Think Blue Man Group – Josh Rawitch

We touched down last night at about 9:00 p.m. local time and while a lot of guys wound up going straight to bed, a dozen of us headed to the Venetian for a 10:30 showing of Blue Man Group. As you’ve heard by now, they’re going to be doing KCAL’s commercials this year and invited us to check out the show while we were in town.

While I didn’t know this was going to happen, they asked several of our players if they’d be willing to participate in the show and much to my surprise, the guys were good sports about it. Brett Tomko was on stage for about 10 minutes during a bit in which he and the Blue Men were eating twinkies. Jason Repko was on stage during an indescribable bit in which it appears they string him upside down and slam him into a wall. Though they didn’t actually do that, he wasn’t too phazed. "I’ve run into walls before," he told me afterward and we’ve all seen that in action. Nomar Garciaparra and Jose Cruz Jr. were called out for "showing up late" to the show, as a spotlight caught them sneaking into their seats after the show was in progress.

It was a great experience and the fact that these guys played along was appreciated. Others who took in the show were J.D. Drew, Charley Steiner, Kim Ng and Pepe Yniguez, who was celebrating his birthday yesterday.

We’ve only got a little time here in Vegas and I’ll head to the park in a couple hours. Our split-squad team, managed by Dave Jauss, is playing in Kissimmee as I post this blog. After tonight’s game, it’s back to Los Angeles for the Freeway Series and everyone’s getting pretty excited for Opening Day.



    Firstly I really like the idea of this blog and i hope that you guys can continue to do this for a few years.

    Second, im really excited about the farm. The vegas team in particular. Is there a way we can watch the games online or listen to the games? Also i would like to suggest maybe doing a small section of the site to keep updates of the minor leaguers. Thanks.


    Sounds like you guys had alot of fun. I’m really stoked about this upcoming season I can’t wait for the season to start.

    Go Dodgers!


    Who went to ‘Vegas?
    I just read there was a split squad game in Kissimmee, FL today with a few regulars in the lineup.

    Doesn’t the whole team travel together?


    they had a split squad today bro. Some players stayed behind & some traveled to Vegas. VEGAS BABY! VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!



    Wish there was video of the Dodgers performing with the Blue Man Group. Any chance that someone has some video they could share ? Will Dodger players be participating with the Blue Man Group in the KCAL 9 commercials ?


    Scott I think you’re on to something there. (Dodgers performing with the blue man group in commercials) great idea.


    Kudos to the marketing genuis who landed the services of the Blue Man Group. Who better to advertise for the Dodgers than guys who paint themselves Dodger Blue. Do you think we could get them to change their name to the Dodger Blue Man Group ? Was Tommy Lasorda the original Blue Man ?
    Is it Monday Yet ?!!!


    Dodger Blue and Blue Man Group? Sounds like an entertainment marriage made in Dodger Blue Heaven! A very nice job with the marketing department for employing the exceptional talent of the Blue Man musical/percussion troupe. Bravo!!

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