Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit, 3B

Maddux, P



    At this point it doesn’t matter who goes out there anymore. It only matters that they *get the job done*

    A W today would keep the pain away for another day. Go team.


    For what it’s worth, I’m glad to see Martin moved up in the lineup. That could give him an extra at bat during the game, and he is more likely to produce than Betemit.


    It’s crunch time, hope they play well and win out the next 6 games. Maybe that’s asking too much ,so I’ll be happy if they win 5 .


    the Pads have a 5 game winning streak (they can’t keep that up) i really think the NL West in duable for us.


    Well Ray. I dug out my favorite 1954 Duke Snider card (Card #32) and my other old Dodger cards. I have 68 Duke cards but only 7 originals. Kevin I am not using Duke’s card as a special weapon tonight. I am getting really pumped looking at Jackie, Campy, Newk, Sandy, Duke, Hodges, Furillo, Drysdale, Erskine, Gilliam etc cards. I have an original Tommy Lasorda 1954 card. At my age you would think the excitment would wear off but it never has and hopefully never will. C’mon Greg, C’mon bullpen. Keep it up JD. Go Dodgers!!


    harold, I used to have all the cards for the boys from the 50’s myself. However, when i got married in 1962, I unfortunately left them at home and my mother not knowing what they really were in that old shoebox threw them away. P.S. my fault for leaving them, and yes I am still married to the same wonderfull woman. (44 years and counting) GO BLUE.


    euhlman your my hero I hope I have that ethusiasm at your age way to bring out the good luck charms! Lets Go Dodgers starts tonight!


    kday01 I too had all the cards from ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56 but we moved to Edmonton Alberta in 1957 and I gave those cards to a friend who subsequently lost them in a house fire. The old cards I have now I have acquired over the past ten years – off ebay, yard sales etc. I also have big collections of Fernando, Orel, Mike Piazza and a non -Dodger, Tony Gwynn, who was my favorite non-Dodger. C’mon Greg. C’mon bullpen. Keep it up JD. Go Dodgers. Early ganme tonight for me.


    Yes bluebleeder81 this is fun, just being in the chase. This is just the first step as Ned builds this team. It’s nice to sit here tonight with a nervous excitement about the game. Go Dodgers!!!


    This team is way better than last years team. I have good feelings about the future. Ned will only improve things in the off season. LETS GO DODGERS!!!


    I love my Boys in Blue! I’m so very happy that I’m with a guy who loves baseball and we’ve been able to about a game month this season. Obviously, winning is a lot more fun than losing, but the point is just being in the Ravine with like-minded fans and yelling yourself silly.

    Let’s go MADDUX!


    Today is the only day that counts !! Tomorrow will come soon enough. Lets win today and talk about tomorrow in the morning !!

    I LOVE THIS STUFF !! and all of you are great !! A whole blog is bleeding Dodger Blue !!!

    Harold, your grandkids and great grandkids are really going to have something to enjoy with you and to remember you by !!!

    GO Dodgers !!!


    well i see that everyone has their good luck charms, so thats good.. its working so far.. c’mon red birds!.. hey harold, do you have any plans on comming out here and seeing our boys?



    Not in the plans in the near future Ray. Was there in 1985. Been to Vero Beach twice and might get there again. Saw the Dodgers a few times in Montreal. But, you never know. June 19,20,21 in 2007 the Dodgers are in Toronto. Kind of interesting.
    Go Dodgers!!


    this is looking like a good night. I’m a little worried about MAddux but i think he can step up and pitch 7 innings(maybe). Nationals failed to score in the 7th still 3-2 NATS!


    alright, everything is being set up for us to gain a game on both, i just hope little does a good job in managing the rest of the game..



    It’s a good day in Dodger Land !! Philly loses and SD is losing !! Go Cards !!

    Dodgers now 6-1 !!!

    Pour it on !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!

    It’s not bedtime yet Harold !!!


    Jockety(sp?)has too fire Larussa right???

    Not only for choking away a cushy 7 game lead but not letting America’s other team, the Dodgers win their division!!!


    what the **** is up with the cards?. the astros won again, are they trying not to win their division?.. c’mom cards!



    You can go to bed after the Cards win Harold !!
    The Dodgers have this one under control !! 11-1

    Go Cards !!!


    We’ll we had a great game and we are ahead in the WC race.
    Lets come out strong tomorrow and keep the preasure on !!

    God Loves Baseball !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    Excellent use of the Lumber!Great Fielding until the 6th and a great job of pitching until the game was at hand.This looked like the TEAM that has made this playoff run possible!Run producing results and mostly solid fielding… it got a bit sloppy late but its a W in double didgits.Tomko even did well!Keep swinging Big Lumber and the W’s will stack up!The cards Have to feel the pressure NOW and take SD out can’t get swept with the astholes breathing fire down there necks.Mets are on Hiatious and are gonna forget how to win again its a 1988 senario again. although I think the yanks or twins will take the alcs.Today will be the next most important day in Dodger 2006 history.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!


    ray – Larussa doesn’t trust his pen. Look for the Astros to sneak up on them for the division, especially if the Cards lose again.


    Marlon *freaking* Anderson!
    Dude’s hitting a cool .395 since coming here.

    Rafael *freaking* Furcal!

    This is the true MVP of this team. I don’t care what the poll on the front of says. Nomar’s had a great season, but in no way should he be considered the MVP of the 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Russell *freaking* Martin!

    If this guy isn’t voted National League Rookie of the Year, it will be criminal. He’s had way more on his plate than any of the other contenders for the award and is still getting it done, day after day.

    Nomar *freaking* Garciaparra!

    Mr. Clutch could use a few replacement body parts about now. He’s a gamer and will play until he can’t any longer… just like Gibson in 1988.

    The Houston *freaking* Astros!

    (Even though they’re killing us by beating the Cardinals, you gotta be impressed with what they’re about to pull off.)


    I thought it was wonderful to see Martin higher up in the batting order, and he certainly produced with his base clearing shot yesterday. I only hope that Little took note of that and will leave him in a position where he can get an extra at bat during the remaining crucial games.


    patriotacts425 – thanks for the info.

    BTW, I think Nomar needs to be changed to “Homer” (and I don’t mean the Simpsons character)

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