Live from Vegas – Josh Rawitch

I’m posting from the press box in Las Vegas in a 2-2 tie right now. I wanted to answer a few of the questions we’ve had, as I’m not sure I’ll get to post again tonight.

In terms of the Blue Man Group footage, you’re in luck. KCAL was on site last night and will probably use a lot of the footage of the guys that took part in the show during their pregame shows this week. I’m not sure if we’ll get the players involved in the commercials yet, but we’ll see what fans think of the spots. There’s a good chance we’ll also use some of the Blue Man Group footage on DodgerVision this year, as these guys add a pretty neat entertainment element to the telecast and can do the same for in-game entertainment.

As for how to follow the prospects this year in Las Vegas, the 51s PR Director Jim Gemma just informed me that you can listen to all their games online on the 51s website.

And finally, there was a question about Tim Hamulack and the story behind him. Most of you know that he came over with Jae Seo in the deal with the Mets for Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll. Tim made his big league debut last year with the Mets and only played in six games, but he had a 1.02 ERA in 28 games at Norfolk and 1.26 ERA in 21 games at Binghamton. He grew up in Maryland and played at Montgomery Community College there before being drafted by the Astros in the 32nd round of the 1995 Draft. He bounced around to the Royals, Mariners, Red Sox and Mets organizations before reaching the bigs last season. Tim’s a pretty quiet guy, but is also quite nice and I know he was surprised to find out that his contract was purchased yesterday.



    Bring on the Angels!!! Let’s show them who the REAL Los Angeles team is! I really like what Frank McCourt, Ned Colletti and staff have done to improve this team, and Dodger Stadium really is looking sharp these days. Go Blue!! : )

    BTW… Can’t the City of Los Angeles sue Angels Baseball, L.P. for using “Los Angeles” in their name when clearly they do not reside in the great City of Los Angeles? Orange County is NOT Los Angeles after all. I wonder if the City of LA would open such a case and whether or not it would be successful?


    Hi Josh: Nice job this spring, just wondering if there are any future plans regarding shuttles or other mass transit opportunities to the Dodger Stadium, if the club is going for 4 million in attendance, getting in and out of the Stadium will be quite a problem. Just wondering, thanks.



    Most of southern California is considered the Los Angeles megalopolis. It is really about the media coverage not the actual city in which the team is located. Burbank, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are different cities but are considered part of Los Angeles. The New York Giants football team plays in New Jersey.
    With all of the player turnover, it is interesting why people remain loyal to a team. Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda are the only remaining Dodgers from just a few years ago, while some of my favorite Dodgers including Mike Sciocia and his coaches are now Angels. Yet I have no interest following the Angels. The funny thing is that the Angels LA radio station, ESPN 710 comes in clear in Ventura County yet I can not get KFWB 980 without LOTS of static on my portable radio at home. I hope the Dodgers will make sure their fans get radio coverage INCLUDING the pre and post game talk shows on their contracts with affiliates in the Dodger radio network. Last year, the Ventura station, KVEN did not cover the pre and post game shows so I was forced to listen to it on the LA station which was almost impossible to hear in my home.


    Luke… It’s one thing to be six miles away from the same city you live in. All one needs to do is cross the Hudson River to be there. It’s also quite another thing to be located 30 miles away from Los Angeles and reside in a completely different county. How one can even consider Anaheim to be in Los Angeles is beyond me.


    i want to learn more about baseball. i used to play for northridge softball association but fortgot all about it its been 7 years since i have played. what do you sujest

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