Back in Vero Beach – Josh Rawitch

After two weeks in Los Angeles, helping get Dodger Stadium ready for Opening Day, I’ve returned to Vero Beach for the final 10 days of Spring Training. Grady Little has been giving me a lot of grief for being away from the team, but he’s only kidding…at least I hope he is.

For those wondering what we all do during this time of year, the last couple weeks have been busy with all sorts of meetings at Dodger Stadium. We’ve met with KCAL, our new TV partner, exchanging ideas for features that you’ll see on their pregame show. We met with Telemundo and with Latino Sports TV about increased coverage this year, as you’re probably noticing that we’re really reaching out to the Latino fans with our new website And, we met with the the company that printed our media guide, which recently came out. These are just a few of the things that keep the PR department busy in the final weeks before Opening Day.

If you’re a die hard Dodger fan, I’d actually recommend picking up one of our media guides this year from the Top of the Park Gift Shop.  I know I’m biased in thinking that our department has put together one of the more informative guides in the league, but these are no longer for the media alone. There’s great information about each player and you can actually learn quite a bit about the team, its players, community efforts, history, records, executives and a lot more.

Anyway, enough shameless promotion for one night. We just got back from a night game in Viera where Brad Penny, Tim Hamulack and D.J. Houlton set down 17 guys in a row at one point and Russell Martin had four RBI, including a three-run homer. Nomar Garciaparra had a couple hits, too, which is good to see, as he spent some extra time in the cage this morning just trying to get into a groove. An 11-5 win gives the Dodgers an 11-5 record. A nice touch.

Tomorrow we’re on ESPN, with Aaron Sele continuing his impressive battle to make the team. Lance Carter and Hong-Chih Kuo will follow him to the mound. We’ll post the lineup first thing in the morning.


I appreciate the efforts made to be more interactive with the fans this year, just a couple of things?

1. Will be the media guides be available at the Freeway Series opener?

2. Since there is more interest in the Dodger’s farm system particularily the AAA and AA clubs, will there be an effort to report on a regular basis how the prospects are doing?


While it was great on KCAL Sunday to see what will be our opening day lineup (save for J.D. and Dioner), I can’t tell you how awesome it was to finally hear Vin calling a game. It’s not officially baseball time until he’s behind the mic. 🙂

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