March 2006

Today's Lineup

Here is the Dodgers’ starting lineup for their game this afternoon vs. the Florida Marlins at Jupiter:

Jason Repko, LF; Oscar Robles, SS; Jose Cruz Jr., CF; Olmedo Saenz, 1B; Ricky Ledee, RF; Bill Mueller, 3B; Russell Martin, C; Ramon Martinez, 2B; Aaron Sele, P.

Back in Vero Beach – Josh Rawitch

After two weeks in Los Angeles, helping get Dodger Stadium ready for Opening Day, I’ve returned to Vero Beach for the final 10 days of Spring Training. Grady Little has been giving me a lot of grief for being away from the team, but he’s only kidding…at least I hope he is.

For those wondering what we all do during this time of year, the last couple weeks have been busy with all sorts of meetings at Dodger Stadium. We’ve met with KCAL, our new TV partner, exchanging ideas for features that you’ll see on their pregame show. We met with Telemundo and with Latino Sports TV about increased coverage this year, as you’re probably noticing that we’re really reaching out to the Latino fans with our new website And, we met with the the company that printed our media guide, which recently came out. These are just a few of the things that keep the PR department busy in the final weeks before Opening Day.

If you’re a die hard Dodger fan, I’d actually recommend picking up one of our media guides this year from the Top of the Park Gift Shop.  I know I’m biased in thinking that our department has put together one of the more informative guides in the league, but these are no longer for the media alone. There’s great information about each player and you can actually learn quite a bit about the team, its players, community efforts, history, records, executives and a lot more.

Anyway, enough shameless promotion for one night. We just got back from a night game in Viera where Brad Penny, Tim Hamulack and D.J. Houlton set down 17 guys in a row at one point and Russell Martin had four RBI, including a three-run homer. Nomar Garciaparra had a couple hits, too, which is good to see, as he spent some extra time in the cage this morning just trying to get into a groove. An 11-5 win gives the Dodgers an 11-5 record. A nice touch.

Tomorrow we’re on ESPN, with Aaron Sele continuing his impressive battle to make the team. Lance Carter and Hong-Chih Kuo will follow him to the mound. We’ll post the lineup first thing in the morning.

Today's Lineup

Here is the Dodgers’ starting lineup for their night game at Viera vs. the Washington Nationals …

Rafael Furcal, SS; Kenny Lofton, CF; Nomar Garciaparra, 1B; Jeff Kent, 2B; Joel Guzman, LF; Jason Repko, RF; Ramon Martinez, 3B; Russell Martin, C; Brad Penny, P.

An Ump and His Dog – Mark Langill

Veteran umpire Bruce Froemming is getting ready to begin his 36th Major League season in 2006, tying the all-time record for longevity set by Hall of Famer Bill Klem. Froemming, who will be at first base for today’s game at Holman Stadium, broke into the Majors on April 6, 1971 at New York’s Shea Stadium. The other umpires that afternoon were Al Barlick, Ed Vargo and Harry Wendelstedt, whose son, Hunter Wendelstedt, is today’s home plate umpire.

This morning, Froemming was on a minor league field, tossing a flying foam disc to his beloved hunting dog, Blue. It’s one of the best sights of Spring Training and those who are used to the voice of authority when umpiring a ballgame, Bruce speaks to the dog in kind tones and is very proud when others give compliments.

One day, Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti drove by on his golf cart and yelled, "Open your eyes, Blue!" Colletti claimed he was talking to the dog.Bruce_blue_1

Vin TV – Mark Langill

Today is the first televised game of the season and Vin Scully will call the action for KCAL 9 in Los Angeles. Beginning his 57th season with the Dodgers, Scully’s memory is a virtual encyclopedia and the available stories seem endless. Cuba’s victory over the Dominican Republic in Saturday’s World Baseball Classic prompted Scully to recall at the dinner table the Dodgers’ spring training in 1959 when wet weather in Vero Beach disrupted the exhibition schedule. Undaunted, the Dodgers arranged with the Cincinnati Reds to fly to Cuba for the weekend. Scully remembers such details as the team hotel, conversations in the lobby, and even the souvenirs available for tourists just months before the Castro revolution.

Today's Lineup – Vero Beach

Here is today’s lineup for the Dodgers vs. the Washington Nationals this afternoon at Holman Stadium:

Rafael Furcal, SS; Kenny Lofton, CF; Jose Cruz Jr., LF; Jeff Kent, 2B; Nomar Garciaparra, 1B; Bill Mueller, 3B; Ricky Ledee, RF; Sandy Alomar Jr., C; Derek Lowe, P.

Mark Langill – Dodger Stadium Ready

While Spring Training runs smoothly here in Vero Beach, there is anticipation for the regular season – and a chance to see the renovation at Dodger Stadium. The players, coaches and other team officials who had a chance to check out the stadium changes during the winter are looking forward to seeing the finished product when the Dodgers play host to the Angels in an exhibition game on March 31. Third base coach Rich Donnelly already is planning the team’s workout schedule at Dodger Stadium, and others making their first trip to the West Coast next week are asking questions about the climate and stadium design.

This winter’s construction phase restored the original color pallet from when the ballpark first opened in 1962, while also replacing the more than 50,000 plastic seats originally installed in the mid-1970s.

Beginning with the top deck, the seat removal provided a chance for workers to repair and refresh the underlying concrete. Another new look will introduce an old-school concept to the ballpark – box seating along the baseline seats. The Dodgers’ adaptation will integrate more legroom and a table amenity to the baseline areas.

Great care was also taken with the last of the stadium’s original wooden seats, located along the third-base side of the Club Level. Those seats were refurbished and returned to the area, along with a rainbow-theme color pallet reminiscent of the Club Level and the back wall of the original ground-level dugout box seating section. This photo shows the outfield wall with the original shade of blue from 1962, just one of many "original" touches to the ballpark which has remained one of Southern California’s most popular destinations for tourists and baseball fans of all ages.

And fans wanting a sneak preview of the "new" Dodger Stadium can check out the latest photo galleries on dodgers.comPhoto_1

Today's Lineup at Lakeland

Here is the Dodgers’ starting lineup vs. the Detroit Tigers at Lakeland –

Jason Repko, CF; Willy Aybar, 3B; Joel Guzman, LF; Olmedo Saenz, DH; Matt Kemp, RF; James Loney, 1B; Ramon Martinez, 2B; Pat Borders, C; Chin-Lung Hu, SS. Starting pitcher – Chad Billingsley

Today's Starting Lineups

Here are today’s starting lineups for the Mets and Dodgers in Vero Beach:

NEW YORK: Endy Chavez, CF; Jeff Keppinger, 2B; Jose Valentin, 3B; Xavier Nady, RF; Victor Diaz, LF; Ramon Castro, C; Todd Self, 1B; Chris Woodward, SS; Steve Trachsel, P.

LOS ANGELES: Rafael Furcal, SS; Kenny Lofton, CF; J.D. Drew, RF; Jeff Kent, 2B; Nomar Garciaparra, 1B; Bill Mueller, 3B; Jose Cruz Jr., LF; Russell Martin, C; Brett Tomko, P.

A Rookie Again – Mark Langill

When Tom Goodwin joined the Dodgers as a rookie outfield prospect in September 1991, he walked into the Dodger Stadium clubhouse on a Sunday morning in a purple-colored suit. Fifteen years later, Goodwin arrived at Dodgertown in shorts, a T-shirt and white tennis shoes, the kind of attire which the modern-day ballplayer might wear on a typical day in Spring Training.

But Goodwin is 37 and perhaps embarking on another career. He will join Rick Monday this weekend on the Dodger radio booth, the third guest analyst in 2006 following former catcher Steve Yeager and pitcher Jerry Reuss.

"I feel a little nervous," said Goodwin, who had two stints with the Dodgers (1991-93 and 2000-2001) during his 14-year career in the majors in which he batted .268 in 1,288 games with 369 stolen bases. "It’s a funny feeling not getting ready for a game, physical-wise. Hopefully, I’ll be more relaxed by the time the game starts."

Today’s broadcast will be carried by; Saturday and Sunday on KFWB 980 in Los Angeles.