Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Cruz, LF

Navarro, C

Lowe, P



    Once again, the real line up appears, I’m expecting a good game today. I’m also expecting Lowe to pitch well.


    Surprisingly Grady is not using right-handers Alomar and Repko. Is Alomar’s leg still bothering him, or did Grady feel he used him too much to start the season?

    I can assume that Grady felt it was unnecessary to rest Lofton for two days in a row, and Cruz is a switch hitter that hits better on the road. Given that management was considering starting Guzman in left ahead of Jose Cruz back in the spring, what would it take for them to consider making Repko a regular there?


    Its time for this team to string together some quality wins, stop the errors, mistakes, and playing sloppy… that line-up is awesome- theres no team in the NL we cant beat.


    The Cody Ross trade leads me to one very important question: how exactly is the “player to be named later” selected in such a trade?


    wow and to think I was thinking we might get a no-hitter thrown at us great job drew and nomar. we really needed this win


    On the picture gallery for April 23 (yesterday’s game), there’s a typo on the second picture with Brett Tomko in it. It says that he pitched “sex innings” and I’m pretty sure you guys mean six.

    Great win tonight!!!! Hopefully, this can get us started.



    If you notice it was a girl that took that pic, Girls are always blaming us for being dirty minded!!


    Wow, that’s what i’m talking about! Game not over until we say it’s over!

    And on that subject, is Lance Carter there to create save oppurtunities for Danys Baez? Because he has at least twice.


    great, great win esp for nomar.

    is it me, or does it seem lofton is the more natural lead off hitter, esp since furcal is in a slump. think he needs a day or so off with robles at short.

    plus its time furcal really gets his right hand checked out. i know he is resisting but his throws, not to mention his right hand hitting are getting to be an adventure.


    Is Furcal waiting until the return of Cesar Izturis? Because while that would be convenient, it would also be dumb if he messes up his finger. But it’s certainly alarming that he’s already made five errors.


    I totally forgat his finger was messed up, I was thinking he had a sore shoulder or something.


    I’m truly baffled as to why the dodgers didn’t retain the rights to Cody Ross I must be missing something here.What does it take to make a major leaugue roster.I really think the braintrust of Dodger Blue goofed this one up badly.


    Cody Ross gets optioned to AAA Vegas. He’s out of options so he can quit and anyone gets him for free. So, the Dodgers make a deal to keep him in the Bigs and get a player! It’s a win-win for both clubs and the Dodgers do HIM a favor by getting him a job at this level.

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