Busy day around here. It seems like when we’re winning, every media outlet under the sun wants to talk to one of our players, coaches, front office staff or even PR hacks like me.

Serious props go out to the Kamenetzky brothers for finding a way to work into their blog the Saved by the Bell episode when Jessie Spanow gets "so excited." I’m not really sure what that has to do with the Dodgers, but they get my nod of approval.

Some notes from today’s game notes:

A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING – Julio Lugo made his first appearance at third base in the Major Leagues last night, starting at the hot corner. His last game played there was in 1997, when he played for Houston’s Single-A Kissimmee. Lugo has now played second base, third base, shortstop and all three outfield positions in his big league career.

THE BULL HITS STAPLES TOMORROW – Dodger reliever Jonathan Broxton will be signing autographs at the Staples in Glendale tomorrow from 12-1.

PLAYING RIGHT FIELD – James Loney made his big league outfield debut last night. Loney made three starts in right field for Triple-A Las Vegas from May 13-15 and went 7-for-11 with a homer and seven RBI vs. Nashville. Today, the Dodger organization named him its Minor League Player of the Month for July, the second consecutive month he has been honored. He hit .371 with three homers and 18 RBI in July.

Today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF (somehow we just noticed his 13-game hitting streak is alive)

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Repko, RF

Billingsley, P


i’d like to see james loney in right field, to see if he can hanle it..other than that this is a pretty solid lineup.. and drew better be hurt, because if hes missing a game because of a hang nail, or a toothache, or something moronic like that, i’m gonna be pissed, this guy is being paid a lot of money to be out there.. i have no more patience for him, when hes not hurt, hes in a slump, i hope hes not on the team next year..


so what’s the word on Nomar I heard one of the L.A. Times writers say that he didn’t look to good yesterday, I hope they (training staff) know what there doing.

Let’s start a new winning streak

I guess this means JD is hurt now. Day to day = not today

Day to day with Drew means maybe a month.

I don’t feel that nomar should be in the lineup if he can’t go 100 0/0. put one of the younger players back in.

Grady has been very patient with JD, but as Nomar said, this time of year everyone is hurt. JD needs to get out there and stop nursing these small twinges, very frustrating…
Padres lose again, so a second chance to return to first place.

few thoughts on JD

1. He is second on the Dodgers in games played (Furcal).

2. He is probably already playing somewhat hurt- I dont think he has ever been so powerless in his career in terms of HR/AB.

3. Still valuable b/c of high OBP, but maybe a week off would do him some good… its dissapointing, but all I really care about it winning the NL West right now- maybe he can get his power groove back for a September run.

JD’s production has gone by the wayside ala Shawn Green. Difference is Shawn can stay healthy enough to play everyday.

If JD is gonna still be hurt through the Giants series the smart move would be to call up Kemp or sign Eli Marrero once he is waived. Don’t like the ideo of Loney and Lugo as the only reserve outfielders.

Yea, 15 day DL might not be a bad idea… good call on Green. Both had bad shoulders preceding the power outage. Drew looks like hes got a knee problem too- we have all seen it in his off balance front legged swing…. I have a suspicion Kemp might just be around regardless when the playoff roster is set (aug 31st). Speaking of which, anyone know if Seele is on the 25 man roster? Seems like we have had a quasi-dead weight player on there all year. Not sure he has been in a game in a while.

JD and Shawn both left handed right fielders with similar power but shoulder and nagging injuries abound for them.

DBacks rumored to move Shawn before the 31st deadline but I doubt they let a division rival like us taken him.

If JD Drew were a boxer, he’d be labled “glass jaw”. He’s got another boo-boo I guess. I’m just tired of watching him swing through pitches with that exaggerated follow-through of his… almost like he’s posing. For what? The cover of the AMA Orthopedic Journal?

If JD goes on the DL, we will miss Ledee.

I believe JD’s power numbers are down because of his shoulder.

PS…JD throws right handed and bats left. He is a right handed right field. Who bats left. But we get the point.

Not to be picky or anything. 🙂

Repko – Gotta Pick it up dude.

Either way, last night’s loss is on Grady. WTD was Biemel to go up against Hawpe in the 9th???

Critical error by an overwhelmed manager.

^**** not WTD

This blog could use an edit feature.

Neither Nomar or Kent look right. Nomar not even close.

You know…

I’m sitting here pondering the kids that have come up this year… and I’ll tell ya, it’s really refreshing to see what’s been taking place. I’ve been watching Dodgers baseball for many years, and never have I seen a group of talent like this come up at one time that have had the PATIENCE at the plate that these kids have. I don’t know who deserves the credit for the hitting philosophy down on the farm, but of late, the talent we’re seeing now is so much superior when it comes to waiting for “your pitch” to hit… in essence, teaching what takes years to teach young talent: making the pitcher pitch to the hitter.

It really is refreshing to see guys like Ethier, Martin, Loney, Kemp, Aybar, etc. come prepared to step in at the plate and contribute. And nobody’s doing it better than Andre Ethier right now. The experts talk about waiting until the league catches up with his tendencies… well, we’ve waited for almost three months now and the guy is still hitting gappers and line-drives over the first base bag for extra bases. And Martin… the guy acts like he’s played in the league for 10 years! What hitters these kids are! And the knowledge of the game they possess at this point in their careers is truly astonishing.

I can say this because it’s been a long time since any one group of talent has been called up and have been able to help out so quickly. We’d be in a heap of trouble right now, especially if not for Ethier and Martin and the way they’ve cemented themselves in the lineup. Relish in these times my fanatical brothers, because it don’t [sic] happen all too often!

BELIEVE IN BLUE! And yes… BELIEVE IN RAY’S KIDS TOO! Let’s start another winning streak tonight!

i could not agree more kssparkuhl, my kids came up prepared, and they know wat to do..and terry collins, and logan white deserve a lot, if not all the credit for their performance this year.. i could not be happier with how they have performed..


No DL for JD I guess but with that AB I wish he had!

Another late-inning tie and going by the team’s tendencies ( both ours and the Rockies’ ) this game may well be theirs now.

Oy vey, but them’s the breaks.

PLEASE don’t start another losing streak, Dodgers 😐

Repko looks pretty bad

WEll, even though the game is tied bottom of the ninth, 1 out as I write, this game is more than likely lost – Rockies are 7-1 in extra innings, Dodgers 6-0.

Well, score one now and the Rockies can’t come back like the previous 3 times tonight 😉


Got a new streak started!!!

Lofton has been $$$ the last month!

Yay! I get to eat my words!

Yummy yummy :-DD

( refer my last sentence, though, in my defense ;-D )


Shouldn’t get too down on Repko, he’s still not 100% back from that high sprain yet, and that’s gotta affect his swing and the way he runs and fields. Get down on Little if you have to for playing him.

K Lo K Lo!!!! I’ll eat words for sure!Been a big Lofton hater towards his defence all year but he is a true vet and is showing his worth for sure this month!As is Furcal!However Kent and Repko looked lost at the Plate tonight… But Ethier is the true stud rookie of the year and if he keeps up His Pace possibly Batting Champ.I’m not saying to give him A Rod $$$ but if he keeps this up and we make the playoffs and then some and his bat still does its job we have to pony up and secure him for at least 5 years. Same with Martin who is a Stud in his own right!Nomar looked ok tonight but i’d still rather see the kids move up in the lineup and older folk like him move down and see what the kids do because older good players still learn from watching and might do better Backing Hot kids rather then trying to produce for the kids to back them up.WTG K Lo and Team!!! Keep it 1st for the rest and go show SF that they own the cellar!

Wow you mentioned “Saved by the Bell”, Eric Gagne’s favorite show!

Great rally last night by K Lo and da boyz. Dodgers rule!

BOOOOOOOOO!!!! on the “K-Lo” call. BOOOOO!

Some of the posts on this thread regarding Drew are just ridiculous. Is JD Drew playing up to his 11 million dollar salary?…..nope. However, could we do a lot worse in RF?…..DEFINITELY. There are still only 3 RFs in the NL that have performed better than Drew this season (Hawpe, Abreu and Kearns barely). Thats not too shabby in the overall scheme of things. He’s also been a lot better than Shawn Green (12th best RF in the NL), a player who makes 13 mill a year that a lot of Dodger fans were actually WHINING about losing…..interesting that what is good for one player isn’t good for another.

As far as the “Plaschke” wannabes that like to call players out for “not playing hurt” and “not being tough enough”….you all need to check yourselves. Eric Gagne hasn’t pitched in 2 years because he was stupid enough to be a “tough guy” and “play through the pain”……….look where it got him. Jeff Kent tried to be a “gamer” and come back early from his last injury, when in reality he should’ve just let it heal like he did the 2nd time around, now he’s completely healed and back for the long term.

Jason Repko has missed 67 games this year as a result of his play………..yet most posters here will congratulate him for “hustling” and “being a gamer”. Well I’ve got news for you folks, you can’t be a “gamer” when you miss 3/4ths of the season. If I have a choice between Repko banging into a wall to make a catch and getting hurt as a result, or playing the ball off the wall and not missing 67 games……I know which one I’m going to choose.

I know its cliche, but a baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. If a player like Drew takes a day off every once in a while, so that he can stay in the lineup more over the long term and be healthy for the playoffs, I’m all for Grady doing that….its a smart move by a smart manager. Get off the idiotic macho ****.

The rarely seen JD Drew defense, interesting…. My feelings come down somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, but I am curious- in what way did you determine that he is the 3rd best RF? Looks like hes 9th in the NL in HRs, 5th in BA… hmmm…… Agree on playing through injury though- that helps nobody- player doesn’t get better OR perform well.

“what way did you determine that he is the 3rd best RF?”


The LA Times article about Drew is very encouraging in that I am relieved that the Dodgers and Drew realize that he is not effective as a 3, 4, or 5 hitter. Most of our dislike and ire toward Drew is that he was signed as an All-Star caliper player to bat in the middle of the lineup and drive in runs and is tying up a lot of money that he is not earning. In most professions he would have been demoted (with pay cut) or fired for not getting the job done. However, the anger and blame for this should be directed to Mr. DePodesta! Drew is playing the same as he always has except in 2004. 2004 was a fluke and DePodesta is a fool.
Hence the undeserved contract that Drew got and now we are stuck with.

I hope they finally admit the mistake and bat Drew 7th. I also would like to see him sit out a couple of weeks on the DL because right now he is not helping the team. Play Loney in RF to see how he does and bring up Kemp. They are our future.

Definitely don’t want to see Drew limp along like a wounded sparrow. If he needs to go on the DL he should. Having 3/5s of a Drew for 80 games seems worse than having 90% of one for 60. There’s other players that can give him rest.

“DePodesta is a fool.”

Interesting generalization there. I guess it was that fool that got us our two best starting pitchers (Penny and Lowe) and our cleanup hitter (Jeff Kent).

Did he make some questionable moves? Sure, but I certainly wouldn’t call him a fool, he’s no more a fool than Ned Colletti was for signing Bill Mueller, signing Brett Tomko, trading Duaner Sanchez for Seo or trading a good young catcher for Mark Hendrickson.

The point being that NO GM IS IMMUNE TO MISTAKES every now and then. You just hope that they improve the team as a whole when all is said and done without sacrificing too much of the future.

Correction, DePodesta was a fool for making that particular move. Also the OPerez move.

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