Vin TV – Mark Langill

Today is the first televised game of the season and Vin Scully will call the action for KCAL 9 in Los Angeles. Beginning his 57th season with the Dodgers, Scully’s memory is a virtual encyclopedia and the available stories seem endless. Cuba’s victory over the Dominican Republic in Saturday’s World Baseball Classic prompted Scully to recall at the dinner table the Dodgers’ spring training in 1959 when wet weather in Vero Beach disrupted the exhibition schedule. Undaunted, the Dodgers arranged with the Cincinnati Reds to fly to Cuba for the weekend. Scully remembers such details as the team hotel, conversations in the lobby, and even the souvenirs available for tourists just months before the Castro revolution.


I listened to my first Dodger game out of Brooklyn in 1953. Here in Nova Scotia I could also get Yankee, Giant and Red Sox games. I was drawn to the Dodger broadcasts by the voice and description of the games by Vin Scully. I have been a staunch Dodger fan ever since, visiting Dodger Stadium with my family in 1985 and Vero Beach twice for spring training games.
One of the intriguing features of the roster now is of course the young prospects. Beyond that I am amazed at how may possible closers there seems to be in camp. All have not been talked about as closers but descriptions of their “stuff” seems to imply they may be candidates at some time e.g. Gagne, Baez, Brazoban, Carter and also Broxton, Kuo, Osoria.

Have other teams been asking about these players and what could be obtained in return? It seems that the roster cannot accomodate all of them but it must be a nice situation.

Harold Uhlman

Lunenburg, NS,Canada

I grew up in Washington Heights in Manhattan, N.Y.C. and was a Dodger fan starting in 1955. While listening to a Dodger-Cub game around that time I remember Vin Scully talking about where he grew up, which was about two blocks from where I lived, and the fact that he was a big Mel Ott fan as a kid, he lived much closer to the Polo Grounds than Ebbets Field. Many years later, about 1973, I met Mr. Scully after a Giant-Dodger game at Candelstick Park, and I talked to him about what I heard him say. This was very exciting for me and I will always remember how warm and inviting he was to me. He confirmed that he grew up on Haven Avenue, right near where I lived, and we wound up walking and talking about the Dodgers for about ten minutes, (he wasn’t a big Willie Crawford fan!). This was one of the great memories I have of my beloved Dodgers. Thank you Mr. Scully.

P.S. I watched the game last year that Mr. Scully did when he had Sparky Anderson in the booth with him. One of the best baseball moments Ihave ever heard. They were fabulous together.

Ira Landsman

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