Pennant Race is heating up…

How much fun was yesterday’s game? The stadium was electric, Saito was superb and taking the series from the Giants in dramatic fashion made yesterday’s game about as exciting as any we’ve had all year long. I don’t think any of us can possibly describe Saito’s value to the team this year and to top it off, he’s really an awesome guy. His English is very limited, but he’s always smiling and joking with his teammates, except when he’s on the mound. That’s when he means business.

No one ever sent me the photo of the flags from up north, so I can’t post them, but I did take note of how great it looked seeing the Dodger flag high atop AT&T Park.

Going back to my theory the other day that the NL West isn’t as bad as everyone says it is, it’s no longer even the closest race in the Majors. The Central is separated by 2.5 games but as we all know, with six weeks left in the season, a lot of things are still very possible. No one is printing playoff tickets just yet, but for those of you who are season ticket holders, be on the lookout for information very soon about buying yours in advance, as this is the time that all teams that are still in contention start to send out invoices.

Also, if you want a chance to chat with Andre Ethier, tomorrow is the day at 2 p.m. PT.

I have to give a shout out to Seth Amitin, who won the Daily News columnist contest on the newspaper’s web site. He’ll get to spend a day in the press box at Dodger Stadium and he’s done some very nice work over the past few weeks. I also have to admit that he’s the younger brother of a friend of mine growing up, but fortunately I had nothing to do with the voting or the contest at all. Still, it was a neat idea that the Daily News came up with.

If you’re near a TV today at 3:40 PT, Julio Lugo will be on ESPN News and tomorrow, Andre Ethier will be doing the same at 3:40 PT. Just a few of the countless requests pouring in these days to talk to the boys.

Finally, a book recommendation for anyone looking for some late summer reading. I recently borrowed Anderson Cooper’s "Dispatches from the Edge" from Grady Little’s wife, Debi, who had first loaned it to bullpen coach Dan Warthen. It’s a very quick and interesting read and I’m almost halfway done after picking it up on the plane yesterday from the Bay Area. Though this book has nothing to do with baseball, there are some real similarities in his life as a news/war correspondent and those of us who work in the game.

While none of us have seen the horrors and tragedies that he has in his lifetime, and baseball is absolutely nothing like a war zone, it’s the constant pace of life that ties us together. In the book, Cooper writes: "I sometimes believe it’s motion that keeps me alive…I tried to settle down back home in Los Angeles, but I missed that feeling, that rush. I went to see a doctor about it. He told me I should slow down for a while, take a break. I just nodded and left, booked a flight out that day. It didn’t seem possible to stop."

One of these days, life will slow down, but I hope it’s not until the end of October and there’s a parade that caps it all off.



    Josh, being in business for myself for nearly 20 years I know the feeling. The biggest concern I have is business slowing down to a point where I can’t fill up my time. It’s called being compulsive !! My wife thinks I’m crazy but it’s what keeps me going. The rush of making that next deal or overcoming that major problem is like an adrenaline rush !! An “A” type presonality will thrive on it and any other type will have problems with it. It takes a hard driven individual who isn’t affraid to put it all on the line that can keep it all in perspective. Otherwise it can drive you to drinking etc… I can see why many individuals ( ball players ) etc.. can fall victim to the problems associated with the rush !! I think most sports figures have a major problem when the fast life ends and the everyday life begins. Sports in general at all levels needs to take it into account on what their creating, another Daryl Strawberry or a productive, positive influence in our community.
    Go Dodgers !!!


    Josh, if you could, please fill us in on the injury status of top 3B prospect Andy LaRoche. He had to leave the game in Tacoma on Saturday and didn’t play on Sunday. I’m a bit concerned, since he recently returned from a slight labrum tear.

    Thanks in advance.


    Time to beat our sisters down south! Go Dodgers!! Billingsley stay ahead throw strikes! Josh thanks a bunch for the espnnews I will defitnetly tune in! Andre Ethier has officialy become my favorite baseball player! He needs to win the ROY no one comes close!!!!Go Dodgers!!!


    I had the same problem on Friday night breejm had. I snapped a couple but the wind was playing havoc with the flags. I will probably catch some more games at AT&T this year, including the Dodgers series at the end of september, and if i can get a good shot I will definitely send it to Josh. Lets just hope the Dodgers can keep on top of this division.

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