Trade deadline recap – Roy Smith

I thought I would take this time to review our moves at the trade deadline and give you a little insight as to how trades actually evolve. The two trades that the club made last Monday offered a contrast — one was made after much discussion over a number of weeks and one was made in the matter of an hour.

The Greg Maddux trade came together after many weeks of discussion between Ned and Jim Hendry, the Cub GM. Earlier in the year, Ned told Hendry that we would be interested if the Cubs decided to trade Maddux. In the ensuing weeks, the talks became more serious with actual proposals being exchanged. However, it wasn’t until about 40 minutes before the deadline that we offered Cesar Izturis. Hendry accepted our offer and after hashing out some money issues, the deal was made.

In the case of Julio Lugo, this trade was literally made in the last hour. Knowing that Andrew Friedman was having discussions about Lugo with other clubs and also that Izturis would possibly be involved in the Maddux trade, Ned called Tampa Bay and said that the Dodgers were interested and asked what the Devil Rays’ price was. The Rays asked for Joel Guzman, which was not an easy player for us to part with, especially for a player who was two months away from possible free agency like Lugo. However, after considering the depth of our system and questions as to where Guzman’s position would ultimately be, we decided go make the deal after including Sergio Pedroza.

The way these deals went down is two perfect examples of how trades get done. I would say that the Maddux trade is the most common scenario. Often a trade will start out as a general conversation months in advance of when the deal is actually consummated. The conversation may start with Ned or it may start with Kim or I making an inquiry with our counterparts on another club which gets the flow of ideas going. Many times the trade will have taken on many permutations before the actual deal gets made. The reason why there is a flurry of activity at the deadline is usually because the clubs want to exhaust all possibilities before making the final call, hoping that someone blinks and gives up what was previously unattainable.         

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Are you saying that all the D-Rays asked for was Joel and you guys threw in Pedroza just for the heck of it?

Thanks for the insight Roy…

Okay… help me to understand because I’m confused here. I thought the trading deadline happened last week. What’s with the Nationals and Diamondbacks completing a trade today for Livan Hernandez for two minor league pitchers? Maybe I’ve not paid this close attention in the past, but I thought the trade deadline was fairly absolute until near the end of the year. Anyone?

ks, you can make trades after the deadline, but the players involved have to clear waivers first. Which makes things much more complicated, because teams make waiver claims based on their records (worst gets first dibs) and it takes a lot more for a trade to work out. Rather than go over all the complicated rules, you could probably look post-deadline trade waiver rules on the ‘net and get more details. But trades can be done after the deadline – they’re just a lot harder. Assuming Livan Hernandez passed through waivers by a lot of other teams?

Speaking of which, heard rumors tonight that the Mets had claimed Ledee on waivers – does that mean the Dodgers lose him, or will trade with the Mets, or pull him back? (As you can see, I’m a little confused, too.)

Well, as for waivers, I’ll give a short rundown, if you want a long one, go to the Dodger forums, look up my post on Transactions, and its there.

Waivers work like this. We place a player on waivers and teams get a chance to claim him if they want. If no one claims him, he has cleared waivers, and can be traded with anyone for the rest of the season.

If any teams claim him, the team who is awarded the claim is the team with the highest waiver priority. Waiver priority starts with the worst team in your league and goes by record to the best team. Then the worst team in the other league all the way to the best team in the other league. We have 2 days to work out a trade with the team who was awarded the claim based on priority (and only that team) or we can choose to just let him walk, and that team assumes his salary, or thirdly, we can pull him back off waivers, but only if we havent pulled him back off waivers already this season or pulled someone else off waivers this month.

Finally, about Ledee, my guess is that he is going to the Mets based on that report. League rules prohibit information like that from leaking, for example, when we all heard Andruw Jones was claimed, we didnt know by whom. My guess is that if those reports about Ledee are correct, it is because he is headed to New York, either by trade or for nothing. I have no inside information about Ledee at all, but if he is pulled back, I’m sure there will be some problem with that information leak, as in that case it should never have been reported.

Ledee played tonight. Did this happen after tonight’s game?
If so, I would imagine that Nomar would take his spot on the roster.

Ledee……let ’em waive from the bus on his way out of town.

If Broxton (our best arm out of the pen, with all due respect to Saito) wears down at the end of the year its going to be really frustrating. Why does he keep getting mop up duty if he is the set-up man/substitute closer? !!!!! For example- he probably isn’t available today as it would be his 3rd game in a row. Stop the madness.


when you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re on fire – you’re the dodgers! this team can’t find a way to lose right now – except of course if o. perez was taking the mound tonight.

have mixed feelings about ledee. his hamstring injury and the rising young stars pretty muched sealed his fate. but why nothing in return for either cruz, jr or ledee?

and more to the point, who is the veteran left handed bat coming off the bench? lofton, lugo? maybe either or loney?

ledee was no star in the outfield, but he did deliver some clutch hits over the years, as kent had yesterday.

wish him well, though at least loney is safe.

I see that Scott Boros is upset that Brad will not give up his number to Maddux, that is a tradition is not being followed. Perhaps Boros should think of some other traditions like team loyalty rather than $11M is better than $10M. It would be a nice thing to do but not sure why it should be so. What has Maddux done for the Dodgers and what has Penny done in their careers? The one who has contributed the most and has the longest service with the team should be entitled to the number. Glad Maddux is aboard but am not interested in what Scott Boros thinks.

Kymfawn, as the illustrious Mad Dog has already stated, “It’s how you pitch, not the shirt you wear… We’re all wearing BLUE.” That’s a baseball player in its purest form. In an age where fans constantly complain about the extreme of superstars with huge million-dollar salaries and even huger egos, should we not be thankful for the rare case of the other extreme of a player that perfectly exemplifies humility, selflessness, and dedication to the game? Penny should keep his number. Dude is a freaking stud.

So since sending Odalis to the Royals, he’s gone 9 innings in his last two outings giving up 12 hits and 7 earned runs. Meanwhile, over in Dodgertown, Elmer Dessens, who was traded for Perez, is recovering from a sprained ankle.

I’ll take an inactive player recovering from a sprained ankle over seeing Odalis in a Dodger uniform any day of the week, thanks. Aaaaaaaand that’s one less Double Cheeseburger overeating Dodger off the roster.

Going to see Maddux tonight and I can’t wait.

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Tacky, yet entertaining.

Can I reiterate yet again… Colletti is a freaking genius.

Gone are Izturis (in 6 games, 5-21 with 0 stolen bases, .286 SLG%, .273 OBP), O. Perez (see above), Weaver (5-12, 6.3+ ERA in 112.4 innings), Seo (3-9, 5.3+ ERA, in 110 innings)

Izturis had no where to play!! The difference between Furcal’s and Izturis’s defense is negligible (not to mention that defense is overrated), Furcal has a slicker arm, more power (.390 SLG%), and facial hair. We have a decent defensive third baseman with more pop in Betemit (Yes, he’s hitting .250 in 8 games but check out the SLG% at .500, .436 lifetime). Yes, yes, Lugo, Garciaparra, and Kent are all aging, but once LaRoche comes up and maybe moves to third base with Betemit moving to second, where would Izturis play? Oh yeah, nevermind.. first base… where I’m sure his intimidating power will be a great fit for that position.

…No? That won’t work? How about… the outfield? Ethier, Kemp, Drew for the next five years, so I don’t think so. Catcher? Russsyyyyy. Batboy? No, he doens’t have the power that the position requires… hmm.. is anyone else still surprised Ned McGenius traded Izturis? Can I remind everyone that Betemit is actually younger than Izturis??

Think of the two big trades like this:

Izturis (interchangeable with any average offensive SS in the big leagues/AAA)

Aybar (a butcher at third base, needs a couple of more years)

Baez (never got in a groove).


Maddux (an antique, but still has the magic)

Betemit (Pop. And his name is Betemit.. come ooon!)

Does that still not sound like improving our here and now and building for the future?

Only time will tell if Maddux can return to HOF form for the remainder of the year, if Lugo can pull a Jose Cruz Jr. circa 2005 and mash the ball after being acquired by the Dodgers, and if Betemit will stop looking like Yhency… literally. I mean, am I blind or does anyone else see the striking resemblance?

And finally, anytime Maddux is on the mound you have an edge. The crowd feels it, both clubhouses feel it. Could you say the same thing about Izturis?

since the mets claimed ledee off waivers, dont they have to send something in return?.. or am i wrong?..and after nomar is back, how little playing time is j-lo (james loney) gonna get?..hes gonna be on the bench every day, but i’m sure little will figure it out…


BOOOOOOOO!!!!! on the “j-lo” call.

hahaha, i had to do it…

Made me look that one up on Google Ray. Some of us old guys aren’t clued in to J Lo, Pearl Jam etc. We miss the levity. Know a bit about the Dodgers though and am pleased we have kept the nucleus of your kids. Still a bit concerned to lose Guzman for a 2 month player but felt different posts made good points regarding that. Two draft picks for Lugo would be good depending on whether he accepts arbitration ruling or not. Tight rope for Ned to walk. Walked it quite well so far.

Check this out from Baseball America:


Joel Guzman, of, Devil Rays (Triple-A Durham)

The 21-year-old looks lost since the trade that sent him to the Devil Rays. He is 3-for-19 with no walks and seven strikeouts for the Bulls and his elite prospect status is starting to come into question. It is still too early to give up on Guzman and he certainly has talent, but if he is going to be a left fielder, Carl Crawford’s job in Tampa does not look to be in danger anytime soon.

i think that we will get those 2 draft picks, because all the dodgers have to do is offer him arbitration, but i’m sure that julio lugo wont accept it because **** have to be a bench player.. and i know lugo desires to be a starting shortstop.. and i am happy that the nucleus of my kids has been left in tact, well almost all it..also, i’m anxious to see wat andy laroche will do when called up, how old are u euhlman?


euhlman – Boras is a multi-faced bag of wind. If Penny was a Boras client, he’d be saying that Penny is the next 300 game winner, worthy of number 31, will be better than Maddux was, and should be given $18 million over five years for his next contract. What a slimebag Boras is, you cannot trust a word out of his money-obsessed mouth.

In other news, I hope the Dodgers are preparing well for tonight’s game, and going in prepared, ready to give their all on the field, and looking to be rewarded with a win for putting in hard work on and off the field. Go Dodgers!

Ray, I am 65. Started following the Dodgers in 1952.
Almost died of a broken heart when they moved to LA as we were living in Nova Scotia and listening to games out of Brooklyn. My family also moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1957, one time zone away from LA. Helped heal the wound. I moved back to NS in 1962 but never lost my passion for the Dodgers. I think you are right. Lugo wants to be **** and won’t be in LA next year with Furcal on board. Furcal is looking better and better. Think he played hurt for quite a while.

Anyone else notice that funny little hop that Russell Martin took after he rounded third base? It kind of looked like a hamstring twinge. I was worried, but obviously he finished the game.

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