Closing out the spring…Josh Rawitch

Things are winding down out here. Final decisions are still being made and to respond to one of the comments, no, there has not been a decision on Joel Guzman, but I’m sure it’s getting close. Four more players were sent out today to the minor league camp and we’re down to 34 guys.

In today’s game, the team had 19 hits and Brett Tomko hit a homer, which he says is his first since Little League. Grady said after the game that he had turned to Dave Jauss, the bench coach, right before Tomko hit it and said, "I bet he’s going to be the first Dodger pitcher to homer this year," and Dave said, "I just hope it’s not before April 3." The next pitch, bam, it was gone.

We’ve got two more home games and then we fly out to Las Vegas on Wednesday night. As some of you might have seen in the commercials, KCAL has hired the Blue Man Group to do their TV spots, so several of the guys on the team and a bunch of us staff members are going to head to the show when we get in town. Should be pretty fun.

Otherwise, keep up the great chatter. It’s great to see 13 comments on a single post, even though it was mostly about Jeff Weaver. I can say that Jeff is actually a great guy and we’re all very disappointed he’s not back here with the Dodgers. However, as Ned has said many times, the asking price and the offer were simply too far apart to be able to get something done. Unfortunately, that’s the business of this game and hopefully Jeff will have continued health and success elsewhere.



    I actually have a question: Is the plan, to continue with this blog through the whole season or was this just for Spring Training? I really hope we keep it going through the year.

    As for those 13 posts about Weaver…yah, that was crazy! I think the rest of us Dodger fans (minus the 1) agree with our GM. Weaver: great guy, too much dinero.

    I was watching the game on TV the other day (versus the Braves I think) and I noticed that Mr.Scully was doing the commentary. I thought he didn’t travel with the team. I maybe wrong. Was it just for that game/spring training?

    I can’t wait for opening day. My tickets (that I see every day sitting on my nightstand) have been taunting me for some time now.

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