Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Izzy, 3B

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Ethier, LF

Cruz, CF

Martinez, 2B

Billingsley, P



    Any word on how Jeff Kent is progressing? i.e. if he will be ready to come back when he is off the DL? Love him or hate him, he is probably the key to an August-September run. How about a win today.


    It seems we have to play Cruz (a poor overall hitter, but does have power) just to prevent the lineup from having a majority of slap-hitters. Why not bring back Kemp?….he will hit no worse than Cruz and will gain a ton of experience. In addition, he could maybe add some excitement to this dull, bland team.


    hey guys, i havent been on here in a long while, i had to go back to the hospital for a while, but i’m out and not happy to see how our dodgers are doing… it semms like the team needs a spark, and hopefully chad will provide… and as for all the trade rumors, i hope that the dodgers dont give away my kids for a rent-a-player…



    Every time I see Cruz in the lineup or better yet on our active roster I feel ill. How hard is it to say we’re sorry we’re going in another direction we’re cutting you. I mean he doesn’t get it done in the clutch and his ‘specialty’ hitting off left handed pitching he’s been pitiful at best. He has a good glove but nothing Matt Kemp can’t pull off these days. Cut the Cruz and Go Blue!

    P.S. Ledee can go too and Odalis!


    I hope Ned is trying to unload Cruz and Ledee. Talk about worthless. If he can’t unload them by the deadline hopefully they will be cut when Repko is available. We may be able to trade Cruz after the deadline as he would probably clear waivers. I’d like to see Odalis get a start before the deadline also, if he pitches well perhaps we can get something for him and rid ourselves of his salary drain. If he pitches poorly, it won’t be any worse than the other starters except Penny and Bills. But for Penny and Bills, they have all ****** for the last month.



    2) JD apparently feels fine, and he’s batting cleanup. Grady has come to his senses, and Martin is batting in the 5 hole. Ethier at #6, presumably for the RLRL effect.

    3) If Cruz played up to his potential, he could be the best player on the team. The power drought he’s had has been staggering.

    4) I’d rather see Aybar than Martinez, but whatever. Can’t fault a guy who hits for average like that.

    5) Billingsley has had the best trend of any Dodger starting pitcher. He will likely find himself very near the top of the rotation next year. Especially with that curveball.


    I feel the same way about Cruz. I can appreciate that he was available to fill in when we were short on outfielders, but he just can’t hit for the necessary average anymore and has not shown home run power. I expect something will happen with him when Repko gets activated, and I hope it is a trade. I don’t understand why we don’t give Ledee some playing time in the meanwhile to see if he can get his batting stroke back. I agree that having Kemp in the lineup could be no worse than either one of them, and he is our future.


    Hi Ray:
    Welcome back. Hope you are feeling well and home for good this time. We need you to guide the kids. I was away for 12 days to Ontario and hoped we would be doing a bit better. Haven’t given up hope. Looking for some help but not at the expense of the farm unless it is for kids who have blocked paths, like Delwyn Young. I hope we don’t pay big for a high salaried player looking at free agengy at the end of the season. I feel confident GM Colletti is protecting the prospects. Good to have you back.


    Roy. Is there any site that lists which 2006 draft picks have been signed? I count 15 on lower level farm teams.- Morris, Kershaw, Mattingly, Smit, G. White, Ortiz, Giles, Hunt, Fuller, Coleman, Rivera, Jones, Berezay, Jensen, Martin. Waiting for word on Alex White.


    Ethier has been our most consistent hitter for the past two weeks. But Grady needs to give him a day off. The rookie could use the rest. I agree, this does not look like a team that can win an NL title this year. Ned should be a seller this week. Cruz, Perez, and one other vet might get a good arm prospect.


    Happy birthday Nomar, and may today trigger the start of good things for this team. Kudos indeed to Colletti for protecting the prospects. Easy to overlook that, but he’s been doing great there. Thanks also to the whole front office for their hard works. Frustration starting to boil over everywhere, but we have to believe the season is not lost yet. Go Blue!


    Just heard Vinny say that Scott Akasaki, the Dodgers’ Travel Manger, is undergoing surgery? What kind of surgery. Scott is a great guy, and we wish him the best.


    I am glad that Grady “tried” to let the rookie get himself out of the bases loaded jam. It is the only way he will learn. I know it is only July, but this team needs a long run of winning games and taking series’. If the Dodgers don’t start a run of 16 wins out of 19 then we are playing for next year. Between, Kent, Lofton, and Drew, we have 3 vets who rest more than they play. Bonds is playing more than Kent, and he has one leg. Does anyone remember Furcal making this many errors with the Braves?


    Little needs to sit Furcal down for a few games so he can think of how to get his head out of his ……


    I’m a lifelong Dodger fan and I will remain that way (I don’t believe in have a second favorite team…it makes ZERO sense), but if this team doesn’t make some kind of big trade or move before the deadline then I GIVE UP for this year. I’ll be selling my tickets for all the games I have remaining for this season. This is all reminding me WAY too much of last season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone either help this team or put it out of it’s misery.


    Thanks Gary. Had all but one pegged – Lopez. Still watching for Orr and Alex White. It’s hard playing from behind by 5 or so runs. Makes opposing pitchers more confident. Looking for some closer games so the kids can play in that situation. Maybe soon. Hang in there lostmysoul. You could live where I do, on the east coast of Canada, and never see a live game. Follow the kids, the future.


    It was good to see Nomar throw his helmet against the dugout wall. At least someone seems to care about the pathetic performance of this team. The rest of the team looks like zombies.


    The Dodgers need to stop swinging at first pitches. Even Nomar. They are making each inning way too quick for opposing pitchers, and making pitchers like Jeff Weaver appear to be an ace. Opposing pitchers are getting deep into the game almost every game; they need to get to relievers quicker in order to have a chance to break out of their offensive slump. I just watched Nomar and JD Drew each swing at the first pitch (with a runner in scoring position), and each made an easy out in the 6th inning today. Even if they are swinging at good pitches, they’re not making themselves difficult to get out, and as I stated, are helping the opposing pitcher.
    I don’t believe the Dodgers have a chance to win the Series this year; however, they have such a strong farm system that they could make a serious run in a year, maybe two. Coletti should NOT trade ANY good prospects away. He’s done a great job so far, and should not sacrifice the future for an all-around mediocre team this year. We, as the fans, need to **** it up and pray that the off season is productive and that the rookies keep improving.

    Go Blue.


    When I hear people from the Dodger organization talk about patience and taking things in stride I feel like slicing my wrist. That’s straight B.S. and its that kind of attitude that has gotten us a grand total of 0 championships in over 15 yrs. These are the same people that always say, “Oh it’s still early… It’s a long season.” I dont want to hear that nonsense! Call these players out. Jabroni D Drew makes a boat load a cash to hit home runs and drive the ball in the gap, not to hit what have become his trademark weak groundballs to second. Our starting pitchers can’t go past 5 innings. We have 3 catchers, one of which apparently can’t catch, and one that hasnt stopped crying since he got here. We can go on and on because the plague is contagious and the whole team has it. My thing is, if Neddy doesnt want to trade the kids I’m good with that, but why not just bring them up and play them all now. Get rid off the dead weight. Get rid of the no intensity having, nonchalant, whatever attitudes. How bad is it when even Mr. Scully is frustrated? I’m so disgusted!


    “Does anyone remember Furcal making this many errors with the Braves?”

    Yep. He made 31 as recently as 2003. My dad’s a Braves fan, and he’s told me a lot of those were throwing errors.

    But yeah, 20 at this point in the season is pathetic. If he were hitting in at least the .270-.280 range, there would be a chance of shopping him around, putting Izturis at short, and having a real third baseman at third. There are quite a few reasons why Furcal’s signing was declared the worst free agent signing of the year by SI.


    Maybe one day we will beat the Cards.. not this year. I agree with gban, might as well bring up all our youngster’s, they couldn’t do no worse. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if we have weak pitching and hitting, can someone please tell me what exactly is our strength????? If we had the exact same team from a year ago, I think we’d be in a better situation, goes to show change isn’t always the best thing. I would love to see Grady get tossed just once…just so the team and it’s fans know he’s still got a heartbeat. Repko should provide some spark, but I fear he’s gonna press and struggle early.
    Sick and tired of rooting for a loser…we r ONE game ahead of Colorado for pete’s sake!!!! By tommorrow we could be in last place of a mediocre division, in a decent one, we’d be 20 games out of 1st.

    Let’s try not to get swept by the Padres.


    Also, the much heralded rookies… Im not sold on them either. This may very well be another product of the Dodger hype machine. Really other than Ethier (ironically- not a dodger rookie- we got him in trade from that As) they really aren’t showing us all that much to be honest. Martin looks solid, but hes not a superstar. I maybe in time they will produce- but maybe they are more Ed Jacksons and Greg Brocks. Hopefully they are jsut not ready…..


    A perfect ending to a horrible season series to the Cardinals! Cruz can’t hit a lefty…DUH! Cruz in a clutch situation failed…DUH! Get a freaking clue!


    baseball america rates the farm systems, all 30 teams in their prospect handbook. the best $27.95 you can spend. we are rated by them, not the dodgers as the number one farm system in baseball going into this season. we will drop from the top as some players will lose their prospect standings this year
    such as Martin, broxton,aybar and others have been traded,tiffany,steve schmoll. we had another great draft this year, and can add to the list if we can sign orr,akins,alex white,billie bullock, and a few more draft picks. we also have several developing players that weren’t in the top 30 before. so don’t give up on the prospects, they are coming on strong. we just need changes in l.a. without hurting the future, protect the prospects.


    gban90277 pretty much sums up much of my feeling – Judy — sorry, JD — Drew makes more cash than I’ll see in my life a year to be a fearsome bat, not to be someone who tangles into a pretzel every low and inside pitch he sees, and can’t get the ball out of the infield.

    I imagine I can see Martin’s shoulders drooping more as the season progresses – he looks like a guy with fire in the belly, and he’s surrounded by players who, at least by body language, appear lacklustre, ‘whatever’ salary drawers. Maybe time to slice and dice – kick out dead wood, shuffle, call people out, do something. Seeing Izturis ( great defense, toothpick bat ) Cruz ( needle bat ) and Lofton ( show bunt, try to run out grounder on hamstrings that are seemingly not all that good ) in the same lineup, plus the pitcher’s spot, gives 5 people who have to try and carry the offense with outs sprinkled all through the lineup.

    Won’t it be better to cut some of them and bring up the rookies to play everyday? At least it saves some money towards the next Drew, Furcal or O. Perez.

    I didn’t even watch today – why watch when you know the team will lose? It is the excitement of “maybe they’ll win, maybe they’ll lose” that draws fans. Not predictable results.


    Jose Cruz Jr hits leftys much better than righties, actually – about .300 vs. LHP. Certainly, I’d rather have someone like Jeff Kent up in that situation, or Albert Pujols for that matter, but he was actually in his better side in that situation.

    Meanwhile, the Dodgers made a minor trade today, traded catcher Sandy Alomar Jr. to the Chicago White Sox on Sunday in exchange for minor league pitcher B.J. LaMura, who is actually pretty decent. I’m amazed they got anything for Alomar, so this was a pretty good deal, and maybe for Alomar, too. I wish him the best.


    This guy LaMura had a 1.69 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and 60Ks in 50 IP on the ChiSox AA team. That looks on the surface like a great move. He is 25, so he maybe as good as he is going to get, but maybe he can come up later this year or be an addition to next years pen. I like it.


    Watching the Braves/Phillies game here. ( that desperate for some baseball watching 😛 ) and the Braves just put the game out of reach in the top of the ninth with a three-run homer. The Braves dugout celebrated, slapping the hands of the runners, everybody grinning. That is what I like to see, some emotion, some enjoyment, some fun. Some sign of a pulse. Braves won plenty of divisional titles before, so they must be really used to that winning feeling – but it is still fun for them.


    Cleveland fired Eddie Murray for a reason. Their team couldn’t hit. Maybe we can get Juan Encarnacion for a minor league player who hits 200 and walks once in a while.

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