Serious neglect

I didn’t have much to add this weekend, being here in L.A. while Joe Jareck was on the road with the team. Of course, while waiting for the plane to take off, Jaime Jarrin called to lobby for Joe to do the traveling on the next trip, too. It seems they’ve taken this superstition to the utmost levels, which is not surprising.

Sorry I didn’t post any lineups, but it seems the chatter was still pretty strong among you all. The weekends seem quieter anyway on Inside the Dodgers. I’m guessing most of you like to check in on this while you’re at work. Just don’t tell your bosses I condone that sort of behavior.

To answer one of the questions about Ryan Ketchner and Derek Thompson, both are recovering from left-elbow surgeries, but Ryan’s is doing much better. He’s back and pitching again with Vero Beach and earned a win the other day, I believe. Derek has not been throwing yet, though, and is still quite a ways away from what I understand. Hopefully there will be more to update down the road and I promise to post more regularly now that the team is back in town.

Let’s just hope that I don’t jinx the winning streak by doing something differently.

By the way, I wonder if Wilson Betemit thought it would be this easy in the NL West. Since he showed up, we’re 9-0.


Wow what a differance a triple triple sweep makes! Glad to see ya back Josh.I have to say this has been the best week I’ve had in a very long time Dodgers are on a Big Win Streak and I finally got out Fishing with my buddy on his Boat to capitalize on the hot Weather! We picked up a couple Dorado between Redondo and Catalina on Friday and made it back in to hear the Win via Rick Monday.Home life is Good Team Life is good and Fishing Life is back again! Great Job Team this Month looks to be Huge Go Get em! Can’t Find a Bettermitt! Go Blue!

fisher928 wrote: “This Team is so overstacked with players that have the tools to get the job done that its mind boggling to know that we are in last place.”

Somebody please write that down or print it out, and take it to the players so that they realize they can do better 😉

That is how I feel – really, this team has such a lot of good guys in it, compared to the Jasonic shambles of last year, going 2-8 is next to inexcusable. That was last year’s team, this years’ should be above .500 or the players are to blame.

Colletti has done what he could – hung on to the real blue-chippers, the guys already performing at major league level, and got some stop-gaps. This team is pretty balanced right now. Hope the players now step it up and deliver, or Colletti will be on the line for their bad performance as well as his average trade abilities.

Posted by: | August 1, 2006 10:46 AM

I’m Glad someone listens not that the team didn’t already Know this but it was said and reiterated and desired results were achieved and now in progress. I almost Wish we Had the Mets n Cards coming this week the way the team is playing! Soo Much Talent Soo Much energy and everyone is Realising the potential all at once!Rock The Rockies Go Blue!

They’ve been playing great ball with a great comeback today. But now that they’re home they cannot lose to these teams in theit division. They need to win each series. Don’t give the fans a letdown and lose 3 of 4 to the Rockies or 2 of 3 to the cheating, old men, steroid using Giants.

Ned has done a great job. The team looks good again. I only hope with Kent and Nomar coming back nothing changes. Remember you don’t mess with success!

Thanks for the updates on Ketchner and Thompson Josh.

So we are on a winning streak. Big Deal. I don’t ever pay attention to ‘streaks’ of any kind. It creates undue pressure and anxiety. The important thing is we are winning more games than we are losing.

If we get into the playoffs I think we have a very deep team who could possibly compete and advance if they are playing well.

D-Backs pick up Livan. Interesting.

We are gonna lose one soon. What we need to do is keep winning series’. Take 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4 and we will be fine. Hopefully, Nomar will come back and stay healthy for the rest of the grind. Not sure about Kent though, it seems this year will show his age, and those little nagging injuries will keep coming back. We need Drew to earn that 11 million, he needs to give us more days in the lineup. Why does a guy making that much need time off?

Word is that Kent will be activated for tonight’s game.

As I’ve said before, they need to win each series at home.

Got a quick question for Josh or anyone who might know. Is Kurt Ainsworth still in the organization and if so what is his status? I remember him being a spring training signing. he was a former 1st round draft pick by the Gnats.

As far as I can determine Kurt Ainsworth had shoulder surgery on April 5 and will be unavailable for rehab until August if at all this year. Still only turns 28 this fall so you never know but he has had serious arm problems most of his career.

Roster moving coming today correct guys. I have a random idea how about dfa on Ricky Ledee, and keeping James Loney, he has been playing outfield in the minors. We could use him as pinch hitter, pinch runner and spot starter. Just a thought.

I wonder if Josh will post the line up’s today?

9 woo!!

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