Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Drew, RF (Back in the 2 hole)

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Aybar, 2B

Repko, CF (Welcome back!)

Izzy, 3B

Lowe, P



    im expecting ethiers first home run batting cleanup tonight.and a good game from repko welcome back. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!


    1) Indeed, welcome back Jason Repko. He was probably my favorite player on the team in April.

    2) The 2 spot probably isn’t bad for Drew, and I like Martin in the middle of the order. Ethier strikes me as a #5 or 6 hitter, though, but I guess that will be taken care of after Kent gets back. Aybar might be a #5 option too.

    3) Let’s see if having Martin catch him helps Derek Lowe at all.

    4) That Aybar isn’t at third and Izturis isn’t at second convinces me of one thing: the organization is committed to Cesar Izturis making a run at winning a gold glove at third base.

    5) Chris Young hasn’t had that much luck against the Dodgers this year. He’s 0-1 in three starts against LA, including being outdueled by Jae Seo twice. The last time he faced the Dodgers was Chad Billingsley’s major league debut, and Billingsley got an RBI single against him.


    I really like this lineup! Power is still an issue, but any lineup without Cruz is better than any with him! Can’t start a winning streak without winning the first one! This is the difference between 3 1/2 or 5 1/2 back! Also, keep an eye on the Padres’ Adrian Gonzalez this guy is a stud and could be a big thorn in our side this series and in the future.


    Drew batting 2nd is a good move, Id rather see Martin there for the long haul.

    ps Izzy will hit a dinger today.


    The thing is Jason Repko could do anything. He’s got speed, and he’s got an arm. He has the ability to hit homers, and also the ability to hit for average, so I really don’t know what to expect. I think keep him 7th in the order for a series or two until you know where to put him. He might be a cleanup hitter, with Ethier, Martin, Aybar each moving down.


    I’d like to see Ramon Martinez play third base a little more often, he’s a better hitter than Izzy and doesn’t hurt you defensively. Izzy’s a great shortstop, but I hope they can find a power-hitting 3rd baseman somewhere, Izzy plus a young pitcher could be the bait.


    This is the best possible arrangement this lineup could have.

    I think we may be producing some runs today – finally!


    “Any team that’s serious about winning dosen’t have Izzy at third.”

    And you say this because…. ???

    Cesar Izturis has played the position flawlessly thus far. Yes, we’d all like to see him back at short, but with the commitment that’s been made to Furcal it’s simply not going to happen. He’s accepted his role and is producing at the position and at the plate. His time away didn’t help any, but we know that we’d have been supportive of our spouses too if the situation called for us to be at their side when a child is born.

    Bottom line is that Izzy IS our best option at the position for the time-being. Chances are that he’ll be dealt anyway… something that I won’t like, but the writing is on the wall if you look close enough. I hope he stays, and I hope both he and Furcal can be fixtures at the left side for many years to come.


    Oops – Aybar’s error at second provides the runner that scores the Padres’ first run, Drew goes out off the first pitch he sees, and Lowe gives up two singles with no outs.

    Not a good start, Blue! Let’s go!


    yeah ethiers first homer batting cleanup. i knew grady was doin somethin right putting him there.


    It’s a **** shame that we may lose Izzy and be stuck with Furcal. I would love to see Izz’ at 2nd and Kent at 1st next year. That is my second choice. Of course Izzy is a better SS and my 1st choice would be Izzy at short and Furcal gone. Then we need to get a real 3rd baseman or bring up LaRoche. Oh well, dreaming is fun.


    I hate furcal and his ego is getting in the way of us winning. Izzy had like 8 errors his gold glove season, furcal has 20 already, there is no contest, furcal should be playing third. MLB is about winning and giving your team the best chance to win. Not about protecting egos!!!


    alfonson who?… i think we found our power hitter… yeah its too soon, but c’mon, FINALLY SOME JOY!



    Watching Drew strike out twice tonight, I realized what worries me about his swing – he doesn’t plant his rear leg, which creates that ugly swivel tying him into a pretzel. If you don’t plant your rear leg, you don’t drive off anything, and therefore hit with no power, surely. You probably ground out to second a lot if you are a left-hander.

    Why doesn’t he plant his leg? Does he carry an injury in that leg that he doesn’t want to put any torque on? If so, he really isn’t of much use in this lineup.

    That’s my two cents. And what a pity this game is lost. I can actually see them fight, and that makes me happy. But the Broxton Bomb threw this game away, sadly.


    how many times are these guys gonna swing at the first pitch?… work the count, u might draw a walk or something!… and j.d. drew needs to go, along with mr. soul glow, and cruz… for the love of god colleti, get rid of them!



    vin. vin, vin, vin. we love you but … the sign moves over when you go to extra innings. Your still the best announcer of all time in any sport.

  17. – 😀 Gotta love Vinny 😀

    That left-field flyout of Drew again showed him not planting that rear leg. He takes the heel off the ground and hits off one leg. Doesn’t work for Bonds either, and Bonds is rather more muscular 😉


    Gotta love the 2nd strikeout of Cruz in the 11th! So close this time he almost made contact! 11 of 12…


    We wait two months for Jason Repko to return… only to be replaced by Jose Cruz??? And then when the defense was really needed, Repko’s glove was where again??? Oh yeah… in the dugout!! Why!! Two at bats and you’re going to sub for Cruz!?? What gives Grady??? You are losing my support really quickly.


    i’m tired of the bad fielding, the lazy hitting, the not carring.. something has to be done with this team… i was actually happy when they rallied, because they showed heart… but it wasnt enough.. truly sad…


    Blame Martinez for that dropped pop fly. What was he doing there, he had his back practically to the ball with no chance of reaching it, Cruz was on it until he had to shy away from Martinez to prevent a collision. Watching Cruz handle center and Repko too made me realize that Lofton is a defensive liability – pinch hit and pinch run is what he should be doing, not playing the field.

    Losing like this I can take. Saw grit and determination in this team. Three runs bottom of the eigth! Yes, like the Cards skipper said, Dodgers are about to get hot. You go, team. Proud of how you played tonight, hard luck losing on that pop fly.

    Thanks team, you are making me look forward to watching you again. Wins will come soon.


    Can someone please tell me why Gio Carrara is on the team? He ****** the first two times he was on the team and he ***** now. I’d rather being back Tom Niedenfuer or Don Aase.


    1) It is particularly disheartening that after giving the Padres a runner in scoring postion when they should have had an out, Jose Cruz and Ramon Martinez then struck out to a guy who’s years past his prime and doesn’t strike people out anymore. If Sandy Alomar had value, I would think these two would. They’re taking up a roster spot that could be used by Matt Kemp, after all.

    2) I would like to thank Andre Ethier for proving me wrong. He’s a power guy, an all-around good hitter and a rookie of the year type figure. Now if only the rest of the Dodgers would help the kids out a bit. Otherwise, they’ll just have to promote more kids to be able to compete (now THERE’S an idea).

    3) I’d still put Drew on the trading block; the Yankees can’t get Abreu, and he might be someone they’d be interested in. We could get prospects, certainly. Then, we could either trade them and another prospect for Soriano (to give Ethier a hand every now and then), or just hold on to them and promote Kemp, Young, or Loney.

    4) Loney has been absolutely tearing up AAA. He’s got a high error count because he’s still getting used to being an outfielder (he plays first base a bit too), but he can hit the ball.


    USA Today reported that Nomar tweaked his knee during last night’s game.

    Anybody know anything about this?




    Padres 7 Either and Martin 6. What I meant about Izzy playing third was that third base is a power position and even though Izzy is great with the glove he can’t hit. Look at the other third baseman in the game most of them are power threats. The Dodgers need to get a real third baseman along with other pieces to prepare for next year.

  26., Carrara is a workhorse. You certainly can’t blame him for the loss, he got the batter to pop up for a routine fly in shallow center with two outs. Embarrassing was the play of Martinez and Cruz. This reinforces my belief that these guys shouldn’t be on the field, but then again, what are the other options? Aybar is a defensive liability too. Should have let Repko have an entire game back, he would have been right there to call off Martinez.


    its interesting to note a previous play when talking about the cruz jr./martinez mix up. Earlier in the game, Cruz and Ethier came close, and it would have been very easy to blame Ethier for not listening to the Center Fielder. But after watching what Cruz Jr and Marinez did, it seems that Cruz Jr has no confidence, i.e. he can’t say “I got it.”


    okay here’s my solution, and I no i’m not a GM but I think this would work.
    Dodgers Send:

    Izzy, Perez, Cruz Jr. and pitching prospect to the Nationals for Soriano.

    Line Up

    Frucal SS

    Drew Rf

    Soriano 2b

    Nomar 3b

    Either Lf

    Kent 1B

    Martin c

    Repko Cf

    Vidro hurt and will probably not be back next year.

    Guillen is done so they need another outfielder.

    Izzy upgrade for the middle infield for them.

    And we sign Soriano for an extension.

    Next year if Nomar doesn’t resign we have LaRoche ready to go.


    And if possible, trade Drew bring up Kemp and we have the outfield of the future.
    Either LF

    Kemp RF

    Repko CF

    these three guys with above avg. speed and all with hoses (really good arms)


    The followig is not sarcasm…
    Can somebody please tell me why everybody is so excited about Repko? Please remind me what he has ever done to prove himself a valuable starter. Why was losing him compared to losing Gagne?

    I recall Repko hitting .300 for a short period, and .220 for most of his short career. He has been an unclutch slappy hitter with a .303 career OBP. I recall his bad routes to fly balls which he barely makes up for with his speed. He does have a great arm though.

    I really like him in the outfield rotation, but I don’t think he is much of a difference maker. He is better than Lofton, but that is not saying much these days. BTW, Lofton is the worst CF I have ever watched.

    I know the organization is high on Repko, so I wonder, why did they pay Lofton nearly 4M in the first place?


    Unfortunately, the proposal of Izzy, Perez, Cruz, and pitching prospects for Soriano would never work. Think about this: Izzy, Perez, and Cruz are on contract for about 16M next year. Why wouldn’t the Nationals just give that money directly to Soriano? Besides, why would they 16M on our junk? Also, the Nats just picked up Kearns and Lopez. They are in good shape in the IF and OF. A more realistic proposal would be Soriano for pitching prospects and Navarro. Oh wait, we traded Navarro for a 6’10” nothing. Maybe the Nats would take that off our hands. Probably not.


    magarcia – The idea with Repko is that he has intensity, which is probably how he is most comparable to Gagne. As for being a .220 hitter for “most of his short career,” you can’t really classify what type of a hitter he is based on his major league stats. He’s had a year of playing on and off under the “managerial genius” of Jim Tracy. He has good speed and a good arm. The errors he makes suggest that he is a bit raw and still has potential to improve at the major league level, and he’s also only 25. That he has a bit of pop in his bat, too, makes him that much more promising, and seemingly with everyday play, he would be a better fielder. Lofton was obtained much for the same reason as Alomar, to be a coach as well as a transition player. They paid him a lot because that was his price (he did hit .335 last year), and they didn’t want to put pressure on Repko.

    autorebuilder – you’re kidding, right? Soriano is nothing but a defensive liability at second, and is actually something of a defensive asset in left field. He has good speed, albeit with lousy instincts, but has room for improvement, and he has a great arm (which is useless at second base). Nomar isn’t that good a defensive third baseman, but is fine defensively at first. Kent is halfway decent at 2nd; Nomar has more range which makes it easier to see him play there (just never, EVER play Saenz and Kent on the same side of the infield). Not to mention that Jim Bowden is nowhere near stupid enough to take on Odalis and Cruz with Izturis for Soriano. Izzy is a maybe, but they’d definitely want someone like Kemp or Billingsley (or even both) along with him, which would make it a bad deal.

    Trading Drew would be a good idea, though, because he’s been healthy and his value, as a plus defensive outfielder with good OBP and latent power, would fetch prospects. Keep in mind that this team isn’t in buy mode, and that what’s most important right now is the future (2007 and beyond).



    Im with you- but Nats wouldnt trade Soriano for those 3 guys and probably anything less than Bills and Elbert. I mean Cruz and Perez they would release. As would any other team in baseball. Izzi has minimal value. The days of light hitting, great glove SSs are almost over.


    Mr. Patriotacts

    I don’t think he is that much of a defensive liability. He has a career fielding pct. of .962, which isn’t great but it’s not horrible. The most errors he has made was 23 in 2004. But he will make up with in all offensive categories.

    And remember Bowden probably won’t be there next year, not with the new ownership.


    Is it not obvious to everyone watching that Drew cannot swing the bat with any authority. There has been no power for nearly two months, and it seems like his mechanics are all messed up, like no wrist action. I believe he has been playing hurt, and, if that is the case, he is doing no favor to the ballclub. Why can’t management recognize that this is not a slump from which he’ll recover by playing through it. He should be put on DL, so that his slot in the lineup can be given to someone else – like KEMP. Of course, at the same time we now have Nomar whose average is plunging. I don’t know whether this is just a slump, or whether he can only now productively play about half a season. How long has it been since he could put in an entire season and do it with the kind of production that we saw back in May and June. When you now put Drew and Nomar back to back in the lineup, you have a big non-productive hole that is hard to overcome. I don’t think even Soriano can do that, and I hate to either just rent him for the rest of the season or to pay out the kind of dollars that will be necessary to buy his services on a multi-year contract. We’re already suffering from having overpaid Furcal, Kent, Drew, and Lowe just to name the most obvious.
    As far as I’m concerned, we’ve only got Penny, Ethier, Martin and Saito in the category of reliable first line players, with Saenz a productive pinch hitter, but that’s it. I wouldn’t mind anybody else on this team (except Kemp) being traded for whatever their value to bring some improvement and stability to the organization for the next couple of years.


    messagebear, I agree with you completely. I will even go further to say that I would trade anybody if we got proper value in return. For example, if we could get Miguel Cabrera or Willis, who are entirely underpaid, for any of our underpaid untouchables, then both teams could be getting proper value.

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