Mark Langill – Dodger Stadium Ready

While Spring Training runs smoothly here in Vero Beach, there is anticipation for the regular season – and a chance to see the renovation at Dodger Stadium. The players, coaches and other team officials who had a chance to check out the stadium changes during the winter are looking forward to seeing the finished product when the Dodgers play host to the Angels in an exhibition game on March 31. Third base coach Rich Donnelly already is planning the team’s workout schedule at Dodger Stadium, and others making their first trip to the West Coast next week are asking questions about the climate and stadium design.

This winter’s construction phase restored the original color pallet from when the ballpark first opened in 1962, while also replacing the more than 50,000 plastic seats originally installed in the mid-1970s.

Beginning with the top deck, the seat removal provided a chance for workers to repair and refresh the underlying concrete. Another new look will introduce an old-school concept to the ballpark – box seating along the baseline seats. The Dodgers’ adaptation will integrate more legroom and a table amenity to the baseline areas.

Great care was also taken with the last of the stadium’s original wooden seats, located along the third-base side of the Club Level. Those seats were refurbished and returned to the area, along with a rainbow-theme color pallet reminiscent of the Club Level and the back wall of the original ground-level dugout box seating section. This photo shows the outfield wall with the original shade of blue from 1962, just one of many "original" touches to the ballpark which has remained one of Southern California’s most popular destinations for tourists and baseball fans of all ages.

And fans wanting a sneak preview of the "new" Dodger Stadium can check out the latest photo galleries on dodgers.comPhoto_1


I’m pretty impressed with the baseline boxes. The outfield wall looks awesome too.

The Stadium looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it in person this year. I didn’t know about the outfield wall color changing but it adds a nice touch. Great job guys!!

I will be one of the many at Dodger Stadium for Opening Day and I’m very excited about the new team and new look stadium. Long Live the Dodger!

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