Day baseball

A sweep sure would be a nice way to head to the Bay Area. Nomar’s got the day off, but is available to pinch-hit. Penny is 5-0 against the Rockies. Here’s hoping it becomes 6-0.

Meanwhile, the team is on fire. Literally. Grady Little just informed us that during last night’s game, while Derek Lowe was waiting to hit, his pant leg actually caught on fire from a small space heater in the dugout. You can’t make this stuff up.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Anderson, LF

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Betemit, 3B

Loney, 1B

Penny, P



    A game with a fading, failing first-half ace against a pitcher who has done nothing but turn in quality starts against us this year.

    The hitters will need to reach deep, and Penny will need a return of his first-half luck.

    Can we fly with this one? Yesterday’s game is forgotten. All that counts is this game today. This game will decide how good a team we are.


    Where’s Olmedo Seanz, he should be in the lineup instead of Loney. Little hasn’t used Seanz enough at all this year. This is Coors field and the balls will fly out of the park. Olmedo is a home run hitter, why isnt he in the lineup?


    A game we need for Brad to step up in. With Nomar on the bench, I believe this is the second-best lineup we could field. Grady’s brilliant for putting Anderson in at the third slot. Lugo’s right where he belongs at this time of year.


    Nomar needs to sit. He was out on the FC yesterday only because runs like a guy who is afraid to hurt anything more. Let the man heal up a little bit.


    nomar must really be hurt if hes not out there, and for the love of god penny, dont blow it!



    Anderson has been hot lately, but he hasn’t had the pressure of batting 3rd before. I wonder why Little didnt go with JD Drew in the 3rd position, Drew is swinging a hot bat lately and Anderson is more suited for the 5 hole. We cant expect to get any production from Betemit and Loney in the 7 and 8 position, but Betemit is still 10 fold better than Lugo. Brad Penny has been a head case all year, he needs to put aside all that nonsense today and just bare down and get a win. If sh** happens he needs to forget about it and get out of the jam. Its not about statistics at this time of year, the only stat that counts is a W.


    Thanks for the welcom asq & kss.

    That was a great play at the play last night on both parts; reminded me of Sciocsa and Clark. or is it Lewis and Clatk?

    Grady gets a lot of respect from me for having the balz to sit Lugo with Andre and having a rookie, Loney playing.

    I wonder if Penny hurt himself during the All Star game and has kept it to himself?????? I have been searching for a reason for his fall-off. Perhaps, he tweaked his arm/elbow over-throwing on those accelerated fastballs?


    did any of you catch the L.A. Times article about the Dodgers moving there A ball team to California? Visalia, San Bernardino etc. SWEET.



    Grady is being consistent in not having the to lefties batting after each other after Lofton. I believe that’s the reason Drew was moved out of the 3 spot.


    i love the fact that we will have a team here in cali, but i dont like the fact that the mccourts are trying to leave vero beach…



    I think this is the best lineup under the circumstances with Nomar sitting this one out. It’s really up to Penny to right himself in this clutch game, and I’ve lost my confidence in him. I hope he does it this time, but I would have Bills ready to go without leaving Penny in there too long to do too much damage if he falters. Little is usually about two batters too late in pulling his starter, but Penny has had the kind of record since the All Star game that you can’t wait for him to give up the game before you pull him. I hope he really bears down today.


    If we get a big lead id take Penny out in the 5th and let Billingsley finish it off. Out of all the Starters Penny is the one im worries me so all the Rest he can get before the playoffs would be nice.

    Also did i read somewhere that Kuo would pitch game 1 of a series?


    Remember the success that Kuo had against the Mets in his first starting assignment; also it might be his natural turn that coincides with the firt playoff game.


    Penny needs to avoid the Big Inning today. He always has one of those and that is what hurts him. Also, he needs to stop throwing so many pitches in an attempt to strike people out. Have you noticed how many foul balls people hit of Penny? Where is the movement on his fastball?


    yeah thats what i was thinking messagebear..

    Penny has the straightest flatest fastball in the league. He is just starting to throw 2 seam fastballs. He needs to work on a Splitter also.


    Hope Penny is on a short leash- he is keeping the team our of the top spot in the west all by himself. Billingsly should be called upon fast if Penny struggles.


    OK- thats enough, get Penny out of there- i dont care about how nuts he goes, pull him. He is bad news. Billinsgly time. Boy, this was pretty easy to predict. PULL PENNY NOW- game is not out of hand yet.


    PULL HIM NOW!!!!!!! This game matters! PULL HIM. Shut him down for the year before he takes us out of the playoff race.


    What really makes me see red is that Little wants this man to start a possible tiebreaker. He’s willing to throw away a season’s hard work by everybody in order to be a “player’s manager” to ONE MAN.


    alex…My hand is raised as high as it can go…Billingsley should pitch in the playoffs not Penny. Fat piece of ****! All he cares about is throwing hard im sick of him…yeah he had a great first half but that doesnt matter now. Fat *******.


    As I was afraid, the Big Fat P U S S Y is at work and blowing up early as usual. I don’t know why this guy can’t warm up anymore so as to have some credible stuff to start out the game with. I wish we’d get him out of there while we’re only three runs behind. I hope with his first half of the season record we move him someplace else over the winter for a real ballplayer and maybe a couple of prospects. I don’t want him pitching in the playoffs, and I don’t want him on the team next year.


    I hope our offence is hot today!! But it will not matter if they leave “THE BAD PENNT” in there. I do not know if he is hurt, pig headed on his pitch selection, or just does not prepare properly. What ever, leave him in long enough & he will give the game away.


    management should give my kid loney a shot at first next year, nomar cant be trusted to stay healthy.. brad penny $uck$




    “James Loney!!…i love Nomar but Loney is the Future!!”

    remember there in mile high colorado ๐Ÿ™‚


    i know penny isstruggling and its the right decision to tAKe him out…but i really hope he isnt hurt..he does give us some playoff experience


    i would like to state the fact that I Adrian Evers stated that “James Loney is the Future”

    6 RBI’s!!! he didn’t hit .380 in triple A for nothing!


    well, i ray villa stated that james loney is the future a long time ago, believe in my kid!



    This is a clutch game of the year for Loney. Couldn’t happen to a better man. This should be some confidence builder for him, and I think we can look for some more contribution from him the rest of this year. Way to go, MAN!


    Hey MessageBear… check yourself dude. We all get it… you know a naughty word.

    So really, did you all think the team would stop hitting because Brad Penny couldn’t step up? Really? Man, to have read this forum 50 minutes ago…

    James Loney is the man of the hour! And Lofton, Anderson, Kent, Drew and Martin are finding ways to get on base. This is good. Bills will probably win out over Brad Penny if he can’t get it done. What a role reversal THAT would be? To have Penny out of the bullpen with Billingsley taking his spot in the lineup? Whoa… Brad’s got some serious soul-searching to do.


    So what do we do if we can’t trust Brad Penny in the playoffs? Will Grady have the cajones to pull the trigger on any scenario that ends up with Brad Penny in the bullpen during the playoffs, should the Dodgers get there?


    Just got home. WOW. Keep the PONCHO out Ray. I know it is Denver but James still has to hit the ball. Also his double came with two out. This is his moment in the sun. Still a long way to go. We need quite a few innings out of Chad. Would be nice to keep Kuo ready for next game if Maddux falters. Also Broxton not available today. Have to play this one like it’s the last game of the regular season. C’mon Chad. Get an easy inning or two without the first batter getting on base.Atkins, Holliday, Helton are trouble so keep the bases clear before them.


    Only half of Chad’s pitches are strikes. That means BBand too many pitches. C’mon Chad. This is tough on the nerves. A win would be nice to put some additonal pressure on Philly and SD.


    Once again Little is two batters too late in staying with Bills. He doesn’t have it. Get somebody else in there.


    Way to go Billingsley. I know you’re a kid, but an even worse performance than Penny. The Dodgers have their 8 runs, so I’m sure they’re done scoring. You cannot blow a five run lead to a last place team when you’re in a playoff race.


    Little practically gives the Rockies the lead back. CHANGE THE PITCHER BEFORE THE GIVE UP FOUR RUNS. PLEASE!!


    its offical Grady Little is a *****! Sele is a contact pitcher he should haev know that Sele wasnt gonna strike him out! i would have kept Beimel in!


    Grady doesn’t have many choices. Beimel couldn’t het anyone out. Other choices Sele, Hendrickson, Tomko, Stults, Carrara, Dessens, Hamulack. Who’s your choice? Don’t think the bleeding can be stopped today without an unexpected transfusion. I think Kuo has to be saved for another day unless we are ahead late in the game. I guess it’s one of those times you just have to outscore them even if you need 16 runs.
    Believ in the comeback Ray.


    It’s going to be a rollercoaster with the bullpen until we can get to Saito…..maybe Broxton if he is feeling up to it after last night.


    That Depodesta was smart. He gave up half his team for an injury prone pitcher. I only hope he becomes GM of the Pads. Although I don’t see that happening, they’re too smart.


    What would you prefer after all those names euchman names? You think are bullpen is the same like the Padres.


    Rockies have had 22 base runners in 5 innings and we are still in it. Go Dodgers!! Good inning Hendrickson.


    No problem candickstickmike5. That was rather mild. Taught junior high for 35 years so have had my name used in a different manner a few times. Junior high unpredictable, just like the Dodgers. Loved them too.


    Hope someone is keeping an eye on Tommy Lasorda, this game can’t be too good for his heart!

    Grady’s doing the best he can with what he’s go to work with out of the pen after the short (understatement) start by Penny


    Some people just need to come down and it’s not like our bullpen is the strong. We just need to get through 7 innings w/o a run. I think we might have to used Broxton again but I won’t mind seeing Saito for 2 innings. I wish we had Brazoban, Sanchez(back) and Gagne. I hate seeing our bullpen struggling. We used to have very strong bullpen when Gagne was healthy.



    I would have taken a chance on Hendrickson–not because I have confidence in him–but as I recall, he has a “little” more luck releiving for a couple innings. The main thing for me is since Grady is not using most of them with good reason, is to jerk them immediately (even in the middle of the count) if they can not throw strikes–all except Hamulack, who can not throw a ball from the middle of the infield to first. As I close the DODGERS are back on top. I guess my prayers to that BIG DODGER in the sky was answered!!


    what happened to the humidor?.. we cant lose this game, we need to put pressure on the pads, and phills..



    congratulations James Loney 9 RBI’s tonight broke an LA Dodger RBI game record and tied Gil Hodges for most RBIS in a game in Dodger History


    this is taking me back to those matchups between the blake street bombers, and our piazza, mondesi, karros teams



    At this point Loney should be starting everyday unless Nomars healthy. He’s not going to do this all the time , but I’d rather have his young healthy body in there, after all this is a young mans game.


    Hope it holds up. My 1:59 posting called for 16 runs. Perhaps I should have called for me. – you are correct. Hendrickson seems to be OK for a couple of innings. 4 innings to go. Perhaps Hendrickson will be the transfusion to stop the bleeding for a few innings. Go Dodgers. The Phillies and Padres are watching.


    just need 9 outs now, I know Grady will find a way to get that out of this pen, even in Colorado. Of course, more runs would be nice.


    Sometimes the guys we least expect to do it, do it. Hendrickson did OK. Hopefully Tomko can give us two good innings.


    What a bizarre place to play in Coors Field is.

    Good thing Loney played in Garciaparra’s stead, so far ๐Ÿ™‚


    Really glad to see Repko get a hit even though it’s in a rout. Should be a boost and confidence builder for him. I think he’s been needing it and deserves it for sheer trying.


    I’m taking back about half of the bad things I’ve said about Tomko if he’ll just hold them off for another inning.


    he did, messagebear.. TAKE IT BACK!! I should watch what I say because I’ve been ripping him for a while now. Good outing today, to say the least.


    Way to go, Tomko! A couple more games like that, and I’ll even be glad to have you around again next year. Didn’t think I’d be saying that.


    Harold the fortune teller !! 16+ runs. You have to Love this team !! I’ll bet there were at least 6 heart attacks today in this blog alone !!!

    Settle down or we’ll have to call a nurse !! I mean really, what pitcher is safe in Colorado ??

    What was it that Maddux said in his post game interview. “It doesn’t matter how many runs you give up in Colo, it only matters that we score more runs then they do” !! Colorado is a launching pad at night. During a day game at 70 degrees with the wind blowing out ?? Look out !! You now have football type scores !!

    19 to 11 bottom of the 9th !!

    close game EH ???

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Good man Stults. Just outscore them guys. Way to go. Now to check in on Philly game in a while. SD game late here. Up to you guys on that one. Keep the PONCHO warmed up Ray. I had three of those heart attacks Gary. On one occasion I went out to my garden to look around to cool down. I did. I love gardening. Wouldn’t you know it, it started to rain. One of those days but what a finish – thanks Hendrickson, Tomko and Stults. Saved me a another heart attack. I like James Loney as a hitter, not because of today, but because he has good double power which will become home run power and he struck out only 34 times at Las Vegas while walking 32. He has 8 K’s at LA and 7 BB in 93 AB’s. Good signs for me.


    I know we wouldn’t be where we are without Penny and the super season that he put in during the first half of the year. He probably has been pitching while not in best of health and, I think, not in best of physical shape since the All Star game. He’s still one of the top winners in the NL, but I don’t think he’s going to be good or necessary for our future. I’d like to use his trading value during the winter to get us a legitimate big bat or a younger and healthier front line starting pitcher, possibly along with one or two real AAA prospects that are likely to come up and help next year. Dropping his big salary would also free up some bucks to go after a definite starter or big hitter on the free agent market. That’s my take on it, and I’ve been professing that for a couple of months now.


    Kuo is starting tomorrow. ESPN reported Penny left the game with a stiff back and is day to day. C’mon Kuo.


    Phew, what a close game!


    But you know what I mean.

    I switched off the TV more than once, and once I read a chapter from Winnie the Pooh ( I kid thee not ) just to calm down. It worked ๐Ÿ™‚


    I eat my words. Betemit and Lugo won the game for us. Combined 12 RBI’s, absolutely unbelievable. I will be here in San Francisco rooting on our Boys in Blue this weekend at AT&T/Pac Bell park. I plan to attend in full Dodgers attire, so wish me well. Any ideas on what to write on my white shirt? Some good knocks on the giants anyone?


    I eat my words. Betemit and Loney won the game for us. Combined 12 RBI’s, absolutely unbelievable. I will be here in San Francisco rooting on our Boys in Blue this weekend at AT&T/Pac Bell park. I plan to attend in full Dodgers attire, so wish me well. Any ideas on what to write on my white shirt? Some good knocks on the giants anyone?
    Thank you KSS that is a correction to my previous comment where i said LUgo. Although Lugo did win us the game by staying on the bench, you have to give Little credit for that.


    I’d just like to say I gave my friend my password and he has been posting as me all day. Not an issue, but I don’t agree with everything he says. he has it in his mind that Olmedo is an every day player.

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