Three days in a row

According to Grady, this is the first time we’ll run the same lineup out there three days in a row:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Lowe, P

Maddux sent down 32 in a row last night, the most by a Dodger since Don Sutton in 1976 (33). Pretty efficient, if you ask me.

Today, we look to make it seven series in a row that we’ve won…



    i just read wat “joey” had to say, joey.. ur a idiot.. kids let this be a lesson, dont drink and type… the funny thing is that u where proud that said u wanted the dodger lineup to like like that on march 12th…ur proud over being a dim-witted fan with to much time on his hands?… and as if ur rant wasnt moronic enough, u went out of ur way to defend paul depodest?.. just turn in ur dodger fan badge right now, u have been demoted to angel fan…



    i know i had already posted that, but i had to let people know wat a ***** “joey” is.. anyways, i like the consistency in the lineup now, and hopefully d-lo can give us a strong outing..



    Just scanned the link. It shut me down getting out. Too much talk of OPS. I like a good on base percentage meaning hitters are selective and take walks but really look to good chemistry. Orel couldn’t have won the entire thing in 1988 by himself, as good as he was, without that Dodger spirit, team work, etc. behind him. Think we have some of that going now but without Orel. The GM I felt was let go too soon was Dan Evans. He put us on the road back, only to be derailed last year. We are starting back again certainly still in part because of Dan. Ned also how the parts work on a team without a laptop beside him. DePo no doubt a good baseball man but just didn’t fit with the Dodgers and their youth movement. In any event, Joey, thanks for getting our attention and helping us again to know why we are so fortunate to be TRUE BLUE. – tradition of winning, Jackie’s contribution, leading the expansion west, leading search for players in Latin America and globally, community spirited team, Sandy, Campy, Duke, Pee Wee, etc; the fab four infield, Piazza, the Davis boys, Newk, great farm system restored, super ballpark, Wills bringing back the SB to the game, unbelievable spring training facility at Vero Beach, Orel and Don, greatest fans in the world. (check the numbers even in down years), baseball’s greatest cheer leader – Tommy Lasorda, great home uniforms, the voice of all voices – Vin Scully. Need I go on. Tough to compare to Joey.


    1) Bonds is not starting, and Dodger Thoughs reports that it’s because of his back. This is actually good news for the Giants, given Bonds is getting old and is not as effective, though he still walks a lot. I’m still waiting for him to lose his balance and fall over when he swings.

    2) Derek Lowe will give a perfect example today of how the Dodgers’ changing fortunes can make a difference. His only start against the Giants this year was last month, and he got in trouble early, giving up a 3 run homer before getting anybody out. But that was July, when Lowe always slumps. August is Lowe’s month, and the team is doing much better now. Also, 5 K’s today will take him to 100 on the year.

    3) Grady put this lineup out 3 days in a row now, and I feel equally comfortable with these guys. After watching the 3-4-5 guys go 5-11 with 6 RBI, I think they’re going to keep going. That Kent was pulled early for a defensive replacement gives me some confidence that he’ll still be good today (Jeff isn’t a young man anymore).

    4) The Dodgers, we are constantly reminded, do not hit a lot of home runs. But when you can score 14 runs without leaving the yard, who needs home runs? They’re nice to have, but overhyped. What it takes for a good offense is getting on base and not making outs, which is what this team has done rather effectively. The Dodgers’ team .352 OBP easily leads the National League, and the 100 stolen bases help too (a 73.5% success rate, 5th in the NL). The Dodgers are also 4th in the league in doubles, tied for the league lead in triples, and have the 4th least strikeouts. Nothing wrong with the offense.

    5) September will be exciting. It won’t be like what Grady joked about earlier, when all the injured veterans would be activated. But with James Loney, Matt Kemp, Delwyn Young, Andy Laroche, Hong-Chih Kuo, Greg Miller, etc coming up, there’s a good bit to be optimistic about.


    I don’t argue that the team is beating up on crappy teams right now. That should indeed be what they do. However, we should have a look at how they play against San Diego and Arizona before making any judgement calls.

    Some aspects of the team’s play is worrying, I am not a fan blind to that. But I think this team certainly has the pieces to turn in decent outings.


    I like how I say “who needs home runs” and JD Drew leaves the yard in the first.

    JoeyP, you don’t have to bash the team if you’re a DePo fan. You can point out how important Lowe, Penny, Kent and Drew are, and how Martin isn’t blocked by LoDuca without making people mad. Nobody will argue with you if you say Plaschke is a *****, either.


    Just read the post on the link. Good Grief, what a nut case.
    I think “JoeyP” is really Paul Depodesta. He reminds me of the all caps guy who ranted on about how great Jeff Weaver was. What ever happened to him ?


    Griffon – I too have a bit of a concern about some aspects. However, I am more convinced than concerned that we can compete with SD and AR and look forward to winning each series. Getting the feeling we can compete with the Cards if our top three pitchers are sharp. We do have to work harder to score runs so need very good pitching. Pedro and Glavine hurting on the Mets. Patriotacts is right too. That’s more than a chunk of change with the call ups in September. Looks exciting and productive. I wonder if Alexander and LaMura will be in that group. The other aspect with playing poor teams is they have little or no pressure and always have some good players that can beat you on a given day. Nothing is easy. Go Dodgers.


    i hope that when september 1st rolls around, one of the many call ups will be greg miller, i know hes been rocky at AAA, but i think that he can really help out our club with his power arm, plus he deserves it for all hes been through the past 2 seasons.. i cant wait till my kids come up and start contributing…



    Ray, I figured you’d been drooling over the kids on the roster in September. Hopefully a glimpse of the future. I hope Miller does well and also Delwyn Young. I do think Young will be moved over the winter. I really like his work ethic and attitude. Miller is still so young I think he will make it in due course.


    Way to go Saito. Now that’s a real save. Let’s win a series in SD now. Chan Ho pitching for SD tomorrow. Go Billingsly. Go Dodgers.


    Josh, looks like they have to spring for some more ice cream since they gained a game on the D-Backs over the weekend.


    Great win Today Team I Like the Early lead and consistant approach. Ever since Maddux Came aboard the team seems to be trying to match or one up each others individual performance and that is plain out good chemistry. Now we move on to tougher teams with more at stake gotta keep the rhythem and keep stepping up. Furcal bunts an aided dinger LOL Drew hits a Dinger Nomar follows suit i like it.

    1 thought on Kents 9th inning breakdown is that Lugo comes in for Kent for defence much the same as Repko does in center for Lofton. Just to keep everone playing and not to let anyone sit too long nor allow possible Meltdowns happen. 2 Thats a New Streak Keep it Goin Big Blue Wrecking Crew 06′!


    Joey ,Joey, Joey. What are you thinking dude? Depo was not a good GM, he was in over his head ,and it showed. I won’t even mention Lo Duca for Penny and Hee Hoo, but what about throwing in Encarnacion ,and then signing Drew for 55 mil. Encarnacion 17 HRs Drew 11. Also Encarnacion is a better fielder and dosen’t command so much salary.


    And now, introducing, Jeff Buckner!

    Wow, flash back to game six in ’86, is Jeff really that old and feeble that he just lets the ball dribble between his legs?


    “Lofton is gonna ****.
    Tomko is gonna ****.

    Nomar is gonna ****.

    Mueller will be a Paul Loduca that walks a bit more. Nothing special.

    This Dodger team will struggle to score runs this year.

    You can go ahead and laugh all you want.”


    Oh, I am laughing all right.

    Survey Says!!!!!!……

    assertion one….wrooong!

    assertion two…..wroooong!

    assertion three….wroooooong!

    assertion four……..wrrrooooong!

    assertion five………dead wrooooong!

    Wow, oldbear, you were making more predictions than Nostradamus back in March. You’d think statistics would be on your side in at least one of your assertions proving correct. Wrooong! This is baseball, JoeyP, where the 86 uber Sox can freakishly lose to the 86 mets and where the 1988 Dodgers who couldn’t even hit 100 home runs could beat the ….oh dare I say it…the 813 runs-scored 88 Oakland A’s.

    Baseball can be a very humbling sport.


    Well said gadams12 !! But I have to say any reply back to JoeyP is only feeding his sick and demented mind. He’s a lost sole to the dark side and we should just let him wallow in his own waste !!! Our true response will be the knowledge that this team has proven him wrong in every possible way !!

    Hey Charlie, any luck in getting that picture ?? They showed the flag on TV during one of the games and I just can’t wait to get a copy !! Thanks again !!

    Go Dodgers !!!

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