Great article

For those who missed it, Bill Plaschke wrote an awesome article on Brett Tomko in today’s L.A. Times. He has a way of writing tear-jerkers and this one is no different.


Even though Plaschke can write tear jerkers, he has no idea what he is talking about when he tries to write about baseball or the Dodgers.



Yep. Fifth-to-last sentence did it to me. Thanks for passing it along, Josh, and my regards to Bill.


Yes… Is Brad Penny okay?? Thanks.

I read it when it first came out (REALLY LIKED THE STORY)

Same here. Tomko is one of those players that has become great to know. Glad to know his mom is doing well.

As the subject is appropriate to the weekend, how is Odalis’ mom?

Really glad to see that the pitchers are doing a lot better than expected. Here are the three starting pitchers with under 3.00 ERA.

Brad Penny | 2.66

Brett Tomko | 2.93

Derek Lowe | 2.98

Sele doesn’t really qualify with his 1 start, but he’s at 1.35. I personally believe Penny is one of the most underrated pitchers I’ve seen. During the preseason, everyone kept talking about these guys being #3 or #4 pitchers…

Now if only we can get some consistency at the middle infielders with their bats and gloves…

Best wishes to Mueller.

Very touching article. Just read it. Especially connects to those of us who have had a similar experience. My mother-in-law died of breast cancer, detected too late. By the way, I am not an expert on writing or the Dodgers but rather like Bill Plaschke’s Dodger coverage. He writes from a different perspective. What’s wrong with that? All writers should not be the same, simply fact driven. I even enjoy TJ Simers and his perspective. For straight coverage I like Steve Henson. I expect from the east coast of Canada, I am hungry for any tidbits of Dodger info I can get and am therefore not so discerning about the writing. That’s why I love this Blog and the insights of the contributors. Thanks.

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