Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Ledee, LF

Navarro, C

Penny, P



    In case some of you were worried about the Dodgers chances of winning the division, remember the old axiom – pitiching wins championships. The White Sox were good proof of that last year. So take a look at what has happened so far with the starting pitching –

    —-W-L–Quality Starts–E.R.A.

    AZ 7-7——9——5.77

    SF 7-7——7——4.74

    SD 6-8——10—–5.82

    Col 5-8——9——5.94

    L.A. 8-4—–13—–4.44

    The starting pitching is going deeper into games, giving up less runs in the process then the rest of the division (except for S.F., over a point lower E.R.A. !). Over the course of a season, that makes a huge difference for the guns in the bullpen. As soon as some of the younger guys, Kuo, Osoria, pull themselves together, watch out. They aren’t going to win 100 games, but if the starters can keep up this kind of production, the division is their’s to lose.


    Thanks. I knew the SP was improving significantly but had not analyzed like you have. You’re right. When the young relievers get on track, the pitching will be fine. Looking forward to an exciting season as the lineup gets stabilized.


    How many games is Navarro’s defense going to cost the Dodgers this year? Having patients for a young hitter is one thing, but his play behind the plate is just too costly to wait through….


    The Dodgers would have won if Navarro did not allow that passed ball. He also made a throwing error. I certainly hope he gets better or Martin should get his chance.


    “The Dodgers would have won if Navarro did not allow that passed ball. He also made a throwing error.”

    I’m fairly certain that one was on Brad Penny more than Navarro. Navarro doesn’t get cut much slack though, as he should have been able to block the pitch. But if you watch the replay again, Navarro set up outside but seemed to be expecting the pitch up. As the ball was released, Navarro’s glove started to go upstairs, and of course the ball broke down and away. I think Martin will be a great catcher one day, but this one shouldn’t cost Navarro his job entirely… but we’ll see how this story plays out in time.


    navarro is definitely pressing, and it shows. either depodesta was way off on this guy, or just needs to be relax. still he not the “catch and throw” guy as advertised, and was not any bettter than jason phillips, as far as i can see…plus has he thrown out any basestealers – YET!?!

    and please, can we officially give furcal a day (or more) off. we have not one, but two, quality backups at shortstop with

    oscar particularly a skilled leadoff hitter.

    lofton is truly a better leadoff guy and grady should try to shake things up with

    mueller in the two hole and move furcal

    down to six.


    jesuispret, thats a good idea. i think ideally you are gonna want furcal followed by lofton, but for now it would be a good idea to shake it up a bit.

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