Major League record

Brad Penny just tied a Major League record, striking out four batters in an inning to become the fourth Dodger to accomplish the feat. Most recently, it was Darren Dreifort (on May 22, 2003), then Don Drysdale (April 17, 1965 vs. Philadelphia) and Pete Richert (April 12, 1962 vs. CIN in one of the first games ever at Dodger Stadium).

A Martinez informs us that he also struck out four in an inning in junior college and also gave up there runs that inning, like Brad Penny.



    I bet Brad Penny is REAL proud of that record. Three runs on two hits with four strike-outs in the top of the second.

    The Dodgers flat gave up tonight. They lost their spirit and their will to win. It was horrible to watch and I am very disappointed in them. If they don’t snap out of it fast (like tomorrow), they will be toast.

    On the brighter side, it was great to see J.D. Drew have a great game (3 for 3 with a walk).

    Don’t quit now boys!


    PS: Hey kssparkuhl – That 3,210 thing was funny!


    Penny is just a Big Fat P, which stands for a diminutive word for a cat. I’d like to see him traded over the winter for a real ballplayer and maybe a couple of good prospects. The alternative would be to make a requirement that he report to spring training 30 pounds lighter, or he doesn’t play the season and doesn’t get paid.


    Penny has stunk since the All Star break. When we needed him to step up ,he fell down. When The general idiot traded half our team for him ,I knew it was a mistake, Penny is nothing more than an injury prone pitcher who might give you a good game once in a while. He is not reliable and Ned should consider trading him over the winter.


    So much negativity here! Sometimes I wonder why Josh bothers posting when all everybody does is rip the team a new one. Common guys, these are supposed to be your boys, SUPPORT THEM!


    Like it or not, these are our boys and we should support them.
    Not looking to good but it’s not over yet.


    Penny is a *****. Yes, he is over thowing and getting more Ks, but isnt even a servicable starter any more. Who cares about Ks. Try getting past the 6th inning- or heres a though- try registering a quality start!!!! What a joke.

  7. You are like an undercover agent living in Giant country. You and Ray have had the greatest challenges among us this year. It is great to see you both so passionate about the Dodgers. I guess I am undercover in Red Sox and Blue Jay country. Blue Jays I like as a Canadian team but not much of a Sox fan at all. They seem to whine a lot, especially if they think the Jays, in particular, are stealing their signs. I figure sign stealing is a legitimate part of the game and if they are being stolen, make them better. Some of these unwritten rules in baseball, like don’t steal when you are well ahead or don’t bunt to break up a no hitter are kind of wimpy when it’s OK to throw at a batter after he or someone else has hit a home run. Go figure. Go Kuo. Go Bullpen. Go Dodgers. Keep it going JD. It ain’t over ’til it’s over and it ain’t over yet.


    Here…here euhlman, it ain’t over yet and we can still win this thing!

    I’m just hoping that Saturday’s weak performance brought with it a butt chewing that will get the boys fired up for the final seven games. I also hope that Eddie Murray got on them Big Time for swinging at all of those first pitches Saturday night. That’s “Baseball 101” boys, and it allowed Batista to go 8 innings.

    Although our road record this season is not on our side, the Padres’ upcoming schedule is (well, at least the three in St. Louis).

    It’s time to kick it into high gear guys!



    The Cardinals are slumping badly – they have about the same record as the Padres and the Dodgers, and they don’t need to play for their division. Look to the Padres to take 2 of 3 there, possibly take the series. No, that won’t bail us out – only way we can bail ourselves out is by winning, and we can’t do that anymore.

    This season is done.

    And trade Penny for somebody who can do more than throw 27 straight fastballs per inning.


    I had to check their record first to make sure that you didn’t add a win,, and I have to agree with you, that is around what this team will finish at. What a sorry ending to what was actually, except for a super August, a sorry season.

    I’m trying a mental count of which veterans are coming through for the team right now. Kent tries to, but playing injured gives you warning track power, man. Lugo rots away for want of regular play and Kent dives over balls and flies out to the warning track. But I’m sure that’s best for the team!

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