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Quite a game last night. We left here around 1 a.m. and it was truly something cool to watch. In fact, we looked into it this morning and at no point in the 116-year history of the Dodgers have they hit a leadoff homer and walk-off homer in the same game.

Lots of David Wells rumors out there and I’m sorry to say I haven’t asked Ned if they’re true or not. I can’t be of much help there. He’s got enough to do than worry about me chirping in his ear.

For the Spanish-speakers (are there any of you on here?), check out the front page feature on Maddux in today’s La Opinion. It’s very cool.

Also, check out Tom Hoffarth’s blog on the Daily News. He took advantage of the Pavilion Party Pack, which has its last one on Sept. 21. That’s all-you-can-eat Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, Cokes and water, plus your ticket, for $35. More information is here.

Lineup to follow soon…



    At the risk of jinxing it, word from the Typepad GM at Six Apart is that our comments issue once again seems to be resolved at MLBlogs. Anyone can please email me with reports of any continued spam-block filter messages should it happen again, though. Sorry for those inconveniences on this mighty fine blog.



    Everyone, Mark from MLB emailed me directly to test the site, as I was still having problems yesterday, and it’s working OK now. Thanks for all your help Mark !!
    Go Dodgers !!


    claro que ay I.T.D. que ablan espanol amigo Josh, the only thing i’m wondering if Maddux spoke espanol or had an interpreter?


    Yo tambien hablo espanol.

    I thought La Opinion only did soccer, I’m gonna have to check out the print edition at the local barber shop to believe it.


    of course theres spanish speaker here….every dodger fan has to know atleast a little …lol



    nate tu escrives el espanol como yo escrivo el ingles! pero eres fanatico de los Dodgers, por eso agarras un free pass.


    Just out of curiosity, does anyone else speak French? I’ve always wanted to bring a sign to a game to see if I can get any response from Gagné or Martin.

    Allez «LA Bleus» !

  8. Dodger

    Yo hablo espanol bastante bien, entonces yo traduce la entrevista entre Greg Maddux y Carlos Alvarado. Desafortunadamente, La Opinion no escribe mucho sobre beisbol – solo futbol. No se porque, pero estamos tratando a cambiar eso.


    Josh, tell Ned to pass on Wells, unless he can get him for something other than his top prospects. Let him go to San Diego. He won’t make them any better.

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