Today's game

Here’s the slump-busting lineup for today. Trying a little something new again.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C (first time above the eighth spot)

Aybar, 2B

Izzy, 3B

Cruz, RF

Sele, P

Hopefully Sele will help get us out of this funk. He seems to have found a home at Dodger Stadium, as his 2.30 career ERA here (16 ER/62.2 IP) is the sixth-lowest in the Majors since he broke into the bigs in 1993 behind Adam Eaton (1.43), Scott Radinsky (1.79), Paul Quantrill (1.92), Curt Schilling (1.94) and Randy Johnson (2.21) among pitchers with at least 60 innings.

His success at home should not come as a surprise, as his lifetime home record is 82-51 with a 4.20 ERA compared to 61-56 with a 4.98 ERA on the road.



    Two questions: How is Drew? How long till Cruz, Ledee and Perez are off the team? Thanks! Go Blue!


    Here we have it. What a number of posts have been waiting for. Russell Martin batting higher in the lineup. He is a gamer and although I liked him to bat eighth I also like the confidence Grady has shown in him to bat him fifth. he could have inserted Saenz, Martinez, Hall or Alomar into the lineup. Hoping for a great box score when I check it in the morning. Go Russell. Go Dodgers.


    Excellent! Martin will do great with Aybar behind him. Hope that JD doesn’t require a stint on the DL for his knee bruise. Might as well place him there now.

    Also, Josh… can you relay the official distance of the home run hit by Duncan last night? I was watching on TV and I could swear the ball landed beyond the rear wall of the Cardinals bullpen. As Vinny said, “I mean to tell you, he really hit that one.”


    Question: Is Ledee not able to play in the field? Cruz has a very sub-par average overall and a worse one batting left handed. At least Ledee is a natural left handed hitter. I assume that he played in the field on his rehab assignment in Vegas. He’s not done much in his pinch hitting appearances. I’d at least like to see if he can get back on track with his hitting being in the regular lineup. Overall I agree that both Cruz and Ledee and a few others should be traded if there is any market for them. In the meantime I’d like to field the best team possible, and I don’t think that Cruz belongs in the lineup anymore on that best team.


    I agree- we have so many subs on our team right now it isn’t even funny…..I realize Drew and Kent can’t play….but how many games are we going to go with two of our very few power guys out and nothing but slap hitters in the lineup? I like Martin- but the ideal thing would be to bat him third and drop Nomar to cleanup. Lofton can go to the 8th hole- and I do hope his days in center are over. The sooner Perez, Alomar (with our lack of depth- oddly our strength to begin the season) (we need to be carrying three catchers like we need another pitcher with a 5 plus ERA.), Cruz, Ledee and Izzy are off the team the better. I like Izzy, especially his glove- but we need a bat at third given the state of our lack of production everywhere else.

    Right now the ideal lineup would be:

    SS Furcal

    CF Repko

    C Martin

    1B Garciaparra

    RF Ethier

    3B Saenz

    2B Aybar

    LF Lofton

    And yes we need Repko’s intensity………makes some moves darn it and I don’t mean trade the farm either………


    Does Ledee own a glove, or can he at least borrow one? Why do we keep putting Cruz in the lineup? Cruz can’t hit, and Lofton can’t play “D” or for that matter run out a groundball… Hopefully Repko will be back up soon, and here’s to JD Drew talking the rest of the year off because of his boo-boo.

  7. Dodger

    Drew should be fine to pinch-hit tonight. Just a bruise but he got hit pretty hard on his knee.

    The estimated distance of the homer last night was 431 ft.


    Hey guys, let’s hope this lineup gets it done!

    I’m even wearing my Dodger home jersey ( I’ll leave the road one firmly in the closet for now 😛 ) tonight to try and break them out of their funk. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll grill some Dodger Dogs tomorrow afternoon before the game and eat them with some sauerkraut ( which I don’t believe Dodger Stadium serves as a condiment? Never been able to find it, such a shame! ) while rooting Dodgers. I’ve gone through the “Awww, not going to watch this team anymore” stage now, and I’m ready for some baseball! ( hope the lineup feels the same! Let’s go Dodgers! ). I am glad that I don’t have to get up at 04:00am in the southern hemisphere winter anymore to follow this team like I did all last year 😀

    Glad to hear that Drew is not seriously injured!


    Oy vey – before the game I foolishly said I’d drink no beer for a week if the Dodgers can’t beat Weaver!

    Well, I’d better quaff one now before I go into the desert for a week 😦


    ok jhall said yesterday that Ethier isnt ready for the 5 hole yesterday in my mind he is wrong .Ethier is one of the hottest hitters in baseball right now!


    Weaver looks great against our pathetic bats, this from a guy the Dodgers didn’t have a spot for..twice. Throw DePo in that as well. Just something to think about… when Coletti was in SF, he helped broker a deal that brought them Pierzynski. In return the Twins received Joe Nathan AND Francisco Liriano, great trade…for Minnesota. Not to mention letting Kent walk in his prime.
    Bottom line, from the top of the organization to the bottom, alot of well paid folks aren’t getting the job done. Can we bring back Tracy…at least he had some fire to him.


    Dreed209 – exactly what I thought, a little glumly. These bats made Weaver look good. Hope he enjoys the W, since the Cards don’t play the Dodgers again this year ( I hope! ).

    Colletti’s trades so far have been horrible, except for Ethier’s.

    Well, at one stage Dodgers had 1 run, 4 hits in this game, one hit more than St Louis. But St Louis had 2 more runs. Hitters with boom in their bats will do that to or for you, depending on what side you are on.

    Let’s just hit this ten-game losing streak already, perhaps then we will bounce back. And boy, will that have to be a high bounce!


    1) There are some things where people disagree, but there are some things which are unspeakable, and you, dreed209 just uttered one of them. Did you actually ask to bring back Jim Tracy? Are you insane? Do you want to see someone who refuses to play rookies and would make Jason Grybowski his #1 pinch hitter? No. Bad.

    What the club needs is to have a blast for Nomar’s birthday tomorrow. Nomar is the unofficial leader in homers on his birthday, after all. I’m thinking the Poncho might not be enough. We’ll need cake and a really, really big pinata.



    Seriously, do the Dodgers think they can win with a lineup that consists of Furcal/Lofton/Izturis? That is absolutely no power out of 3/8 of your lineup. The Dodgers needs to produce 3-4 hits per inning to score and right now they cannot do it.Do not fool yourself thinking this is a playoff team. Dodgers are better suited trading some veterans and establishing a dominant team for the next decade. Lowe to the Mets for Pelfrey? Drew and Baez to Yanks for Hughes? Lofton to Tigers? Garciaparra to the Angels for a prospect? We need to think long term, not short term in a season that even if we made the playoffs, it would be a 3-0 sweep by either the Mets or Cardinals


    Dodger highlights were Ethier, Izzy & Carrara. Martin 0 for 4 but I still like him in the 5 hole, maybe even the 2 hole. Sele was doomed, to many ex-angel team mates, Eck, Edmonds & Spiezio, they killed him !! Lofton needs to retire, he’s OK at the plate and even on the base pads but he’s a real liability in the field ( Kills a pitchers spirit and the rest of the team gets down). Hard to believe that in April and May the Dodgers were the hottest hitting team in all of baseball !!! I’m very concerned that we have too much dead weight on the bench that just can’t do the job. I can only imagine that next week there is going to be some serious house cleaning. I hope it’s for a youth movement, it would really make the balance of the season fun !!
    Think FUTURE Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

    PS: Frank schedule a meeting with your lawyer and figure out a way to get rid of Steiner PLEASE !!!!


    wow that was a tough loss to witness tonight. If this doesn’t turn around soon, I hope we bring up the kids from vegas to get some experience for next year.

    I wanted to give the Dodger’s front office a bit of inside into the goings on from the ticket mishap before the game. While I’m sure they’ll be getting alot of calls from complainers, probably many hoping to score some extra free tix or whatever else management is willing to give, it was bad but not that bad. While it was a thousand degrees, myself being both a computer tech and in customer service, the Dodger ticket team really did all it could in said situation. A couple of things though for any possible future situation

    1. Bad idea going with ticketmaster… not because ticketmaster is just bad news with their “convenience charge” but because being a 3rd party provider with servers somewhere beyond reach mishaps like this become ugly, especially on weekends when IT people really want to be home enjoying their weekend and could care less for the user at a ballgame. Was it that much more expensive when the Dodgers had their own ticket system and could just reboot or run redundant systems whenever a mishap happened? I would say yes with the amount of free ticket vouchers handed out today.

    2. Thank you for the ticket voucher for the free reserve ticket. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth but for this game I bought the more expensive Loge $20 tix and while it allows me to get significant discount on both infield reserve and Field Box tix, a voucher for a free Loge ticket would have better made up for the couple of innings I missed due to having to wait in several will call lines due to the confusion.

    3. While I’m glad that the will call personnel told me of the situation as I got to the window, a better strategy would have been for the ticket personnel to allow those with printouts of their tix to just cut in line and get their tix. Unfortunately the line was kept going and people were scattered into chaos after reaching the front. Once the computers were brought back online there were many near fights with people blaming others for cutting or being allowed to get their tix without waiting in the main line to will call. Not the ideal situation! Next time just keep everyone in line and perhaps have a concessoin guy walk around handing out free waters.

    4. Perhaps next time have tix or even better a list of last names and ticket assignments printed out for the weekend will call people. For some reason and maybe it wasn’t Dodger Stadium (though doubtful since I only really go to Dodger Stadium) I remember presenting my ID and having the ticket person go through a box with tix sorted in alphabetical order. Maybe the Ticketmaster handling charge should pay for the person who puts the tix in the envelope… after all, isn’t this the definition of handling charge?

    5. Lastly, perhaps hire someone like me to run the Dodger’s customer service dept who’s best interest will be to provide fans with the best experience no matter what the problem… Somewhat kidding on this one but seriously, there was no one capable (and believe me I talked to about 8 or 9 different people in the area) of explaining this at the will call line nor at any of ticket entry points. One person with a bullhorn with the right words, while handing out free water could have easily turned alot of this around.

    Thank you for this blog. With any luck it will get back to the right people. Feel free to e-mail me at the above address and/or feel free to call me for more details. My phone number is in the Dodger database.

    Go Blue!

    Angel Nodal


    The whole ticket thing was a joke. What they shound have done was let the people with thier ticketmater sheets get in, they finally did it 20 minutes before the game. Each fan got a VIP Hand Written blue ticket. Fan frienly Park? We were actually trying to find MCCourt. What an embarsement to the orgenization!


    How come Grady never has his Dodger jersey on? He always wears that blue top. He should try the top half of the uniform, maybe that will change his luck. Maybe getting a power hitter would also change his luck!


    I fear having two months of baseball left will not be enough for the Dodgers to finish above third in the division ( if we are lucky! ). Probably fourth or even fifth. After all, the other teams in the Major Leagues, and especially in the division where everybody feel they can win it, are not going to relax and allow the Dodgers to play catchup after this disaster stretch. No, they’re going to play hard and push for a playoff spot, same as we are presumable going to start doing once the time is deemed right. Watching the daily box scores of the division rivals, I notice they can score runs in the latter innings, unlike we of late, and come back from deficits, and that lets them win ballgames. They are already playing hard and pushing for the playoffs, once we do decide to start the engine, that may be too late. But hey, there’s always next year…

    What fliegel said about Little and his blue top. It would have been nice to see the manager wear the real team colours sometimes.


    “But hey, there’s always next year…”

    Yep, you’re a Dodger fan.

    I don’t think anyone expects the team to lose 9 out of every 10 games from now on, except the people who actually think we should have gotten Shea Hillenbrand. I’m sure he’ll self-destruct in SF.

    It’s really ironic, though, how Ned Colletti’s plan is to play a bunch of veterans so the rookies don’t have to “sink or swim,” and yet the veterans have been so abysmal this year that the Dodgers really do depend on the youth. Therefore, there’s no reason not to just replace some veterans with younger players.

    I personally like the idea of making Lofton a 4th outfielder, or even primary leadoff ph or a pinch runner (in case Olmedo Saenz hits a single). Drew might make for good trade bait, and he’s healthy enough that Mark Prior wouldn’t be an even trade, so I’d let him go for a prospect or two. Then Kent or Izturis could go (though I’d rather see Kent go), moving Izturis to the middle infield. Then, Laroche, Kemp, Repko could come up and join Ethier, Aybar, and Martin, while Aybar, Izturis, Nomar, Laroche, and Furcal go on a five man rotation. A typical lineup, then would look like









    That still combines having veterans in the lineup with bringing up the youth.

    Anyway, Josh, why does Grady always wear that blue top thing?

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