Sandy Alomar Trade

My apologies for not getting to this until this morning, but when trades happen, our department gets a little crazed, as you can imagine. There are all sorts of things that take place to make sure the announcement goes smoothly.

Before I give a brief description of those events, I want to say that Sandy’s professional attitude will certainly be missed around here, as will the fact that he was very clutch with the bat this year and was a great mentor to Dioner, Russell and the rest of the team. However, everyone knows the kind of spark a player like Jason Repko can provide and right now, it’s pretty clear that this team could use that. Fortunately for Sandy, he gets to go to his hometown and another team in contention, and he took this all in stride.

In terms of our department’s role when a trade happens, it’s multi-faceted. When I learned of the trade being completed in the middle of yesterday’s game, our first job was to do a little research on B.J. LaMura so that we could put together a press release. However, I had to do this in the press box without letting anyone around me know what was happening, as the most important thing is that Sandy hears about the trade directly from Ned and Grady and not through the media.

Whenever a trade is made, we also coordinate our efforts with the other team, so I spoke with the White Sox to make sure that we both made the announcement at the same time.  We would hate for media in another city to find out about our trade before we tell our own local media, so we agreed that we’d make the announcement at 4:15.

As soon as I knew that Sandy had gone into Grady’s office to speak with him and Ned, I let our broadcasters know what was going on so that they could get it out to you guys if they were still on the air. KFWB was, and I think they got it out there at the start of DodgerTalk. One thing we always keep in mind is that the family and friends of our players are always watching or listening to our broadcast, so we have to make sure that nothing is said over the air before the player knows about the trade, otherwise his cell phone will start going off before he hears about it from his manager.

Once Sandy left Grady’s office and began saying goodbye to his teammates and those of us staff members who were in the clubhouse, I announced the trade to the media, let them in the clubhouse to talk to Grady and Ned about it, and then coordinated with Sandy so that he could get a chance to talk to the media, too. As expected, he was extremely gracious.

As soon as I left the clubhouse, we sent the press release out widespread so that all national and local media outlets that were not on site were aware of the move. We also tried our best to help the media learn as much as it could about B.J. LaMura while also making sure they all realized that the main goal in trading Sandy was to open up a spot for Jason Repko. With about 75-100 media members on site, it’s important to make sure everyone understands the rationale behind any move, especially a trade such as this one.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting that our department does during events like this, but hopefully it gives a little glimpse into what goes on in a PR Department when a trade is made.

Now let’s hope that Jason can provide that spark we’re looking for and help us get back on track, as this has certainly been a tough week for everyone that cares about the Dodgers like we do.



    Thank you for such a good and detailed explanation. I wish Sandy all the best with his new team – it seems like the ideal situation under the circumstances. Welcome back to Repko. We’ve needed your spunk and your bat and hope to see your contributions pay off the rest of the way.


    Josh… you’re the man! Thanks for the detailed report on how a trade is announced. Very cool stuff.

    Sandy is a class act and I wish him well in Chicago. He will be an excellent coach one day, and who knows, maybe even a manager.

    And finally, welcome back to Jason Repko! I am so happy to see he’s coming back a few days earlier… and it couldn’t happen any quicker. He should inject some life into this Dodger team. It’s still not too late to catch up guys.

    “Tried and True, I Still Bleed Dodger Blue!”


    Thanks for the detailed description – it gives appreciation for the fact that one hardly realizes effort goes into such an announcement, which is a sure sign of things being done well.

    Now, Dodgers, how about rallying with a 10 game winning streak 😉


    people like Sandy are so freaking cool, they should take a page out of his way of handling things (yes Toby Hall i’m calling you out) I will forever remember him, his classy ness.


    Thanks Josh. Not sure why you think an apology is in order. None of us expected the complete explanation you have given regarding announcing a trade. I especially like the way that Sandy was considered in a very personal way. He is a good man and I am pleased for him going to his present home town to play. Sandy is all class, as are most players, while a few others put the “***” in class. But Looking forward to Repko returning but realize it will take some time for him to get up to full speed. Hope we don’t set our expectations for him too high initally. Thanks again for this posting.


    Someone mentioned a day or two ago he did not know anything about Delwyn Young.(AAA) Go into Dodger MLB site, Roster, and scroll down to Prospect Report. Nice article on him. A lifetime Dodger fan, switch hitter, changed positions on request, easy to coach according to Steve Yeager, headed for 100 or so RBI this season, 23. A Dodger story in the making, like Piazza, Karros, LoDuca, if not blocked which is a distinct possibility with other young outfielders perhaps higher on the chart than he is.


    I don’t know how you can have any expectations of Repko, other than him being very energetic and eating cereal. If you know what to expect, then you probably also know what kind of trades will happen this week.

    That said, I look forward to see what kind of surprises will come from Repko, and to seeing our other “ko”, Brett Tomko, out of the bullpen.

    Also, does anyone realize that the White Sox are 6.5 games out of first while the Dodgers are 4.5 games back? The front office guys aren’t far away from having more ice cream.


    I think the Dodger’s made a great trade and did the best for all parties. Alomar deserved to go where he’s needed and the Dodgers look to have a pitcher for the future, 1.99 ERA !! Great trade Ned !! Now lets hope that the wheels keep rolling and the Dodgers can make more minor adjustments to this team and keep this Western Division interesting !! While still maintaining the formula for the years to come.

    Now it’s Steiner’s turn to go home !!!

    Best of luck Sandy !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    On the subject of future pitchers, look at Kershaw’s numbers for the Gulf Coast Dodgers.

    1-0, 16 IP, 1.13 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, 1 BB, 21 K

    That’s some pretty good command.


    On a slightly different topic, I hear that Andy D’Alessio is not going to sign and will go back to school. Any news on any of the other unsigned draft choices and is there a reason that we even draft after the 25th round since it seems that we never sign anyone after that any more. For example Jake DeBus has been drafted each of the last 2 years by the dodgers. Is he a legitimate draft choice or just a nod to his father?


    glad to have repko back, hopefully grady will play him instead of lofton, and cruz, his spark will not help from the bench, nor benching ethier to play cruz, or lofton
    the outfield should be ethier lf, repko, cf., and drew r.f. cruz should be released, or traded, and lofton as a backup.


    I noticed Kershaw’s numbers. Also Mattingly hitting well after a slow start. Morris a bit slow off the mark. D’Alessio second choice for 1B so hope Orr (1B) signs. Number 4 pick and top Canadian in the draft. Rumor is his asking price is too high. Also wonder about the second 25 picks. Remember Mike Piazza (62nd round) and Andy LaRoche (39th round). Seems like a shame to ignore the second 25 but maybe the money isn’t there after higher picks cost quite a bit.Also wondered about Jake DeBus. Perhaps he returned to school last year as other lower round picks might to improve their lot next year.


    From CBSportsline, “The Los Angeles Daily News says the Dodgers aren’t in the running for many of the top players reportedly on the trading block because GM Ned Colletti is not willing to trade any of the team’s top prospects.” I agree. The team was doing well before, so there is no reason, other than mental, that they can’t produce now. Confidence, confidence, confidence.


    Hochevar negotiations seem to be nearing the $5M range including signing bonus and guarantees. Seems like teams have to stay away from Boras players. Mets paid $5.3M to Mike Pelfrey, #9 pick in 2005 draft, a Boras contract. Aiming for the same for Hochevar.


    As tough as it is, I hope GM Colletti sticks to his guns. We can probably afford some prospects but the rent a player scheme is too costly and a player or two won’t put us over the hump now. I believe he has a plan and won’t be in the same time bind as this year. Without the numerous injuries we may well have been quite competitive in the division. I haven’t given up and I hope the players haven’t. Go Dodgers.


    We have the oppurtunity now to get even further ahead, too. We’ve got an extra minor league pitcher, who just needs to work on control, and we can probably get more for Cruz, Lofton, or Baez.

    The most encouraging thing I read about the team was something Colletti said after Chad Billingsley’s start.

    “I’m not concerned with (him),” Colletti said. “There are far more accomplished pitchers who struggled in the big leagues and worked their way out of it than those who came up and figured it out as soon as they showed up. I think his confidence is strong. He’ll get better as he goes on and next year be better for it than if he had spent the whole year in Triple-A.”

    I wonder if the same approach will be taken with anyone else. Like Matt Kemp.

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