Tuesday is Monday's Day

Yesterday I posted some information on Rick Monday and the anniversary of saving the flag and today, the actual anniversary, I’m adding a little bit more.

Monday_photo_flag I was sitting in the press box on Sunday when I turned to one of our writers and said that I thought an interesting angle on this story would be to see if someone could track down the guys who had run out onto the field. Well, sure enough Bob Nightengale of USA Today tried to do that but wasn’t able to. He also gives a sad update on what happened to the photographer who took the famous shot posted in the blog below.

On dodgers.com right now you can check out the video footage of Monday’s heroics and Vin Scully’s incredible call of the moment, as well as a story about the event and photo album from that day.

Ray McNulty of the Vero Beach Press Journal also wrote a great article about Rick in today’s paper.

We’re all ecstatic with the way yesterday’s game turned out but what Rick Monday did was much larger than a ninth-inning grand slam or near no-hitter.

Thirty years after it happened, people are still talking about it…

One comment

  1. bethanngrabelsky@yahoo.com

    What ever became of the two idiots who tried to burn the flag?

    Hopefully, they were punished for it. I remember when that incident happened and I think of Rick Monday as one of my heroes as a result.

    God Bless you and America.

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