Two days left – Josh Rawitch

Today’s lineup could be what you’ll see on April 3:

Furcal, SS; Lofton, CF; Drew, RF; Kent, 2B; Garciaparra, 1B; Mueller, 3B; Cruz, LF; Alomar, C; Seo, P;

Also, in response to some of the questions on the blog, this site will definitely be kept up throughout the season. We’re hoping to update it a couple times a day, but there will be times when it’s more often and times when it’s less often. It will definitely have the starting lineup before any other site on the Internet, so be sure to check in every day.

In regards to Vin Scully and his travel schedule, Vin travels with us for all games against NL West teams during the season, so he obviously doesn’t go East of Colorado. During the spring, he has been kind enough to do all the games for KCAL, so was here this weekend and will meet the team in Las Vegas tomorrow, where he’ll do the game from Cashman Stadium. He also handles all home games.

And finally, I can’t say that I know how Nomar’s health will be this season, but so far he’s been in great shape and seems to be enjoying the move over to first base. He made an incredible play there the other day and as a former shorstop playing first base, we can probably expect to see a lot of that from him this season.



    Is anyone worried about Nomar and Loftons hitting? I’ve noticed they haven’t hit that well this spring. Good luck on the upcoming season.


    How can you trade Ross- 33 at bats- 4 HR’S (leader) Total Bases 27 (leader) SLG 818 (leader) What if he had of hit 50 times – This kid could be a candidate for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR-


    Lofton says he’s feeling great, so I’m not worried. You gotta look at Nomar’s springs too. He always has bad springs, and always heats up when the season starts.


    The Boston Globe reported on Sunday that the Dodgers are supposedly secretly worried about Nomar’s Bat. I personally do not believe it and believe that once the season starts, he will start to hit.

    At least, I think so.

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