Today's lineup

Nomar's back in the lineup and it's pretty much the same group as yesterday.
Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Nomar, 1B
Kent, 2B
Drew, RF
Martin, C
Anderson, LF
Betemit, 3B
Lowe, P

Lowe's pretty much been the hottest pitcher in baseball for almost two months. Let's hope he keeps it up. If he can win, we'll have our first two set of 16-game winners since Orel Hershiser and Tim Leary in 1988, a year most people seem to look back upon fondly.



    As long as Marlon Anderson is on fire, keep him in there.
    With the Dodgers on top of the wildcard, there is no one standing in the way of a playoff berth. This team has the capability of winning the final five games. Let’s hope for the best.


    I hate to admit it, what with all that Andre’s done for us throughout the year… but how can you not be impressed with what Marlon Anderson has done since he arrived in LA? Dude’s hitting a cool .392 and should be in there. Andre will have an excellent career in Los Angeles, and will probably snap out of his funk just in time to contribute with some clutch hits in the post-season.


    it’s gonna only fuel Ethier more this coming season, i’ve heard he’s a work out freak so i can’t wait what he brings us in ’07.


    Good lineup, good team, but right now we’re only as good as the game we are playing. And we need to win the game today or it means nothing.


    I am a little concerned about how slow Nomar is moving out there. His homerun trot looked really painful.


    i wanna see Andre Ethier in the line up already! Grady has done a # on Ethier’s mind because he dosen’t start him, give him one game were he bats 4 times & see what he does.


    I noticed the Dodgers posted the tentative schedule for 2007 looking something like this:
    72 against the NL West (18 a piece; this year it was 19 x 2 plus 18 x 2)

    6 against ANA, 6 against TOR, and three away against TB

    6 against STL, CIN, & MIL

    7 against PIT, CHI, HOU

    6 against WAS & PHI

    7 against FL & ATL

    10 against NYM (although 7 are at home)

    Does anyone know how the schedule is usually made in terms of how many interleague games the Dodgers play year-to-year (I read that the MBPA objected to the number of coast-to-coast trips if the Red Sox were to visit Dodger Stadium next year) and how it is figured who the Dodgers will play in their 10 game-sets (PIT this year, NYM in ’07) and their 7 game-sets?


    interpol414… you’re doing a number on yourself. We don’t need a .114 hitter in the lineup right now, and that’s what 5 hits in 44 at bats will give you for the month of September. It’s no reason Grady’s been sitting him. Only Andre will let us know when he’s back, and for now, it’s going to have to be off of the bench. Look, we’d all like to see Kemp, Loney and Ethier in the lineup, but now is not the time to be letting rookies work their way out of a hitting slump. Andre will get his time, just not right now. This team needs to win. W.I.N. Period. 😮 )


    yeah Ethier shouldn’t be in the lineup. It’s the time of year you need to have the people that are getting the job done. Im glad to see Lugo out of the lineup again..he should only pinch run. Id rather have Olemdo, Loney, Young, Repko, Robles pinch hit instead of him

  10. You might enjoy this. Today I gave blood at the Canadian Blood Services clinic. My blood pressure is normally very good, except when I go to the clinic I suffer from white coat syndrome and my blood pressure goes up. Today, I decided to think good thoughts all day – a nice Dodger win in Denver and a nice Nationals win against Philly. My blood pressure at the clinic was very good. I gave the blood in my personal best of just under four minutes. When they took the collection bag, the staff gathered around to discuss something. The head nurse came over and advised me my blood was blue. I then advised her it was Dodger blue. She smiled and said, “I hope we can help a Giant fan with this.” Now how cool is that?


    I agree with an earlier comment that Nomar looks cashed, but theres really no way you can sit him. This game is alllll about D.Lowe. Im sure well scratch up some runs- lets hope DL can keep the Rockies off the board as much as possible. Brox, Saito rested- thats nice.


    Does anyone know why Grady is starting Kuo over Billingsley? Except for Saturday against the Padres, Billingsley has only had one bad outing since the All-Star break. And he was fine when he pitched against Pittsburgh. In 16 starts, he has given up 1 or fewer earned runs 7 times, and only three times has he given up more than three earned runs. He might be our most consistent starter–possibly more so than Lowe. And while Kuo has done well, not as well or as much. I can only figure that he is still hurting or Grady thinks we will need long relief out of the Pen on multiple occassions and has lost all faith in Sele. Anyone know?


    yeah interpol i see what you mean. It’s just hard to imagine changing the lineup around and picking up a win. I’m sure if earlier in the season Grady would have kept a producing lineup every game instead of changing it around almost every other game we wouldn’t be in this position. Lugo in games wasted Betemit’s PT and he’s struggled because of it.


    Kuo has ben very very good in some big games for us. He needs to start. The game im worried about is Penny tomorrow. He needs to start getting it done.


    I have read this blog all year and this is the first time I am posting. I am originally a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. I was born in 1949, but I was 47 when I made this name up not expecting it to last but a year. Sandy lived to blocks away from me and I heard the “big kids” talk about him; he’s out in his driveway washing his car…etc. [ He lived on 49th St and i was on 51st] They moved and he went to Lafayette HS and I went to New Utrecht HS. I share many of the fond memories that are brought up here.

    I smirked when I would read all the bashing of the Dodgers that went on here; especially at the beginning of the season re: Furcal, Lofton and Nomar et. al. Now they are their biggest supporters,,,,,,,,lol

    I wasn’t very impressed with the way Grady left Baez in for the Giant and the Padre games. I could visualize them being blown, because Grady was giving them their chance and staying with Baez too long. He has shown that same loyalty to Tomko and Hendrickson. But in the past week he has gone with his best players and taken the chance of slighting the guys who aren’t playing. The posts regarding the not playing of

    Andre is what made me finally post. [some feel he should be playing now!] He hasn’t been hitting and has admitted to being mentally spent. Why should Grady throw him into the fire during crunch time???? I was hoping Grady would be let go after the Tomko experiences in Chicago and NY. He gained some support from me with his crunch time line up and the players he has chosen to play. The young kids who aren’t playing must understand they are the future and should be on the bench watching and learning. Kou is pitching much better than Bills!!! Bills is escaping by the whiskers on his chin.

    Kemp looks like he may need more seasoning. Loney may be ready. Hope Andre can make it back next year of it’s back to AAA for him to sort things out. Hope Repko can make it back to the potential he was showing. I am rooting for all our TOP prospects to make it, but we have to realize that they are prospects and they won’t all make it.

    This may be a re-post, not sure if my first try went through.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!


    A Giants fan’s blood is black and the dna isn’t hexagonal. It’s the shape of a goat’s head to symbolize their affiliation with SATAN. GO BLUE!


    I am glad you decided to share your views with us. I enjoyed your comments related to Sandy. I felt sorry for him when the rules of the time required him to “learn at the major league”level. He was SO, SO wild in the beginning. But boy how he made up for it. It is just too bad he had to cut his career short. Well Nomar just got a hit so I better pay attention.


    You sound like Lasorda now Harold !!! lol !!! I’m sure that blood will go to a very deserving sole, no matter what team he or she is rooting for !! It would be great if the Dodgers would run a blood drive in the off season with a few players around, I know my kids and I would go !!, how are you doing today ?? Do you need any Blue Blood ??? We have a connection or two you know, lol !!!

    Big night tonight, I have to get back to the game and tracking the other scores !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Phillies taken the lead. C’mon Nats. Way to go Betemit.
    Not sure of the color of the Giant fan. Not a nice blue that is for sure.


    From Harold who can not post on the site.

    I don’t think the Pods are going to fold. Maybe a Cinderella year. Anyway we have the WC in our own hands. We just have to win regardless of what Philly does. The Nats have done well against them this year.

    Have a great time at with your daughter. That is the most important thing you can be doing, Second even to the Dodgers. I’m having trouble posting but will keep trying.



    Sounds like a great idea Gary. The blood bank in Canada sometimes has difficulty meeting the needs of the population. None of our pro teams help with drives. Some of our nhigh schools have blood donor competitions for students old enough to give.


    hey harold, about two years back, my cousin who lives in san diego and is a huge padre fan, needed a blood transfusion, so i steped up to the plate and gave him my blood.. so you can say i have helped a padre fan..



    We may have to settle for a 2-4 record instead over the last six. Lowe is ineffective and tomorrow the ineffective Penny pitches against the very effective Kim ( against the Dodgers anyway )



    This is not looking very good. Hoped Lowe would pitch better. Get the PONCHO out Ray. Believe in the comeback.


    As usual, Little cannot pull a pitcher when he’s lost it. I don’t know how many times this season that has been a fact.


    It looks like it’s down hill from here! Dodgers losing with D-Low on the mound and Phillies winning, and looks like Padres will win their 7th game in a row!

    It’s all over!


    with nomar on first, clearly in pain, why not have lugo run for him then replace him in the field (to 2b with kent to 1b)? with 1st and 2nd, 1 out, may help to keep us out of the DP and get another rabbit on the bases.

    as you watch nomar limp around and lugo warm up, kent smashes a shot up the middle that is bobbled by SS. nomar cruising into 2b and gets forced out by a hair. a throw lugo would have beaten.

    grittle drives me nuts.

    Thanks for asking!! As long as I am watching DODGER BLUE I feel no pain & am distracted. The hard part is trying to remember not to move my leg (which could send me back to surgery) when I get excited.

    I am a supporter of Little, but that is my big complaint with him. Some times I think he either wants to let them get 5 innings in or just to pinch hit for the pitcher the next inning. It seems to me that he should be able to see when a pitcher has lost it or in the case of a reliever–just does not have it when he cmes in. I was always a fan of Sparky Anderson “the hook”. I realize he may know something I do not but I am not just second guessing him after the fact.I will be laying here talking to my self saying “get him out, get him out—He has lost it OR he does not have it tonight”. It is really painful when he lets the pitcher gice up a lot of runs & then they make a come back that is just one run short.


    asq-Yeah, what a shame for Sandy. His career took off after I believe Norm
    Sherry advised him to take a little off his pitches and throw under control. Then he dominated baseball for 5 or 6 years. Perhaps that’s what Bills needs.


    Phillies got luck win but had the game taken away yesterday. In theory we should be tied with them but a 1 game lead with 4 to play looks good for us.


    the d’backs have to help us now, and how bout that poncho?.. They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time..



    i said this a couple of months ago, i dont want the dodgers to move out of dodger town, next year they wont even have a minor leauge team at vero beach… yeah, i know that arizona is closer, but vero has tradition… its just sad that the mccourts are willing to kill tradition for a couple of bucks..



    By the way Lowe was NOT ineffective (as mentioned earlier)- 2 of those runs came as a result of just really bad defense by Betemit. The run scoring “double” should have been the end of the inning. Yea it was hard hit, but it was a grounder to 3rd that should be fielded by a big leaguer most of the time. Just bad luck I guess….. Great to see the crew fight back after that. We need the big guy to step up today.

    BELIEVE IN LOCATED 93mph!!!!


    Welcome BigBlue48! Enjoy the frenzied atmosphere while it lasts here.

    I was one of those who didn’t have the kindest of words for Rafael Furcal in the first couple of months during the season. He’s really turned it around and has made a lot of us here completely forget about Ceasar Izturis. Izzy is a class act, but will never have the bat that Furcal does, and what Raffy lacks in glove work compared to Izzy, he surely makes up for with that howitzer-like arm of his.


    “BELIEVE IN LOCATED 93mph!!!!”

    LOL!! That’s one of the best yet! Way to go Don.



    I understand the tactical aspect of the maneuver, but Delwyn Young’s blatant football tackle made me sick. Kudos to J.D. Closser for not pegging Delwyn in the head with the ball.


    “slee” Get over yourself. That was a perfectly legal play, and if Delwyn didn’t try to knock the ball out of Closser’s glove, he’d have surely heard about it in the dugout. Kudos to Delwyn for sending Closser to the next county!!


    Grady Little will be on the second hour of the Jim Rome radio show today. Hopefully he’s not a no-show like Russell Martin was last month. We could use the Jungle Kharma right about now!

    BELIEVE IN LOCATED 93mph!!!!


    I just want to point this out, but with Nomar not starting today’s game James Loney is 2 for 4 against Kim. Sanez is 5 for 16 against Kim as well. The reason why I bring this up is please do not move Kent to first and play Lugo, Lugo is 0 for 12 against Kim! So go with Sanez or Loney!



    If the catcher parks himself ON THE PLATE what are you supposed to do- stop in front of him as ask nicely to touch it before he tags you? It was pretty aggressive, and I wouldn’t care if Delwyn gets a little chin music in his next AB, but plate collisions are part of the game. Ask Martin.


    Heh, kssparkuhl, I don’t need to “get over myself” – I was just voicing my own personal opinion … you know, the way you do too! That’s the whole point of message boards! Also, I was a catcher many years ago so yes, I do know what plate collisions feel like.

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