Toughest Day of the Year

This is always one of the toughest days of our year. Yes, the team has an 11-game winning streak, something that hasn’t happened since I joined the club back in 1995 (the last one was in 1993). However, that pales in comparison to our trip to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. In about half an hour, I’ll head over there with Rafael Furcal, Russell Martin, Chad Billingsley and Frank McCourt, where they’ll spend some time with the kids who are dealing with more than I can possibly imagine.

I’ve been fortunate enough to accompany the team on several hospital visits each of the past few years and to say it’s a reality check is a serious understatement. No matter how good things are going on the field or even if we were in the midst of an 11-game losing streak, this always reminds me just how fortunate me and my family are to be healthy, let alone earning a living in the game of baseball.

You might recall T.J. Simers writing an incredible piece when Eric Gagne went to Mattel Children’s Hospital a couple years ago and I’m sure we’ll have some TV crews there today if you want to see some of the footage from the visit, but I can vouch for all of the players I’ve gone with to these hospitals – it’s a humbling, eye-opening experience for them, too.

There will be more on the game later today and of course, there’s plenty of great stories out there today about Greg Maddux’s impact on the team from Bill Plaschke (LA Times), Steve Bisheff (OC Register), Jim Alexander (Riverside PE) and Mike Waldner (Daily Breeze) as well as a well done, tongue-in-cheek column by Steve Dilbeck (Daily News), who wrote the team off two weeks ago and has watched them go 11-0 ever since.


Best of Luck Josh !! It’s a great thing you guys are doing for the kids.

I read Steve Dilbeck’s article and gave him a blast for being so negative.

12 would sure be nice and this team has the right approach to do it !!

Go Dodgers !!!

Good article about the recent Dodger winning streak:

Good article about the recent Dodger winning streak:


I didnt care for thew article

Among other things, Baseball Toaster ( had this to say:

“Oh, and a quick message to the scoreboard folks – calling Andre Ethier “Andre the Giant” after a big at-bat doesn’t work for me. I mean, I know what you’re going for, and I’m not the most militant San Francisco Giants hater, but that’s just putting the wrong image in my head.”

I couldn’t agree more.

How about Awesome Andre? Going to the childrens hospital is a great thing to do and it does remind one that there are more important things than baseball. But not many.

Well said fliegel. Going to the children’s hospital is a wonderful thing to do and certainly gives us all a reality check. However, you are right. Baseball is important in it’s own way to many of us. Helps out when life’s other difficulties creep in. I didn’t like the article mentioned by trapp76. I know the Dodgers have not been playing the best teams in the world. Who in the National League is regularly? Only five teams are above .500 – Mets. Cards, Reds, Padres, Dodgers. However, there is a differnce. We are winning games we lost before, the starters are doing a good job and relievers, hitting is timely, defense is great. We are still playing big league teams and all teams have good players who can beat you on a given day. No doubt we aren’t the Mets or Cards but that was not the goal anyway this year. It was to regroup and be competitive in the division and start building a winning attitude. The Dodgers are a work in progress, not a finished product. Every team to compete has to beat the weaker teams. Not only that, once you get to the play-offs anything can happen. Remember ’81 and ’88, both championships that weren’t supposed to happen.

The article doesn’t point to an easy schedule as the entire reason for the Dodger streak (it also points to the performances of certain players as well as specific roster moves made by the front office)……..but the easy schedule has played a part. Nobody can deny that if you’re analyzing things objectively.

Thanks for the reality check Josh.

BTW, did anyone else notice the funny little hop that Russell Martin took after he rounded third base last night? It kind of looked like a hamstring twinge. I was worried, but obviously he finished the game.

While the players are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, these kids are fighting for their lives.

Hopefully they will brighten these kids’ days a little bit.

Can’t help but agree with fliegel and eulman. A trip to the children’s hospital is bound to help keep things in perspective. I don’t think to many people in Beirut will feel sorry for us the next time Blue takes a loss.
It’s also true we are not the Mets or Cardinals but we could be. As in ’88, one swing of the bat and everything changes. That’s just one of the things that makes this such a great game.

Today’s lineups??? Where will Nomar bat in the order, etc.

very stupid article, i am not saying the dodgers are going to win every game they have left this year, but the dodgers are def playing a lot closer to their potential, and that is what this winning streak is about, they got the spark and they are playing up to their abilities. out of the gate from the all star break, they didn’t perform anywhere close. so as for trapp whatever ur s/n is, and the writer of the article, it’s going to be about if they come anywhere close to their abilities, if they do, they will be competition for any team

The Mets and Cards have been beaten this year and maybe we can beat them the next time we play them. Remember every dog has his day and ours just might come along very soon.

trapp76. You are right. However, I am usually not too objective when it comes to the Dodgers. Srarted following them in 1952 and it has been a love affair ever since so at times I don’t see both sides of the story. The schedule for the rest of the season is quite favorable also. Only three games with the Mets. I’m predicting we take two out of three from them.

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