Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Cruz, LF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Mueller, 3B

Repko, CF

Martin, C

Seo, P


i was wondering if anything was wrong with andy laroche, i saw his numbers, and he really struggling, is it a slump or is it something else?…


I like this lineup. Let’s see if Seo can pull off a win tonight.

Look at Kent’s numbers; I think it’s a slump.

I think this is probably the best lineup we have-offensively and defensively- although it’s a little disappointing not to see Ethier in the lineup. I wonder if Cruz will be more productive than Ethier is right now. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next five years or so.

Looks like Repko took a hit running into the wall.

I am very impressed with the way Russell Martin is able to receive & frame pitches. He appears to be an improvement over Navarro who seemed to lose strikes by grabbing low pitches and moving them out of the strike zone in the eyes of the umpire.

Gameday reports it was an injured foot/ankle for Repko. Are we going to see Guzman for a spell?

Funny parallel; Andy Pettite and the Astros lose to Nomar, Mueller, Grady, and the Dodgers, while Boston pounds New York.

Great win tonight, although I’m kinda disapointed in Seo but all in all IT’S A DODGER VICTORY!

Great win for the Dodgers. I hope this is a sign of the team starting to gel. For once the bullpen rescued the starting pitcher. That’s a pleasant change of pace.

Pats… take a chill pill please! Why is it everytime someone is “day-to-day” do you call for a minor league promotion? You wanted Aybar up when Mueller took a couple of days off for his knee. These kids need to get their work in at AAA! Don’t worry because Repko is young and he’ll be just fine. Not that Grady would play him if he were healthy… that’s a different point of contention. But he did walk off the field without help, and that’s a great sign. Repko will be back in a few days… no need for a DL stint yet.




You will notice that the comment is timestamped 8:23, basically as soon as I saw he left with an ankle injury, nor did I know that Mueller would only need a day to day listing (nice game from him tonight too). Someday I’ll learn to hold off comments until after the game. I’m glad to know that it was minor, though, and I’m hoping he was more interested in practicing for this weekend in SF.

That was an insightful bit in the LA times as to why Perez is going to the bullpen and Seo is not. Seo did have a good start against the Giants, though, so I am optimistic. If LA keeps swinging the bat like that, though, it may not matter.

By the way, I will continue to insist that Cruz should always hit #2 if he’s in the lineup. He likes that spot, and he can really perform there. Lofton is clearly effective at the bottom of the lineup, and in fact makes the lineup much more well-rounded.

Russ Martin reminds me of a youg Paul La Duca. He plays hard and brings energy to this veteran club. I hope he keeps the job over Navarro.


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Its very early, only 4 games, but Martin looks like just what the dodgers needed. He plays the game right. He plays hard-nose, hussling, do what it takes to win ‘ball. I dont care if he hits .250 the catcher is such an important cog in the defense/attitude of the team, I really hope he keeps it up and stays up.

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