Gagne update – Josh Rawitch

The morning coverage of Gagne’s injury pretty much tells you the full story behind the surgery. Check out the L.A. Times, Daily News, Orange County Register, Riverside Press Enterprise or if you are looking for an update. If any of you were watching Baseball Tonight last night on ESPN, you might have thought that his career was over, the way they were talking about it, but as you’ll read in any of the papers that cover us and were on the conference call last night, head trainer Stan Johnston characterized this surgery as less severe as the one he had last year. Still, until they go in and operate, we won’t have an idea of a timetable for his recovery.

The good news, though, is that the guys who got banged up on Wednesday night (Kent, Saenz, Loney and Furcal) all seem to be doing okay and available for tonight’s game here in Philadelphia.

Today we’ll get a chance to see Brett Tomko for the first time in a regular season game and it happens to be his birthday. That’s got to be a pretty cool thing to do – start a big league game on your birthday.

As for the front office people, we’re currently in the hotel getting through our usual work – answering emails, writing the daily game notes, handling interview requests, etc. We’ll head to the ballpark around 2:30 and then it becomes like any other home game for us.

On a sad note, I’m kind of disappointed that we won’t get to see Jimmy Rollins try and extend his hitting streak, which was snapped yesterday. It’s not every day you get to see history in the making and I was looking forward to watching him go for Joe DiMaggio’s record. So it goes…


How well does Brett perform on his birthday, or has he started then before? According to Wikipedia, Nomar Garciappara is the unofficial home run leader on his birthday, with A-Rod in 2nd.

I’m still feeling good about the Dodgers this year but I’m starting to get that uneasy feeling seeing so many players getting banged up so early on. Let’s hope we can get past all these injuries fast.


Brett has pitched just one other time on his birthday. 2001, when he pitched 3.1 innings and allowed three earned runs.

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