Steve Howe Memorial Service

I just returned from the memorial service for Steve Howe and it was very respectfully done. The service was led by former Dodger infielder John Werhas, with eulogies from his former teammates on the 1981 World Championship team, Rick Monday and Ken Landreaux. Among his other teammates that were present were Ron Cey, Matt Nokes, Lee Guetterman and several others.

The service, which is the first of three in the next week (there is one in his hometown in Michigan and another in Montana) also had a video tribute to Steve, which can be seen here. His daughter, Chelsea, recorded a song in his memory that was played and his son, Brian, who looks quite a bit like his father, were both there with Steve’s widow, Cynthia.

Steve’s life was cut short tragically, yet he will always be remembered for his place in Dodger history and more importantly, for the memories he shared with his family.



The Steve Howe That I Knew

Since the tragic death of Steve Howe I have read numerous articles and comments on the internet and every one of them focuses on Steve Howe’s past problems and issues. What does it take for people to let the past go? Most of the people making these comments never even met the man. Steve didn’t do a thing to these people to hurt them in any way. But the comments are filled with so much anger. So Steve had problems in his past, we all did. There has been little if any mention about Steve’s life after baseball.

I own a truck accessory shop in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Steve lived in Lake Havasu the past three or four years. He would come into my shop and buy products for his trucks. He treated me with kindness and respect from the get go and we developed a mutual friendship. When Steve would come into my shop my partner and I would sit and talk with him for hours sometimes. He didn’t always buy something. He would just stop in to say hi and talk about his latest business adventure or a charity golf tournament that he was putting on or how his son was doing in baseball or about his daughter’s progress with her music.

Steve had a construction business here in town building homes for a while. He was working hard to promote a new energy drink that he was involved with. He had his fingers in several other projects also. He loved to talk to people. There was a little girl here in town that was terminally ill. Steve went business to business with boxes of his books and he would stand there and sign copy after copy and give out his books for a donation to help pay for this little girls medical costs. His charity golf tournaments were all for children’s causes. He spent a lot of his own time and money for the local high school baseball programs.

I’m not defending Steve’s past actions but like I said before that was the past. The Steve Howe I knew was a good, kind person who was trying to help as many people as he could before his time on this earth was up. His untimely death is a great loss for everyone, especially the people that new Steve on a personal level like I did.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve at spring training in Winterhaven Florida were at that time (1983) was the home of the Red Sox whom my Son pitched for. Steve was a great guy and a outstanding pitcher! I was shocked to hear of his death. No matter how many drugs he did he always loved the game and pitched like it! The only one he ever let down was himself! Just ask Tommy he will tell you the same thing! He will be missed!

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