Eric Gagne to have surgery – Josh Rawitch

I just wanted to let you all know that we have learned that Eric Gagne will undergo surgery on his right elbow tomorrow morning at the Kerlan-Jobe clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Jobe and Dr. Gambardella will perform the procedure and remove the same nerve that was giving him problems last year. There is no timetable set for his return. I’m sure there will be more information later tonight, but we just landed in Philadelphia and I wanted the fans to hear it straight from us.

Stay tuned for more information.


how long is one usually out from these surgeries.

the good news is that we have Baez. Great move by Colletti by the way!

Is Gagne insured and would a potentially season-ending surgery allow a claim that might allow an aquisition during the 2006 season?

On behalf of Dodger fans everywhere


Danys Baez will be good, and hopefully Eric will be back eventually.

Gagne’s last season as a dodger. He needs to take a paycut, but I don’t even think they’ll take him after that.

While picking up an extra reliever would be nice, this just might be a good time to add someone to the lineup who can hit for power.

Guzman’s a shortstop by training, but can he play 2nd? I got chills watching Jeff Kent taken out to have Ramon Martinez go into the 4 hole.

if its not too much to ask, i was wondering if Roy Smith can make a blog post regarding some of the minor league rosters.

for example, like the whereabouts of some of the players that havent been added to the 4 minor league teams that opened up on thursday.

Specifically, Jon Meloan, Josh wall, andy van slyke, steven johnson, josh bell.

also, it would be cool if you can give some background on some of the international pitchers that are on the columbus catfish roster. There are a lot of them and since they were international signees, there is hardly any information on them on the internet.

I would appreciate it- nate

And again proving that one can’t throw like the mad-man Gagne is for more than three or four seasons before the arm just quits. Eric… we’ll miss your Superarm powers. Can someone please get the kryptonite out of Dodger Stadium?? These injuries are getting old!

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