Nomar's back

Nomar has been activated and is starting at first base tonight. The lineup has four shortstops in it (including Repko, who started there in the minors), with two others, Betemit and Martinez, on the bench. Against the left-hander, we’ll send out:

Furcal, SS

Lugo, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Repko, CF

Lowe, P


I like this line-up Nomar,Drew & Kent in the middle.


Lets hope Nomar is 100%….

why is betemit out? the lineup should be:

lugo, RF

Nomar 1b

drew cf

kent 2b

ethier lf

betemit 3b

martin c

lowe p

what’s wrong with that? why is repko in the lineup? i don’t care if a lefty is starting! toy are going to face them in the postseason right?

Grady should have fun putting 5 infielders into 4 positions every day. Glad Lugo has a good attitude. The roster is as strong as it’s been in many years now, all of the bench players could be starters on other teams. The rotation is strong and the patchwork bullpen is working out okay.

i like this lineup, hopefully nomar comes back in a kent style, so does anyone know if we got anything in return for ricky ledee?


I like this lineup a lot. I know Betemit has been doing fantastic, but I am happy to have Lugo’s glove in there. And, hey, don’t mess with Repko. I want Jason to get as much playing time as he can. I am scared he may not be around next year, even though he is a true hustler.

GO DODGERS!!make it a dozen!I love what Little is doing keeping everybody fresh. No team plays harder than the Dodgers that’s all grady!GO BLUE!!!!

Matt, you’re right on the money. Drew in CF allows the team to field the best possible lineup IMO.

I’d much rather have the bats of Lugo/Betemit in there as opposed to Lugo/(Repko or Lofton) or Betemit/(Repko or Lofton)

Im going tonight!


sitting right behind Home plate ..lodge level

lets go for 12!!!

Go Blue!!

Go Nomar!!

Watching the Mets-Padres game right now, with Piazza catching (caught stealing 9% this year) Mets are running every time they get on first- regardless of how many outs, who is hitting, who is on base etc… and every walk/single is ending up in scoring position. Hope the Dodgers with our speedy lineup do the same when we pay the SD. Piazza can rake- but we have to take advantage of his D. For some odd reason we really don’t seem to match up well against the ‘Pods… maybe this could help. Mets looking looking strong- today we take 1st place?!

Someone was asking about what the Dodgers may have gotten for Ricky Ledee. SI states that the Met offer in a trade with the Dodgers was so meager the Dodgers simply waived Ledee with nothing in return.

“the Dodgers simply waived Ledee with nothing in return.” = more money. smart move.

wonder what that waiver ad looked like?

FREE to a good home 1 Ricky Ledee likes to sit on the bench and doesn’t need much salary.Can play a few days a week if need be but 1 ab a night is preferred.

Betemit vs. Left 36 54 5 11 1 0 2 11 4 20 0 0 .204 .259 .333 .592
vs. Right 80 181 30 56 17 0 10 24 18 46 3 1 .309 .372 .569 .941

Come on Nate, he didn’t start Betemit because his number against a left-hand pitcher is not that good and should sit against. Don’t start with Repko please. He’s hitting .316 aginst lefty and of course Grady is going to let him play.

Repko vs. Left 15 32 8 10 1 1 3 8 6 5 1 2 .313 .436 .688 1.123

vs. Right 33 57 7 15 3 0 0 4 4 11 8 1 .263 .323 .316 .6

actually that’s .313 not .316.

Where is Patriotacts with his five points? Miss those.

Mike Piazza homered twice against Mets so far tonight off Pedro. Still can hit even though he can’t throw well although he has throw out one of three. Seventh inning 4-2 Mets. Reds have caught Cards 6-6. Beat them 10-3 last night. Maybe Reds swept by Dodgers not so inept.

Hey Spike that’s where my seats are 105 P. The folks we split the season with are going tonight, I’ll be there tomorrow night !! Look me up.

You got the numbers Gilette21, I’m with you, Repko as much as we can !

Regarding Drew in CF, sounds good, great arm, but having him learn a new position might screw up an already difficult time at the plate, as well as increasing the chances of him getting hurt even more than he does now !! RF is where he belongs !!

Padres losing 2-4 in the 7th, Go Mets !!

# 12 is coming and so is 1st place !!!

Go Dodgers !!

Regarding Drew in CF, sounds good, great arm, but having him learn a new position might screw up an already difficult time at the plate, as well as increasing the chances of him getting hurt even more than he does now !! RF is where he belongs !!

If you remember last year with M Bradley and the fight for CF drew really wanted to play there because he felt it was easier on his legs not so much slamming on the brakes for the wall on line pop ups. That is actually his natural spot.

Total as LF 33 19 182.0 44 39 3 2 2 .955 2.08 .927 — — — — —

Total as CF 215 178 1575.1 468 443 15 10 6 .979 2.62 .885 — — — — —

Total as RF 646 598 5176.0 1300 1244 33 23 4 .982 2.22 .906 — — — — —

He has plenty od experience in CF

Its almost funny how every day the lineup is posted, people come in and comlain about a certain player. Usually its Lofton or Lugo, and now its Repko – a guy we were all wondering why he wasn’t in the lineup a week ago.

The fact is Grady has lots of options now that everyone’s healthy. Betemit probably wont see another lefty, and Lugo will probably see some time in the outfield. Hey, its a good problem to have!

I expect to see Drew get the day off tomorrow, and I love Loney’s bat right now, hopefully he sees some time in the outfield as well.

Let’s go, team, and win the games we can win. That’s what Penny said, isn’t it? Our August stretch is against mostly managable opponents, unlike the 1-13 stretch against tough opponents like the Cards, so August is the time to keep the eye on the ball and gain as much ground as possible. Go Blue!

Great lineup tonight! Let’s keep the streak alive with a rejuvenated Derek Lowe…

Gotta believe in Blue!

Yes fisher928, I do remember the Bradley conflict, but that was also when Drew was ?? healthy !! Given his history, I think covering more ground equals more break downs !! Not to say that he wouldn’t do it or that he’s not good at it, I just think he’s less challenged in RF and can pay closer attention on that missing swing of his.

Padres lost !! We are officially tied for first and going for sole possession !!

Go Dodgers !!

What happened to JD?

What’s up with Drew now ??? They just pulled him for Looney !!
Down 1-0

Go Dodgers !!

Hey…I love these boys, but Drew tonight…hang nail?

thats just great, now jd is hurt.. i hope i’m jumping the gun here..

BELIEVE IN J-LO! (once again, sorry for that one)


I, with most of others, are feeling a lot of anger…..let’s just hang in with these bad boys. We always have. That’s what makes us ….us. GO Dodgers!

well i guess joel guzman is out of his slump, he hit 2 bombs last night.. i said it when it happned, and i’ll say it again, this move has paul konerko written all over it… i hope it doesnt turn out to be that way… does anyone one else hate brad hawpe?.. it seems like everytime he plays agianst us, he mangages to be right in the middle of everything.. is it me or has it always been that way?.. a player that always has the dodgers number, i.e., jim eisenrich, ken caminitti, dante bichete… and not to mention barroid… well, hope some new karma is on the way..


J.D. left with a mild strain of his left quad. He’s day to day.

Thanks Josh for JD update. Lets hope Looney can step up !! Ray, I saw Guzman in spring training and he surely can hit bombs, but his D is subpar and he’s a big strike out and I don’t see him hitting for average in the bigs !! I like the trade, the Dodgers wouldn’t of had a position for him. He’s better off where he is and so are we.

Tied going to the bottom of the 8th !!

Go Dodgers !!

i like the trade for that reason, because he was blocked here, but i still think that an ubber prospect like himself should have gotten more than just lugo, but at least we have a chance at 2 draft picks…c’mon guys, get those rally hats on!


Tough game, Dodgers!

Leaving the bases loaded from 1 out really was the killer.

But all good things … 🙂

I agree, that 8th inning really took the wind out of our sails. Tomorrow we start another streak !!
Go Dodgers !!

Hey Josh, Steve Dilbeck is a real piece of work !! He likes to dish on people but gets real insecure when someone gets back in his face !!

Go Dodgers !!!

I’ve always been told I’m way too face value and not politically correct so here it goes….

I know that the Dodgers are a foundation for the city/Co of LA and try to contribute back to the community but People who are sick and dying are depressing and children who are really pull on the heart strings. Why go visit them in the heat of the season while on a 13 year high winning streak?It has to be a great High for the kids but if they follow the game that close to know that the team is this hot and comes to see them it has to be as a huge letdown that they went back out there and blew the streak…That part of the day aside.I know that when Star players come off the DL they play However the wagon was fixed and scoring 7 runs a night. then Kent came back and we still won with fewer runs then Nomar comes back and the wagon only has Lowe’s Deep Shot to Center to score on…I Have been one of the biggest Repko fans but only when Lofton wasn’t hitting well and balls were flying over his head regularly . His bat Has been Huge through the streak and was 14/36 with 2 triples and a dinger.With no errors and snagging everything hit near him.Loney is just sick now at first with a bat to boot.Lugo tonight However might have cost the game.Just a bit too aggressive on the base path and thats a fine line but he got called out both times and it was dead to rights outs.Bottom line is that Nomar is not 100% and should not be playing if he can’t give it all he has everynight just because he is Nomar and Grady needs to realize that stars are only Stars if they perform like stars with all of their God given ability.We Had all the Holes filled with Hungery eager Players who are firing on all cylinders and we don’t need misfiring players playing Just because they have been reactivated.Can’t get lulled back into that NL west Doldrum scene again. This Team Has The Tools and the Talent to Take The NL to the Next level if given the Chance.Frankly if Repko still has options open I’d like him to go down to AAA and get some playing time in and bring back what I know he is capible of.While Kenny is swinging Hot Lumber and fielding well I like him in CF. Nomar still ouchie? Play Loney he is Kickbutt 1st with a bat to boot.Betemit at 3rd.Ethier….best thing de podesta did was get milton bradley and antonio Perez so we could snooker the A’s for Him…Everyday he wants to play the outfield let em play!Furcal… Wow Tonight was a first as a dodger ‘I think’ for him and he looked good laying down a perfect bunt single!Every Leadoffman should be able to do that and he finally tried and looked good doing so.Lugo makes the play at 2nd that kent misses if drew is hurting yet again play ethier Lofton and Repko and I’m fine with betemit furcal lugo loney and Martin.

in Closing to this Rant I’d like to say that this team has a very High ceiling but also has the opportunity to crash and burn at the same time with the way its managed. Gotta stick with what is working and get away from what was done in yesteryear by individuals its a team and you have to play the team that is getting the job done.Make the Veterans who know how to get it done show why they have to play instead of throwing everyone in a mixer and see how it comes out.

Take it for face Value and I hope someone sees the good points. Go Blue Make it 1 in a row…

Frustrations and ulcers like only the Dodgers could provide. Outstanding job by Kent going after the first pitch with the bases juiced and popping up to 2nd base. Then Ethier right after him was just as horrible, swinging weakly at a 2-0 pitch… But the award of contributing most to this loss has to go to Julio Lugo, who may have felt the aura of Jackie Robinson when he tried to steal home, then most likely felt the spirit of Jose Offerman when he couldnt get in front of the ball hit by Hawpe. Weak! I dont want to hear you brown-nosers talk about how they just won 11 straight. Time is starting to tick, and the bottom line is we need to win, especially against a team like the Rockies, and especially a game that we shouldve won. I feel for you D-Lo, you pitched your culo off.

Lugo ran the bases like a clueless man and in a low-scoring game baserunners is precious – getting picked off first and caught stealing home is not good. What happened with the missed rundown?

Well, the streak had to end, that it ended after Lowe busted himself trying to let the team win and ended up taking the loss, is bad.

Though by that time we were dead anyway, because this team can’t win extra inning games or score in the ninth inning. ( 0-6 in extra inning games and sure we have scored a little bit in the ninth, but not much ). Rockies have only lost one extra inning game, so they have the guts to win the game late, we seem to lose our heads 🙂

Never mind all that, hopefully this can be a wakeup call and not the start of another streak of bad play. Up and at them, Dodgers! I had a horrible feeling you were going to let the Rockies share this series. Please don’t do that!

Lugo is the man who gets pinned with this one. I hope Grady has a good talk with him. I love Lugo’s heart, but sometimes you can flat out run yourself out of an inning. First and third, with one out? Loney at bat? 1-run game? Just not a good time to do it. Yes the throw had to be perfect… which it was… and we’d all be praising Lugo today if the throw was high or something… but he needs to stop trying to do it all on the bases. Have faith in the bats behind you. Stealing of home only happens a couple of times a year… so it’s really a bad gamble.

And why did Grady HAVE to pinch-run for Kent? This would have meant that Kent would be covering second in the ninth… and I’m guessing here… but I think Kent would have come up with that ball.

It’s so easy to second-guess from where we are, isn’t it? : )

Believe in Blue! Let’s start another win streak today!

BTW… Wilson Betemit had started every game of that win-streak. Last night he was rested. Hmmm… : )

yes it is so easy (and enjoyable) to second guess after a loss, esp when it snaps a 11 game streak, at home, with bases loaded in the 8th!

not sure why grady would risk weakening the defense at 3b and cf with two players who haven’t been there at all this year – esp lugo. what is lugo suddenly jeter or a-rod that we have to get him in every game, no matter the position?

of course, just the night before the dodgers hit into five doubleplays and win the game – go figure. that’s how it is in baseball

watched the pads and mets the last two nights, and san diego is brutal, at least on the road. this team does have pitching and defense, but their offense is brutal – at least on the road.

and i agree with an eariler thread about piazza. still has a bat, but his defense is just awful (though two of his measly throw outs was furcal, remember?).

they still are the team to beat in the nl west, but i don’t know why – maybe because they just seem to own the dodgers.

Little is not the brightest star in the sky. He started the lineup that lost 8 straight games minus Lugo. He should be playing the lineup that won most of those 11 games. Betemit has 3 hits the night before and sits because he needs a rest or dosen’t hit lefties well? That seems strange, David Wright dosen’t need rest, or Scott Rolen Or even Adrian what’s his name? Grady has to play Betemit at 3rd Lugo at 2nd and Loney at first. Let Kent sit and pinch hit , Nomar too. Kent is having an off year and Nomar stunk after the break. Let the new guys play they’re younger and play hard.

Nice work on KROQ, Josh

I agree, why chnage a lineup when your winning. Lowe got the short end of the stick last night, he had that game won. The lugo mishaps and that 8th inning is where we should have put that game away. All that said it’s one game and not the season. We have to remember what caused that 13 game losing streak and what contributed to the 11 game win streak !! It all comes down to attitude and confidence !! If we get down becasue of one game, it could cost us many games !! No team is perfect !! You have to appreciate the fact that these guys are working their butts off and not everything is going to work, that’s baseball !! So cut’em some slack and believe in the Blue tonight !!!

BTW, fisher928, regarding the hospital visit, might I remind you of a moment in time when Babe Ruth hit 2 for that kid in the hospital !!! Baseball and baseball players have a moral obligation to give back to the community and the appropriate time for that to happen is during the season when the community can witness it and join in. Doing it during the off season may be better for the individual player, but the people it benefits the most deserve it when it counts, during the season !! and year round !!

Go Dodgers !!

Good points on shifting the position players around – in a game that is about perfection, it is asking much to shift guys in the field – all the substitutions and position shifts late in the game disrupted the flow.

Lugo needs to calm down – playing for a contender means doing the stuff that got you noticed and traded, not suddenly trying to step it up and then dropping the ball. Lugo’s been a disappointment so far, watch out team that will give him his huge free agent contract, it looks like he needs seasoning when it comes to playing big games.

fleigel, please explain the logic of benching Kent and Nomar (who have both had long and very productive careers) for a rookie hitting .270 who hasn’t hit a HR in the majors in 20-30 games???? Frustrating loss, I agree, but lets not get carried away. You can’t go benching/setting your line up on a few games worth of results…. it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

So far Lugo has been a big disappointment. I hope we didn’t panic and give up Guzman for this.

OK, it was a little ragged. No team I know of has ever won them all. Should have won, but…. The good part is it looks as though Lowe is back on track, which of course we will need to make a run at this. Two more games to win this series with. This Sunday ESPN is finally showing someone besides the Sox and Yanks, so I’ll get to see the new edition. I get the feeling that by the end of the month Blue will have put themselves in a good spot for the stretch run.

they played hard and didn’t get the breaks. lugo made some mistakes but that’s bound to happen. he’s playing a position that he’s not used to. he plays hard and has a great attitude. can’t fault him for that. pitching was great and there were some amazing defensive plays before that inning.

we just went on a huge winning streak!!! celebrate the positive things and let’s hope we start another win streak tonight…

In baseball even if you are the best team you lose games 35-40% of the time, it’s not a sin to lose a baseball game. We’ve won 11 of 12 (.917%) so be happy with that. Also, be happy that we’re in a division where we still have a great chance to play baseball in October. Did last nights loss stink? Of course! However, the Padres just lost so with a win tonight we take the division lead! Forget yesterday and take the series and the division lead tonight!

I think I was misunderstood. I love Kent and Nomar as players and you can’t argue with their career stats, but if I were managing, I would play the hot hand. At least until they cooled off. Also Kent is not having a good year, there’s no getting around that, and Nomar did nothing after the break.

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