Callups for tomorrow

For tomorrow, we’re going to recall Matt Kemp and James Loney and purchase the contract of Einar Diaz. All three will be in uniform for the game. David Wells has gone to San Diego, so you can all calm down with the crack pipe references.

Also, check out Tommy Lasorda’s new posting on his blog.

Tomorrow, we’ll be honoring Don Newcombe for the 50th anniversary of his MVP/Cy Young season in 1956.

And you did it! This year, the paid attendance at Dodger Stadium will be greater than ever before. Quite impressive — and the pennant race should keep this place hopping for all of September and hopefully all of October.



    “so you can all calm down with the crack pipe references”…lol 🙂
    too funny

    yeah what happened to Laroche??


    Lets all hope Wells is a bust with SD !!

    My guess would be that LaRoche is due to be shut down for the season, he’s been beat up and with some of the problems being his shoulder I would think it’s for the best !! It’ll be great to see Kemp and Loney. I could use some info on Diaz though ??

    Go Dodgers !!!


    diaz is this years tom wilson, a journeyman catcher brought in for depth at the position.. i know laroche has had a tough year, but at least bring him up so he can experience the big leauges..



    Kuo on board. So that means Loney, Kemp and Diaz will be eligible for post season play. Right?


    Padres MLB site says Wells for a player to be named later or cash considerations.
    Red Sox site says a player to be named. Expect it will be Kotteras as the Sox are in need of catching help.


    i have to admit the crack pipe comment had me chuckling as well :o) i think LaRouche has had some injury issues this year, if you look at his #’s he’s having a good year in vegas.


    So, does Loney have a place in Vegas and a place in Los Angeles? Or has the Organization bought him an Airstream? Or did Little just attach a really long bungee cord to the guy?


    why don’t they call up Mark W. Alexander the guy can flat out pitch! from what i heard the guy has a nasty nasty curve he’d serve us well in middle relief.


    just thought i’d post this, Don Newcombe was such a great hitter he played left field in Japan.


    Josh, can you explain how these call ups work? Kemp and Loney have both been up during the regular season, does this allow the Dodgers to add them to their 25 man playoff roster, should they advance of course? I’m not 100% sure how it works, so if you or anybody on this blog has a clear answer to this question that would be great. Also, a question that’s been bugging me…I’ve been to Dodger Stadium several times during the season, what song is played while the Dodgers’ lineup is announced? Thanks!


    Sorry Josh for the crack pipe jokes. Misplaced humor I guess. I just couldn’t see us trading a top prospect for the temporary services of Boomer. No excuse though. We all had faith in Ned to make the right decision all along… right? : )


    Gary… I’m thinking since Wells already has a home in San Diege, he really preferred to be there rather than in Los Angeles. So you can bet that Kotteras will be one of the players since the Red Sox really need some catching help, and then one other… probably a young arm to fill the void left by Wells. Neiter of which the Dodgers were probably willing to give just yet as well… so it’s San Diego for Boomer.


    why wait till the vegas season is over to call up laroche?, there season has been over for a long time.. and i really want to see at least 2 pitchers called up, our bullpen is overworked and could use some depth..



    I see what you mean Kevin, makes sense !!

    Harold, Loney & Kemp do qualify for the post season by virtue of their call ups during the season. With all of the DL’s this year we actually have 29 players we can pick from for the 25 man roster. And now we also have the new guy from the Nats that is eligable as well.

    Trust in the GM Ray !! Grady said that they were going to bring them up in shifts, not all at once. The first guys will have post season potential and I assume the next shift will have the pitching your looking for. Plus now that Ned bought another Utility player from the Nats he’s pretty full with hitters.


    Go Dodgers !!

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