Dodgers Acquire Marlon Anderson

We are just about to announce that we have got left-handed hitter Marlon Anderson from Nationals with cash considerations for rookie-level pitcher Jhonny Nunez.

Anderson, 32, is a veteran of nine Major League seasons, compiling a .264 lifetime average with 52 homers and 318 RBI. In 196 career pinch-hit at-bats, Anderson has a .296 average (57 hits), including seven homers and 29 RBI.

He was a member of the 2004 National League Champion Cardinals, appeared in four games in the 2004 World Series with the Cardinals.



    i think mr. colletti gave up to much, nunez pitched great in the rookie league, and marlon anderson is a utility player, nunez is a good young arm, and they r giving it up for anderson?.. but like i said the other day, prospects are just that, prospects…



    Hard to say Ray that a kid in rookie ball is of such great value, maybe. I think it’s a small price to pay for an experienced post season utility player like Anderson. It’s worth the gamble.

    Go Dodgers !!

  3. Dodger

    In my haste, one thing I forgot to put in the original post is that he had more pinch-hits than any other player in baseball in 2004-05.


    Me thinks Ned picked up Marlon because he has seen Lugo is not that good. Like I have said many times!

    I would of rather he had kept Ledee

    Hide and watch!!


    “Thank you Ned from a grateful Dodger nation. The price for Wells was just too high. Not only that, if LaRoche, Loney or Kemp had been traded we might have lost Ray as collateral damage”.. haha, ****.. that cracked me up euhlman..
    hey gary, everytime we trade a prospect, i get konerko, pedro, wettland, suttcliffe flashbacks, well i was to young for the last 2, but u get the idea, so thats my reason behind my questioning the trade..



    I’m totally with you Ray. I remember the day Konerko was traded. It was in the middle of a game with the Giants. But I do believe in Ned and I think Marlon will definitely help us off the bench. Like Ray says BELIEVE IN NED!!


    I just do not understand the reasoning behind this trade whatsoever. As if we really need more help from the left side of the plate off the bench??


    It’s all about timing.Our starting pitchers are not going more then 6-7 innings and I see this as a heads up move to allow one more bench player a pinch hit spot without pulling a regular bat or a defencive double switch player off the bench.Look at it as a 6th 7th 8th inning pinch hitter while keeping the reserve depth position players still availible. Maybe one of the kids will pop Hopefully but if not this is a post season move towards a deeper bench rather then go to starting pitchers to pinch hit.GM is looking forward and he isn’t looking at just NL post season He wants The AL to lose 3 in LA! GO BLUE!!!!!!


    Everytime a prospect is traded I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I have a dream of four or five homegrown starters but conditions weigh heavily against that now days.Nunez looked like a good one but that only from watching box scores. I do trust the Dodger scouting and personnel staff and expect they are quite convinced that they still have sufficient pitchers with higher ceilings in the system. -Elbert, Kershaw, Morris, etc. I’m OK with that and also expect Anderson has some tools they see as useful and complementary as part of the Dodger roster. I do like it that the word was that Ned was after Mabry and he acquires someone else. No doubt the cost for Mabry was too high.Good show on that one Ned and for keeping Ray on board. I see LaRoche will be called up and Giovanni if he clears waivers. Go Dodgers. Keep it rolling tonight.


    Ned knows what he’s doing. He wouldn’t part with any top prospects for the rental of old David Wells. Anderson will be a usefull addition. I don’t think Wells will help the Pads that much either.


    This seems to be a trade aimed at the playoffs as the Dodgers will have sufficient left-handed batters avaliable with the expanded 40 man rosters. The problem that I see is that Nunez is a pitcher who finds a way to win as is indicated by his 6-0 won lost record. Having followed the Dodgers since their first season in LA I know that pitching has been our key to winning and pitching has been our weakness since the ’90s, however, the deal is done so lets give Marlon Anderson a loud Dodger welcome and get ready for tonight’s game. Go Dodgers.


    5 points

    1) Anderson gives the Dodgers a bit more outfield depth too (20 games in the OF this year), and my guess is he replaces Mark Hendrickson on the playoff roster. Add to it that he has a .348 OBP against RHP this season, which makes him 7th best on the team in that regard (6th if you don’t count Loney), and he’s not a bad pickup.

    2) Nunez’s minor league win-loss record shouldn’t be taken too seriously. His strikeout rate was nice, and as Jon Weisman pointed out, the majors are so deprived of good pitching that you shouldn’t rule him out. But on the other hand, he isn’t even in AA yet, so time will tell how good he is.

    3) The Dodgers’ most recent draft picks look promising enough that LA may have some pitching solutions. From the LA Times’ Dodger Report:

    ‘”At this stage he’s ahead of Billingsley or Elbert with fastball command,” scouting director Logan White said. “His change-up is really good and his curve is getting better.”

    ‘Morris, 19, is pitching at Ogden of the Pioneer League, a notch higher than the Gulf Coast League, because he had one year of junior college. The right-hander has 74 strikeouts and 34 walks in 56 2/3 innings, posting a 4.76 ERA while touching 97 mph with his fastball.’

    4) MATT KEMP IS BACK! Do not forget this fact, as we’ll see more of him in years to come. He’s worked on his plate discipline at AAA (and presumably pitch recognition), and will likely show some improvements. Loney looked sharpened in his last apperance, so the future looks great. Can’t wait to see the lineup.

    5) Derek Lowe is the scheduled starter tonight, so apparently he’s ok, even after 3 innings of relief. He’s been looking particularly sharp since he got his sinker back, and the pitching matchups are favorable all weekend.


    Baseball is a game of numbers and longer term trends. By far more often than not a player playing above or below his career numbers in the middle of a season will revert to the mean of his past (barring injury, steroids, or other unusual factors). So Hendrickson is what he is, a 5 ERA pitcher. Not something else. Nor was Furcal (something else than one of the leagues best leadoff hitters) when he was slumping in April and every one was calling for him to be benched for Izturis who was 4 for 10 on the year. Similarly Lugo will be just fine and shouldn’t be benched or released as some are calling for. Everyone breath a deep breath. Coletti has been amazing and deserves support till he proves other wise on many occasions.


    Harold, you and I are old enough to remember those days and those trades, but you have to get past those days and deal with the new world. How likely is it in this day a time for a team to have any more then a few home grown winners. Facts are that in todays game, dealing with trade deadlines, wavier wires etc… A winning team is going to have to gamble on trades and some will work and some won’t. So far the majority of what Ned has done is working, after all we still have the top kids in the system and we’re in first place. AND, our roster is a whole bunch different then it was coming out of spring training !! Heck, I’m still bumed about Cody Ross !!! I really liked what I saw in spring training !! Nonetheless, Dodger management is making this year work and we have more kids contributing this year then any other year to remember !!! AND more then any other winning team today !! This year has been a dream year for me !! We’re competitive, the kids are coming up and the veterans are keeping a cool head with everything. We don’t have a bunch of self centered crybabies or manic depresives !! This year has been all about Baseball and nothing but baseball, IT”S GREAT !!!!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    I wish the Dodgers had picked up Daryle Ward instead of Marlon Anderson. But, the Nationals may have wanted too much, who knows ? Ward has a higher average, more power, a bit younger, played for the Dodgers before, and is from California.


    Scott, I remember Daryl Ward !! I also remember that he seemed very lazy, over weight, struck out alot etc… He must of gotten better since he left.
    Go Dodgers !!


    Amen on Both posts G smith didn’t Like him either. I’m a much happier fan without bradley,O perez,& weaver and am glad Toby hall took a look around him to see what a real ballclub looks like and decided to get with the program. Maddux is the Best influence I’ve every seen come to a team. Sometimes numbers look good on paper but the intangible 6th tool is what maddux and people like him bring to the game. Go Big Blue Wrecking Crew !!


    Having a team with nothing but great attitudes is a dream come true. I just can’t imagine why a player, who is making baseball’s min wage or better, having a bad day !! As the Kevin Costner movie so proudly states ” For the Love of the Game” How great is it to be able to play a game for a living. Supporting your family better then 95% of the rest of the population and having fans that want to love you ?? Wow, what a dream !!! That’s why we love the kids, because most of them still have hopes and dreams of making it !! What a great year to be a Dodger Fan !!
    Go Dodgers !!!

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