NL West

First off, here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Lugo, 2B

Martin, C

Penny, P

And, with a weekend to think about it, I’m starting to wonder why the NL West continues to take such a bad rapp. Sure, there isn’t a dominant team like there is in the NL East or Central, but to me, there just seems to be a ton of parity in the National League outside of the Mets.

Maybe it’s the East Coast bias that’s so evident in media coverage outside of California, but so many people like to rip on this division and say that it’s filled with a bunch of mediocre teams. Why is it, then, that the Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Rockies are second, third and fourth, respectively in the Wild Card race? As it stands right now, it would be hard to argue with anyone that the American League has been superior to the National League, but within the NL, there doesn’t seem to be much difference to me.

Take, for instance, this nugget from STATS Inc.

Best Run Differential – 2006 National League

             Run Diff    Record
Mets       +94          66-44
Dodgers  +45          56-55
Rockies   +19          54-56

Entering play today, the NL East had just 270 total wins, compared to 277 for the West and 311 for the Central. Sure, the East teams have to play the Mets more regularly than the other divisions, but we’re not yet in the final six weeks when there’s so much intradivisional play.

At the end of the day, I guess this doesn’t really mean much, but I’m curious to see if everyone else thinks the NL West is as bad as others think it is or if there’s just a lot of evenly matched teams.

Going for an even 10 in a row…



    josh, wats the rule on how many times a player can be optioned before they have to clear waivers?…



    it doesn’t have anything to do with how many times a player can be optioned, it is based on a players service time. if a player is under that limit, he can be optioned as many times as the team decides to. if memory serves me correctly, i think it is 3 years service time. if you are asking the question in regards to loney, he is in his first ml contract year, so he can be sent up and down as much as we like.


    Options are measured in years, not by total options.

    If a player has an option year remaining, they can be optioned and recalled as many times as desired during that year. Pro players must be on the team’s 40-man roster after their third season and then have three “option” years after that, where they can be sent down to the minors without being placed on waivers.



    With regard to worries about streaks – establishing a winning culture, winning habit, whatever you want to call it, is an important step towards being better than mediocre. The danger is going over into arrogance and expecting to win without putting in the same effort as before. But establishing an expectation to win based upon going in with the determination to give your best every time you step up, that is how to become a winning team.

    Go team Blue. There is no reason to not keep winning!

    Also curious about the roster move …


    thanks for the info guys.. i saw that jonathan meloan, and blake dewitt are now at jacksonville, i have seen meloan pitch, and his stuff is nasty.. he has a 98mph fastball, with siick breaking i’m happy that hes moving up quickly.. as for dewitt, hopefully hes our future second baseman.. hong chih kuo has been pitching extremely well, and now we have another option at starting pitching.. and have u guys seen wat clayton kershaw is doing?.. his era is 1.oo!, 42 strkeouts, 4 walks in 27 innings, yess i know its rookie league, but its still impresive… hopefully loney didnt get sent down, and maybe ledee was released,



    The “east coast bias” is sickening. If the Yankees or Red Sox were on a 9 game streak right now thats all they’d be talking about on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. Even worse is L.A. sports radio. The Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball and all you hear these nitwits talk about are the Lakers….I can’t stand it.


    don’t get me started on that (east coast stuff).

    Loney on the bench dons’t make me happy. Jeff Kent is playing 1st base so let’s hope he hits like Loney’s been hitting.


    I LOVE this lineup. Kudos to Grady for putting Lugo low in the lineup. I like Drew, Kent, and Ethier batting 3,4,5. Kinda neat that our #8 hitter has a 300 avg.

    Lets hope for a good Homestand


    Qban – I assume ur listening to AM570. That is the “Laker Station” So of course they talk about the Lakers…

    The East Coast Bias doesn’t bother me. The Red Sox and Yankees have awesome teams that are fun to watch. I just hope that the Dodgers take advantage of the underdog role!


    Josh, I think it’s MLB’s fault for the disparity. Since Interleague play started no team plays as many games against outside divisions and thus creates the separation.
    Go Dodgers !! Lets go for 10 !!


    Correct me if im wrong, but the NL East having the Mets in their division shouldn’t have anything to do with total wins. When you play intra-division one team wins and one team loses, thus every divisions record against itself will be .500. The difference in wins between divisions comes when you play outside of your division – with the more balanced, or talented divisions having the most total wins.

    Either way lets just worry about ourselves and go out there and win ballgames one at a time. Hopefully Kent continues to improve offensively, his big bat will be huge in the lineup down the stretch.


    Ray. I see Dewitt is at Jacksonville but at 3B. Abreu is 2B. Don’t know what that means? Maybe Abreu will go to AAA. Notice Las Vegas hasn’t scored a run in four games. Guess they miss Loney, Aybar, Martin, Ethier, Guzman, Billingley.


    The streak has been significant for a number of reasons. On July 26 the Dodgers were 7.5 games behind. Now 2. Secondly, the starters seemed to fall into a good rhythm. Thirdly, many players made significant contributions during the streak, a total team effort. Also someone mentioned that an attitude of expecting to win is important. Not as if it is owed because of the personnel but because the players are leaving everything they have on the field. That didn’t seem to be the case in the losing streak when all sorts of bad things happened. Now they can afford to lose a game which they will now and then without it being a disaster. I also think it helps build a confidence in the job Ned and staff and Grady and staff are doing. They took some heat when things were not going so well. They deserve some credit when things are going well. We likewise tend to forget that Josh took some heat too when he was pointing out the positives in the disastrous stretch.


    so i guess dessens is going on the d.l. …and i did see that dewitt is playing third base.. plus i heard that the dodgers are considering calling up clayton kershaw to vero beach, wow i think that might be too fast..



    I might be in the minority here, but I’d rather see Loney at first everyday. He’s hitting and getting on base plus he’s a good fielder.


    i would like to see loney at first everyday until nomar comes back, and i would use lugo as a super sub, like billy hall..and keep kent at second, but thats me..


    Seems quick for Kershaw. Maybe he will go to Columbus. J Nunez and W, Diaz both pitching really well as Gulf Coast, especially Nunez. Also really like Loney. Excellent fielder and great plate patience. Three strike outs in 60 AB’s. Sixteen hits – 7 for extra bases.


    Funny, I was just thinking today that this ‘West is horrible’ talk is blown out of proportion. I do think that it was really bad last year and some of that thought carried over. However, I agree that the fact that several West teams are in the wild card hunt proves that the teams are competitive with the rest of the NL. Also, I can’t listen to 570am for long either. Tired of the Laker talk! That’s why we need a sports station devoted to the Dodgers instead of a news station that carries their games. Please let Mr. McCourt know that that is what the fans want and that he is losing marketing opportunities Josh.


    Kent should be at first. He is the best hitter in a Dodger uniform. He has been one of the most consistent and productive run producing infielders in all of baseball over the past 10 years so missing a few weeks doesn’t mean he needs to compete with James Loney (.270 avg, 0 HR) for playing time.
    I think Loney will be a good player, but Kent the big key to this teams success down the stretch this year. Granted- Loneys defence is great, but if the comparison is Lugo(2B)-Kent(1B) vs. Kent(2B)-Loney(1B)- its about a push on defense. Grady got this right I think.


    My comment was I really like Loney, which I do. I wasn’t suggesting Grady had it wrong. A rookie who doesn’t strike out very often is fairly rare. A good sign. Possibly in time a Mark Grace type of player. Grady’s job is to field the team he feels has the best chance of winning the game. He has done that. I hope Kent is fully healed this time. He is important to the cause. I expect I wouldn’t be surprised if Loney was sent to Las Vegas for two or three weeks when Nomar returns.


    Someone help me understand this. How did the Diamondbacks get Livan Hernandez ? I thought the trade deadline was July 31st.


    I think after the trade deadline players can be traded only if they pass through waivers by all of the other teams but Arizona. If some other team had put in a waiver claim, the Nats would have taken Livan back off waivers I think.


    July 31st is the non waiver trade deadline. For a trade to happen between then and Aug. 31st a player has to clear waivers or a team has to end up holding the waiver to make the trade.


    Agree, on the whole, Loney looks great. Love the glove- guy is a vacuum at 1B. I can’t remember the Dodgers having a 1B who can pick it like him with range too…. awesome. Lets get 10!!!


    Was it the case that no team wanted to claim Livan? My understanding is he would have to clear wavers for the trade to go through- but if someone put a claim in on him they would have to pick up his rather chunky 8M salary… Anyone know?


    Okay… help me to understand because I’m confused here. I thought the trading deadline happened last week… what’s with the Nationals and Diamondbacks completing a trade today for Livan Hernandez for two minor league pitchers? Maybe I’ve not paid this close attention in the past, but I thought the trade deadline was fairly absolute until near the end of the year. Anyone?


    wow, ESPN is all over our boys and their streak. It’s about time we get some recognition, by the way… this turnaround is unreal. Penny looks like a cy young winner, and whoever Grady plugs into the lineup, they seem to find a way to contribute. If we can get Betemit going again, and get Lugo going, we could be real contenders. Funny how we were all ready to call it a season, then bam, we start mowing people down…unbelievable!!! Welcome back Kent!! Let’s hope Nomar is ready to go as well. Let’s hope Greg continues his August dominance manana. Let’s get #11!!!!


    Hi Josh:
    Can you give us attendees for tommorow’s game (Maddux) an idea of how many people you expect tomorrow, thanks.


    Wow. I am surprised at how many people don’t understand the trading dealine and waivers after the 31st.
    Go Blue!

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