Tied for the Wild Card at this minute

Those Phillies certainly don’t see to be going anywhere and neither do the Padres. Then again, neither do the Dodgers. This should be quite a finish. Here’s hoping you’ll make it out here today or tomorrow for the last home games of the regular season.

Here’s today’s lineup, with some notes:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Betemit, 3B

Anderson, LF

Martin, C

Penny, P

And some notes, since I don’t have time to rack the brain for some crazy thoughts right now.

LEADING OFF – Rafael Furcal has 702 plate appearances this season, the third-most in the National League, behind Jimmy Rollins (714) and Juan Pierre (711). Last night, he became the 25th player in Dodger history to tally 700 plate appearances in a season. With eight games remaining, it’s conceivable that Furcal could surpass Pee Wee Reese for second on the all-time Dodger list (743) but he is unlikely to break Maury Wills’ franchise record of 759 set in 1962.

POSTSEASON TICKETS GO ON SALE MONDAYTickets for any potential Division Series or League Championship Series games at Dodger Stadium will go on sale on Monday, Sept. 25 at 10 a.m. A complete press release is available in the Vin Scully press box.

BIRTHDAY BOY – Dodger outfielder Matt Kemp is celebrating his 22nd birthday today. When Kemp was born, Greg Maddux was in his first professional season, pitching for rookie-level Pikeville in the Cubs’ organization, where he went 6-2 with a 2.63 ERA.

PROSPECT WATCH – Baseball America came out with its top prospect rankings in the Gulf Coast and Pioneer Leagues and the Dodgers have the top prospect in both with Clayton Kershaw and Bryan Morris, respectively. They were also the Dodgers’ top two picks in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft while Preston Mattingly, their third first-round pick, is ranked 11th in the Gulf Coast League by the respected publication. Josh Bell, the organization’s Minor League Player of the Month for August, is rated as the second-best prospect in the Pioneer League while right-hander Steven Johnson ranks 15th.

DREW’S CREW – Since his homer drought that lasted from June 1 – July 27, J.D. Drew has hit 10 home runs in 47 games, including four in his last nine games. He leads the team with 19 homers, 92 RBI and 84 walks this season. In his last 26 games, Drew is batting .291 (24-for-82) with seven homers and 20 RBI. Of those seven homers, four have given the Dodgers the lead while one was part of the four consecutive homers in the ninth inning on Monday night, pulling Los Angeles to within two runs of the Padres. Tonight will be Drew’s 140th game of the season, five shy of his career high (145) set in 2004 and he is one RBI shy of tying his career high of 93, set that season with the Braves.


  1. oldbear@joeyp.com

    Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 2:14 pm Post subject: How about those Oakland A’s!!!!!!


    90-63 A win tonight clinches the AL West.

    All this team does is win.

    You win 90+ games and get nothing out of Harden/Crosby/Johnson…Thats some **** fine GM’ing.

    Take a look at the A’s record without Milton Bradley, and with him.

    Night and day.

    GO A’s!



  2. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Hope Penny can provide tonight. Is the man bigger than the team in his mind, or is the team bigger than the man? We’ll see.

  3. asq@lodinet.com

    This my first post but I have enjoyed them every day as I lay on my back recovering from two hip replacement surgerys. I was particularly inspired at the comments by Josh & Gary. I became a DODGER fan in 1958. In those days we had the small transister radios. When I could not attend in person I listened to the best broadcaster in history–even on the job. I just might hold the record for listening (even at the game) since 1958. I love all the posts even if I do not always agree I do have my share of second guessing. I do want to say the following & ask question. I sinserely believe that everyone (players, owners, staff. etc.) are doing their best for us fans. Not all talent is equal. Look around you at home or work. Are you the best at what you do?–all the time? How many would have bet at the beginning of the season we would be where we are today? I believe Ned has done as good a job restoring this team to its glory days as possible in one year. Lets not insult what he has accomplised. I think we are fortunate to have owners who will hold themselves accountable & make the right adjustments. We can only hope our team is in the run the last half of September. If so, win or lose,they gave us a season of great joy. I am not sure it would be as exciting if they won the pennant as early as Yankees or Mets & if the pirates cansweep the Mets & have the best second half in the Central Division, why do we think the Dodgers just rolled over? However, keep the passion even if at times tou sound unappreciative. Just do not forget who got us thu the first half & who leads the Dodgers in RBI’s & a couple other ststs. And I have to believe the players love their manager.Since retiring in 1999, I really miss my company”s season seats–first row behind the dugout where you could hear the disscussions of the umpires ancesters. I remember one year when they only needed to win one more game with 10 to play. How many of you recall the resulys of that year? Go DODGERS. You are going to have a good one tonight!!!

  4. asq@lodinet.com

    Gee! I got so excited with waiting for tonights game & got so carried away trying to be brief & failing, I did not notice I could preview my post & make corrections. Feel stupid!

  5. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    i’m about to leave to the game, i’m still feeling a little bit under the weather, but i’ll be out there.. i’m looking for penny to throw a gem tonight, he has to come up big and get a win.. and how bout mike marshall jr., hes in a nice groove, he should continue today..


  6. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Hey Ray. Our youngest son (29) is at a Rolling Stones concert in Halifax tonight. For the first time in many days it is raining here. He and his girl friend have taken ponchos to keep them dry. He said he BELIEVED the poncho was the best bet to stay dry and not be too hot at the outdoor concert. Think you should try the poncho again as you had cosiderable success with it earlier in the season?

  7. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    I read the article in the times re:Andre Ethier. I believe he feels he might not be back because he is in a slump now and not contributing to the stretch drive and for that reason the Dodgers might not want him back. He is wrong on that score. His reaction is one from a young player who had much success and now is experiencing a dry spell. His dry spell is no worse than A-Rod’s and it doesn’t come with a $25M price tag. In 1952, my first year as a Dodger fan, Gil Hodges went 0-21 in the World Series. He had a superb career. It happens to everyone Andre. In the final analysis what really matters is how you deal with it. Go Andre. Go Dodgers.

  8. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    asq@lodinet.com Welcome aboard. 1958 was a heart breaker for me. The Dodgers moved to LA and I live on the east coast of Canada where I could get all the games on radio. However, I never lost my passion for the Dodgers. They have given their fans a lifetime of memories. I agree, Ned has done a great job of reversing our fortunes. We are not the finished product yet but a work in progress. Who knew so many players would get injured? Also JD has quietly pushed toward the 100 RBI mark. Grady has managed him well by keeping him as healthy as posible. Don’t get upset with a typo or two. We all thrive on that.

  9. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    As I stated in a post a couple of days ago, I strongly believe it isn’t over ’til it’s over and never say die. I would like you guys to know I am not cashing in my chips with what I am about to say. I want to say this before the last game. asq@lodinet.com brought it to mind. For me this has been the greatest season as a Dodger fan in many years. The reason, the team obviously, but also this blog. I am truly grateful to Josh and others for setting it up. I explained to Gary that I live a relatively solitary life as a Dodger fan in Nova Scotia. Only one of my friends is faintly interested in the Dodgers. This blog has put me in direct contact with many Dodger fans and in fact the team through Josh. Thank you Josh for making this a great season for me. Also, I was deeply moved by the concern expressed by you guys when there was a hurricane watch in Nova Scotia. Thanks to Ray, Gary and others for their personal notes. Kevin, that transcript of the ninth and tenth innings on Monday night was certainly one of the highlights of my year. And yes, what a delight to hook up with ’51 and ’53 and relive some of the great moments in the 50’s and 60’s. That was fun. I am sure I am forgetting someone but thanks all you guys for your posts in this blog and for the various points of view you offered. That too was fun. C’mon Penny (my money’s on you), C’mon bullpen. Go Dodgers!!!

  10. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Now if only Kent and Nomar can either start delivering, or be replaced in the lineup … having a veteran go 0-4 due to injuries is not much better than having a rookie go 0-4 or 1-4 due to inexperience, is it?

  11. asq@lodinet.com

    euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca Thank you for the welcome $ thanks for mentioning the times article. I just flipped over & read it. I am glad Ned recognizes his value. They may mot be in contention if it wasn’t for his contributions. You are right in your comments. I don’t know if he is in a slump or Scully said about never playing this late in the season. But he & Martin are two that I think will be an integral part of the DODGERS future. Thanks too for sharing your 05:57 comments. It was moving. I too am living a relatively solitary life but for different reasons. Laying on my back for several months in “Giants Country”is a little challenging. But thanks to Directv & the internet watching the DODGERS is my priority & my love. Well about 5 minutes–GO DODGERS.

  12. rarrig3240@cox.net

    i think this is the best lineup that we have….also, i was just thrilled to hear we are going to 3 man rotation …..maddux, lowe, penny vs. colorado….we finally have an early lead in a game…jd drew is on fire when it counts….sd is down but still early and only 1-0..phillies on a tear..we dont want to battle for wild card

  13. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    asq@lodinet.com That is a challenge. Hope you are doing well. A good start tonight. JD continues to hit well. My biggest Dodger challenge is our time zone. Right now it is 11:40 P.M. Time to go to bed. Will check in early in the morning. Go Dodgers.

  14. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    Dangit, Penny!! Scared to win, big boy? Or trying to grit out an injury, finding that more important than the team? Sheesh man – coughing up three runs just like that >:-(

  15. kristograf@yahoo.com

    Wow….Brad Penny single-handedly ruined a potential good inning. What a terrible bunt, & what was he doing at first base?

  16. kristograf@yahoo.com

    Grittle needs to get someone up in the pen now. This game is too important to give away. Penny is stinking up the joint.

  17. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    The bullpen isn’t much better, and is overworked. Penny had the responsibility on his shoulders, the offense gave him runs, and he just threw it all away ( and Furcal booted that ball ).

    If we can’t handle this kind of pressure, much kinder to bow out before the postseason. Painful as that will be for this fan.

    Stupid Penny. I’m pro-Penny trade now. Starting pitchers are hard to come by, lets try to trade him for something good.

  18. rarrig3240@cox.net

    yeah..penny isnt pitching well,however, unfortunately…2 of the most reliable dodgers arent helping. martin ‘s passedball on a strikeout, runner eventually scored, thenetting thrown out at 3rd…furcal error on dp ball…wouldve ended inning without that 1 run scoring …notto mention, we are repeatedly getting runners in scoring position with 0 outs and not scoring…thats how to blow a pennant race

  19. messagebear@yahoo.com

    A Penny start is as predictable as a Hendrickson start or a Tomko relief appearance. I dread the thought of Penny pitching the last game of the season for us. Please Grady, pick anybody else for that assignment!

  20. rarrig3240@cox.net

    well…this game is over…here comes hendrikson…sd is winning..and now we are on the outsidelooking in for the playoffs

  21. rarrig3240@cox.net

    pitt gave up fits for 3 days..now they cant score against sd…any1 else think tracy might lay down to go up our as*es?

  22. rarrig3240@cox.net

    wow..1,2,3 for hendy!!! impresssive, i dont think ive seen him go a full inning without letting up a run..never mind a hit

  23. kristograf@yahoo.com

    I hope we can turn things around. This game started off looking so promising….now we look like we are ready to roll over. This is looking like the UCLA game a few hours ago….

  24. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    rarrig3240 – I’m afraid that we are just that bad, and the Padres just that good, in this month of September.

    Well, this game is down the tube. We can but hope that somehow, San Diego and Phillidelphia loses a game.

    How embarassing 😦

  25. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Good evening. In less than a week, ballplayers from the Dodgers will join others from around the lineup. And you will be launching the largest offensive battle in the history of the 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers. “Dodgers.” That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today we would be officially eliminated from the playoffs, and you will once again tomorrow be fighting for your playoff lives: Not from a lack of offense, pitching, or an imploding bullpen… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the 2006 National League West Pennant will no longer be known as an impossible dream, but as the day the Dodgers declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!” We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our our drive to the National League West Pennant!

  26. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Oh, scre-w-it. Stick a fork in this team. They’re done.

    They haven’t won back-to-back games since the first of the month… why should they start now. Heck, to win playoff games you need to win a few games in a row. The team has the heart to win, unfortunately, they’re mentally spent right now… and come to think of it, so am I. I can’t take anymore of this rollercoaster ride. I’m getting sick…

  27. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    My bad… they did win two in a row the last two, but that’s it besides the first of the month. Not only that, the one ace card up their sleeve has been exposed: they’re not winning consistently at home this month. 6 and 6 this month and with a win tomorrow, 7 wins and 6 losses.

  28. fisher928@yahoo.com

    I come from the years of Dodgers having Pitching and fielding and Some hitting but this year is just plain unrelentlessly inconsistant.Furcal is a Great leadoffman sometimes… He is as big a liability to SS as Cora was before he developed into a great 2B player.Anderson Has a bat but he is also as liable in the OF.Our Hitting is Streaky our SP is Weak our Fielding HAS TO BE TOP NOTCH!I don’t see us doing better then 2nd in the nl west this year anymore and see the Phils taking on the Twins in the WS with the Twins doing it in 5 maybe 6.
    Hope I’m wrong because that series will have no intrest of mine.But I’m on with kssparkuhl stick a fork in this team Roll out the Tarps Back to the drawing board Colletti this team is done Go Sign 2 more Major league pitchers and a Real HR 3rd baseman as well as a coaching staff….

    This team is mentally spent….

  29. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    “Furcal is a Great leadoffman sometimes… He is as big a liability to SS…”

    What? Don, please don’t tell me you just threw the team MVP under the bus like that? Rafael Furcal, while working through injuries during the first half… this is true, has been the most consistent player the Dodgers have had all season long. He’s no liability in my book… just a first-class player all around, and a good leadoff hitter as well.

  30. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I just got in from the game and my observation of this team is they are all very tired !!! They are beat up and limping to the field. When they do get it going they truly are giving it their all. Penny looked like he was pitching on no rest and totally lost. I said it berfore during a major down turn, These guys need to loosen up and go have some fun. They can’t play this game like the world is coming down on them, no one can.

    Tonight a lot of the player wifes and family all dressed up in white Dodger T shirts and those Blue and White hairy hats they sell in the gift shops. When I saw that I thought for sure these guys were going to come out of their funk !! And for a brief moment they did. The season isn’t over by a long shot and these guys can do it, but they really need to take the weight of the world off their shoulders and just play this kids game that they are all so blessed to have.

    Believe and it will come !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!

  31. garysmith@glsmith.com

    Harold, I feel the same way. This year has in a lot of ways been the best ever. I look forward to many more games with you all in the future.

    BTW, if anybody is interested, Dodger Spring Training is one of the greatest experiences a true Dodger fan can have. I know I’ll be going next year. Let me know if any of you will be there to.

    Go Dodgers !!!

  32. garysmith@glsmith.com

    asq welcome aboard. Sounds like you have a tough road to travel, but you hang in there and feel free to write us when ever you have a need.
    Go Dodgers !!!

  33. fisher928@yahoo.com

    C’mon Kevin Furcal all the while shines at moments does not play a GG SS.. He is not what we need as a Leadoffman he has some power and can steal but always seems to be trying to do TOO much when all he has to do is turn the play and get on base. Home runs are abonus as a leadoffman goes but its not his job. The job belongs to Kent at the moment and he is old and weary now…I look at these guys who are my age and wonder how the **** they can still drag there ***** out everyday to do what they do.All I am is a fan since I can remember Garvey Lopes Cey Russel Yeager Baker and Rick Monday(Mom’s Fav).That was Flatout Baseball errors were few and outs were recorded hits and walks produced the few runs to win the game.This team needs work…The Mogoose couldn’t kill all the snakes by himself….

  34. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Kevin as far as furcal goes as SS he is the worst SS we have had in Years check the numbers. He is a far cry better hitter though.

  35. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    what an awful game. Penny is done his arm is gone. He needs to learn a splitter and learn how to put some movement on that fastball.

    Also in the Offseason the bullpen should be top priority. As well as signing an Ace pitcher.

    Grady has one more year and if we continue to underachive hes got to go

  36. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Don’t get me wrong though I like Furcal he has potential and IZZY had to work back to the way he played in 2004 but I’m not sold on furcals Throws nor his swing for the fence leadoffs.. His avg would be higher if he took a note from Loftons book which is old but fulcal is young enough to apply it.At his age and height he should be trying to hit for singles and doubles and try to work the pitchers attension towards the bags against them so the Big Dawgs which we lack can hit the homers on the fastballs that will be thrown to keep the steals from happening.I’m Blue Through and Through but the team is just short in pitching and HR threat of being a real Winner. If Gagne and Saito were both in the pen?I dunno… could be that simple but I doubt it saito has had very few opps this year and its more on the fielding then on the relief pitching as far as I can see without looking at real numbers for the year.The numbers I want to see are how many errors were made and where and the effects they had on the game.

    Gotta Pitch Gotta catch Gotta Hit oh and GOTTA WINNNNNN!!!!!!!

  37. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Won’t be going to Dodgertown in the spring Gary. I have been there twice in the mid fifties. It is truly a great experience. Has to be the best spring training facility on the planet.

  38. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Sorry Gary, in the mid eighties. Was thinking of Dodger relief pitching in mid fifties. Didn’t need much then it seemed. Clem Labine was the first relief pitcher I took notice of. Then in early sixties the first big one in Ron Perranoski. He came to the Dodgers in a trade with the Cubs for Don Zimmer. Ron was a minor leaguer at the time.

  39. rayloveselaine@hotmail.com

    wow, that was awfull.. in a game that needed to be had, our supposed “big game” pitcher, needed to win it, and mr. millano choked… we need barry zito, or daizuke matzuaka, **** i’ll even take giant jason schmidt.. well, desperate times call for despereate measures.. so i’m going back to the 5th of may, we were in a big slump, and i came up with something, hopefully it works again.. thanks harold for the idea..


  40. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Penny is just a Big Fat P, which stands for a diminutive word for a cat. I’d like to see him traded over the winter for a real ballplayer and maybe a couple of good prospects. The alternative would be to make a requirement that he report to spring training 30 pounds lighter, or he doesn’t play the season and doesn’t get paid.

  41. drj884@yaho.com

    So over Penny. He is an automatic loss in the second half. If he even has an ok half of a season were 2 games up now, I say shut him down for the year and go 4 man rotation with Lowe, Maddux, Kuo, and Bills. Then go to work trying to unlaod him in the off season. He will be one of the main reasons we miss the post season if we do.

  42. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    asq@lodinet.com You are like an undercover agent living in Giant country. You and Ray have had the greatest challenges among us this year. It is great to see you both so passionate about the Dodgers. I guess I am undercover in Red Sox and Blue Jay country. Blue Jays I like as a Canadian team but not much of a Sox fan at all. They seem to whine a lot, especially if they think the Jays, in particular, are stealing their signs. I figure sign stealing is a legitimate part of the game and if they are being stolen, make them better. Some of these unwritten rules in baseball, like don’t steal when you are well ahead or don’t bunt to break up a no hitter are kind of wimpy when it’s OK to throw at a batter after he or someone else has hit a home run. Go figure. Go Kuo. Go Bullpen. Go Dodgers. Keep it going JD. It ain’t over ’til it’s over and it ain’t over yet.

  43. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    *sticks fork in team*

    Sorry, Dodgers, but your “lots of baseball left to be played” mantra have bitten your backsides HARD this year.

    Till next year, then.

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