild card. Then again, maybe it could help eliminate the Padres if they go on a 3 game losing streak. Hmmm 🙂

  18. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    you have to take into account the eras in which these players played.. for instance, steve garvey’s numbers are nothing compared to rafael palmeiro, but steve garvey was an elite player, and always in the running for mvp.. palmeiro was never “the guy” on any team.. you have to compare the players to their eras, and i think gil hodgers is very comparable to his era.. and as for maury wills, like harold said he revolutionized the game of baseball, if bill mazeroski got in for hitting a homerun, i think maury will should get for that.. and were now 2 games up in the wild card..


  19. info@rchawleyco.com

    I have just bought tickets to Sunday’s game as well so now I will be attending all the games in SF. I really hope we can clinch the wild card by Saturday so that Lowe does not have to pitch Sunday and can instead start game 1. Although Lowe never does well with extra rest so that could be an issue. I say give Nomar another day off tomorrow and start Olmedo Saenz against the Lefty. Any comments? Does anyone see Penny playing any role in the playoffs?

  20. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    info- they’re only a game back in the division, and Lowe might go for that. Besides, he has a good history on 3 days rest

  21. info@rchawleyco.com

    At this point I would rather play the Mets without Pedro especially considering our record against the Cards. I dont care how bad they are playing, I fear them most of any NL team.

  22. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I told my wife I can’t help myself, I’m a sick man !! I had to stay up for the final score of the Philly game !! And am I glade I did !! WASH. wins !! We’re up by 2 in the WC !! Now it’s time to yank the Div. Title away from SD !!
    Go Dodgers !!!

    And good night !!

  23. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    where do u live gary? and if the astros get into the playoffs, thats the team we have to watch out for, what the **** is wrong with the cardinals, are they trying to replace the ’64 phillies?..


  24. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Yeah I know gary My poor wife knows more stats then the Guys she works with and she doesn’t care a lick about it but she hears it all from me….We are very Happy Sick people at the moment and at any kittle twinge we are explosivly very bad people to be around. It is all within reach now and I’m kinna torn in the playoffs of who would be better or worse to play. One game at a time….. I’m worrying about ducks that haven’t hatched yet…

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  25. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Ray… it’s OKAY to admit that you’re a “HOMER” when it comes to the Dodgers. I will repeat myself:

    It’s called the “HALL OF FAME” not “THE HALL OF THE VERY GOOD”.

    Garvey, Hodges, Wills… and I can’t believe someone mentioned Steve Yeager earlier! lol…

    Don’t get me wrong… I love these players, but they DO NOT belong in the HALL OF FAME. Period.

    Now let’s go sweep the Giants and take care of our business and hope that Arizona doesn’t write in the next three.

  26. tlasorda2@yahoo.com

    Let’s assume the Dodgers make the playoffs.
    Obstacles to the World Series:

    1)Mets – you can score runs on these guys…and we outplayed them a couple of weeks ago.

    2)Padres – I found a published source that said the Padres pitchers are not effective (actually bad) with men on base- the stat is called OPS

    So we need disciplined hitters, draw walks get baserunners. Get hits with runners in scoring position. When we’ve played the Padres we haven’t gotten many men on.

    3)Cardinals -holes in lineup, they’re offense is carried by a couple of big bats. Weak pitching – after Carpenter look at their starters’ eras.

    4)Houston-tough starting pitching but Pettite and Clemens are old and with the exception of the other night their bullpen has been a big disappointment.

    … and the Dodgers- Kuo, Lowe and Maddux start w/ Billingsley to back up Maddux. I’d rather see Stults than Penny (I’m kind of serious about that).

    So, in my opinion the Padres are the biggest obstacle.

  27. gnorm44@yahoo.com

    Anyone know about the tie breaker possibilities? Was there a coin flip already to see who would host a one game playoff between the Dodgers and Phils? Or the Dodgers and Pads if they tie for the west? Does the division go to the team with the best head to head record against the other team? I forgot.
    And I haven’t heard about any coin toss about a one game playoff between Philly and LA if they were tied.

  28. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    bill mezeroski, larry doby, luis aparicio, orlando cepeda, and bobby doerr.. that does not sound like the hall of fame to me.. and i’m not a homer, i think that don sutton should not be in the hall of fame, he was never an elite pitcher, but steve garvey was an elite player..


  29. gnorm44@yahoo.com

    FYI – If Philly and the Dodgers are tied after Sunday, they will play a one game playoff on Monday IN PHILADELPHIA!!!!!

    If they tie the Pads for the west but both qualify for the playoffs, the Pads win the west with a better head to head record. If they are tied and one team cannot make the playoffs, the Dodgers would host a one game playoff on Monday.

    Let’s get it done this weekend.

  30. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Gary what are you doing staying up until midnight to see a score? That’s my job. Ray you are a homer no doubt. So am I. Logic, reason, statistics, etc. never trump my heart. Go Dodgers. Way to go Nats. I saw the highlights of last night’s game this morning. James Loney did a great job of repressing his smile. He gave in a bit on the second homer and couldn’t be quite so deadpan. Way to go James. I had to do that once. Not on the field. In our home. A group was gathered for the 1981 play-off game with Montreal. When Monday homered I had to remain silent and seem to be disappointed. As much as I liked the Expos I was the happiest guy in Nova Scotia on that home run. Phillies go to Florida to meet those young pitchers, after Moehler, with some pressure on them. SD is playing well and it doesn’t seem like they will slip in Arizona. But you never know. That’s why you play the game. Our season is definitely in our own hands now. Don’t have to rely on someone else, BUT, GO FLORIDA!!!Go Dodgers!!!!!

  31. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Getting back to James Loney. I read again today that the question surrounding him is if he has enough power to be an everyday first baseman or produce enough runs. I keep going back to Mark Grace. High for Mark was in home runs was 17 but had lifetime .302 batting average, usually 35-40 doubles, 80-90 RBI and only two seasons with more than 8 errors in 16 seasons and those came in his first three years. James hasn’t proven he is a power hitter with yesterday’s surge in Colorado but he is only 22 and is a good contact hitter.I expect he is still filling out. K/BB ratio is about one to one and he is a good contact hitter with a K every 3-4 games. My thought is we can pay $8-15M for a power hitting 1B if one is available and have what usually happens to high priced long term free agents or give our own guy a shot, especially when he might be capable of Mark Grace type of play. Who wouldn’t take Mark Grace on their team? Great team player. James certainly has a good attitude as displayed by being sent down and producing even better and producing after sitting on the bench for most of this month. I expect we have more pressing issues right now, like beating the Giants tonight. GO DODGERS!!!

  32. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Too much time on my hands this morning. Raining here. Ray the trek starts. Vero Beach Dodgers to San Bernadino, Columbus will go from Catfish in Georgia to Loons in Midland, Michigan. The kicker for me is that Tampa will field a single A team at Vero Beach. The Gulf Coast Dodgers will play there but I expect that is just a part of a phase out in Vero Beach for the Dodgers. I expect it has all to do about business but I find that difficult. Dodgertown is part of a wonderful tradition. I hate to see tradition lost. I suppose as a business it is better to have all teams closer to LA. Not sure where Jacksonville will end up. Maybe AA should have stayed in San Antonio. I unfortunately don’t see baseball as a business. I love tradition – no names on uniforms, Dodgers on away uniforms instead of LA, socks showing a few inches up from the shoes with pants cuff neat (Note – Greg Maddux), Dodgers in Vero Beach, strong farm teams, Vin Scully, the boys of summer, Dodger Stadium, Tommy Lasorda, Dodger Blue etc. As I say, too much time on my hands this morning. Still raining. Must have come up from Washington. Good job Nats. Go Dodgers!!

  33. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    i have been saying the same thing for the last 2 days, and no one seems to care.. its sad that tradition is being killed for a couple of bucks.. its called dodger town!, the devil rays cant play there, its really dissapointing..


  34. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Good morning. You’re up early. I know. Somehow it just seems that it can’t be happening. I guess dollars talk and I don’t understand how many we are talking about. I suppose the bottom line is it frees up dollars for other needs, perhaps player salaries. That is no doubt a spin off from the free agent frenzy with such hugh contracts. Dollars will always kill tradition, the sport aspect of the game, team work and chemistry, team loyalty from both sides, excitement in fans, etc.

  35. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Also some advice Ray. Don’t sell your PONCHO to the highest bidder. Hang on to it. We need it. Might be a Giant fan after it. GO DODGERS!!!

  36. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    morning harold, dont worry, i’m going to ride the poncho into the playoffs.. i get that they are trying to have their affiliates closer to them, but why move out of dodger town? thats tradition.. i bet in a couple of years that the mccourts will try to move out of dodger stadium, and sell the naming rights to taco bell or the newest phone company out there..


  37. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I hope not. Dodgertown is the greatest facility of it’s kind and Dodger Stadium is just a super facility. I almost fell to my knees when we walked in and looked out on the field in 1985. Made for baseball only. As I say, I love tradition, especially Dodger tradition. I was so pleased when tht Dodgers didn’t get involved in the uniform changes a number of years ago. Go Dodgers!!!

  38. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Tradition: Like playing a one-game playoff if you finished the year tied for first with a divisional opponent, and NOT looking at the head-to-head numbers to decide it.

    What a fiasco it will be if St. Louis and Frisco have to play their rainout game the day after the season to determine the outcome of the NL Central. This is nuts what the Astros are doing.

  39. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    well, knowing the mccourts, its nor farfetched (sp?).. but its all about the last three games, we can have a incident like in ’82 when morgan knocked us out of the playoffs..


  40. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Which incident Ray? Steve Yeager posing nude for Playgirl or Joe Morgan’s homer to knock us out of the play-offs? Or John Roseboro having his picture taken with Maricah in 1982 because John felt the incident with Marichal was keeping Juan out of the Hall of Fame. I’ll have to be like Gary. School me on the incident Ray. Kevin I remember the 1980 loss to Houston and the exact senario you described. Fernando was on the bench that day as Dave Goltz started the game. That’s not the kind of tradition I mean. That’s a rule. I mean Dodger tradition. Those things that help identify you as a team. Go Dodgers!!!

  41. fliegel@ptd.net

    I know it isn’t going to happen, but I’d play the hot hand and have Loney start at first. Nomar can rest his weary body. Let’s go Dodgers!!

  42. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    the joe morgan homerun, but i had forgoten about steve yeager, what the **** was he thinking?


  43. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Good Morning all. I did sleep a little better last night knowing we’re 2 up in the WC, but I want the Division !! Ray I live in Placentia (North Orange County, Angel Country, which I can not subscribe to). Harold that’s more from you in one sitting then I’ve seen in a month !! HaHaHa It must really be raining there !!!

    I can’t even begin to say how much I hate the idea of the Dodgers leaving Dodgertown. Since MLB ruled that teams could only have a limited number of minor league teams the writing has been on the wall. Business wise I know it makes sense, but Baseball is not just a P&L statement. It’s people, fans, players, media, motivation and yes tradition. What I think the owners are not seeing is the loss of the whole marketing value. The Dodgers image is second to none. Our National and International pentetration is the best of any major sports team, which is why we’re listed as the most valuable sports team in the USA. To leave a market saturated with retires and transplanted industries is not a wise move. Yes Flordia has a limited market value, but it’s consistant and it gives the Dodgers an East Coast relationship. Look at Harold, he’s a great example. East Coast guy all his life, back to the Brooklyn days, and now one less reason to keep the Dodger faith.

    Big Business mistake leaving Dodgertown, McCourt you really need to reconsider !!

    Go Dodgers !!!

  44. slee@safirrosetti.com

    Garysmith – re: Dodgertown – I completely agree with you. Every year the photos and vids of Dodgertown hearken my spirit and get me ready for the drive to the Ravine!

    Does anyone know if they’re going to make the Compton facility more than just a youth outreach programme?

  45. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    A little slow getting around this morning Gary. That’s me every morning when I get stuck on a home game too long. Games Saturday and Sunday 5:00 P.M. games here. Tonight is big. Gives some breathing room. I would like to see Loney start but Grady set his lineup a few games ago and it seems to be working well. Most of us were happy with it although a couple of our armchair managers were calling for James. Vero Beach gives the Dodgers a national presence like no other team. Oh well. Gotta get things done tonight first. C’mon Kuo, bull pen, keep it up JD. GO DODGERS!! GO MARLINS!!. GO D’BACKS!! I’m going out and play in the rain. We need it more than Philly did last night.

  46. alex41592@aol.com

    What I find incredible is after all the positives and the negatives. After all the rants and praises. It comes down to these final three games in S.F and in my opinion it should always be this way. Dodgers vs. Giants should always finish the regular season. When this weekend is finished after everything the players, coaches, fans, employees and front office have gone through it will have been worth it because when that final pitch is thrown whether it be today, tomorrow or Sunday we will be going to the playoffs. And I like our chances! I like them a lot! I am a homer and I don’t care! It’s been a long and winding road but the final stop is in S.F! And when that road ends we’re gonna hop on the highway straight to the playoffs and hopefully all the way to history. Go Dodgers! Lets end it tonight!

  47. gnorm44@yahoo.com

    If the Dodgers have to play a one game playoff on Monday in Philadelphia, they play at 2PM because the Eagles play at home that night on Monday Night Football. That city will go nuts that entire day and the Dodgers will lose. They better get it done tonight. Go Marlins!

  48. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    What, did I hear my name? Homer? 😮 ) The best part was Ray thinking it was a BAD thing! lol… I’ve got news for you all: We’re all Homers!

  49. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Point well taken Alex. Nothing like a rivalry to peak interest and as you say, this is how it should be. Scheduled for last series again next year I believe. C’mon Kuo. C’mon bull pen. Keep it up JD. Let’s get 100. GO DODGERS!!!

  50. underdog8@gmail.com

    Speaking of the Hall… (but not of fame) – as much as I love Russell I’m wondering why Toby Hall hasn’t played more, especially in routs like yesterday’s, he should have come in earlier. Any chance Martin can get to rest is going to be important. Well, hopefully the Dodgers can win the first two so Hall can play Saturday or even, dog forbid, win a game easily… (gulp)

  51. kday01@charter.net

    hi hope we do not have a repeat of 1962-when the giants knocked us out of the pennant. harold, i went to opening day of dodger stadium and you are right. what a sight for my 21 year old eyes. i have also been on the field with my grandkids on camera day and it is even a greater sight to look up at the stands. GO BLUE

  52. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    I think Little will have to go with Penny if his back is not bothering him.

    Fox is showing the game tomorrow, so I’ll be glued to the tube. Enjoy the games, but I don’t think they serve Dodger dogs

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