Back by Popular Demand – Josh Rawitch

No, it’s not me or this blog that’s back by popular demand, though we hope you’re enjoying it. It’s the names on the backs of the jerseys. In case you missed it, Dodger Owner and Chairman Frank McCourt announced yesterday that he’s going to put the players’ last names back on the jerseys.

Nomar_jersey_backSo picture Nomar with G-A-R-C-I-A-P-A-R-R-A across the back of this photo…or Gagne, or any of the other names of your favorite Dodgers. It won’t be able to happen until 2007, as Major League Baseball has rules on the amount of lead time it needs to make these changes happen, but your opinions really do matter.

Speaking of Gagne, Eric threw a live batting practice session today and looked pretty impressive to most of the people watching. Everyone seems very optimistic that he’s going to be at full strength by the time Opening Day rolls around.

There was some good reading in the L.A. Times today, as Frank McCourt sat down with national writer Tim Brown for a Q & A session that covered a number of topics. And, Tony Jackson wrote an interesting piece in the Daily News about why the Dodger clubhouse might be a little quieter this season.

And while I’m giving some love to some of our writers, take a look at Ken Gurnick’s article on the Dodgers’ history with non-roster pitchers. I can attest to the fact that Ken has managed to predict which non-roster pitcher will have an impact with the big league club in each of the past three years. First he called Wilson Alvarez when no one else thought he would pitch again in the big leagues. Then it was Jose Lima and last year it was Scott Erickson. He hasn’t given us his pick yet this year, but I’m interested to see who Dodger fans think will wind up on the Opening Day roster.

There’s nothing like a little Spring Training competition…



    Having no names on the back of the jerseys, was one of the only policies I agreed with McCourt about.

    Is there any policy he will stick to?


    hey if anyone can answer this (probably roy smith).

    Is Blake Johnson injured? I ask, because he is not listed in’s list of the players who are attending the “advance minor league camp” at vero.

    any info on blake johnson would be great thanks.


    I also like having no names on the back of the jerseys. I think the McCourts did not listen to the silent majority.

    How hard is it to figure out who’s who on the field … really


    I personally like the jersey’s the way they are. With players changing teams as easily and as often as they do, wouldn’t it be smarter to leave them off?


    I think that the McCorts were hugely overwhelmed after the purchase of the Dodgers and are now putting the pieces together. Now it’s time to give them a break and move on. Clearly the verbal majority wanted the names back. If being silent is working for you, stick with it. I think the end of the days of McCort bashing are swiftly approaching.


    No, come on, the Jersey’s look tight. Look Dodgers, can you see we are tying to compete and look like the Yankees! Come on Don’t do it McCourt. Just focus on fixing Dodger Stadium! better yet with all that money spent might as well build a “NEW” stadium


    They should keep the names off and bring back the alternate blue jersey they wore a while back that they used with the hat that had the silver bill and letters. If they bring that jersey back i buy it for sure


    ****! I wish one day, just one day, where me and family would enjoy a dodger game without bald gangsters with their beer in their hands shouting “Culero” and trying to beat up any giant or padre fan. (pavillions) ViVa La RAZa!! (please dont change the Jersey)


    The new jerseys are a reflection back to the traditional dodger look when we had team chemistry as opposed to the vanity of todays baseball fans. look at your records and tell me if any of our championships seasons have had names on the jerseys. i’m with u pacino.


    Thanks jriz, and another thing, besides keeping the no-last name on the jersey. NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT get rid of any of the minor leaguers! We all (Dodger fans) know that every year dodgers make most of the moves in the offseason, but look at who they get! Not to say they are bad player, but we need a consistent lineup! And those my Dodger friends, those minor leaguers are our future. We will have another CHAMPIONSHIP in L.A. But we are expecting something good this season.


    Names on the back of the jerseys, yeah that’s what we need. Hey, how about changing the name on the front to oh I don’t know, “The Los Angeles Dodgers who live in close proximity to Anaheim.”


    Now that McCourt listened to fans about names on jerseys, it’s time he listened to us about having more Nancy Bea Hefley music at games!


    Hazaah to McCourt for listening to us Loyal fans !
    I love having the names back on the jerseys. McCourt may have made some early mistakes, but now he has brought in the people that can bring good old fashioned baseball back to L.A. Lets give him a chance and concentrate on the season ahead. Put your energy into supporting the team, not bashing the management.


    I agree with Vin Scully about the names on the shirts. When there are so many new faces, it’s just plain annoying not to know who the guys are.

    Also: I like Nancy Bea and her organ interludes and would prefer this authentic addition to the game rather than the over-amped **** becoming more common.

    Fewer sound effects, please! I’m sick up to here of the **** synthesized bugle “cavalry charge” and I mute it at home and plug my ears when I’m in Dodger Stadium.


    They need to keep the names off because they are getting paid to play a game and people know who the players are. If you dont then buy a program. I believe that you are playing for the name on the front of the jersey and not the back. There are other clubs that do this and I like it. A lot of these players have bloated heads so they feel that they need to have there names on the back so people recongize who they are for the next big contract. Mr McCourt leave it the way it is!


    Vin Scully is correct as usual. The names should be on the jerseys. When I go to a game or watch on TV, I want to concentrate on the game, without having to flip back and forth reading a program.
    Besides, without the names they look too much like Yankees. No one in their right mind wants to look like a Yankee.


    I’m all about playing for the name on the front, and was really excited when we boasted the new nameless backs last season, but it was fun while it lasted. We SHOULD bring back the names. If you don’t like it, then hurry up and buy one now before they’re gone!
    I’d also like to add that the best jersey change our organization ever made was bringing back the Los Angeles away jersey, thanks!


    I agree with gregg! Who ever want’s to look like a Yankee!!
    No one!!

    We need the names to return!!

    Also bring back the alternate jerseys and caps that we had a few years ago that were blue! Those were great!


    NO LAST NAMES, McCOURT! and for those who dont know who the heck the player is, then you dont know Dodger Baseball.


    Why can’t McCourt admit his mistake by putting the names on this year? Is a budget problem? You goota be kidding me. Scully actually called him out on this at the press conference. If your gonna put the names on do it this year. Get it done.


    The names aren’t on this year because the proposal was presented to MLB too late and the deadline for changes had passed.


    Frank McCourt is the worst thing to ever happen to Dodger Baseball. The names should of never been taken off the jerseys in the first place, and he needs to stop messing up Dodger Stadium it looks horrible since he became the owner…maybe he should spend money on players and not cusion seats for the stadium…i think the true fans will **** it up and sit on hard seats to see a winning team


    McCourt up untill now has done few things that I agree with one was taking off the last names on the jerseys. Players should play for the name on the front not on the back. Now they should think about putting the legends back on the outfield wall.


    First of all, thanks to McCourt again, our outfield walls look like the yellow pages, second of all it has nothing to do with playing for the name on the front…no baseball player does that anymore anyways, they play for the money and that is the way baseball is and will be forever, its sad but thats the way it is


    Bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn!!!
    L.A. is not a city but a bunch of towns stuchk together

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