Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lugo, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Hall, C

Repko, CF

Hendrickson, P



    A good lineup for the circumstances – Lugo at third again to protect Betemit from his .050 average against lefties, Hall in for Martin as usual. Repko in CF this time, for Lofton’s sake, which means that Drew gets to try and chase his LHP demons. I’m glad that Ethier’s dad helped him hit left-handed pitching from an early age because we simply don’t have enough spare outfielders to swap out our all left-handed outfield every time the opposition runs a dreaded LHP at us! 🙂

    Some of the Dodgers have struggled individually against Milton. Time for the team to pick each other up today, try and chase a few long balls against Milton … play hard!


    Looks like a great lineup for another win! Regarding my prior post re: KFWB’s new HD and the 10 second delay at Dodger Stadium:
    I spoke to my friend and the quickest, easiest way to resolve this issue is for the Dodgers to set up a Low Power FM Transmitter at the stadium (at a minimal cost).

    Apparently, KFWB needs the HD to stay competitive with other AM radio stations. We can send KFWB letters of our outrage until we’re blue in the face. But the answer is, as my friend has said, for the Dodgers to step up and correct KFWB’s error and keep this tradition alive.


    Let’s break the record for wins in August, Big Blue! A question we can toss around since David Wells cleared waivers today: Would he help the rotation and they play off push? Penny, Lowe, Maddux, Billingsley, and Wells sounds like the best rotation in the NL…


    FYI – Since coming off the DL and over his last 5 starts or 34 inn’s Wells has only yielded 11 er’s. (2.92 ERA) He has a K/BB ration of 20/5 during that time. Are his best days really behind? Based on his career post season success and this being his final season would it be a bad gamble to bring in Boomer for 2 months? I don’t think so. You would essentially be aligning your rotation with 4 SP’s who have pitched in a World Series atmosphere and pitch well I might add.


    David Wells has definitely seen his best days. He might have a spurt left as suggested by jimgar73. I expect that is all the Dodgers would need. However, I am not a big fan of Wells. It seems the Dodgers were able to move some self centered guys and are better off for it. Wells has been outspoken at times and certainly comes across as self centered. Perhaps he could be tolerated for a few weeks. For me it is a tough call and I am not sure what the Dodgers waiver priority would be. In any event, I am sure Ned has his eyes glued to the waiver wire. I trust his judgement.


    Not even sure about the 40 man Gary. Depends on who would have to be left off and possibly lost. Depending on when he would be picked up he might not be eligible for post season play. Not sure when the deadline is.


    Gotta love your enthusiasm Gary… but we need to get #4 before we can get #5!! lol…

    I agree with Harold… Wells isn’t my favorite guy either. Besides, I don’t want Brad Penny to have a team-mate who could eat him under the table. Penny’s heavy enough without Wells egging him on. I’d have a beef with that. No puns intended!


    “how about mark hendrickson off of the 25 man roster for boomer”

    Let’s see how Hendrickson performs. He seems to be getting better over his past three starts.


    Braves ahead of Giants 8-2 in fifth. Big game tonight. Hope Hendrickson is on. Noticed Ryan Ketchner pitched at Las Vegas last night. Not a good outing. Delwyn Young 91 RBI now. Go Dodgers.


    We shorten to four man rotation for end of regular schedule quite often and certainly in post season play.
    I expect with Wells aboard, the fourth spot would be him or Chad. Lots for GM to think about.Kevin, that would make quite an eating contest. Always amazed that heavy pitchers can be effective. I look for the Koufax, Hershiser model.Looking forward to a great box score in the morning.Go Dodgers.


    Wells has some gas left in his (over sized) tank, but what worries me about him is makeup/influence. Do we really need a 43 year old with a big mouth who makes claims that he pitched a no hitter drunk? I’m not sure. You don’t have to look too hard in baseball headlines past to find a stupid David Wells quote. Sounds like more trouble than he is worth. Grady doesn’t need help botching media interaction. Hopefully the Padres don’t get him. Timber (Hendrickson) is a so-so 5th starter and we can get by with him. He could easily be 3-3 as a Dodger or even better with a tiny bit of luck. I think we need Kuo in the ‘pen if he can keep his walks down.


    1) The question of having the best rotation in the NL is not a matter of topping such rotations as Atlanta’s 1996 group of






    but having, frankly, any depth. The Dodgers rotation right now may be the best in the NL. Wells would replace Mark Hendrickson, and would be an improvement as long as he could stay healthy (which may not be very long). Wells also will likely retire next year, so at most Mark Hendrickson should be given up for him. Otherwise, let him go, and let someone else destroy their future for a month with a fat man.

    2) Hendrickson does not give up the long ball in Dodger Stadium, while it killed him in Tampa. Even then, he’s 0-3 with a 6.23 ERA in 5 starts at Dodger Stadium. But for the sake of being optimistic, let us remember that baseball is a team sport.

    3) If JD Drew and Jeff Kent come alive, this is not a bad lineup. Ethier will likely perform well, as will Nomar. Lugo and Hall could also make a better case for more playing time by, well, hitting the ball better. Neither has homered since becoming a Dodger, home or away, so they can’t simply blame park factors. Toby Hall has 1 extra base hit. The batting lines of these former D-Rays:

    Lugo: .254/.337/.310/.647, 0 HR, 4 SB, 4 CS

    Hall: .297/.333/.324/.657, 0 HR

    4) Aaron Sele has pitched 8 innings since his last start on August 1. I think the idea is to preserve him and let him rest up to pitch down the stretch, which may not be a bad idea for him at age 36. This could help Chad Billingsley in the long run, who hasn’t pitched as many innings in the minors, and could also mean fewer stats for Hendrickson.

    5) Jonathan Broxton is certainly prone to being overlooked, as he’s Saito’s setup man, but he has been phenomenal. It’s been said before, but Broxton-Saito are probably at least the best 1-2 punch in the NL, if not the majors.


    Wells is definitely an intriguing possibility, but I don’t think he would make a big difference. I don’t see him performing much better than Hendrickson down the stretch. We have enough old horses pitching over their heads (Maddux and Sele) Once we make the playoffs, he likely would not see a start with Bills pitching the way he has (assuming 4 man rotation). I think the only benefit would be depth….which we have with Sele. A decent relief pitcher would be better suited to our needs.



    Can you read this?


    I don’t think you’ve seen the other two posts…

    My name is Kevin…

    NOT Kris…

    Okay? Thanks…


    Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball and am a die hard Dodger fan. I just don’t understand why players need to get a day off to rest. With pre game work outs, BP etc., they work maybe 4-5 hours a day, unless there are extra innings. These are professional athletes who are paid Millions. It’s their job to stay in top condition. And so what if someone is 36 years old. I am 50 years old and work my butt off 10-12 hours a day, and I don’t get paid millions.
    Sorry if I sound bitter.

    Anyway, GO DODGERS !


    I agree, put Sele back in the rotation. He did a nice job coming in with bases loaded and zero outs.


    I hope to God this is the last start for hendrickson. How much do we need to see? 2 decent starts out of 12? he is horrid and to be honest, most soft tossing lefties are horrid. Other than Liriano, Santana, Petit, and Zito, I really can’t think of a true decent lefty. Most throw 82-88 and need precision control to be effective. Give me a hard throwing right hander with a sinker or slider anyday. Put Sele back in rotation-at least we can win when he pitches.


    Someone help me understand something. With David Ross coming to the plate, why did Nomar cut off the throw ?
    I never understand why anybody does that. You take away any chance to get the out at the plate if they don’t allow the throw to go through. What is the logic behind that decision ?


    I really really hate when Hendrickson starts. When will they learn that he’s a complete waste?


    wats wrong with nomar? i hope he turns it around fast.. and we cant lose another extra inning game, that would be disastrous…



    as for the david wells rumors, i love it.. hes better than hendrickson right now, hes had a great august, and hes fresh because he has not played the whole year… plus unlike maddux, wells is money in the playoffs.. and it wouldnt hurt that the dodgers take another player away from the padres..



    C’mon Dodgers… they’ve had plenty of chances and haven’t cashed in… Let’s get it done in the 13th!!!


    Just woke up. 3:48 A.M. here. Decided to check score. Oh man! Derek Lowe had to hit. Game in his hands I expect. Might need Mickey Hatcher to pitch. How come bunting the runner, even a pitcher to second, isn’t an option? Maybe sluggers can’t bunt today. Duke Snider had a significant sacrifice bunt in the 1955 WS final game and got on. Campy bunted right after him to advance runners to second and third. Run scored on Hodges fly ball.


    You know… This is a HUGE victory in so many ways! Where to start. What a morale boost to pull this one off. I couldn’t imagine losing two long, extra-inning games in the same week. We needed this one!

    Props to Ramon Martinez! A long, forgotten man with the .290 batting average and positive attitude in his role with this team. He’s going to be an asset down the stretch.

    And Derek Lowe! He don’t need no stinking bullpen session! (sic) Dude comes in and throws only 22 pitches for the victory. Sounds like a bullpen session to me! This one makes up for the lack of run support he’s had, and I’ll bet he still starts on Friday. Absolutely HUGE!!

    Big Blue Wrecking Crew! Now Gary… we can go for #5!!


    great dodger win. lots of good relief piching. Lowe pitched 3 great innings. martinez came thru when we needed it. is this what we needed to put us over the top? I’m suprised I’m up so late. good night.


    i just read what theo epstein wants for david wells, he wants matt kemp straight up for him.. if the dodgers trade kemp for wells, i will quit being a dodger fan… yesturday i said that i liked wells, and i still do, just not for kemp.. if colletti is insane enough to pull off this trade, we will have a new contedner in all time dodger retarded trades of all time! dont give up kemp! give up delwyn young, or xavier paul.. someone like that, but not our top tier prospects..



    I doubt Ned would give up Kemp for a one month rental of Wells. That said if he could get Wells on the cheap , he would be better than Timber the lefty.


    Come on Ray! You really think Ned would be stupid enough to pull the trigger on that one? DRJ, I think you’re right. There’s no other explanation for Epsteins’ rediculous request. It sounds very much like he’s been hitting the crack pipe lately.


    Not only would Colletti be insane for trading Kemp to get two months of Wells (he wouldn’t anyway), keep in mind Kemp would have to clear waivers and be passed up by most of the other teams in baseball. Think that’s gonna happen? Uh… no. This is just a dumb rumor. Dodgers probably have inquired about Wells, Epstein may have insanely asked for the moon, the Dodgers said, “Uh, thanks but no thanks” and probably wouldn’t do it unless it was for DJ Houlton or somebody like that.

    I hope.


    i’m all for getting fat-man wells, hes solid, and has great postseason we would be keeping him from the pads..just dont trade my kids for him.. give up delwyn young, mark alexander, dj houlton, joel hanrahan (although i really like joel)..i also hear were going after john mabry which would be a solid pick up…



    Ray – I’m not about to let Young or Alexander go, but I forgot about Houlton.

    The Red Sox still owe us a favor for Dave Roberts, so they should take Hendrickson straight up.


    c’mon patriot, i know as much as anyone does about the dodger farm system, delwyn young is solid, but no star, and alexander is already 25, and is back as AA.. we need another starting pitcher, and he would solve it.. now i would rather see kuo in there, but hes a rookie, and wells has expirence.. i would pull the trigger on a young or alexander deal for wells… and this goes against my complete believe of trading prospects, but prospects are just that, prospects..


    now, if the red sox are willing to take george muresan, oh i’m sorry, i mean mark hendrickson, well i’m all for it


    Josh, if you’re reading these, can you please pass along word that we’re all in agreement if Matt Kemp is traded we all officially renounce our Dodgers fan-ship. 😉 But we know that’s not going to happen. B and C level prospects only please. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy taking chances with the team we have now.


    I’m saying that Wells would be better than Hendrickson, but is not worth giving up a lot for.

    * Young will likely be a 4th outfielder or give the Dodgers someone in a trade.

    * Alexander was only drafted in 2004 (college pitcher), and he’s a strikeout guy. I wouldn’t give up on him.


    Little must be showcasing Hendrix a little to boost his value. He had one solid outing but still lost and his others have done little but cause us problems. The guy needs to go. Hall stepped it up last night. Atta Boy!


    Sele is better than Hendrickson. Wells may be marginally better, but he has not put spectacular numbers the last few years. Drop Hendrickon to the bullpen, make Sele our 5th starter, and we gain depth when the rosters expand in a few days. Again…..I doubt Wells would get a start in the playoffs with Maddux, Bills, Lowe, and Penny. Go after someone that makes us better for now AND the playoffs


    WHAT A GAME !!! Now all McCourt has to do is be sure these guys don’t run out of gas !! Guess that’s why we have a 76 station in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium and a farm system busting with top prospects !!

    As I said to KEVIN !!!! earlier in an email, you have to be happy for Ramon. This guy gets push into the abis and comes back to win one for the team !! I hope all of these veterans, Martinez, Lofton, Kent etc… get their wish of making it to the WS, they’ve earned it !! All year they have proven their commitment to the team. Becasue next year is going to look totally different and most of them won’t be back, it’s Evalution !! This has been one of the greatest years in a long long time to be a die hard Dodger Fan !!!

    Regarding Well’s, just say no, he costs to much and this team is firing on most cylinders. Why breakup a team for a short term fix. If Hendrickson can’t do it, try DJ or Kuo or Sele !! The rest of the team will support it a lot better then bringing in Wells !!!

    Go Dodgers !!! and as KEVIN would say !! “Now we can get #5 Gary”


    Kemp for Wells. Ned has turned down offers for the top prospects before and will now. Theo is out of his mind but why not ask for the best when teams are being a bit desperate. The Dodgers don’t have to be. I’m a firm believer that you should go home with the one that brought you to the dance.


    Kemp for Wells not even worth dabating. MK maybe the best OF prospect in baseball, it aint gonna happen!!!


    Mabry. Not much of a season but I would be willing, like to see, Delwyn Young get traded somewhere where he will not be the extra OF. A good young player. Not a superstar but many teams don’t have any superstars. Most teams thrive because of the blue collar workers on their teams. Delwyn is that. Go Dodgers.


    “i just read what theo epstein wants for david wells, he wants matt kemp straight up for him.. if the dodgers trade kemp for wells, i will quit being a dodger fan… yesturday i said that i liked wells, and i still do, just not for kemp..” from does Theo think Ned is retarded or something!!?? give me a break!!


    My guess is that Epstein is just trying to start the bidding high, and settle for something slightly less. If he started out asking for Lance Carter, that would be all he’d get.


    I think Theo think’s Depodesta or Malone are still the GM in LA. He’s a kid and still wants all the candy in the store !! Spank him and send him to his room !!!
    Go Dodgers !!!


    I’m with you Harold !! We should go with the team we have, the one got us there !!

    #5 tonight !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!

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