Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF (.383 lifetime at Dolphin Stadium, fifth-highest among active players)

Ethier, LF (time for people in Florida to see the guy that will beat their guys out for Rookie of the Year)

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C (hitting .364 in close & late situations)

Loney, 1B

Lowe, P (August is his month – 19-8, 3.25 career marks)

For those who don’t know Dave Smith, he started Retrosheet and found these interesting nuggets:

Last night was the team’s 84th different lineup and the most frequent one has only been used four times. We’ve only had the same one on back-to-back nights five times. Amazing.

Also, from SABR’s Rod Nelson and Ted Turocy, last night’s Saenz to Betemit to Maddux 3-5-1 double play is only the sixth since 1957, according to Retrosheet, to include the third baseman as the pivot man. So just think, if you were bummed that you didn’t get to see a no-hitter last night, you actually got to see something a lot more rare!


I saw it! My kid and I were watching the game and it was PERFECT (well, almost)…

The Lofton-Lugo spot is a bit of a concern, with the latter not productive yet for the Dodgers, and the former good for a single or a close-to-warning-track-flyout on most at bats.

Either way, go team, now really is the time to knuckle down and make momentum count. Florida will be no easy assignment!

I disagree griffon. Lofton has been very productive offensivly. He has a lot of triples. Plus he is clutch. Im more worried about Lofton’s defense, but it has been better the last couple weeks.

Lugo – I can’t believe this guy has hit 12 HRs. He is so wirey. I haven’t seen him hit a ball really hard yet.

But I reserve judgment on him. I think he will show us that power eventually.

Lofton’s had 8 triples this year, which is not to be sniffed at, yes, along with his one HR, and 8 doubles. His other 70 hits have been singles. Has 23 RBI’s too from 296 at bats, though there’s not that much ahead of him, with the pitcher’s spot and so, to bat in. Have scored 47 times.

His defense is cringeworthy though. Behind Lowe, who is a groundball pitcher when on form, Lofton’s erratic path towards the fly ball and his average to weak throwing arm shouldn’t be as big a factor.

Having Lugo, Loney and Betemit in the infield ( though Saenz’s soft hands is a good asset at first, too ) and Furcal too if he stays error-free, Lowe should be looking to make his pitches and his infield should be able to make the plays. Some good gloves there.

hey josh, have the dodgers placed anyone on waivers?.. and has anyone seen wat andy laroche and matt kemp are doing in vegas?.. i think my kids are line for a promotion soon, but most like it will be a september call-up..


Matt Kemp looks do be doing well ( but do they pitch him breaking balls down there or is he feasting on fast stuff? ) and LaRoche’s .328 in Las Vegas is decent, but perhaps he’s not quite ready yet.

U Forgot Lofton’s 15+ SBs. His job is to get on base – singles – and get driven in by the other batters.

I like Lofton in the lineup anyday

Yes, he has 17 stolen bases and have only been caught stealing twice.

He is doing all right at that part of his job in the lineup, which is to get on and hustle when he’s there ( OBP of .348, a bit off his career mark of .372, and also, believe it or not, one of the lowest in the lineup! ) but his defense have cost the Dodgers a few runs this year.

I don’t mind him being platooned with Repko now and would actually like a bit more Repko, purely on Repko being a defensive upgrade. Every fly ball to center makes me nip on Lofton days, and that’s the bit I don’t like 😀

Though I will add that Lofton’s throwing seems to have improved a bit of late. If he’s professional enough to recognize weaknesses and willing to work to correct them, I respect him for that.

Repko’s speed & arm are alot more intreging than.

picking up Lugo is even bigger now that Ken’t return has been delayed. High price to pay, but it was necessary, good work by Ned!
I think the CF platoon is the best option for now, I imagine well see Matt Kemp out there quite a bit in September.

Josh, I was wondering if you could give us an update on Derek Thompson. He came up at the end of May last season and put up a 3.50 ERA in 3 games started with the Dodgers before bowing out to TJ surgery. How is he recovering?

Also, wondering if you could give us an update on Ryan Ketchner….he is a deaf pitcher in the Dodger organization I believe.

Ray, you can check on all your kids by going to MLB Dodger home page, click on roster, then on minor league affiliates. That will give you the roster, stats and schedule for all Dodger minor league teams. Click on schedule and it gives you game results- log, wrap and box score. Ketchner is at Vero Beach, Justin Orenduff had season ending surgery on his shoulder. Don’t see Derek Thompson on any roster.

Can we pllllleeeeeeaaaaaasseeee stop second guessing every time Lofton is put in the line up at #2… or anywhere….

Lofton having a pretty good night.

Loney went to triple-A & became a different, slik fielding + the bat.

Man… what a difference a week makes, huh? lol… Another great win and a solid performace by Derek Lowe. If he gets hot too… look out.

Tell me, is it just me, or do any of you also look at this months’ schedule and wonder how the Dodgers can’t help but chomp at the bit? I mean, there’s no way this team will end up in the month of August with a losing record! Just look at who we’re playing and the west is ours for the taking. I’m excited for this team!

“Tried and True, I’ll always bleed Dodger Blue!” lol… : )

Sop if I look at this right ( and i’m Chomping now too) 27-2 in augustGotta give up 1 to SD and AZ but the way the team is playing Now for some reason being doable.20-9 would be ok but this looks like a good month to be a Dodger and get some Major ground made up.If not then stats and support are useless tools and we might as well die on the vine.We have the tools and the streak and most of all the composure to make this a historic month for the Dodgers.Get em Blue and watchout for Josh Johnson from the Fl Carp.He throws alot like chad walks a few gets the job done crush him and then go sign him he is gonna be a force.Do unto others like they want done to you! Go Blue!

2 games back from 1st place, not bad for a team that lost 8 in arrow.

Lofton had a great night with the bat. Fascinating!

kssparkuhl – I looked at the schedule for August too and thought that if the team don’t rip through their opponents guns blazing, it will be a real shame. The team needs to keep its focus and turn in an excellent month of August. There is no reason not to – knuckle down, Dodgers, and make the fans cheer. I fear if this winning streak gets snapped too soon, they will stumble again, so keep up the winning!

Tonight’s assignment against Josh Johnson will be a toughie. We need Bills to do what Maddux and Lowe did, which is bear down and pitch great. He’s capable of it.

Go Dodgers.

Hendrickson is stinking it up so far. But the Dodger had a golden apportunity slip away with bases loaded & nobody out. oh well. let’s score more runs.

It is hard to understand why Hendrickson has to be kept in this rotation. :-\

I read in the press that the reason is they fear he will be bad out of the bullpen. I fear he’d be rather bad out of the starting rotation too, and keeping Sele would have been better. Hendrickson looks a bit too casual on the mound, and not like he’s expecting to do good.

As an aside, the team needs to figure out how better to win when trailing – our wins seem to come easier when we jump out to a lead.

Go Dodgers!

To be fair, this loss is not only Hendrickson’s fault. The somewhat jumbled lineup is getting nothing done. Getting struck out from the bases loaded, no outs situation seems to have taken the starch out of the lineup. That doesn’t win too many ballgames.

Hendrickson’s game wasn’t that bad actually. I’ll take 7 innings and 3 runs from our # 5 every time. Hopefully we can get to the Fish pen.

Boy, when things are going your way, they are going your way….. That bases loaded walk to Lugo was on a 3-2 pitch that was right down the middle at the knees. It couldn’t have been a better pitch. Well, Ill take that!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Oh yes, Hendrickson did quite well. He’s better than last year’s number 5’s like Houlton and ThompsonHe always get the Toby Hall type lineup though, which makes run support hard to come by.

Huzzah huzzah for the Dodgers, though! Six run inning! 😀 😀

It was great to see the guys break out the smiles and paces in the dugout, too!

great team effert all around

drj884, Larry Vanover flat out missed the call. Lugo should have been called out looking at strike three. Yes, I’ll take it, but I’d rather see us win the game without controversy. I’m amazed Lugo didn’t swing at the pitch… it was right there.

It’s a win, and we’ll take it. However, this was more about the call and Florida pitching stinking up Marlin Stadium than it was about Dodger offense. But it does bring up one good point…

When you’re lucky and good… look out!

Go Blue! : )


… thing is it wasn’t JUST about the call, I know momentum matters and all, but we did pile on 5 runs after the walk (which made the game 3-2). Love to see that type of play- you get a break, then bust the game wide open. The 2 run single and 2 run double were clutch. In any case 9 in a row baby!!!!

Maybe it’s just the nature of the season but only four teams are ahead of the Dodgers – Mets, Cards, Reds, Padres. Reds only by 1 game, Padres by 2. Mets and Cards no doubt best in the league but once you make the play-offs anything can happen. The boys in blue have a schedule made in heaven in August and Sept. 3 with Mets and the rest with SF, Cinn, Fla, Mil, CHc, SD, Col, Ari, Pitt.They have to play good ball, pitch well but their fate is now in their own hands having climbed out of the big hole they were in. Go Dodgers.

Thanks for the updates on Ketchner and Thompson Josh.

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