From Citizens Bank Park – Josh Rawitch

Eric’s surgery was a success, as you might have read by now. Dr. Jobe thinks he could be back in a game as soon as six week or as long as eight or maybe nine weeks, but the surgery lasted just about half an hour and they removed the nerve that was causing the problem. Overall, this is the best news we could have hoped for, given the situation.

Here in Philly, Rafael Furcal was a late scratch from the lineup due to a contusion in his right shin, suffered Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Jason Repko moved up to the leadoff spot, followed by Jose Cruz, Drew, Kent, Loney, Mueller, Ramon Martinez, Navarro and Tomko. In the first inning, Loney tripled for his first Major League RBI.

Furcal seems like he’ll be available to pinch-hit, but it certainly was strange walking into the training room about half an hour before game time and seeing three All-Star shortstops – Cesar Izturis, Furcal and Nomar – all getting treatment. The good news is, all three could be back at some point in the next month and there aren’t very many teams that can lay claim to having three All-Star shorstops in the lineup somewhere (even the Yankees only have two)!


So is Furcal then going on the DL?

The way it’s been reported, the Furcal injury shouldn’t be more than a day or two. And as for Jason Repko… we all know what kind of ballplayer he is and the potential that exists within. The kid is fearless in his defense and nails at the plate. I hope that should he continue to hit the way he is right now, that Grady finds an everyday spot in the lineup for him.

Also, the news today about Jayson Werth not being ready for at least another two months is very discouraging. I really think his talent is for real, but sadly we may never get to see him progress beyond this injury. Going into his 14th month with considerable wrist pain doesn’t speak well to the type of injury this really is for him. I hope he can rebound and return to help the team. He could be a superstar one day…

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