Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Maddux, P



    nice to see Betemit back in there, i didn’t get to watch all the game yesterday but i’m a little suprised Lugo over Kent, did Kent play all 16 innings yesterday?


    Yes, Kent played all 16 innings, at 2nd and at 1st (and went 4-7). He deserves a break today (la la). Poor Martin thought he had a day off yesterday – so much for that!


    Yes Kent played the whole game, Nomar came out on a double switch and Kent slide over to 1B. My concern is whether Kent is hurt. In the middle innings he went down in the batters box and on TV it looked like he was in pain from the swing. Is he still hurt from before ??

    After tonight these guys will all deserve a day off on Thursday !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    hey guys! im new to this blog but am a regular on the red sox blog. i am a big sox fan but having lived in las vegas my whole life i am also a big dodgers fan. just dropin in to say hey.
    go dodgers!


    What a game to follow, one of the few joys of being unemployed is being able to enjoy MIDNIGHT MLB MADNESS during a pennant race!!

    30 games to go and I would expect that was the last of Hendrickson we’ll see as he stunk it up 4 runs, 9 hits while not lasting 5.

    Please someone tell me Boomer Wells is coming to be our No. 5 in time for tomorrow’s roster deadlines for post season play.


    Jumping off the RedSox bandwagon and joining the Dodgers…interesting. Haha. Just giving you a hard time…

    Good lineup tonight, sweeping the season series from the Reds would be great. Time for Lugo to step up and show that power that he had all year down in Tampa. He goes yard tonight…book that.


    nah, still on the sox bandwagon but all the yankee fans going over to that blog made it not as enjoyable to read. plus i was unaware there was a dodgers blog until about 7 minutes ago.


    as of wells coming over that would be awsome cause he has been pitching well of late and a penant race might energize him even more.


    no well should not come over, the dodgers will be fine when the bullpen gets a rest and we get into the playoffs. but the sox are asking for kemp, and others top rookies for a month use of wells not even close to being worth it. if anyone in the dodgers organaztion read this, NOOOO WELLS not unless your smokin da crack


    As for Theo asking for Kemp, of course he’s going to start high, the question is, how cheaply can we aquire him. Problem is Pads might offer a prospect the Sox find more appealing than whatever prospect we are offering instead of Kemp. Boomer is clutch in the postseason, and we could then send Jimmy Hendrickson to the pen.


    Welcome starsfan4evr. This is a great blog. Josh faithfully posts excellent information and lineups each day. There are a number of avid Dodger fans who also post regularly. But for a fraction of an inch I could have been a Red Sox fan. In 1952 I turned on the radio one evening and picked up Vin Scully broadcasting a Dodger game. A fraction either way could have given me a Red Sox, Yankee, Giant or Philly game which I could get here in Nova Scotia. Go Dodgers.


    Hey KSspark…

    Just wondering if we are getting close to evaluating Mr Lugo yet? I know you wanted to give him alot of PA’s so “he could adjust to the new league”.

    Seeing how he had a very big O-fer last night and pretty much since he’s been on the team I thought I’d touch bases with you and see about the debate of how useful or unuseful he REALLY is!!


    I’m with Starsfan4evr, everyone else seems to be smokin da crack, NO WELLS. Kuo for at least 3-4 starts. Then once the Dodgers have a comfortable division lead, I’d like to see one or more of the other young pitching studs get a start.


    1) The first thing that hit me after seeing this lineup is that Nomar had dropped down to #5. Why drop a guy who’s hitting .316 to #5 for a guy who’s hit .234 as a Dodger? Then I looked and realized that Nomar’s been in a serious dive since the all-star break, and especially with his knee injury. Lugo, though, doesn’t have quite the same advantage. He’s been hitting weakly, and I wouldn’t get too excited about his speed either. Since coming to LA, he’s had a 50% success rate stealing bases, which is bad. Honestly, if you’re gonna drop Nomar, move Ethier and Drew up.

    2) If Nomar’s still hurting, That would probably give good reason for Loney to see some significant playing time come September. Loney’s .313/.389/.625 line in his last stint in LA should buy him a couple of starts, particularly after the Dodgers’ postseason fate has been decided (should that be early).

    3) Jeff Kent is out tonight, but the rest will do him some good. JD Drew is coming out of a month that showed a bit more power, as his slugging percentage is sitting at .458. If those two are picking it up and have good Septembers, then everything will be all right.

    4) With the talk of David Wells, it seems worthwhile to see what is going on with the Dodgers’ old left-handed Fat Tub of Goo. Odalis Perez is 1-2 with a 5.73 ERA in 6 starts as a Royal, and has given up 6 homers in 33 innings pitched.

    5) Greg Maddux is old. But he’s still capable of pitching a good game, especially against the Reds. This year, Maddux is 4-0 with a 2.35 ERA against Cincinnatti, combining starts with the Cubs and the Dodgers. Couple with that the fact that Dodger Stadium is a better pitcher’s park, and the Mad Dog should shut down the Reds tonight.


    i’m hearing on Dodger Thoughts that there’s a rumor David Wells will be heading to S.D. for George Kattaras nothing confirmed though.


    Grady Little is an idiot. Why do you sacrafice with your number 3 hitter (supposed to be the best fundamental hitter in your lineup) IN THE FIRST INNING. Last night in the 8th it was the right move to sac. Lofton over to 3rd in the 8th inning. But in the first inning with your 3,4,5 coming up? I dont get it. Horrible decision in my opinion. You dont play for 1 run in the first inning, that shows no confidence in the offense.


    Watching the Blue Jay game. Pat Tabler just mentioned that Roy Smith was struck hard by a batter ball in Seattle when they both were with Cleveland. Similar to the Soriano incicent last night.


    Interpol you are right. Pat’s point was to indicate how difficult it is as a team mate to see something like that happen. 12:01 here. Time to sign off. Go Dodgers. We want this one to keep SD 3 back.


    one of the things maddux has done well since coming to LA is comtrol his pitch count. tonight is another good example: 48 pitches through 5 innings


    Off subject….I watched the 3-game series in AZ and what a great time! And, although I enjoy watching Russell as catcher, what about Toby Hall? I’d really like to see him actually “play” with the Dodgers, while he’s here…


    5 straight, what a month of STREAKS!! Good to end the month as the most successful in recent Dodger history but the Gnat fans I know keep reminding me of how the Dodgers historically fade in Sept. Hope we prove those haters wrong!!!



    I agree with your post. 1st inning, 2 on, nobody out, #3 hitter coming up… and you ask him to SACRIFICE??? In the first freakin’ inning??? It’s a good thing it didn’t come back to haunt us, but I really thought that killed a potential big 1st inning rally.

    As for YOU BigLuna…

    I really like Lugo’s glove-work and the fact he can play so many positions. He’s maintained his .290 average while also being a bit unlucky. He’s hit a lot of baseball hard, right at fielders. Technically yes, he’s in a bit of a slump lately, but he’s getting the job done when needed. I really don’t want the team to forget about Ramon Martinez though. This guy can flat out play… but then again, so can Lugo. Call it a pleasant situation to be in. We’re deep on the bench and a lot of the playoff teams will be very jealous of our depth.

    Gary!! Number FIVE baby!! Gotta love it.

    Big Blue Wrecking Crew… 2006. Bring on the expanded rosters. I hope either Matt Kemp or James Loney are included for playoff eligibility.


    Me thinks that Misty thinks Toby’s a hottie. Misty, sorry to say but Hall’s trade bait when the season’s done.


    well it looks like all of our arguing was worthless, but maddog was amazing today, and i hope kuo gets a seriuos shot at the rotation..



    Kuo was awful early in the season iirc, hopefully he got some things fixed while in Vegas.

    Can’t be any worse than Craprickson.


    kuo has beem amazing in vegas, something seemed to click, its like if it was 1999 all over again..


    If the Blue Crew wins the division, I’m rooting for Cincy to make it as the Wild Card… I’d like to see them again. 🙂


    Lugo been struggle since he got here,just look at his average and slugging and why not bunt with him in the 1st inning? If this was the 9th inning in a tied game or extra inning when we only need 1 run to win no one would be complaining at all. Finally Grady let him bunt and you guy still putting him down.


    This is why we not the managers but of course Grady make some stupid move but this move wasn’t really that stupid at all.


    Nomar probably was drop because Nomar was hitting below .220 after the all star break even heard of shaking up the lineup. Of course I like to have 3 speedster in the top of the lineup everyday.


    Come on now! He is not maintaining a .290 avg. He is hitting like .235 as a Dodger. His .290 avg is down from .308 in less than a month. His glove work? You must be confused with Furcal or Betemit’s play in San Diego. Lugo is only playing above avg. defense! Its good to see though that you have stopped giving him excuses. Now I just have to convince you that he is not that good!!
    Dating back to Juan Castro and as recent as Cesar we know how a light hitting good fielding player kills rallies and how they last on this team..


    No need to try to convince me. You’ve already convinced yourself. That’s all that matters here. : )


    Ned! Put down the crack pipe and SLOWLY back away!! Don’t let Theo give that thing to you ever again!

    Kemp, Loney or LaRoche?? Theo’s got a serious drug problem. Friends don’t let friends trade TOP prospects for 4-week rentals.


    Kevin I’m with you, I like everything about Martinez, except his age !! Lugo by virtue of his age and potential alone will stay with the Dodgers. He’ll develop into a useful position player, just not sure where that will be.

    Wells isn’t worth it to the Dodgers. Our hopes have to rest on what got us here. We have to BELIEVE IN BLUE as Ray says and stay the course !!

    I’m sure glade I’m not you Harold, I’d never get any sleep during baseball season !!

    Job well done, Rest up Guys !! The fun has just begun !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    I agree Gary. Let’s go with what we have on the 25 man and the call ups. Four man rotaion in play-offs anyway. Wells scheduled to start against the Jays tonight. Will be interested to see if he is there when the game comes on. Not so bad Gary. I’m up checking box scores and reports while you guys are dead to the world. For much of the season I live in a world of anticipation while waking. A good start to my day. Enjoy the day off guys. Dodgers too.


    hey euhlman, where did u say u live?.. and i’m cool with the roster we have now, i know kuo will be better than hendrickson, and our call ups will get the job done.. my only hope is that nomar wakes up.. and btw, when the rosters expand, we should call up some quality arms like meloan, miller, alexander and not carrara, or hamulack, our bullpen is tired, and they need to get as much rest as possible, last nite broxton didnt look his best..



    Ray, I live in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia right on the Atlantic Ocean in Eastern Canada. Four hours difference in time zone from LA so games start at 11:10 P.M. or so here for west coast games. As you mentioned I read that Meloan is lights out. Has been protected this year but will be turned loose next year. Kuo is intriguing after his five good starts at Las Vegas. I liked his K/BB ratio.
    I think Greg Miller is still on the Dodger drawing board or he would have been traded especially since he is a left hander. Someone mentioned Mark Alexander is 25 and still at AA. However he was only drafted in 2004 so also has an upside. He has excelled at AA. I BELIEVE IN BLUE.


    andy laroche had hurt his neck/shoulder, but it wasnt serious, in his first at-bat back he hit a bomb, so i can imagine hes ok.. well at least i hope. hope to see him here starting friday! hey euhlman, its like the complete oppsite for me, i’m lucky enough to live in los angeles, and my dad has season tix, so i see them live every night.. i admire ur love for this team, u my friend can call ur self a real dodger fan..



    Nate-lori – 10 isn’t bad. My whole live experience has been 5 games at Dodger Stadium in 1985, 4 at Vero Beach in the eighties and two at Olympic Stadium in Montreal in the late eighties.
    Lived out my fantasy in ’85 with the visit to Dodger Stadium. Thanks Ray. Go Dodgers


    10 minutes ago. David Wells pulled from his start tonight. No indication of where he is going although the betting is on SD.


    “BOSTON — David Wells was scratched from his scheduled start Thursday night amid indications that the Boston Red Sox were close to trading the left-hander to a contender. Wells’ locker was nearly empty and four cartons were stacked in front of it before the game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Reliever Julian Tavarez was picked to start in his place. According to ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney, Wells has been told he’s been traded and to wait by the phone. No team was specified, but the primary candidates remain the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers. The 43-year-old Wells has a history of postseason success and has been one of Boston’s best starters while the team has fallen far behind in the playoff race with an 8-21 record in August, the worst in the majors for the month. The Red Sox began the day eight games behind in the AL East and 7.5 behind in the wild-card standings. After battling knee problems most of the season, Wells has lowered his ERA to 4.98. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.”


    According to ESPN just now, Wells is going to the Padres. I wouldn’t have minded Wells coming here, but not at the asking price the Red Sox were demanding. Let’s go Blue!!


    Yea, we’ll see what Wells has left back in his hometown. Theo can **** it, after he turned us down to be our GM, then this ****. Two cheers for the Sox ship going down in fiery flames, maybe now they’ll try to trade Manny again.


    i am so relieved that my kids werent traded for fat-man wells.. i would have liked him on our team, but not at the cost of our future… i cant believe wat epstein was asking for, i thought that the idiot had left town?..



    Thank you Ned from a grateful Dodger nation. The price for Wells was just too high. Not only that, if LaRoche, Loney or Kemp had been traded we might have lost Ray as collateral damage. Let’s do it with what we have which is pretty good. They got us this far. They’ll take us further.Go Dodgers.


    KFWB is saying 2 players to be named later !! What the heck is that all about ?? Doesn’t sound like Theo to me !!
    Go Dodgers !!

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