Luke Hochevar Update – Roy Smith

I would like to give everyone an update on Luke Hochevar. Luke is currently playing for the Fort Worth Cats of the Independent American Association League. The Dodgers retain exclusive negotiation rights to Luke until May 30, which is a week before the June 6 first-year player draft.

Since drafting Luke last June, we made him what we considered a fair offer. That offer was rejected and negotiations would best be described as being at an impasse. We have monitored Luke all along and have had scouts at the games he has pitched for Fort Worth. As happened with Jered Weaver, who signed at the last minute with the Angels last year before the deadline to reenter the draft, anything is possible.   


Hey if the guy doesn’t want to pitch here let him go !! If all he’s interested in is money up front, let him go !!! If he thinks the grass is greener someplace else, let him go. We’ve seen a lot of great minor leaguers ie.. Edwin Jackson etc… that don’t work out. This guy isn’t a proven major leaguer and at some point money does matter. Spread the money to others that appreciate it !! If he truely wants to be a Dodger he’ll accept the original offer he accepted before, but backed out !! Otherwise lets go find another Gagne someplace else, he never would have turned down a $3.0 million signing bonus.

Hey Roy/Logan White/dodger management, dont listen to gary smith. Please make another sincere attempt to ink Hochevar.

Better spending 3 million or so on Hochevar then wasting 9 million on Odalis to pitch in the bullpen.

i would like to see you guys sign hochevar.. i like thinking that in a couple of years chad billingsley, scott elbert, justin orenduff, greg miller and luke hochevar will make up the dodgers starting rotation. that would be pretty siick… but in my opinion, luke is the best pitching prospect in this years draft, this years pitching crop is rather thin, afte andrew miller, and john linecum, its anyones guess. so you guys should make an attempt at signing him. by the way roy, what do you guys plan on with your first three picks this year?… keep up the good work


I have never seen a ballclub so consistently botch up rundowns like the Dodgers seem to do throughout their history. What is it with Major League players these days anyway? Don’t they even practice this stuff anymore? Oh yeah, I forgot. They’re pros and don’t need the practice any longer. If you look at the replay, each of the throws (4) in that rundown were thrown way too early, and even then, in a rundown, only one throw should ever take place. Force the baserunner ALL THE WAY BACK to the bag and THEN throw the ball just before he reaches it. That’s the way we used to do it in Pony League…

to add,

Our System is thin in high end starting pitching talent right now. Outside of Billingsley and Elbert, there is much left. I dont want to discount Greg Miller because I think he has the most talent out of anyone in our system, but I am going to be reserved about him until he builds up his arm strength and comes back to starting full time.

After those 3, there is Justin Orenduff, who only projects as a middle of the rotation starter. Although that projection might take a bit longer to fulfill now since he just went on the DL with a sore elbow which cannot be a good sign and in all liklihood, will probably lead to TJ surgery.

After Orenduff, I really like Blake Johnson but again, he is only 20 and is only at Vero Beach right now. We do have some intriging arms at the lower levels and some still in extended spring training but they do not match up to the level of Hochevar.

I guess what i am trying to say in this rant is that

1- starting pitcher is becoming more and more expensive to acquire in the free agent market or through trades

2- in order to have a successful big league team, you need a steady supply of cheap, young good pitching to offset the high end salaries for the veterans.

A 3 million or so investment for Luke Hochevar, is minimal in the long run if the Dodgers think he is as good as they think he is (and i think Logan White thinks he is pretty good since he has drafted him twice already).

I know the situation got icky last year when He re-engaged on the contract and I know communication has been at the minimum since then. But the past is in the past and hopefully time may have healed some of the wounds. The Dodgers need to do what is best for the Dodger organization and adding another quality high cieling arm, who could reach the show by 2007, qualifies as doing whats best for the dodgers.

I say screw him. Let him hold another team hostage.

I just read the Gammons article regarding the Hochevar situation and he stated Logan White was in attendance for Hochevar’s outing on monday. That is very good news to me. Hopefully contrack talks resume again.

Something gonna go down, why would Roy Smith him self be down there!

Great to hear all the comments about future Dodgers and to get Roy’s Hochevar update. I too hope he is signed. However the story that caught my attention again today in the LA Times was the seemingly stronger posibility that the Dodgers will move spring training from Dodgertown in Vero Beach to a location in Arizona. I expect that it is for financial or other logistic reasons. I cannot comment on those reasons. However, I can comment on Dodgertown. With my family, we have visited Dodgertown twice, having travelled from Nova Scotia in Canada. The place is unbelieveable. If there is one place on earth, other than Dodger Stadium, that represents the Dodgers it surely is Vero Beach with extraordinary facilites, streets named after Dodgers, decades of Dodger tradition. We have also visited Dodger Stadium. The atmosphere in both locations is the same, a place where we breath in Dodger tradition and Dodger air. Being a longtime Dodger fan (since early ’50’s) and a grateful one, I hope, almost ready to pray, that the Dodgers do not leave Vero Beach.

i also read that story, why would the dodgers even consider leaving vero beach?.. thats just ridiculous. dodgertown has tradition, and they would leave all that behind?.. once again the mccourt family is upsetting me. why would they even consider it. as dodger fans we need to pass this message to them. dont move the dodgers. leave them where they belong.


Well they entertained notions a few years ago, so I guess they want to give someone a chance here. But going from “Dodgertown” to sharing a complex with the White Sox would only remind the Dodgers that Tommy Lasorda traded away Paul Konerko for Jeff Shaw.

Ha. Ha. Good one Patriotacts,but Tommy wasn’t the only one. Remember Pedro for Delino, Piazza gone, LoDuca gone, Vladimer overlooked because he ran the bases poorly and Wilton signed and way back Roberto Clemente not signed when he could have been. No good to look back unless it to look back and retain Dodger tradition and the reasons why Dodger fans are so passionate. Just think how many Dodger Hall of Famers and other great players have come through Vero Beach. At the risk of being repetitive, Dodgertown is an extraordinary place.

With apologies to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Dodgers are only one of two teams that play in the Grapefruit League from west of the Mississippi (St. Louis doesn’t count… they’re right on the Mississippi). Houston is the other one which is squarely in the center of the country. I can only imagine that the logistics of such a yearly exodus, especially from an organizational standpoint, could be quite an undertaking. In this day and age with the rising costs of transportation and maintenance costs, and while taking into consideration what the players themselves are making, it might be a way to save money and put it right back into the organization.

And after all, Spring Training means absolutely nothing when checking the standings in September. Those saved resources could be allocated back to the team in helping to provide a winner, year after year. And with the organization’s training facilities closer to home, we’d be in a much better position to account of the team’s progress from within. While I would mourn the loss of Vero Beach, you’ve got to admit, it makes tremendous sense from an organizational/economical point of view.

And back on topic…

By all means… let a kid, who has electrifying stuff and a consistently high 90’s fastball, get away again. It’s not like the organization needs pitching help or anything. By the way, how’s his heart? Does he “got game”? We need “gamers” in the organization. He’s obviously taken some bad advice from Sosnick and now Boras. I hate Scott Boras.

Just my humble point of view…

Admittedly my interest in Dodgertown was peaked by our visits there. However, I’m not sure spring training means absolutely nothing. I do feel that atmosphere is important, especially for young players. I have a feeling those Dodgers that have come through Vero Beach probably feel the experience with its rich tradition helped them feel like Dodgers. Attitude is all important. However you are right There might be financial considerations that may force the Dodgers into making a decision. Hopefully one of them might even be the $15M that would have to be paid to buy out at Vero Beach.

Word is Hochevar is a gamer. Being hooked up with Boras is not a plus. Seems to me that the Dodgers have not had good experiences with Boras contracts. However, $3M plus might be a good deal after some others that have been made. I do wish Darren Dreifort had been able to have a good career. He was a gamer. Although I cannot speak personally, it seems from a distance that Boras has done as much harm to baseball as steroids.

If you really want vengeance on Hochevar, why don’t you sign him and let him rot in the minors? Let him sit with his three million bucks. Three or four years from now, he can head to Japan. Really do a number on him. The way you’re playing it, he’ll still get his money, he’ll get all the grubby fame he can stand, and he’ll do it all in pinstripes.

Alternately, you could just keep drafting him, year after year, and not signing him. That’d be pretty funny, too. And less expensive.

“I hate Scott Boras.

Just my humble point of view…”


i too have been to vero beach and it is truly a treat for all dodger fans and baseball fans alike. but as we know money talks, but it would be a shame for it happen, esp to have to share a complex with another team after 50 years of a storied past at vero beach.

three things. scott boras is bad for baseball, there should be a limit on what agents, and players are allowwed to sign for or make, how much money has been wasted on unproven players who never make it to the majors. this is a cost that we end up paying for for tickets.
two hochevar would be a great pick-up if the price was right,he was the pitcher of the year in college last year, and could be a major player soon.

three, watch for a lefthanded named brentleach to become a very good prospect soon

Vero Breach is tradition !! Dodger Tradition !!! It would be a major mistake, from all aspects !! A giant marketing blunder !! Take a survey, how many fans are from the East Coast ?? How many travel to Vero Beach every year to spend time with the Dodgers. How many have moved to the Florida area, partly because of the Dodgers !!! I go every year and would miss it dearly and I live in Southern California.

True euhlman, although my point was that Dodgertown has rich history – it predates Vin Scully in the organization! – and is also unique to the Dodgers. It’s called DODGERtown. You can’t have that when you’re sharing a complex with the 2005 WS champs. If only the Arizona site would hire Scott Boras, the deal would fall through . . .

I think McCourt thinks that if he moves west the LA Fans will visit AZ more then Vero. I go to Vero and it’s packed !! The revenue stream has to be one of the best in Baseball. What other reason could there be ?? The city owns, runs and cares for Dodgertown and caters to the team. Again BIG MISTAKE !!!

I hate scott boras too ! Has made greed a central theme in baseball. Too bad Luke has swallowed that pill. Boras is bad for baseball !

Forget Hochevar, what you need to do is hire that Purcell guy asap.

Two Points

Point #1 – Vero Beach

It would be a stupid move by the Dodgers and the McCourt’s to move the ST facility

to Arizona. Vero Beach is not just a ST site. It has a history and a presence in

the community dating back about 60-70 years. The Dodgers are a unique organization

in the fact that they have both a strong east coast and west coast fan base. The team

can from NY and still has many fans who though are unable to visit Dodger Stadium make annual trips down to Vero. If they do this, they will cut off not only a good portion of their current fan base, but future fan base as well.

Plus the fact is that our farm system is based in the South East, with Vero Beach as the main hub. This is where players are sent for extended training and rehab.

AAA Las Vegas, Nevada

AA Jacksonville, Florida

A Vero Beach, Florida

A Columbus, Georgia

R Ogden, Utah

R Vero Beach, Florida

If the teams intent is to create a training and rehab facility closer to LA, which would

make it easier for rehab assignments, then do one of two things ……

1. Have a new complex built in Vegas.

2. Move the AAA team somewhere in Southern Californian, i.e. Ventura County, San Bernadino County, etc … and have a new facility built there – Stadium, Player Housing, Rehab Facility.

Point #2 – Luke Hochevar

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with Hochevar.

1. We agree to a contract prior to the draft.

2. We don’t agree on a contract and Luke goes back into the draft.

3. We don’t agree on a contract, Luke goes back into the draft and

we sue Boras for tampering – getting his sports management license

for baseball revoked and joy, peace and prosperity are brought back

to the world. Sorry – went a little overboard there.

Scenario #1

What exactly is Hochevar asking for? What does he want? This is something

that I would truly like to know and is the ultimate determining factor on how

the situation proceeds. If he is just interested in bonus money, the Dodgers

might be willing to pony up to say Gordon territory ($4 million) to appease him

and get him in the fold. If he is demanding a ML contract along with a signing

bonus, then I think he is gone.

Scenario #2

Hochevar & Boras demand a ML contract and negotiations cease.


Do we intentionally not sign Hochevar to protect our interests in the draft.

For example, if we hear through the grapevine that if we don’t sign Luke, then

the player we have at #1 on our board is going to fall to us at #7 vs. we sign

Luke but are left with our 2nd, 3rd, etc …… option.

Scenario #3

Hochevar falls to the Padres, who sign Luke to the ML contract and bonus that

he wants. This is of course after Boras, as reported in a San Diego newspaper,

has commented that Luke would fit well in San Diego.

However much history Vero has for the Dodgers, the fact of the matter is that Arizona is a much closer drive for Dodger fans to make. Also, all the parks are within a very reasonable drive of each other. Dodger tradition — which has been cast out the window by Fox, and in some cases, surely should be and should have been — doesn’t make up for getting a big economic boost of being close to the fanbase. I personally would be very pleased if the Dodgers moved to Arizona.

As for Hochevar — sign him or don’t. High-draft pitching prospects don’t work out, too.

Forget Hochevar, what you need to do is hire that Purcell guy asap.

Posted by: | May 12, 2006 01:25 PM

haha. I honestly would intern for free and work my way up from there. But, I dont think they want a college student obsessed with dodger prospects and metric analysis.

Sign HOchevar, I say give him a fair contract. One that would benefit the Dodgers and the player, lets make it a win-win situation.

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