Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Betemit, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Lowe, P



    i’ll be there again tonight, looking for d-lowe to pitch a gem.. and with our strugling 3rd baseman’s, andy laroche would look really nice in there right about now, sorry, i couldnt help to not to mention one of my kids.. and andre ethier needs to step up tonight..



    baseball america once again is rating the top 20 prospects in each league, and brian morris, and josh bell where rated # 1 and 2 in the pioneer league, while clayton kershaw was # 1 in the gulf coast league.. it looks like where stockpiling again…



    I’m sorry, but not having Marlon Anderson in there is a big mistake. If Ethier goes “0 for” in his first two AB’s, he needs to be yanked. (I just hope it’s not too late by then).

    If Lowe keeps his sinker ball down in the zone (as he has been doing very well, of late), he will be outstanding tonight.

    See you at the Ravine Ray (and/or Elaine).



    Ray and 53. Counting on you tonight. 11:40P.M. start here tonight. Too late for yours truly as I have to get up early to go to work. Give it your best shot. C’mon Lowe. C’mon bullpen. Go Dodgers.


    LET’S GET THE WIN TONIGHT, BIG BLUE. As if the pressure wasn’t enough, WE ARE ALL COUNTING ON YOU! Anderson should be in the line up.


    I for one believe in Ethier. That kid can hit. He just needs to find that mental happy place that can be so fleeting. Maybe he will go 4-4 today like he used to.


    It’s time for Ethier, and for everyone else in here who’s fotgotten what this kid has done all season long, to grow a pair! This is by far our most productive lineup of the year… get behind it!

    Ethier will be just fine… and having gone hitless in his last two nights, you’ve noticed that Marlon Anderson is proving that he’s human as well.

    The kid is what brought us this far. Andre will find a way to get it done. Now the rest of yourselves calling for him to be out of the lineup need to check yourselves immediately. He’s OUR left-fielder both now and for the future.

    Big Blue Wrecking Crew, 2006!


    I agree. We need Ethier to get it going, and he deserves to play. Marlon’s been a shot in the arm, but we are a better club with Ethier in left, and Marlon coming off the bench. The kid’s swing is too pure for him not to break out of his funk!


    Plus the last two nights Marlon has done nothing at the bat and has made some bad fielding plays (a lot slower out there).

    Well, I will be there again, that makes 4 games in the last 5 days.


    I’m with you Kevin, go with what got us here, go with Ethier !!! Besides I want him running on all cylinders come the playoffs !!! Anderson is best suited to pinch hit and given our late inning needs of late we can sure use that bat off the bench !!!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    Make or break for Ethier tonight! I hope he has a big game 2+ hits. we need every game starting with this one. Time to step UP!


    WOW, we needed that HR from Drew !!!! Lowe is pitching GREAT !!! KEEP IT UP GUYS !!! SD win and almost throws a no hitter !!!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    I told you guys we needed Anderson off the bench !!! RBI !!!! Martin has got to get the ROY !! He’s just too good not to !!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    Saito in the 8th for the 3rd out !!! I’ll say Grady is going for the win !!! Hope he has the gas for the 9th !!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    Only 2 runs against a AAA team doesn’t impress me much but at least we shut them down, like we failed to do the Bucs. Gotta get 1 more at least in this series.

    Milton Bradley produced a huge division saving HR while Either drops closer to a .300 average.

    Marlon should get every start against RH’s the rest of the way while we put Repko or Kemp in vs/ LH’s.

    Can only afford only 2-3 losses in the last 8 to realistically get a PO spot.


    Holy smokes… I just read the Dodgers’ Notes on the front page, and apparently Ethier is admitting he’s “mentally spent”. That’s not good… even for a rookie to go and admit something like that. His team-mates might not appreciate his honesty. That’s probably something you want to keep to yourself Andre. Nothing like having a rookie admit he’s mentally spent to have others in the clubhouse show you some respect. Point is that everyone is getting “spent” in one way or another… so if you plan on making a career out of this game, I’d suggest you go to the “mental ATM” or whatever it’s gonna take to get yourself unspent as quickly as possible, Your team needs the guy who helped them take 19 of 23 ballgames earlier in the season, not the rookie who’s claiming to be “spent” in the heat of a pennant race.


    I’ve been fired from jobs for being “too honest” just telling it like it is. I hope Andre doesn’t regress too much, but I figured he might be physically spent NOT emotional as he has never played this many games in a year before.


    Now that I’ve finished my Ethier rant…

    Great pitching by Derek Lowe! Beimel is looking better and better with each outing. It looks like Beimel, Broxton and Billingsley will be our money pitchers out of the ‘pen during the playoffs, setting the stage for Saito.

    Oh yeah… we’ve got to MAKE the playoffs first. Oh those pesky little details…

    Big Blue Wrecking Crew, 2006 Baby!


    Bombko has his *** cemeted to the bullpen bench it looks like, here’s heoping Ned buys out his final year before next spring starts.


    I don’t think Saito will be available Saturday as he’s pitched in 3 straight pressure packed games so Broxton better not tip his pitches like he has been doing of late.


    I’d ease off on Ethier a smidgen – getting mental energy back is a lot harder than physical energy, and the guy’s still young! He still have years in which to carry the Dodgers on his shoulders. The veterans Kent, Garciaparra, who are taking their turns on the “not quite doing it” list ( barring Monday ) should dig in and pick up some slack. Can’t always have the same guys carrying the team.

    Bradley got his HR but he also got thrown out of the game, btw 😉

    Great play by the team – you have to grit it out if you can’t swing it easy. Good to see Beimel and Saito step up and many thanks to Lowe for going seven.

    Pity tomorrow we get to watch the immature and ineffective Penny. Better get ready to dig deep to bail out your “All-Star”, team …


    Why do teams like the A’s and Twins overachieve every year with a miniscule payroll while our $100mil+ team has to grind it out to the last week of the season to hope they can clinch.


    Sorry for flooding but I forgot to say it’s was critical to win, a shut out no less, for Tommy on his 79th!!!

    I hope we are scheduled next year and kick *** for Tommy’s 80th!!!! Can’t wait for that milestone!!


    A great game tonight by the Blue Crew. Lowe wasn’t perfect, but his defense sure made him look that way.

    I sincerely appreciate the passion that you guys have for Andre Ethier, but Anderson is really on a roll and needs to be in the line-up every day. Keep in mind that there are only eight games remaining in the regular season. We simply do not have the time to wait for Andre to “come around”. The kid is unquestionably the Dodgers left fielder of the future. But his 1 for 24 .042 average since September 7th is unacceptable for a team trying to make it into the post season. There is absolutely no question that Ethier is a far better defensive outfielder than Marlon Anderson, but we need base runners and runs.

    I am a bit confused about kevblewis’ statement that “…Plus the last two nights Marlon has done nothing at the bat…” Granted he went 0 for 4 and 0 for 2 respectively, but he squeezed in a huge insurance run in the 8th inning in Thursday night’s game. Since September 12, Marlon Anderson is 12 for 26 (.462), has four home runs and 10 RBI’s. During that same period, Ethier is 1 for 19 (.052), with zero home runs and one RBI. Again, I love the passion that you have for the guy, but he has flat run out of gas and needs to sit out the next eight games. WE NEED TO WIN! Please understand that I really like Andre Ethier and, in no way, am I bashing him. The kid will be great!

    I have to say that I was very pleased with Grady’s decision to go with Saito with two outs in the 8th. It was reminiscent of the old Eric Gagne days when Eric was frequently called upon for a four-out save. I believe that Saito will be used again tomorrow night (if needed), but it would not be for more than three outs. As for Beimel – he is unquestionably our most consistent and reliable reliever – bar none.

    Let’s keep this winning streak going guys!



    JD ‘The Mongoose’ Drew!!! Glad to see JD do it and his numbers are straight Snake killer!

    53 1 thought about Marlon is that he is Soooo Good at coming in as a pinch hitter is that when we have runners on base/scoring position and he is available to hit anywhere we are weak he can come in to give a quality at bat.Sometimes that is far more important and especially when our offence is so flat.I know he is tearing it up right now but he is the best answer when we have runners on and really would hate to burn him out.I would really Like to see him signed for next year or 2 in the offseason he has an excellent persona and seems like a great guy to go along with his Bat!

    I think he is a no lose situation as far as starting or coming off the bench but its really nice to bring him to the plate when we have runners on.Great piting tonight good job TEAM More Snakes to kill tomorrow!




    Ethier is the future in left field, but this is his first time down this trail and he’s out of gas. There is no time now to wait for him to pick it back up.
    Sure, next year Ethier in left, Anderson off the bench, but for now it’s Anderson. Euhlman says Anderson is signed through next year.

    Hope Penny remembers he’s a pitcher tonight.


    I’ve been critical of Grittle all year and still think this team would play better under another skipper, but last night Grady made all the right moves. I hope he continues to do so in the future. Either is a good young player and he probably is our left fielder of the future, but now is not the time to wait for him to get on track. Every game is a must win and because of that I’d start Anderson and use Andre for defense in the late innnings.


    Hate to admit, but I’m really disappointed to hear Ethier’s reported comments concerning “being mentally spent” and questioning whether he’ll be back with the team next year. Sounds like a “give up” attitude that’s uncharacteristic of all we’ve heard about this young man. I also can’t appreciate being “mentally spent” after having worked hard in the corporate world for 40 years and then the last 10 taking care of my own business – it’s an attitude I haven’t had the luxury of adopting. I’ll attribute that to a young twenty-some year old immaturity, and we’ve all had some of that one way or another. I think some of his teammates (maybe especially Martin, since he’s also a rookie) should take Ehtier aside and kick his young butt for even thinking that way. Ethier ought to spend an extra hour or two each day working on his swing, looking at film of himself early in the season and now and stop “thinking” so much. I loved his contribution to the Dodgers this season, as we wouldn’t be where we are without him, and I want him to be back in top shape physically and mentally next year. I think he’ll have to compete for his job again in spring training, and rightly so. For now he needs to get out of his pity party, get his head back on straight and take his frustration out on a few opposing pitchers with some hits before the season is over. Good luck to you, Andre! We all love you.


    first it was lugo complaining about his lack of playing time. now its ethier discussing
    whether he will be with the team NEXT YEAR!

    hello!!! we are in a pennant race. every pitch is vital and these guys are scratching their heads about next year…

    geez, what’s next? nomar saying he wants to got to san diego in ’07…

    for me, if the dodgers make it to the playoffs, the incredible game on monday will be the key. if they don’t – it will be

    lowe coughing up a 7-0 lead against the cubs…that game killed us.


    fisher928 – You are right on about Marlon Anderson. Having a great situational pinch hitter is crucial to a team’s success and he fits the bill to a “T”. This is exactly why the Dodger’s signed him. However, he is so hot right now (and Andre is so cold right now) that Anderson needs to be in the line-up every day.

    Anderson (most likely) will not be an everyday player next season and everyone knows this (including him). But we have got to strike while the iron is hot and he is red hot right now. (And you’ve GOT to love his attitude and enthusiasm!). Euhlman is absolutely correct (as he usually is); The Dodgers picked up Anderson’s two year contract from the Nationals, with Washington paying the bulk of it – a VERY good deal, if you ask me). As such, he is ours through the 2007 season. I expect that we will see some record-setting pinch hitting numbers from him over the next two seasons (and possibly beyond). I know that I’ve said this before, but (in my humble opinion) getting Marlon Anderson is the best acquisition that Ned Colletti has made; second only to getting Greg Maddux.

    Don’t panic about Andre Ethier. He will be fine. This is all part of the maturing process and he will become a much better player (and person) because of it. He has put too much pressure on himself and has set his own personal expectations a bit too high. Although it may not seem like it right now, but this is the best possible thing that could happen to him. As I said, it will make him a much better player and person in the long run. He IS our left fielder of the future and you can take that to the bank. (The silver lining to this is that, if he sits out the next eight games, he will end his rookie season hitting above .300, which looks good on ANY resume.


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