Mueller to the DL

Just got to the ballpark in San Francisco and unfortunately, Bill Mueller’s right knee is still acting up, so we’re going to put him on the DL and recall Oscar Robles from Las Vegas.

Lineup to follow…



    Here is where we see some Willy Aybar. If he can just maintain his power, we’ll be alright.


    I love Bill, but after his throws to first this past week, he definitely needs to rest up.


    As frustrating as it has been to see Nomar, Lofton, Gagne and now Bill on the DL, it sure has been fun to root for the young guys. How great would it be to see them all produce?!

    Go get ’em Willy…


    I understand that Guzman won’t come up until he’s here to stay, but is there a master plan for only having 4 outfielders with Repko on the DL?


    Ramon Martinez can play the OF in a pinch, he has done it before, (only 3 games in ’02 w/ SF).

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